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When you wake up and can’t see the house that is located 200 meters away from you cause of snow and fog


Footsteps in the sand. Can’t wait for the next holidays. So jelous of people who actually live near the sea


Just took this a few minutes ago.





Took this one yesterday. :heart: the season.




Few of my none doll related ones ^.^
I love all of your pics!


I dont know what the hell this is, but it is pretty.


you guys should join our photo challenge, doesn’t matter that you didn’t start on january 1st, just jump in on whatever date you like


What do we do just post our pictures


Are you asking about this tread or the photochallege?

There’s details about the photochallenge in its own thread. But here you just post pictures.


This is Mrs. Bojangles, my 13 year old Pugeranian


This is Fluffy my peeping Tom


Chicca, my heart dog


Bucket list item checked, I made and hung “Blair Witch sticks” in the woods for tourists to find.