Pre-Tribe Mysteries: Pandorex and the Virus

What is Pandorex?

Pandorex is a renowned international company with varying interests ranging from pharmaceuticals to biotechnology and is responsible for top secret, potentially life changing research and experiments.

Where is Pandorex located?

The main research laboratory is situated in a remote location, on Hope Island only accessible by boat. The less people that could gain access and then ultimately knowledge of this place, the better.

Pandorex was a world renowned company but the specifics of this particular project were of such a sensitive nature that the main research areas were kept under wraps.

Why is it such a high security area?

The surrounding area is highly secure, due to the highly confidential and extremely valuable nature of the information held there. They had to protect themselves against competitors breaking in and stealing their formulas, equipment and research papers.

There are mines, high security fences, ‘stay out’ signs, alarms and security guards on the entrance doors.

What sort of research is carried out at Pandorex?

Being primarily a pharmaceutical company means that most of the research and experiments carried out at Pandorex are in fact life changing experiments for humans. The aim of their most recent project was to ultimately better the life for the human race. However, this experiment went drastically wrong and had dire consequences for society.

Pandorex had identified a need in the market, albeit a huge money-spinner, for the betterment and extension of life. If their research and experiments were to be successful they could stand to be making millions, if not trillions of dollars and build a huge reputation in the science world and beyond for success in such experiments.

The Virus

‘Everybody’s dream is to stay young!’

There was always a constant demand to find the perfect solution to reduce, if not stop the aging process. There was in depth research and experiments conducted by scientists and other researchers to be the first to come up with this fantastic new drug and ultimately receive international recognition for doing so.

A lot of research and funding for such research was conducted by an organisation called Pandorex. This company had a laboratory located on Hope Island, and was surrounded by a tight security system consisting of mines and high security fences. This was because they held the key recipe and equipment for this fantastic new drug that would sweep the world and possibly earn them a fortune. They had to protect themselves against competitors breaking in and stealing their formulas, equipment and research papers.

The virus was essentially one of these experiments of an anti-aging breakthrough drug that went drastically wrong. It ended up spreading like wildfire when people got to a certain age.

The symptoms and effects took over the body really quickly. They would get headaches and body aches, their skin would go wrinkly, hair turn grey, some would end up so sick they would break out in lesions. They would basically end up dying of old age, except they were still very young in years. And the worst part was - it killed all the adults in the world. No-one was immune. And so the children had to fend for themselves.

Whoever was to come up with this popular new drug would receive worldwide attention and recognition and so the race to get there first was on!

Pandorex had many researchers on this particular project. One that we do know was heavily involved in this was Danni’s father. He was a keen researcher and scientist and won many awards for his work in this field.

There have been few details about how the virus was actually released to the world but there is a lot of speculation on what really happened. We know that Jack and Ellie were snooping in many different places trying to find the answers or any clues on where the virus came from and who specifically was involved and responsible.

The exact story we will never know, you really had to be there. Many of those who did know the full details died from their own invention. Others who know pieces of information are holding it secret for fear of being persecuted forever for being involved by association, and of course here we are talking about Danni.