Pride is an eco-warrior. Kind, sensitive and compassionate with a deep respect for the natural resources that Mother Nature has provided for us.
But why does Pride think in this way when so many of the other inhabitants of Tribe World want to gain power or dream of the things that they miss from the old world such as chocolate cake and television?
Perhaps Pride was brought up to believe in the natural rhythms of the earth. He might have lived in a commune, a place where the community work together to provide food and shelter for each other.
Perhaps his parents were homeopathic doctors who believed in the natural healing properties of plants and herbs. Maybe Pride grew up on a farm and learnt to respect the natural balance of the elements?

In actual fact, Pride grew up in the city. He did the usual things that city kids do. Went to the movies, hung out with friends, went to school.

But Pride was always fascinated with the way the world worked. He felt that there was a real bond between man and animal and he was the first to get into a fight if he saw kids being mean to a dog or pulling the wings off a butterfly. If you had no respect for the natural world how could you have respect for yourself?

Pride was a good student, he was interested enough to learn as much as he could about the world around him and that embraced all his subjects. Pride had friends but was somewhat of a loner. He liked to hang out with his friends but also enjoyed the peace that can come with being on your own.

When the virus struck, Pride was old enough and wise enough to understand that the world was about to change in a very dramatic way. A quick learner, Pride found out as much as he could about what plants were safe to eat and which ones would help in medicine.

He took great care of his body, knowing that he would have to be strong to get through what was about to happen.

He, like most other kids, watched with horror and disbelief as one by one his parents died and other members of his family were lost to the virus.

Instead of getting angry at what happened, Pride decided that this was enough of a message to mankind to clean their act up and he vowed never to make the same mistakes that led to the dramatic changes in the world.

Pride packed up his few belongings, choosing to travel lightly and to see this disaster as a rebirth for him. He would seek out somewhere peaceful to live and people who were like-minded to spend his time with.

He set off into the countryside on his own, leaving behind any friends or family that he had left and he chose never to talk about his past. He had his memories in his heart and mind and did not want to share these precious gifts with anybody.

Pride met up with others in the countryside who wanted to set up a safe base where they could live away from the danger and despair that they were sure was hitting the cities in the aftermath of the virus.

And then along came Amber…