Season 2: Reimagined

AN: I’ve started to rewatch The Tribe and finding my muse for writing fanfiction is back. I am working on my other Tribe story as well. But this idea wouldn’t leave me alone and wanted to see if anyone else was interested in reading it.

Summary: The journey to Eagle Mountain was just the beginning of a new adventure for the Mallrats. How would the destiny of the Mallrats change, if Amber and Zandra never died in the explosion. A season two rewrite.


Hey… That sounds great! I am writing currently two active stories, another one is finished already. The cry of the Phoenix from me is a rewrite of s4… I am all for alternative story lines!

I love the sound of this and wonder where you will take the Mallrats, who will fall in love and who will cause chaos.

Oohh this sounds like a lovely idea!

Season 2 is my favourite, but I’d love to see where you take it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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