Secret santa fanfic exchange (2018!)



Good luck Santas! I used to love taking part in this but the last couple of years just haven’t felt like I could commit to entering.


@MallRatMatt I wish you had the time! Love how you interpret even the wildest of prompts! Maybe next year?


Aww, thanks Ann! Yes, maybe next year. :christmas_tree:


Naturally, I’m working during this time but I will get entries posted by Christmas so long as all are received by then :eyes:



Happy Holidays!

Thanks for being great Santas. There will be a delay in posting these, sorry lovelies!



Okay the holidays are over! Just two more days of work and I’ll get these up. Again, I apologize for the delay but life got a little :tornado: and fighting with my computer after I get off nights is also not fun! So yeah, Wednesday :heart:


Flamekeeper… If you need the document of my story just tell me. It might be easier to post if you have it in paragraphs as it is supposed to be.