Secret Santa (FOR EBONY | 2018)

The days have ever so slowly been getting shorter as the solstice approached. Normally that would lead to an air of celebration in The Mall knowing Christmas was just around the corner. This year however, things were totally different he arrival of The Technos occupied much of everyone’s day to day activities. Everyone but Jack, who was still broken up over the loss of Ellie. He knew how sad and pointless the whole thing seemed, but she was his first girlfriend so the fact she’d chosen Luke over him sucked. He also felt guilty in the fact that he at least hoped she was happy and Luke was treating her well. Because there was no point in both of them being apart and miserable as hell. All this thinking made the long nights even longer.

He was determined not to think. That was the plan he’d spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed only to accomplish nothing. Tonight he raised a glass in Ellie’s honor and was determined to forget if only for a little bit. Before leaving his room Jack had grabbed a deck of cards, it was a hidden talent he didn’t see much use for since the virus, but shuffling and flipping cards kept his hands busy. So that’s what he did.

When he heard the Grille raise he thought about hiding the cards, but he didn’t care, so he just kept on with his show for his own amusement not even noticing Ebony walk into the cafe, well not at first. Ebony had gotten curious about the red-headed geek, but the pair were from two different worlds without much of a common ground. Still Ebony was curious about what made Jack tick. Under the ruse of only having to clean one table Ebony takes the seat across from Jack at the same table as Jack biting into the red Apple she took as payment from one of the city kids. Watching Jack closely as he flipped one card after another.

It’s enough to draw Jack out of his concentration on the cards. “Rough night?” He asks Ebony slightly nervous while also trying to be friendly. She was apart of the tribe now, after all.

“Mmmhmmm,” she nods, with an added “you look like you’ve had a rough one as well.”

Jack doesn’t entertain the comment with an answer instead he puts the cards down and takes a swig from the half-empty bottle of wine in front of him. “Wanna see a card trick?” He asks grabbing the cards again.

Ebony just shrugs in agreement as Jack passes over the deck. “Pick a card. Look at it and put it back in randomly.”

Ebony does as she’s told reluctantly and Jack grabs the cards and begins to shuffle. Flipping a card and holding it out for Ebony to see.

“Cute trick. Want to see mine?” Impressed Ebony knows magic Jack hands over the deck without hesitation. Suddenly the two have more in common then the geeky red head could ever imagine. Ebony shuffles the deck, “Abracadabra.” She announces pulling a match from her cleavage and striking it on the table before lighting the cards on fire.

Jack is dumbfounded. “Ebony! That was my only deck of cards!” She tosses down the still burning bits to the table. She’s had a rough day and the nerd is kind of cute when he’s mad. Jack tries without success to save his cards which are now just a pile of ash. Giving Ebony a look like a lost puppy dog.

“Tell you what, how about I make it up to you?” She bites her lip trying to play innocent. Jack isn’t to keen to let her help not after she set his cards on fire. He was just trying to have fun and this was not that.

Just as Jack pushes himself away from the table to leave Ebony pounces, straddling Jack while still sitting in his chair. Ebony suddenly in his lap catches him off guard, he tries to say something probably in protest, but he trips and stumbles on the words. He’s flustered, easy prey for a hell cat like Ebony who leans in pressing her body against his going for the kill with a deep kiss. Each time he pulls away she adjusts kissing him deeper then the last.

It doesn’t take long for Jack to give up the struggle as a moan escapes his lips. Without any fight left Ebony’s fingers reach under his shirt exploring the unseen. The sensation is completely new to Jack who is more used to a give and take relationship, being held captive is both exciting and also frustrating. Needing to do something he runs his hands down Ebony’s sides trying to even the score a bit.

Ebony won’t have any of it, and quickly pulls back. She stands up from the chair and wiggles her finger at him. “No no no.” She purrs innocently. “That was to make up for the cards.” She clicks her tongue in thought seemingly doing the math in her head. “And I’d say the debt has been paid.” She leans in close to Jack again who closes his eyes waiting for what could come next. Anticipating. “Good night Jack.” She whispers into his ear.

Jack opens his eyes just in time to see her walking away and out of the cafe to her own room.



Thank you Santa! Love this!
I feel some Jackony FanFic coming on…oh dang!