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Secret [unedited, unbeta'd, written years ago]

Moz had been taken out by some Technos and had been loaded up to a truck. She was unconscious through the whole ride to the prison camp, just like Bray, who was on the same transport as Moz. It had been easy for the Technos to take out people in the city, with their zappers. Moz had been zapped by a puny blond Techno. She had seen his face, and since it was the last person whom she’d seen before she passed out, she wasn’t too sure if she was going to remember his face.

When Moz came to she was in a big room full of other people. Other Mozzies, a few Mallrats, and a few other people she’d seen around the city. She saw the the previous leader of the Mallrats, Bray. She could pick out her Mozzies easily. And they had come over to her. She was after all, the leader of them. They still recognized her as the leader no matter that they were the prisoners of the Technos.

As Moz was watching the sleeping, and hurt Bray she was thinking back to before the virus. Bray was being taken care of by another girl that was in the room. Black hair, white clothes. Moz wasn’t sure who she was, and she didn’t care for the time being.

Moz had a lot of memories of Bray, most of them from after the Virus. However, the memory she treasured the most was the one from before the Virus. Then there were the memories of after the Virus that didn’t involve Bray but still involved him in a different way.

Flash back
*Moz had met Bray before the virus had even struck. It had been a party at her house. It’d been in the middle of the summer. And she was moving out of town and it was her good bye party. She’d been drunk. So had he. He’d come on to her and Moz had flirted back. Their flirting war when on for over two hours before they actually started to talk business. They ventured up to Moz’s room. Then Moz had gone by the name Madeleine. Which she hated. *

Moz’s room was decorated with different posters and books. She had a computer of her own, and a phone. Her bed wore a red bed set with black Chinese signs. There were clothes strewn all over her bedroom floor. She hadn’t cared about it at all. Bray had been wearing a pair of cammo shorts and a regular black t-shirt. His brown hair had had been long even before the Virus struck. Moz had been wearing a tight black tank-top and a pair of short shorts.

On the way to Moz’s room they’d been kissing the whole way there. When they’d entered the room Bray worked on getting Moz’s tank-top off. It didn’t take him too long, and during this moment Moz had taken off Bray’s t-shirt. They continued to strip each other’s clothes off and soon enough they ended up in bed together naked, kissing.

*They had ended up falling asleep, even though there was loud music blaring through the speakers downstairs. *

*Moz was the first to wake up. She saw Bray laying in her bed. She smirked as she grabbed his t-shirt of the floor and sauntered off down into the kitchen. She was glad her parents had gone ahead to their new home before her so that she could have the party. They were leaving a lot of stuff behind in the move. Mostly old furniture, and some stuff that Moz didn’t want to keep. *

When Moz walked down the stair she could see the mess of the house. She heaved a big sigh. She knew it fell on her lot to clean it up. Moz rolled her eyes. She was slightly hungover, but she had the perfect cure for that. Eating breakfast and drinking lots of water. It didn’t take Moz long to start to feel better. She also took two aspirins. As she sat in the kitchen on the counter eating a left over pizza from the day before. She saw one of her friends entering the kitchen.

“Morning,” the blond said as she walked out the back door. Moz wasn’t all too surprised. It had been one heck of a party last night. When Moz had eaten she pulled out the trash bags. She was picking up plastic cups. While she was doing this she was joined by Bray.

“So that’s where my shirt went,” Bray said as he entered the living room where Moz was cleaning. Moz just smiled. She was wearing a pair of blue panties she’d fished out of her bag when she’d passed it in the hallway. So she was no wearing Bray’s t-shirt and a pair of panties. Moz was smirking at the cups she was picking up. Bray had started helping her.

*“Thanks, and yeah,” Moz said as she faced him. They picked up a lot of the cups and in no time they had cleaned up the whole house. *

*“Well I’ve got to go,” Moz said as she tossed Bray his shirt and pulled on a dress she had in her bag. She left the house in the same way it had been before the party. She took the train up to the new town where she and her parents had moved. *
Flashback ends

As Moz was remembering her gaze was fixed on the still unconscious Bray. She’d seen him stir some. Moz knew that she’d been horrible to him when she and Ebony had been plotting together. It didn’t matter now. It was in the past. Just like a lot of other things.

Moz didn’t want to be around when Bray woke up. So she moved herself to the far end of the room and made sure she was surrounded by her fellow Mozzies.

As Bray woke up he found himself laying in that girl’s lap. The girl who’d nurtured him back to better health when he’d been grieving over missing Amber. He had some problem with remembering her name.

“It’s Moon,” the black haired girl said as she looked down at his face. He was surprised of the amount of people in the room. Then he remembered Amber, and the people who’d taken him when she’d been in labour. With complications. He hoped she was alright. He wanted to go back, and find her. His girl, the only girl he’d actually lost, more than once. He didn’t want to loose her again. However, there was nothing he could do about it at the moment.

Bray sat up slowly, feeling his head pounding as he did he grabbed his head. He realized he had to take it easy. Moon helped him sit up. He smiled weakly at her as he scooted over and leaned against the wall. He looked around the room. Her spotted other Mallrats, Mozzies and other people from the city. He saw Alice and KC, Tai-San and a few others. It wasnt’ before long that the door was opened. Some Technos came in and grabbed several of the people in the room, including Bray, Moz, and a few more kids.

Bray was too weak to fight the guards at the time being, and Moz just didn’t want any attention on her. They were sent to the mines. The reason for this was the fight they’d all put up with before being captured and knocked out. Moz wasn’t too happy with the fact that she was going to be stuck with Bray, she didn’t want to. It brought back some very painful memories for her.

They were thrown in to the back of a truck. The ride was long. Moz stayed awake for the whole ride, and she kept a close eye on Bray who still hadn’t recognized her. It helped Moz staying calm. She was hoping it’d stay that way, and seeing as Bray’d fallen back asleep Moz had nothing to worry about at that precise moment.

They arrived at the mines after several of hours and they were all ushered out. They had shackles around their ankles to prevent them from escaping. The shackles also connected all the prisoners to each other, and they were on a long row.

It didn’t take long until they were put to work. Moz couldn’t pretend like she liked it at all. It was horrible. The air was damp and dust from the cave walls was flying around in the whole mine. All the other prisoners already there were already covered in soot and dirt. Moz had had the unfortunate luck to end up right next to Bray on the chain, she was ignoring him completely, hoping he’d return the favor.

“I know you,” Bray said hesitantly. Moz just looked over at Bray. She was disappointed in the fact that he’d recognized her so soon. She had wondered how long it would take him, and it had only taken him a few minutes.

“Yeah, so,” Moz said with a hostile tone to her voice. She wasn’t interested in talking to him. She could see how the wheels where turning in his head, trying to figure out exactly how he knew her. Moz just sighed and went on with hacking at the piece of rock in front of her.

“NO TALKING!” a guards voice was heard from not too far away. Moz had already gone quiet, and the comment also kept Bray quiet for a while. Moz was hoping that Bray wouldn’t remember her at all, and as she glanced over at him, he still seemed deep in thought.

As the night fell all the prisoners and miners were taken out of the mine to spend their night in a small camp. They were still all connected to one another through the chains. They were never taken off the chains, so Moz had to share space with Bray, whether she liked it or not.

“You’re the leader of the Mozzies,” Bray said to Moz and she just looked over at him. She didn’t say anything to confirm it or deny it.

“And you were the leader of the Mallrats,” Moz retorted with, knowing that it was the truth. She said that he was the leader in past tense because she knew that Ebony had taken over and exiled him. Moz had been against it but hadn’t argued too much for it, because she knew that if she had, she would’ve had to tell Ebony the whole story, and that was one thing Moz was never going to tell another living soul.

“Yes, and was I right in you being Moz, the leader of the Mozzies?” Bray asked being persistent as he was. For once the loner decided to not be a loner and it frustrated Moz.

Moz remembered how she’d asked around about Bray after she’d left by talking to some friends of her and how they told her he was a real loner. It hadn’t surprised Moz one bit. She seemed to be drawn to loners and guys that looked like Bray, “lover boys”. However, after she’d moved away, Moz always kept to herself, for a reason. Moz was sunken in thought thinking of the past ignoring Bray, but it was becoming hard, because he kept pestering her and asking her a bunch of questions of her tribe.

Moz heaved a sigh, “Take a hike loverboy,” Moz said and turned her back to Bray. The sun had set, they’d been fed a small portion of oatmeal. And they only had until dawn to sleep. Moz wanted to make the most out of the night.

“That’s a bit hard seeing as I’m chained to you and a whole lot of others,” Bray retorted with. Moz turned around and glared at Bray. “Shut the hell up. Or I’ll make you,” Moz snapped and then turned her back to Bray again. This time he stayed quiet. Moz had lay down and was trying to lay as comfortable as she could on the ground in shackles.

During the night Moz dreamed for the first time in over a year about her past. It bothered her. She didn’t want to be reminded of the past, and what she’d done.

“Will I ever stop thinking of this? Will it ever stop hurting? Will I ever see you again?” Moz thought to herself as she was sitting up and eating the same oatmeal they’d gotten for dinner for breakfast. She shook her head, she knew these thoughts would be breaking her down, it wasn’t the first time she’d thought them. However, it had been long ago since she had the last time.

It wasn’t before long that Moz and all of the other prisoners settled into the routine of hammering at the cave walls during the days, and sleeping and eating little during the nights. However, one person refused to let it pass by. He wanted to break free.

It was of course Bray. It had taken him a month to find out what he needed. And it wasn’t long before he started a full blown rebellion. Bray managed to flee, along with Moz and some other people, however, they weren’t many that actually managed to get far. Moz was the one that got the furthest, along with Bray.

It had taken them a whole week to reach the city, but they had nonetheless. However, as soon as they set foot in the city, they were caught by Technos that were patrolling the city. This time Moz and Bray were sent to one of the prison camps out on one of the islands.

“This is all your fault,” Moz hollered at Bray as they were sitting in a cage on a beach. She was fuming, she hadn’t intended to get caught.

“How so?” Bray asked Moz as he sat in the sand in the cage, Moz was stalking around in the cage not being able to actually sit still.

“You make me care,” Moz said in a hushed voice, she was still worked up, but the fact that a guy like Bray had gotten her to care again was something she would deny for as long as she lived to others if she could.

“I did what?” Bray asked dumbfounded as he followed Moz with his eyes. Moz was now standing still just staring at him. She flopped herself down on the sand across from Bray.

“You made me care,” Moz said in less than a whisper. She was looking straight into Bray’s eyes. It brought memories back.

Flash Back
*Moz had lived in the new city for almost nine months. She’d been hiding a pregnancy from her family, with ease since they’d passed away three months after they’d moved there. Just like the rest of the adult population. When the day came, when the labour started, Moz wasn’t alone. She was with her closest friend, Dee. Dee had been volunteering at a hospital during the summers, and spent time with her mother who was a midwife. So thanks to Dee, Moz and her daughter both survived the labour. However, Moz didn’t keep her daughter for long. However for the short time Moz kept her daughter she named her, Maddy. She gave Dee instructions to where she should leave Maddy. And with that Moz left her daughter and her home. She went back to the city she’d grown up in. Moz’s instructions had involved of leaving Maddy with a girl who owned a farm, the girl was named Dawn. She’d been a close friend to Moz. However, when the Virus struck Moz stopped spending time with Dawn. Maddy was left with Dawn, and Dee re-joined Moz and the other Mozzies that had now gathered and gotten a substantial number among themselves. *
Flash Back End

That was over two years ago. Now here she was, stuck with the father of her daughter. Whom was asking a bunch of questions. Moz was glad that she’d kept a Polaroid that Dee had taken of her and Maddy. She fished it out of her bra, where she kept it.

“Here, this is the reason you had me caring,” Moz said distantly and tossed the Polaroid to Bray.

“If we ever get away from here, I am going to go find her,” Moz said determined as she looked at Bray whom was sitting flabbergasted and frozen in the spot.

“I-I have a child?” Bray asked and looked over at Moz whom just nodded.

“Maddy, a girl. I left her with a friend I trust,” Moz said as she got up and sat down next to Bray instead. Bray was at a loss for words and just stared at her. He had never been able to guess that he had a child, he barely remembered Moz. However, it was coming to him. The night at her going away party. He’d found out about it from a friend they had in-common and had gone to it. Bray just stared at Moz. Here she was after all this time. The one person he’d never been able to remember, not her face, only the feelings.