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Slipping into the Darkness - Oneshot

Slipping into the Darkness —Oneshot
Written by: Carla
Inspired by the Mallrats Danni/Ebony
« on: March 25, 2013, 07:53:14 PM »
“My god, can you just shut up for one moment!?”

The voice could be heard around the Mall. A few in the Cafe, lifted their heads to see Ebony and Danni in the middle of the Mall screaming at each other. Jerry was apparently upstairs in Danni’s room laying down. It has been two days since Danni returned with Jerry in her arms but nothing seemed to be the same after that. Ebony and Danni were either ignoring each other or they were screaming at one another. Amber even tried to calm them down one day that resulted in them screaming at her. Danni seemed to be withdrawn from Ebony and the latter girl refused to let that happen.

“I’m not leaving here until you tell me what is going on?” Ebony said trying to calm herself down after Danni’s outburst. She couldn’t understand why they were so good before she left now, she was lucky if Danni even greeted her with a little calmness to her voice. It was unreal and not like Danni. She wasn’t about to give her up without a fight.

Danni shook her head and threw her hands up in defeat. She could clearly see that Ebony wasn’t about to leave her alone. “Fine! You want to know what’s going on!? I met someone… Someone better than you!” She screamed at her. The look that fell on Ebony’s face made her calm down quickly and feel regret for those words right when they came out of her mouth. Instead of apologizing, she turned and headed upstairs when she heard Jerry crying for her.

Those words. Those words were the worst possible ones that could be told to her. She looked over when she heard the stillness in the Mall. Everyone that was in the Cafe, which was almost everyone, was staring at her. The pity, the saddness that was in their eyes, she just couldn’t take. It was almost like they could feel her pain. But they couldn’t. Those were words that she seemed to have gotten way too often. It seemed that no one, and she meant no one, could stop and think about her. They always would run off with someone else.

With a shake of her head, she ran upstairs and found the way up to the roof. Her feet carried her over to where she remembered Lex and Bray fell from. Ebony slowly stepped on the edge and looked down. The words that Danni said echoed in her head. Her eyes closed and she shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts. When her eyes opened, she blinked back a few tears and didn’t hear the foot steps behind her.

“Ebony?” Bray’s voice carried over the wind. He saw how fast she run upstairs and feared what she would do. Lex following him, they ran upstairs and saw her standing on the edge. His blood ran cold when he realized that she really was going to do what he feared. “Don’t do this. It’s not worth this.” Lex said after they realized that she wasn’t paying either of them attention.

A broken laugh broke the silence and they saw her turn her head to them. “You don’t know anything.” And she stepped off the roof.

Danni woke with a gasp and looked around. Her heart beating a mile a minute. Her eyes scanned the darkness and landed on the figure laying beside her. The sling that Patch put Ebony’s arm in, lit up the darkness a little. She couldn’t believe that a month ago she almost lost her. When Ebony jumped off the roof, she would be forever grateful to Lex and Bray when they pulled her back in. She slammed against the side of the building and broke her elbow.

Feeling someone watching her, Ebony blinked her eyes and looked over to see Danni awake. She sighed when she saw the tears falling from her eyes. “Another bad dream?” She whispered in the darkness.

“The same one.” She whispered back. Ebony sighed and reached out with her uninjured arm and cupped her cheek. “It’s all over, Danni. Get some sleep, my love.” She leaned over and kissed her love and held her close as they both fell back into a peaceful sleep.