Tai-San Follows Her Dreams

I’m standing at the wide wooden gate of Star Flower Farm, hugging Pride in farewell. I am determined not to be sad about our parting, believing that I am on the right path, and that I will see my husband again soon.

I know that I am being led back to The City, to The Mall and My Tribe, The MallRats….and back to my daughter Luna.

In my dreams, I am in the form of my spirit animal: a black cat, and I am stalking my prey in the night, when my attention is drawn upward by a flash of white, and I see a snowy owl, flying under a full moon, carrying a snake in it’s claws.
It lands on the roof of The Mall, and then the Owl tears the snake apart with its beak and talons. The Antidote to The Virus, yellow and almost glowing, spills out of the snakes lifeless body, and I wake, covered in a cold sweat with the same cryptic words in my mind, and the sound of police car sirens ringing in my ears…

This dream has haunted me every night for a full moon cycle, each time slightly different, but in most ways always the same… Sometimes I see my friends in these dreams. More than once, I dreamed of Ellie, standing on the roof of the Mall, sadness in her eyes. In the dream, Ellie jumps from the roof and as she falls, she transforms into the Snow Owl and flies away…

My Spirit Animal Guides me and now I feel I must follow it’s call and return to My Tribe, bringing with me a pack mule named ‘Lex’ who is pulling an old covered wagon along behind. The wagon has a mattress in it, and stacked on that mattress, the whole interior is full of crates, boxes and cupboards. Built onto the side is a large birds cage. 11 Carrier Pigeons accompany me. And also my Black German Shepherd dog Tao.
The boxes in the wagon are full of food from our farm, and the cupboard hutch is full of dried healing herbs, medical tools, vials and jars filled with salves and rubs of all manner. ‘My Collection’.

My attention returns to the present moment, as Pride whispers words of encouragement and blessings into my ear. He believes in me, and I know he will be here waiting for me, caring for our Farm and keeping the faith until I return.

“The Conjunction is Near At Hand.
The Time for One Chapter to Close. The Time for Another to Open.
The Time for New Beginnings.
The Time for Words Left Unspoken to Be Said.”

I recite the words of my Dream to Pride again…reminding us both of the persistence in it’s calling. The Full moon approaches, and I am determined to arrive at The Mall before then.
Pride accepts the words in his stoic way, knowing that their meaning still lies Hidden from us both. He knows that I must follow my inner spirit to be once more at peace.

Pride kisses me lightly on the mouth and turns back towards the house. Back to the work of daily life on our Farm.

I turn and take the Lead rope of Lex the Mule, and whistle for Tao, who is already heading in my direction from the barn. We make our way down the lane, leaving the peace of Star Flower Farm behind. The City lies ahead, and Destiny.

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Great start so far. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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