The 100



I dont know, i just saw that it was about to start, might be season 4 :confused: I just know that i need to rewatch the ones on netflix before i continue anything else


Ahhhh thank you for the recap @Het No I haven’t been to any cons but I have followed some of the talk about them, I read that stuff about CryKru and thought how brave and beautiful it was of Lindsey actually.

Her, Richard and Bob night be my fave cast members based on hearsay,
While Eliza plays my absolute fave character, the accounts on what she’s like are so cardinally different I try not to form an opinion on her but she seems a bit more distant I guess.

@JacksAnnie ahhhhh I am happy you like it! Yes, it's a very bingeworthy and fast-paced show' I have to admit sometimes I feel it gets a little too fast-paced and we don't get the chance to see ad learn what motivates a certain characterm which I would like to if I am to sympathize with them/understand them.

I like how you mentioned Murphy there. Had anyone said to me mid-season 1 that I am going to care about what happens to John Murphy or Marcus Kane and care a LOT about them, then I would have asked them for a reality check but this show makes you change your opinion on a character a lot of times, sometimes making a full 180 turn.

It’s certainly true that the writers aren’t afraid to show the characters and the choices they make as very very ambiguous, there are NO blak-and-white choices and as the series progresses, the stakes keeo getting higher and the choices keep getting more difficult.
NO ONE is right. As a character in an episode points out: “Maybe there are no good guys.”

But as gruesome and difficult as this show sometimes gets, it also remembers the theme of 'let’s call it hope" and makes sure to point out that the question is not ony about survival, but even more importantly, making sure that humanity ''deserves to survive"

Now I have quoted Abby about 3 times, but hey, she brings the message home, so maybe she is the only one who still largely has an untainted moral compass (I’m aware some might argue she sentenced Jake to death, I don’t agree - she was trying her hardest to avoid that).

Episode analysis coming next time, this was a quick ''this show is crazy and I love it but it stomps on my heart a lot" post.


@Amber definitely bingeworthy! I watched like the first 8 eps of s2 in two days, and then I’ve had to force myself not to watch cause I need to be studying and I know I won’t be able to keep to one episode at a time. But yeah, in s2 I feel like there’s a little less time to figure out the characters. I have a feeling that’s not changing any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve been spoiled for a lot of things so I sort of went into it knowing that certain characters would change/develop a lot (Finn, Bellamy, Murphy etc). So I’ve tried to be open-minded on them all. I’m a lot more invested in Bellamy and his and Clarke’s relationship now than I was at the end of s1, and Murphy seems a lot more complex than he did. Still unsure about Kane though haha.

In a sense the show does have a very similar message to TT, about hope and how to deserve to survive rather than just surviving at all costs. And I’m really enjoying that. But it’s also a lot darker because a lot of the time there aren’t really any good choices. There are always negative effects.
Abby is another one I’m still not sure how I feel about. She’s definitely made some or been part of some questionable decisions, but you can also tell she’s trying her best to help everyone, and especially her daughter.

So far the thing I dislike the most about the show is realising it’s “The Hundred” and not “The One Hundred” cause my brain is struggling to readjust to that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So I finished s2 a few days ago (so much for waiting until after exams lol!), so gonna do the thing again to see the status now.

The character I first fell in love with: Still Clarke and Raven.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Murphy probably. Not saying I definitely love him now, but I really did not like him before, and he’s really growing on me.
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Uh, Kane maybe? i’ve seen a lot of gifsets including him on tumblr at least, and so far I’m not really all that interested. Abby is mostly the same, but I’m enjoying her character and development a bit more. I will also put Lexa in this group although I know I might feel different in s3, but I’ve seen so many people absolutely loving her, and so far I’m really not seeing why.
The character I love that everyone else hates: Uh, I feel like Finn fits this best. He seems to be really unpopular in fandom, and although I won’t say I love him, I feel like a lot of people seem to ignore ptsd as a factor for him when they’ll use it as as explanation/excuse for other characters’ actions. Also seen people hating on him for cheating on Raven, without acknowledging that he genuinely did not expect to ever see her again, and once she showed up he tried to do right by her. I don’t know, he gets a lot of unnecessary hate as far as I can tell from the little I’ve seen randomly on tumblr in the past, and from the little searching I’ve dared to do.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Still Jasper I guess? Just cause I’m not that bothered and in the first few eps I thought he’d end up being my favourite. But also Jaha, though I can’t say I ever loved him, but he went from someone I thought could be interesting to just constantly getting on my nerves.
The character I would totally smooch: Still just wanna cuddle them. Maybe Raven though…or Bellamy. Or both. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The character I’d want to be like: At this point everything is so messed up for them all, I don’t think I’d want to be like any of them.
The character I’d slap: Jaha, omg. When he pushed that kid off the boat…
A pairing that I love: Lincoln/Octavia is really growing on me. So is Bellamy/Clarke. I’m not completely shipping anything yet though. Kinda like the thought of Clarke/Raven though… :stuck_out_tongue:
A pairing that I don’t: Jasper/Maya. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they were cute and all. But pretty boring and predictable. I knew she was gonna end up dead from the moment it was revealed the people in the mountain couldn’t go outside. It just felt like she was too sweet and innocent, it was too obvious she was a character set up to make the viewer and the characters extra emotional about her death.


So I actually caught up and watched Season 4 Episode 13!!!

Holy crap!!!


[details=Summary] I loved it!! The entire episode had me completely hooked! I knew that she wouldn’t die and that the nightblood would work but I didn’t expect to see her alive straight away lol, I thought that would be left till Season 5… As a note I dont like Clarkes hair -.-

Monty and his hands!!! Ouch!

And who do you think Bellamy will hook up with?

How long do you think we have to wait until season 5? Because I am already wanting more!


I liked the finale but the episode that stuck out for me this series was episode 10 (Die All, Die Merrily), even though it has left me traumatised! It was so cruel!

@Zandra I’m going with Echo! It’s not a popular choice in the fandom but I like them together!



  • Mid-season feelings about Octavia:I am going to say that in addition to Bellamy in last episode, something else actually profoundly touched my heart: butterfly girl.
    I still think she needs to reevaluate her life and choices, badly, before I can get anywhere near to being on her side again, but - for the girl who has repeatedly said “I have no home” and then said that Lincoln was her home, which she has lost now, for her to say to Helios “Take me HOME” - it was profound and beautiful. Yes, Arkadia was more or less the only place she could go to at this moment, and her survival instincts had kicked in big time, but I stll think that there was a bigger meaning of what’s to come behind these words.

  • I still want the writers to somehow acknowledge what happened mid-s3 and have her apologize to Bellamy for it and actually mean it, I hope we get that. I know HE wouldn’t expect or want it, but I kind of need it to happen

  • my god SPACE JUST GOT REAL - there’s a damn rocket in mint conditiona and of course Raven found it

  • Ahh Niylah :grinning: good to see her again. Awkward talk with best buddy/casual sex partner Clarke and all. Hooking up again?

  • Damn Abby, reaper stick? Really woman, with a lab full of equipment and u use that`? LOL

  • Sassy Bellamy is my spirit animal

  • Raven has the coolest hair net ever - please don’t die ok Raven. Your brain seems too close to melting
    Wow. CT scanners and stuff. Abby and Raven :heart: science squad is breaking my heart in the best way

  • How do Bellamy and Roan know where to go to find Clarke? Following the scent of fuel tanks?

  • Ya know who Echo really reminds me of? May

  • Well Roan really is a big fan of Clarke

  • Ahhhhh Abbbyyyyyyy too. Nooo your brain can’t have issues.

  • A concept - so, Raven will be our next Becca? Because I think I could totally support that and her going into space - BUT also, I really hate the thought of her going up there alone. So, I have an unlikely candidate based on the s4 trailer for seat #2 and my money’s on Murphy. (I also want them to join the rest of them ASAP again, but ya know, this could totally happen)


  • When an episode starts with a dr Seuss quote…

  • Murphy trying hard to pretend he doesn’t care about Raven and failing, it is adorable

  • Oh hi again Niylah. Surpriiiiise! Except I’m not really surprised by this. Of course you and Clarke and sharing a bed

  • But I :heart: seeing Clarke’s drawings ALL OVER HER ROOM, THANK YOU WRITERS - we finally get to see she hasn’t abandoned her passion.

  • Marcus Kane is the sweetest person ever, I can not believe how far he has come from the season 1 cold dead fish character

  • Yeah Octavia, you’re still a spoiled little shit

  • Didn’t know Raven, Murphy and Luna are such a holy trinity but this scene was GOOD

  • Clarke reads Bellamy like a book

  • The science island scenes keep rocking

  • Roan and Bellamyyyyyyyyyyyy the bromance is FINALLY happening

  • Monty sweetheart never lose your moral compass

  • Bell listen to your older brother Roan when he tells you you’re in love with Clarke and to get yout butts outta there in time. He’s an expert on traps, so if he says it’s fishy, it is. See?

  • Kane found the EXACT right thing to say to murder teen Octavia to make her less murdery. Ilian is impressed to be alive.

  • And so the two chancellors stand, Jaha and Kane.


  • People were cooking, eating and happyish and good banter going back and forth. YES THANK YOU. I need more minutes like this.

  • didn’t recognize my show for a good ten seconds there. Well if anything it felt like s2 Mt Weather chocolate cake sequence between Monty and Jasper, so I guess I do recognize my show.
    I’m just smiling ear to ear right now

  • There’s a damn FINE looking pool, how in the name of Zeus are there no leaves or mud or whatever in it, it’s been a 100 effing years, what do you mean, do the Grounders swim to the island to tidy it? Because I DOUBT that
    And no drone can keep a pool looking that nice. Is there an immortal butler Becca had? need to KNOW.

  • Clarke to Murphy: “You can cook?” “Mhm…” "You can read!"
    FYI - Murphy can COOK. The cockroach is my hero #2 now.

  • Octavia and darkness. Who ships it? Not me.

  • IT’S RAINING men…oh wait no, that’s acid

  • Murder Octavia suddenly has a heart

  • Harper has abs

  • Kane and Bellamy are the best okay? And I’m not just saying this cause they’re shirtless.

  • Bellamy DON’T get yourself killed, this is an official warning

  • the mansion is so freaking gorgeous, I am sooooo happy we get this.They promised and delivered the SHOWER scene - ahhh Clarke gets to relax!

  • well that escalated quickly, grounder invasion alert

  • Murphy got another gun :heart:

  • Bellamy, baby…nonono this is not good

  • Wahhhh I’m STRESSED and love Emori

  • anyway, Clarke has a better idea, let’s not beat him to the pulp and we get our guinea pig. Yeah, sure, you came up with that thought all by yourself, no influence from Emori, at all.

  • Octavia looks like she wants to use this knife on Ilian

  • Whoaaaaa kid, CHILL That’s not gonna help, buttefly girl, killing yourself is not a solution

  • and not is this other thing, although Ilian is happy to oblige.

  • Marcus has SO MUCH faith in Abby it’s beautiful

  • Harper feeling guilty that she ran in the rain and didn’t help that guy :heart:


  • And there’s one comeback I really didn’t expect.

  • So little Roan in this episode, but still glad to see him - and that’s a new trim on his beard!

  • OMG EMORI - you just picked a random grounder to be toasted in radioactive owen? Impressive.
    Figures Murphy’s not judging and actually might be a tiny bit impressed

  • But I REALLY loved Kane this ep. Him and Bellamy in a scene together is always great.
    Bellamy’s “You floated my mother” comeback was epic.
    My reactions - “wait was he in charge back then too? I thought that was JAHA” and "Ha that was a long time coming."
    I think it needed to be said as well as that “I’m sorry” at the end - that was as much about O as it was about Aurora

  • And thanks to the mansion scenes I really enjoyed this ep in general, although it may have been a bit of a bottle episode (ok so the last one was just cooler in general, but I appreciate the less action-packed sequences too).

  • I loved the Emori twists in this episode, I also tremendously enjoyed the friendly banter between Clarke and Murphy. Knowing what’s to come it makes me sigh, but generally it made me very very happy.

  • And the Rover action obviously as well, I have my reasons. Emotional Bellamy is Bellamy at his best.


  • The radiation chamber! Liquified Grounder! Turn it off … yeah this is pretty ugly
    do not eat while watching this

  • Yes Abby, morals. Remember those?

  • Jaha stfu

  • Jasper you manipulative little bitch, you know EXACTLY that Bellamy has a hero complex

  • Jaha will probably be right at the end. He’s going to take Monty, isn’t he?

  • Finally SOMEONE gets angry with Jasper
    And obviously Jasper is telling some well overdue home truths. Haha, I am loving this.

  • Tell the boy to live a little


  • I cant f___ believe you Jasper, getting all deep and meaningful and then bang, jobi nuts. Man :heart:

  • Brings back MEMORIES, doesn’t it boys?

  • Well Roan is pretty pissed with Luna

  • Welcome to Mt Weather indeed

  • “First we survive… then we find out humanity again”

  • Indra! Missed seeing her on my screen

  • Abby the fact that you’re smiling right now, is a teeny tiny bit CREEPY AS HELL

  • Roan/Clarke interactions are always gold

  • Jesus Indra is angry

  • Ahhhh a shrine of old computers

  • I am still watching, I just need to pause this episode at times to BREATHE

  • Bellamy is such a dad in this one. Haha. Aw.

    Richard Harmon just became an epic actor in my book. Murphy LOVES Emori and is willing to beg for her life, this is so difficult to watch

  • Abby’s - “I can’t” - I am relieved because thank the heavens THIS is still the Abby I know and love, a doctor, a healer, someone who is fundamentally against taking a life. :heart:

  • CLARKE. Injecting herself with nightblood. Best plot twist yet.

  • I am not sure what we’ve done to deserve s4 Clarke, but it’s such an improvement from s3 Clarke that I am constantly impressed. (This is basically S1+S2 Clarke who I became to love, intensified by 100x)

  • and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
  • Poor Abby :heart: Oh my god Abby, wrecking the radiation chamber. Damn these two are definitely mother and daughter.

  • This show ships Henry Ian Cusick with a hatch door as much as LOST did.

  • And Monty Green, everyone. That is all. He will save them all with his brain, the only one who can figure out how to enter the bunker.


  • Survived the hiatus

  • The SHEEP are alve! They’re radiation-resistant little buggers apparently, no matter if fish and bugs are dead. The horses and sheep are alright

  • Bellamy has hope again :heart:

  • Way to pull a carpet from under Clarke’s feet

  • This is kind of repetitive but still funny how Roan keeps giving Clarke “I’m annoyed with you and your people, can’t you just stop? But I’m strangely proud of you too” looks
    He really kind of has adopted her as his baby sister :stuck_out_tongue:

  • "If anyone can convinve mortal enemies to move in together, it’s you."
    Haha brilliant. See? That’s what I meant, Roan.

  • It almost sounded like they’re using Saturn - Sleeping at last music in this scene, but that can’t be, that’d be too perfect

  • Hahahaha Clarke really has a tendency to dramatically slice her palm at every opportunity she gets
    Woman, it’s unhygienic. Stahp.

  • End of the world party and Bellamy trying diplomacy :heart_eyes:
    How high/drunk are you Jas

  • Bellamy ILY and your speeches

  • poor Monty

  • “At least I’d get to say goodbye” Aaaaahhhhh Bellamy

  • O trying to grow tomatoes when 2 episodes back she was miss Murder… just makes me giggle
    and these people can’t take a warning, seriously, back the fuck away, you WILL lose

  • Yeah man, didn’t expect to see THAT did you Ilian? O doesn’t want your veggies

  • What a beautiful sight to see Indra confused.

  • I think this is the first where Roan looks actually DEFEATED in this series, upon realizing who the intended new commander is. Clarke is all set to take the flame. Gaia’s face when she saw Clarke bleeding black, that was priceless.

  • Haha. Or maybe Roan is not so defeated, after all. Bringing in Abby to stop that ridiculous ceremony. THANK YOU ROAN!

    “May we meet again.” - Bellamy
    * “We won’t.” - Jasper
    "Whatever the hell you want." - Bellamy

  • Muphy and Raven hugging. At least Raven will be safe from praimfaya. “Go, survive.”

  • sooo wasn’t Riley all PISSED OFF when he didn’t make it to Clarke’s list and now where there’s a much much better bunker tnan a leaky space ship ever was, he suddenly decides to be on Jasper’s suicide squad??? Like what, man

  • but while I am heartbroken for Monty and Harper (a bit less for Jasper because he really really wants it) - the fact that we saw Monty+Harper AND Clarke all wear those hazmat suits, gives me a lot of hope.
    Annnnnnd also, next ep will be FULL ON Hunger Games and it’s a tad scary


  • “She needs to believe that.” Aw Clarke. She cares about O too.

  • Giving out these symbols suits Gaia.

  • Ilian is fighting too? What? Fudge.

  • Are you kidding me? Luna get out of there and get back to singing kumbaya, I mean I know you’re pretty awesome but shouldn’t you be all…peaceful and stuff? Haha Gaia doesn’t like you much.

  • Ah yes this looks very much like a training centre from The Hunger Games. See, even the mentors are there.

  • Indra giving real advice to her adopted daughter is :heart: Oh my gosh she’s offering her sword to Octavia?
    My heart.

  • “We’re all Grounders now.” Oh Kane, you sweet summer child. Still such an idealist.

  • Roan is done with alliances

  • Echo stop looking so jelly

  • strategy, strategy

  • the girl under the floor, hahah, I LOVE that

  • all the HUGS

  • Gaia doesn’t take the pressure too well


  • “Lincoln was a fool.” Well these are bold words to say Luna.

  • Go Bellamy!!! Figuring out Echo too is out there, trying to kill Azgeda’s enemies.

  • damn Ilian’s a brave kid

  • YOU CHEATING BITCH ECHO, you just killed Ilian and nearly killed Octavia - again.

  • Well I hope Bellamy has a gun.

  • annnnd there we have Luna just taking a walk in the park

  • at least she fights fairly

  • Oh shit…no no no Echo don’t you DARE

  • I have waited ALL SEASON to see this. THANK YOU Roan. Banish her! Also, he’s a man of honor. It’s damn refreshing to see. But mostly, it’s great to see Echo kicked off her pedestal

    And I think this is a speech I’ve been waiting for this whole season too. Nice one Octavia

  • What a way to end an episode. What a way o kidnap that one person you can’t live without

  • I find it VERY hard to believe that the whole conclave just left the place unguarded in order to have Abby "get it ready for whoever wins"
    Lol. Please. As if. These grounders got trust issues since way before, esp. when it came to skaikru

  • I sometimes smile fondly thinking back what innocent kids they all were in s1. And with every new fan - they keep asking how can anyone like Bellamy/Murphy/Kane and 80% love Finn. I’m smiling because 5 episodes in they change their mind about Bell, by season 2 the love for Murphy rises and almost everyone ends up agreeing Finn was a fuckboy (but forever missing Wells) and it’s such a predictable beautiful spiral to watch.


  • Pissed off Bellamy is my fave ever, snark through the roof :heart_eyes:

  • Haha, Jaha. You can’t control Clarke, as unhappy as you are, she is revealing the radios.

  • Now get the hell out of my way

  • Aw Octavia’s scared

  • Miller don’t be a dick


  • Bellamy, sweetie, it’s a room full of armed men. I KNOW you HAVE TO try, but c’mon be smart about it, it’s not gonna work like this

  • I’ve heard this “no more pain” line before. I didn’t like it.

  • Monty that outfit messes with your hair

  • chicks in underwear

  • “We’re back on the Ark” ILY Abby

  • Jaha go float yourself seriously

  • Clarke when will you stop listning to shitty Chancellor wannabes and start using your heart?

  • Murphy! Hi man I kinda think you’re not as tough as you make it out to be

  • OMG Clarke just TOTALLY chickened out of seeing Bellamy, I am living for this.

  • Murphy trying to make Bell stop hurting himself is just so freaking beautiful

  • And… a good friend is saving Raven :heart: Great to see Sinclair again, so great.

  • Damn Harper

  • Super dead. Nah Raven, YOU will live, don’t you worry kid

  • Abby is as slytherin as her daughter

  • Jaha you stupid idiot Kane is out there

  • It’s kind of strange I want them all to succeed


  • They’re both on the verge of tears, I had to pause to breathe. She’s not going to shoot him.

  • I can’t handle this.

  • YES see this is how you use your heart. That was STRESSFUL

  • You can’t choose the survival of humanity over the person you can’t survive without, Clarke, didn’t your momma tell you that? Well now you know.

  • I had no idea how this scene was about to end, I just knew it was one of Bob Morley’s favourite scenes and DAMN. With good reason

  • Also this is bloody unscientific, trying to give your heart/yourself an electric shock while in water but well since it’s Raven, I’ll forgive the writers :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The 100 - we’ve come full circle

  • Has anyone saved Clarke’s list btw? LOL that would come handy right now’

  • Question: How many people will Clarke Griffin sacrifice for Bellamy Blake?
    Answer: ALL OF THEM.
    Clarke actually believed she was condemning them ALL to death when she lowered that gun and despite that, she couldn’t shoot what’s basically her whole HEART.

  • Random side note: I am glad Murphy was sort of robbed of the choice of choosing sides, because that boy isn’t really predictable :stuck_out_tongue:

  • regardless if they make to the “new list” or not, the bigger group is staying in the bunker and “our guys” - Clarke, Raven, Murphy, Bell, Emori, Monty, maybe Harper - somewhere else. Becca’s lab? there are 10 levels, I mean there’s got to be a bunker somewhere in there too, right?
    Which is all nice and radiation proof and stocked with food :stuck_out_tongue:

  • also where are all of Cadogan’s follwers? Not in this bunker, but those with 12th seal had to survive, at least a smallish group of them?
    Will they be saving our group?

  • Will that rocket finally be put to (good?) use? So many possibilities


  • Ahhh tiny blonde baby! He’s so cute! Let him live you asshole Jaha

  • Niylah with Murphy, aw he helps her

  • Ahhh all children under 16 will be saved. Thank you, Abby

  • a lottery to decide who lives/dies was a shitty idea half a season ago, it still is

  • Bellamy volunteering to save Raven, of course. He’s so pissed with Clarke, the side-eye is angryyyyyy. Haha, wonder how long will it last

  • Clarke’s hair in a braid!

  • Guilty looks towards Bellamy :stuck_out_tongue: and mommy hugs awwww

  • Ahhh more volunteers :grinning: Whoa Murphy what happened to your survival instinct, my boy???

  • Clarke still thinks saying “I love you”="goodbye"
    and she can’t say it back unless someone’s dying

  • Bell knows Murphy :heart: There’s his survival instinct

  • Those suits are effing ridiculous

  • Kaaaane and his speeches

  • 5 years
    ohhhh man

  • Niylah! Ahhh well damn, thx O, you do have your uses sometimes.I really wouldn’t mind O and Niylah as new BFFs

  • Memori feels!!!

  • Bellarke feels!

  • Half jokes, half smiles and the guy drives the car right into a damn tree. Pay attention to the road before you kill everyone Bell
    Well he stayed mad with Clarke for about minutes, new recor

  • Is that radiation snow?

  • Geez angry grounder mob

  • That horse is freaky - and Echo? I am NOT glad to see you

  • “Monty, drive fast” Hahahaha yes he’s so worried

  • Ok but why arent Monty+Harper wearing their helmets in the Rover while others are coughing up blood lol plothole much?

  • Also Clarke stop being stupidly heroic and let Echo die

  • Seriously I am sure Becca’s lab has radiation proof level/bunker, just…look you guys

  • it’s a stupid plan ok you lot
    Jackson! Save him, cmon he’s practically a doctor, Abby needs him (they both need to be counted essential personnel)

  • Kane you flower child

  • Jaha’s an ass and always will be

  • So Octavia, skaikru is no longer your people, huh?

  • “My people, my responsibility.” Well did you have to say THAT line, kid? Geez

  • That looks like the culling flashback

  • OMFG Clarke’s list So the head’s decision is coming into play after all.

  • Marcus couldn’t sacrifice Abby and holy hell he knew she was on the list


  • And Marcus calling the shots, my heart is breaking

  • but damn the baby’s daddy didn’t make it :disappointed: Can I adopt that blonde boy? Cause Jaha doesn’t deserve him

  • “We’re going up.”

  • Guys, you all realize that this plan has an effing high probability of going south, right?


  • My babies I am so proud of them all

  • The levels of #DRAMATICn are off the charts with these two idiots

  • but somebody dispose of Echo please and faster. MURPHY baby I’m counting on you. Praimfaya isn’t reliable enough



  • Sepia filter!

  • Octavia and Bell on the radio is so sweet

  • “I’ll be the girl under the floor” oh my gosh can you not

  • “You’re Prometheus…” I am living for Bellamy the history nerd

  • Octavia is back to looking to her big brother for advice :two_hearts:

  • Aaaaahhhh THE HUG #bellarkeisendgame

  • Can you NOT interrupt, apocalypse???

  • Was that Murphy?

  • JACKSON! They saved Jackson, I was a bit worried about him

  • Raven I love your brain

  • Emori’s face when Murphy’s snarky, haha. Algae salads.

  • Bellamy’s motivational speeches trump Raven’s tbh

  • Murphy-Monty bromance in the making!

  • Tick tock - lmao, best moment ever

  • Murphy this is not the Hunger Games anymore

  • “Survival’s a team sport” Clarke. Ahhhh man Bell doesn’t want them up there (well I wouldn’t want Emori up there either)

  • “NOTHING is happening to you!” Bellamy can’t even consider losing Clarke, he refuses to.

  • Calm down with the INTENSE heart eyes Bellamy

  • Ok Clarke’s turn.



  • And he’s telling her “I HAVE YOU for that”

  • Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Bellamy’s motivational speeches???

  • Nuclear winter walk

  • “She gets to take her space walk”

  • Echo you lil bitch what is up with you?

  • I still dont get it, whats the use of a satellite dish f the Praimfaya hits it and destroys it??

  • Bellamy :heart:

  • Emori :heart: :heart: :heart:

  • May we meet again

  • launch

  • Clarke you are STRESSING ME OUT. F__ electronics you better cooperate

  • Clarkey did you just throw your ipad down there? what a temper tantrum :stuck_out_tongue:

  • “I left her behind and we all die anyway” Bellamy. I have something in my eye.

  • Run Forrest RUN!

  • Monty keep being a genius ILY

  • Also, how crazy is that Abby’s vision came true?


  • MY DELINQUENTS :heart: I am proud

  • I am PISSED with Rothenberg, but at least Clarke has a hell of a cool Jacket

  • Also - If something must happen in space, then let it be braven. ECHO CAN CHOKE

  • But I could live with some braven babies if they absolutely must.

  • It’s been 2199 days.

  • The bunker??? Ok that is … shall I say shitty news?

  • It’s been SAFE for OVER A YEAR



  • WELL I AM GLAD THERE’s that SURVIVABLE 4% that is still, you know, green

  • Mommy Clarke is adorable

  • So… the mythology.
    There was talk about the original Nightbloods being mining prisoners
    so this is freaking scary/intriguing

  • And damnnnnn Bellamy better check his voicemail, there’s a ton of messages

  • And Emori wanted to WAIT and helped Raven afterm she’s won me over, big time
    I mean she was cute and sneaky before but damn girl, respect

  • I am not over the fact that Bellamy used his head, making that decision to leave Clarke behind, like Clarke had asked him to do -use his head so that he would survive.

  • In 1x01 he OPENED the dropship door, in 4x13 he CLOSED the door. HOW ICONIC was that?

  • No levers for Clarke this season. And yes, enough with the levers, enough of being Wanheda


The Ground, that’s the dream. This - is reality. Reality sucks.




I needed a few days to process everything that’s happened, because - what a way to reset the whole series basically. Coming full circle and staring again, from the end of the world.

I am beginning to come to terms with what happened - and well, it certainly opens up SO many possibilities and expands the world greatly again

Adding the following under “read more” - in case you haven’t seen season 4 finale yet. But here are my emotions and speculations:

  • Think how many COOL style changes we’re going to get.
    Thank heavens for the girl because Clarke being left on the Ground, alonem it’s breaking my heart as is, but for 6 YEARS!

  • I’m so glad there’s Madi.

  • I’m glad Clarke is at peace, much more than she was in s3 where she was just completely broken

  • And I am glad she no longer bears the weight of all the world’s responsibilities/her people on her shoulders. It’s been enough

  • I have to admit, after the previous 3 month jump, I WAS worried
    This is so much bigger. SO MUCH BIGGER
    So it was very good to see Clarke somewhat RELAXED/HAPPY/HOPEFUL
    after 6 years

    Anyone who’s seen LOST?
    You’ll understand why I’m having a lot of Desmond+Penny vibes right now.
    pushes the button every 108 minutes
    Henry Ian Cusick, have you been giving the writers any ideas?
    side eyes Kane

Anyway, 2199 days, 2199 messages from Clarke to Bellamy, she doesn’t probably know if he’s alive and she still has hope?

This brings me right back to 4x03 and the list scene:
“You still have hope?” - Clarke
"We (are) still breathing." - Bellamy
He gave her hope and now she still has hope, even after 6 years.

  • I am VERY intrigued to see Octavia and how leadership has changed her.

  • I get the hate regarding Clarke (or in TT Amber) because they’re very much putting head over heart and doing things they justify with doing something “for my people/greater good” and get into conflict with people a lot on personal/individual level who find that for individual, the greater good is in fact, an opposite of a better solution, so while they are my absolute faves, I understand reasons they rub someone the wrong way. It’s definitely easier for a viewer to relate the characters who base their decisions primarily on their heart/emotions - such as Bellamy or Octavia.

  • As for Octavia - I’ve always found her incredibly self-centered/selfish.
    I excuse her because she’s so young and she ‘deserves’ to be after what het childhood was like, but I don’t like that part. Generally after s1 I started to like her much better (she became less of an airhead/flowerchild and we also saw her compassionate side regarding Lincoln/Grounders etc etc
    But so far it’s been - she’s kind and loving if and when it suits her interests. If something goes against her belief, she has zero compassion. So yeah, maybe s5 will turn into a great big character development for O, I am ready to cheer her on if it is.

  • I want Bellamy to start off season 5 happy, ok? Let him be in a good relationship with someone. Moving on is healthy. I know he left his heart on Earth, but I don’t want to see him alone, brooding and bearded.
    He will be leading the Arkers, I am quite certain of that and he’s probably relying on his head/logic more than he used to. Let him at least be content.

  • Raven - she deserves ALL the happiness in the world. (Which is why a part of me doesn’t want to see her together with Bellamy, since I know Bellamy’s heart ultimately belongs to Clarke and we did it in season 1 with Finn already, writers, let’s not go there. ( #bellarkeisendgame
    Then again, Bell is a decent guy and maybe they’d be great together. I just don’t want her to be hurt over this. Ugh.

  • I want memori space babies! - like really, Emori and Echo don’t have conctraceptive implants like women from the Ark did, so… possibilities, possibilities.
    I’d like to see Emori and Murphy with a toddler actually.

Adding the dialogue from when Raven was floating and having a seizure in 4x05, because let’s be honest, no one paid attention during that scene as we were busy marvelling Raven, but I think it’s kind of important/intriguing:

Abby: Help me rerun the molecular valence test on sample 7.
Jackson: Copy that. Abby, listen to this. According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company.
Abby: Mining?
Jackson: Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation.
Abby: Hmm. Nice of her to share that with our ancestors on the ark. I don’t understand. The nightblood protein chains are broken. How did she get them to bind to the blood cells?

And who is it we see in the Finale? The spaceship from Eligius.
They will start out as the new Big Bad of the season, no doubt, but some kind of cooperation will likely happen.


Ok, so…I started s3 and then after ep 6 it stopped cause the place I was watching didn’t have ep 7. But then suddenly Netflix here put up all of s3 and I basically binge-watched from ep 7 and out in 2-3 days. I’m not gonna bother doing the meme again cause I don’t think it’s really changed much, so I’m just gonna ramble on randomly with my thoughts instead. :stuck_out_tongue: (there will be spoilers, so beware of that if you haven’t seen all of s3 yet)

Ok, firstly I’m gonna start with the deaths…how did no one warn me about Sinclair?! Like, I knew all about Lexa and Lincoln since before I started watching the show (tumblr drama omg), but poor Sinclair has just been ignored. I think because I was so unprepared, that one hit me the hardest. If nothing else for poor Raven’s sake. That whole scene when he’s dying in front of her and begging her to stay in the car and she just has to go to him anyway… :sob:That said, as prepared as I was, Lincoln’s death was horrible. I’m not over that. Lexa…I wanted to care more, but honestly I just never warmed to her character. Which surprised me, cause fandom made such a big deal of her and I just kept waiting for anything about her to interest me.

Also, i realise I forgot to mention Monroe…I was really sad about that to. Not that she was a very explored character, but I felt like she had potential and she meant a lot to many of the characters. It felt a bit unnecessary for her to die there. Bellamy was already over the edge cause of Gina (poor girl basically only existed as a reason for that to happen). Actually, come to think of it, making Bellamy and Monroe a thing (or even not, she was important to him anyway) and having her die the way Gina did would have made a lot more sense to me, storytelling wise. It would have been a character we knew and had a chance to care about, which would have made Bellamy’s grief a lot more relatable to the viewer. And it would have made Monroe’s death more important. Cause to me that whole storyline felt like someone had a “let’s turn Bellamy dark!” “genius” idea, and Gina’s existence and death were just there for that purpose, but all they did was kill of a character the viewers barely knew. Sure, Bellamy had known her for a while by then, but that doesn’t mean the viewer will immediately understand her death having such an impact. Then having Monroe die a few eps later didn’t really seem to do much for anyones story. it just feels like a poorly planned storyline to me. I mean, I love storylines that are all about the good guys turning dark and then realising what they’ve done and trying to redeem themselves, but…Bellamy’s story didn’t feel very well planned out. Like, it wouldn’t have taken much more than say insert some backstory where Pike was like a mentor or something for Bellamy back on the Ark. Or showing more between them, like Pike becoming the father figure Bellamy never had and taking advantage of his grief. It was all sort of there, but it felt more implied than actually shown. They could have cut out some other things and delved more into that dynamic there and I think Bellamy’s story would have been so much better. And Pike’s, for that matter.

And since we’re on the subject of badly executed “turning dark” storylines…why does no one talk about Monty’s arc in this season? I’ve seen a lot about Bellamy (I was spoiled about the whole storyline beforehand) but nothing about Monty. I mean, I get that his mother was there and part of it, and he was just being on her side apparently. But…he was condoning the same things Bellamy was. Again, i feel like it would all have made sense if we had gotten to see more of his relationship with his mother, but it kinda felt like they just expected us to understand that he would pick her side so there’s no need to focus on them much.

Also, what happened to Wick? I think I remember a mention that Raven had pushed him away, but like…where did he go?

Overall I thought there were a lot of interesting storylines in s3. Finding out how the commander line went back to connect to the Ark and all that was really intriguing. But the whole AI storyline just went too far for me, and was way too repetitive. I feel like the last 2-3 eps at least could have been cut in half. There was just a lot of torture going on. And for a supposedly intelligent AI, ALIE sure took a long time to remember that threatening to hurt/kill other people was the best way to convince people to take the chip. She just had to torture them all a bit first to remember that? What was the point with all those torture scenes? Just comes of a bit like trying too hard to be dark and edgy. I was so bored of the whole storyline by the time Clarke pulled the lever.

Also, have I said how much I love Raven? I feel like her “turning dark” moment, if we can call it that, by taking the chip, was so much better executed. Her choice made perfect sense. And I loved how realising she couldn’t remember Finn at all was what made her snap out of it and try to save herself. Jasper trying to help her out was like the one interesting bit of his story this season to. I just love her. A lot. I always feel like it’s her, Bellamy and Clarke who are the characters that manage to always have interesting dynamics with just about every other character. Even just small unimportant scenes sometimes, and I’ll find myself hoping to see more of those characters interacting. I feel like a lot of it is down to the actors, cause they’re really good at what they do. But I think especially with Raven I feel this way. But then I am biased cause she’s pretty much solidified herself as my absolute favourite on this show now.

And lastly, I feel like I need to mention the Blake siblings…I hate them not being close, but at the same time I kinda loved the storyline. They have such a fascinating sibling dynamic, and Octavia’s character development from s1 has just been so massive. I could probably write an essay on these two, but I feel like this post already is an essay so I won’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I lied. My last point is gonna be; when will Thelonius Jaha die already? I’ve been annoyed with him for two whole seasons now. Other much more interesting characters have been killed off. Just had to get that off my chest. :stuck_out_tongue: now onto s4!


Thank you. Thank you, that was me entirely. And yes, Lincoln’s death hit me far worse. Never forgave Pike for it.

Bellamy’s whole “dark turn” was a clusterfuck in the sense that we as the viewers barely got the emotions/driving force behind it, they tried to show it but it happened more or less over a span of 1-2 episodes because they tried to focus on Polis a lot at a time and was just hard to be sold on.

Wick turned into helium :stuck_out_tongue: and floated away. Good riddance.

Raven is forever awesome. Oh you’ll love her in s4 (even more, if that’s possible). And yes, bravenlarke makes a great trio.

I agree, I’m on team #Jahagofloatyourself - even if he has a moment or two in season 4, he can generally just… die. I’ll miss Isaiah Washington on my screen, but even so, “Jaha out” would be nice.

Enjoy season 4, I found myself liking the series a lot better again than I did in season 3. The storylines were flowing better, less confusion, more focus on delinquents.


Pike…I rarely hate a character as much as I hate him. He’s up there with Umbridge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m not sure what they were doing with Bellamy…the weird thing is that it seemed like something that could have been an epic storyline, and Bob Morley definitely is a good enough actor to have pulled it off, but the writing just let him down. It’s almost as if they were too impatient to show the development from A to B, and just jumped to B. Which is weird, cause this show has been really good at character development so far, and then to fail on such a big change in a main character…

Bravenlarke! I think that’s my new favourite ship/trio-name. Awesome. :smiley: The true OT3 right there.

I’m just over Jaha…I don’t feel like he’s developed much either, he’s just there, making bad decisions for everyone.

Thanks! I watched the first ep, but I think any more will have to wait until tomorrow.


We have a premiere date for season 5. Much as I was hoping for March release, The 100 will be back on

April 24th 2018


There is so much time to kill so a questionnaire off tumblr seems like fun. (Will add credit once off mobile)

Answer all at once or a question daily, whatever suits better.

  1. What would you get arrested for on the Ark?

  2. Would you take off your wristband when you landed on the ground?

  3. What would the necklace Finn would make for you look like?

  4. If you could resurrect any MINOR character who would it be?

  5. Create a squad of 5 characters to go on missions with. Who are they?

  6. Minty or Briller?

  7. What would your name be in Trigedasleng?

  8. Thoughts on Finn? Some people hate him, and others love him, you:

  9. Be honest. How willing would you have been to take the chip without knowing all the horrible things it does?

  10. What character do you relate to most & what character do you like the least?

  11. Describe your delinquent outfit. (Would you wear something like Murphy’s jacket with the spikey red shoulder patch or have a trademark like Jasper’s goggles?)

  12. Favorite type of mutant animal?

  13. What would your job be on the Ark?

  14. Would you have willingly pumped Ontari’s heart if Abby asked?

  15. If Lexa wasn’t Heda, then who would make the best commander?

  16. If you were a grounder, then where would you live and who would be your mentor?

  17. How would you act if you ate the hallucinogenic nuts like Jasper and Monty?

  18. How would you have dealt with Charlotte’s crime? A more John Murphy approach or Bellamy Blake?

  19. Who should be the Chancellor, if anyone?.

  20. Mount Weather had a lot of modern commodities. (example: Maya’s Ipod) What is the one thing you would snatch while there?

  21. Do you think you’d have caught the virus spread through camp or would you have been immune like Octavia?

  22. What would your grounder tattoos look like? Hairstyle? War paint?

  23. Favorite quote?

  24. Can you forgive Murphy for his actions? How about Bellamy?

  25. If one of the characters was in the Hunger Games, who would have the best shot at winning?

  26. Least favorite ship? Favorite ship?

  27. A song that should be included in the next season, like when Radioactive was?

  28. What would you do if you were stuck in the bunker with Murphy for all that time?

29.Opinion on Emori? Roan?

  1. Would you want to be an extra that is killed off in a brutal way?

  2. A character you’d like to learn more about and get flashbacks of?

  3. A character you’d bang?


I need to come back and answer all those questions above :blush: but first… there are many reasons why I love this cast, but I need to bring this one over, the reason why Bob Morley is a wonderful human being, right there ( #mentalhealthawareness is so important, I have seen far too many people struggling):

And additionally, back to fictional characters, they are giving me hope for Bellamy and Clarke in season 5:


So the 100…love this show as some of you already know, finally caught up on the latest season as well and omg. I’ll have more to say about that in a little while butttttt what I actually came here for. Was to advertise a site that I am a part of, hope that’s okay, if it’s not feel free to delete this post :slight_smile:



Fractured Earth is a semi-AU roleplay that is based around the universe of the
CW’s The 100. We follow the plotline of the show up until the end of season 2
(with a few changes) but after the finale of season 2 we differ from the show
almost completely. We accepted show canons as well as original characters.

We have guest friendly claims, questions, and advertising boards.

Most Wanted Characters: Raven Reyes, Abby Griffin, Marcus Kane, Jasper Jordan, and more


Raven is great. I could RP that. I was a big fan 9f the show until the writers changed…it got a little wierd after that. Not the same at all.