The 100

…aka Amber’s new and latest obsession, this also means she thinks ALL fans of The Tribe should give this tv series a chance and watch at least up until episode 5.

Anyway, I started writing reviews/reactions and posting them when season 3 aired and g´have been trying to keep up with it, so you’ve been warned. If you aren’t up-to-date with watching, there may be a few spoilers.

This TV series is about to air it’s 3rd season and since I discvered that a year ago, I have fallen in iove with the characters and plot development. The first 3 episodes of the first season may be arguably a bit cheesy, but once you get past them, the storytelling and acting really picks up.

It may be my favourite tv series currently and it has a great deal of simiarities and character parallels with The Tribe.

Thanks to whoever it was (EagleMountainDreams? Sayerette?) for first mentioning Clarke is a lot like Amber, you got me watching and I was hooked.

It’s fast-paced, with a considerable amount of gore, yes (wounds don’t heal in a day, people’s hair and make up is dirty/messy a lot, which, considering the iving conditions is a breath of fresh air for any post apocalyptic show) - but I somehow don’t feel it’s terribly overdone. However be prepared to see people die aka your faves might not make it. Don’t get too attached.

This topic will hopefully provide a nice place to react to season 3 as it airs, so if you need to catch up first, beware of spoilers ;).

Remember how happy and hopeful everyone was at the beginning? sob Also, Octavia babe how I disliked you to begin with and how you and most of the characters proved me wrong. The only few who I haven’t changed my opinion about, are Clarke (liked her and still do - despite of what she’s done, or maybe even more because of a few things she’s done and I am very intrigued to see her during season 3), Raven (instant “you show them girl”) and Monty (he’s just precious ok, no one better hurt him) - the majority of other characters has made my head spin (Bellamy! Abby! Kane even (let me love them all), Finn (what a joke) damn it. Murphy (love to hate him…there are moment where he almost redeems himself but then nah), even Jasper (beginning to lose the respect I had towards him).

:earth_americas: :boom: :100:

The character I first fell in love with:
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
The character I love that everyone else hates:
The character I used to love but don’t any longer:
The character I would totally smooch:
The character I’d want to be like:
The character I’d slap:
A pairing that I love:
A pairing that I don’t:

The 100 meme (filled out at the beginning of s3):
The character I first fell in love with: Clarke - I started watching for her and didn’t regret it.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Octavia. God she started out as a little bitch. She’s awesome now.
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Lexa. :rolleyes: I keep waiting for her to turn on the Ski Kru again. Even if I seriously rooted for her in the last two eps, still iffy.
The character I love that everyone else hates: Abby - she seems to get a lot of bashing from the fandom, but I love her. She makes a better doctor than she was the chancellor, but generally? Go Abby. ((Or based on the last 3 episodes, maybe the answer to this Q should actually be Bellamy? )
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Jasper. He and Monty were great, but with the beginning of season 2 and the Dante/Maya storylines, his character kept going downhill and now, PTSD or not, he’s a jackass.
The character I would totally smooch: Lately? Roan. Hawt. drools
The character I’d want to be like: They’re all problematic. Niyah? (Okay okay, S1 Clarke)
The character I’d slap: Jaha, for obvious reasons, being a lunatic moron. Also, ALIE if she was slappable.
A pairing that I love: Bellarke
A pairing that I don’t: Raven+Finn. (Basically, mostly just Finn with anyone else)

Reactions to 3x01 as I watched:

  • Well this was a short 3 months for Murphy.
  • Shirtless boys!
  • The truck scene… and O on horseback… feels like coming home luv
  • It only took 20 minutes til the first casualty. Man Jasper’s seriously messed up.
  • Contraceptive implant removals… Abby you don’t look too thrilled about that.
  • Wow, Clarke’s got some moves.
  • Murphy…I am trying not to hate him a little less than I did in season 1, but considering Jaha’s off his rocker and he’s standing up to the nuthead, I kind of do.
  • Reflexes, Bellamy. Try and stay alive.
  • Good news: Wick is gone. Monty. Raven smiling.

Reactions to **3x02**
  • Monty! Yes, happy for him.

  • Clarke…feigning fainting to try and fight Roan, awesome tactical skills girl

  • Niylah stay alive dear. Also, her looking straight at Bellamy and his worried, worried looks… cries

  • Erm well yeah, WHY exactly would you make Jasper tag along to Mt. Weather? This screams plot convenience to me.

  • Bell is scared. Look at that, he’s an actual puppy.

  • for once, I’m with Murphy when it comes to the bitch in the red dress. #shouldadoneit For someone with no moral standards, Murphy has some impressive moral standards.

  • O is being an adorable friend even if Jasper’s an undeserving jackass PTSD or not.

  • Oh cr@p…what, Montyyyyy? Don’t say it like that!

  • BELLAMY YESSSSSS! Scr’ewing with the protocol forever, I see.

  • CLARKE. EMOTIONS. FINALLY. I thought you had buried them really really deep but YESSSS again.

  • I am now VERY intrigued about Indra, she certainly gave me the vibes of wanting Clarke reunited with skaikru, why’d she come to them if she knew Lexa had sent her scouts too? Unless she had no idea?

  • Also, mad props to Clarke for great spitting skills in this ep. After all that’s happened, I’d do it too.

Review for 3x03:

  • Blake siblings are giving me life, I am so sad their relationship/dynamic is going to change.

  • I still trust Clarke and oh yes, I do think she is playing strategical BIG time when it comes to Lexa. She hasn’t forgiven her in the least but she is trying to ensure her people’s safety.

  • Echo, god damn it - and just after I was happy to see you! Damn it!

  • Also…Bellamy. Now I am seriously scared for him and just want to wrap him up in a blanket and keep him safe. I SAW THAT LOOK, MAN.

  • ETA: okay because everything in Polis was intense, I kind of forgot about Kabby - but seriously. Thrdr two need to get a room, they’re in danger of exploding if these heart eyes keep happening for much longer.

  • And um, much as I am wary of Lexa, I did actually love the bit where she sent the Ice Nation dude flying. Which is, partly of course also the reason I am wary of her.

  • Indra SMILING you guys. Also, Indra and Octavia’s meet-up. Aw.

  • And… Gina? I knew you were too good to last.

  • I am quite intrigued by Nia tho. She looks like she’s been through her share of battles. Ice queen and she certainly looks the part. nods

Also, Ice Nation = Azgeda.

Doesn’t their symbol look famiiar? The Gaians, anyone? That’s quite some evolution for our eco tribe.

  • Bonus (and the only thing that actually annoyed me in this episode):
    After the ceremony, Clarke and Lexa changed clothes, ok, get it, but when the hell did Clarke have the time to undo her highly complicated, elaborate network of braids? It looked like it would take at least an hour even with the help of handmaidens. :rolleyes:


  • Bellamy, WHAT are you doing? It mostly did break my heart because of what he told Harper and Monroe. “I have always done what is best for us. I need you to trust that I am doing that now.”

  • He said that to Harper and Monroe, you guys, the girls who were in his adventure squad. Of course they stepped aside. I’m so glad Lincoln didn’t and my heart was breaking for them both.

  • I know Lexa and Echo betrayed you Bell, but FFS - you have never been the one to attack first. GET A GRIP and don’t effin go all Finn on me. You’re better than that and you know it. I hope JRoth knows it too, but he’s a general j*ckass, so…

  • Also WTF Pike? They elected him??? Clarke needs to get back there and…

  • Jasper can still take himself somewhere far off my screen.

  • Poor Monty.

  • Regarding Polis: Nightbloods seem like an important storyline, also I’m intrigued by Lexa and Aden having black blood.

  • It’s good to see Heda smile. She’s a leader and a very lonely girl. I am beginning to like her, but still refuse to trust her.

  • (Awesome move with Nia tho)

  • Oh, and Clarke? Loving the strategy, girl. Keep it up.

I wrote all this during the 3x08 rewatch, might as well post my Bellamy meta.

So somewhere in all these discussions I think it was said in 3A Bellamy turned on Pike and gave him over to the grounders, mainly because Octavia was in danger, but I just watched “Terms and Conditions” and that’s where he had a change of heart, even before O was back in the picture.

  1. At the beginning of 3x08, the Grounder messenger telling Bellamy “choose the side that’s best for you” and his reply with “I do that every day” then point blank shooting those guys, the boy was out of control (even Pike was trying to reel him in, saying he should back off, but he was unsuccessful. And here I had remembered Bellamy following his orders a lot, turns out he wasn’t such a lap dog after all, but way too messed up yes, killing had become too easy).

  2. Pike choosing to “make Arkadia victorious” is just an eerie parallel with Trump

3)There are all these little moments throughout the episode showing Bellamy being conflicted about which course of action is the right thing to do and Bob Morley being able to show it with just one look is <3

  1. I really feel a lot of antipathy when it comes to Monty’s mom, what a manipulative bitch shake

  2. I was rooting for Kane, so hard, when he was trying to get Pike handed over to the grounders, had him locked in Rover and driving towards the gate. And when Bellamy stepped in his way, it was over. This episode and the next one, in my mind, were the best interactions and character development for both. I think that had it been anyone but Bellamy in his way Kane might have hesitated but still put his foot on the gas and driven through, hoping the other would jump aside on time, but he couldn’t risk Bellamy, knowing he often disregards his own safety/thinks he deserves to die, Kane was not going to take that chance.

  3. And I think, for Bellamy, seeing first Sinclair being mistreated by Pike, it as a big red warning sign he tried his best to ignore since he still believed Pike’s propaganda, but once he saw the same happening to Kane, that was the turning point for him (I guess guilt may have played a role here too, since he was pivotal in preventing Kane’s breakout and now Pike planned to execute a man he had learned to look up to and respect on the ground, that was too much. (I mean, even with Kane and Bellamy on opposite sides, the mutual respect was still there while trying to make the other see sense/come over to the “right side”. )

So once he realized Kane’s punishment, the initial reaction was sheer panic, then heartbreak, then as many times before, he tried to make his opinion heard although still respectfully “Sir, are we really killing our own people now?” - this was too much, this was one of HIS PEOPLE, not the enemy. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. And just like Kane had warned him, Pike’s only solution is “we’re-at-war-we-have-to-kill-people”.
He doesn’t argue, but by the time Bellamy walks out of that room, he’s decided - he’s on Kane’s and the rebels’ side now. It’s in his eyes.

And at the end of the episode, Hannah saying “it’s not that hard choosing what’s best for your people, is it?” he gives the same reply as in the beginning of the episode: “I do it every day” - but the meaning is different, now he has realized who his people really are. Not Pike and his regime.

3x09 went out with a bang, a week later I was still reeling because of Lincoln and they put O and Bellamy’s confrontation as an opening scene for 3x10

  • Frankly, I’d have expected a little bit more forewarning, but no, no warmup needed, this show goes from 1 too 100 in 0.2 seconds again.

  • My heart was breaking when Bellamy repeatedly told everyone to stay out of this. He’s still all for “my sister, my responsibility” and…

  • Agressively continue to dislike Murphy…might fail there

  • Seeing Hanna put her son first, was refreshing, I suppose.

  • Did you see how Bellamy made his move after Pike ordered his men to shoot Octavia? Did you? He might not have a plan fuly developed yet, but he is not going to be on Pike’s side again.

  • “My sister, my responsibility” should be hint enough for O, if she wasn’t so pissed off with him at the moment.

  • Ugh Abby being defiant is :heart_eyes:

  • Also: STOP TORTURING RAVEN YOU F… this has been going on for two seasons, don’t touch her! :rage:

  • OMG Bellamy YES. I KNEW he had something up his sleeve.

  • Daddy Kane is a beautiful sight to see by the way. “It matters.”

  • Poor Monty, he’s such a cinnamon roll. I take back the half-nice thing I said about Hanna. Bitch.

  • And the day when Murphy brought a smile to my face, has arrived. I needed to smile after that episode, so thanks man. I’ll dislike you again next month, okay?

  • GOOD to see you sober again, Jasper. Stop being a dick by the next season? (Today looked promising but don’t think it lasts for long)

But. GUYS.


**3x11 reactions:**
  • Jasper being angry with Clarke, haha, at least they keep this in character.

  • O not beating up Bellamy and these two having a semi-decent confrontation is a step in the right direction.

  • Bellamy still trying to go after Octavia and stop her from leaving. Octavia staying, but for Raven and because Clarke asks her to.

  • Clarke stopping in her tracks because she sees Bellamy there. Bellamy being the first to move to help and take over Raven from Jasper. - the whole opening sequence was fast-paced and yet very nicely executed.

  • Clarke’s first question directed at Bellamy: “Are you okay?”

  • Feelings. ALL THE FEELINGS. These two sharing screentime. I am incredibly grateful they fell right back to their team dynamics (remember the last time they were in the same room together, Bellamy handcuffed Clarke and she tasered him? Yeah. I do. So, great to see there’s no hard feelings. And I’m not even being sarcastic here.)

  • Octavia thank you for your badassery.

  • Oh shiiii…t Monty no. Poor Monty. cries

  • Sinclair worrying about Raven is :blush:

  • Niylah confronting Bellamy absolutely needed to happen.

  • Everyone rushing about and Jasper being confrontational as heck, delivering home truths left and right was freaking brilliant.

  • Raven-ALIE delivering home truths was freaking BRILLIANT too. (Kudos to Lindsey Morgan, all the awards to that girl, seriously.)

  • Could we keep Niylah alive? That’d be kind of cool, ok?

  • Clarke getting things to do and calling the shots and making decisions is wonderful. ham

  • I nearly fainted when I thought Clarke was going to insert it into Raven’s neck. Kinda glad it got resolved in a more old-fashioned, scalpel-wielding way.

  • Bellamy FINALLY keeping his cool when making decisions.


Heartbroken for Bellamy, Clarke obviously did listen to her mom. Awww. They both carry the world on their shoulders.
Generally still thrilled to see the delinquents back in their element, working together, supporting each other, fighting getting sh*t done.

I think I paused watching The 100 right after 3x11 which I truly enjoyed after the worrysome storylines for the majority of early s3, partly in fear that the next episodes would disappoint me, but heck, 3x12 has been all delinquent centric and 3x13 has all those baby! delinquents! flashbacks and I my heart is so grateful for that.

Then came the finale. ALL THE FEELS.


Here are a few fun facts from mid-January’s cast meetup with the fans at Unity Days:

  • whenever the cast talks about Henry they always reference his hair lmao

  • apparently they all call him “GQ Jesus”

  • There was a question about Bellamy and Kane’s relationship in S4, to which Bob said they “both have a conversation about how good their hair is”

  • Bob and Richard said there is murphamy happening “behind the scenes, for sure”

  • Sachin was asked about the reaction to Jackson taking the chip and he got really excited, saying that the “hate on twitter was amazing” and specifically mentioned that Tyra Banks gif where she screams WE TRUSTED YOU

  • Bob said at one point that he wanted to play the Hulk

  • a girl that asked a question had either a murphy or murphamy shirt on and Richard asked where she got it, and she said redbubble, to which Richard said “I’m on the bubble!”

  • someone asked about what they used for Ontari’s heart and Richard says “How much do you all like Llamas??” he was kidding tho

  • Eliza said that the S4 finale is “last year on crack”

  • also Chelsea crashed her panel and screamed “I LOVE YOU ELIZA”

  • Jo asked her a question about grieving L/exa and Eliza said something about L/exa being the love of her life, then Jessica Harmon walks on stage all offended saying “the love of your life??”

  • everytime someone asked a question about Bellamy and Clarke it was very clear that their co leader status and relationship will be back full force in S4

  • Eliza said she also felt separated from everyone last season, so this season “the gang is back together” XD

  • during another panel Sachin, Katie, and Richard all walked into the stage singing “don’t stop believing” at the top of their lungs

  • Sachin was knocking all the water bottles down during this

  • Sachin also took a sip of water and spit it into Richard’s mouth??? then just says “he gets thirsty”

  • Chelsea opened up about her depression which was amazing because she hasn’t said anything like that before

  • Richard did a 10/10 Voldemort impression

  • Sachin also impersonated Bob as Bellamy (he was actually pretty good??) he said (as Bellamy) “we are grounders”, and he said “Clarke” a bunch of times, and then “Clarke, we can’t go to Mount Weather…. because Mount Weather sucks”

  • Someone made a comment about how Clarke was the only one to have a full set of parents, and Bob said something like “at least you had a Dad” to which Eliza replied “you had one too! we just don’t know who he is” and the cast got a kick out of that. Bob just went “Aurora!”

  • at one point Richard said that Murphy may not like everyone, but there is a respect there because you have to respect someone who has lived this long

  • Katie was like, “I’m right here guys??”

  • there were recurring “zombie Monroe” jokes

  • I guess they cut a scene in S1 when Monroe walks past Jasper and gives him this super sleazy look

  • Katie and Eliza acted it out and it was hillarious

  • Sachin and Jarod kissed each other on the cheek

  • When asked about Bellamy and Miller’s relationship, Jarod said “we cool”

  • Chris said he doesn’t get a script, just makes up his own lines and does the scenes dressed in his own clothes (Ha)

  • “Richard, want some hooch?” “ya”

  • when asked to give advice from their characters Jarod just huffed into the mic

  • someone asked if any of them had issues with their character’s choices and Richard just dropped the mic into Bob’s lap

  • Sachin said the only thing they really do in makeup is shave his beard, which grows fast because he’s “ethnic”

  • Sachin kept crashing panels and yelling at everyone

  • He also asked a question during the women’s panel, something about if any of them were interested in dating a nice Indian doctor

  • Jessica’s reaction was to say “Does Jackson have a sister?”

  • This was actually brought up at the closing panel because a fan said something about the one child rule, and Sachin said in Bellamy’s voice “she’s under the floor”

  • They all made jokes about the chip and being “chipped”

  • Eliza came up with “chipped faced” and was so proud of herself

  • at one point Richard walked on stage wearing his managers high heels and refused to take them off

  • Lindsey said some really amazing stuff at the closing panel about representing people with disabilities and how she works really hard at it because the brace actually causes an imbalance in her body

  • She also talked about what an amazing opportunity it was to play Raven because she would usually be given roles that were either the “slut or the mexican maid”

  • overall she talked about being a woman of color in both the industry and in the US right now with Trump being president

  • “F*ck the glass ceiling and the glass slipper” She literally got a standing ovation for that


Now let’s see about 4x01

  • So many callbacks to earlier seasons,yet acknowledgment that they have ALL grown and moved on from s1 mentality: the adults and delinquents alike.

  • “Besides, I could use a break from keeping you alive.” Cheeky. Thanks writers, that was a smile.


  • “Can I plead the chip?” LMAO Awkward. Annnnnd of course the only one not partying is Raven, she’s got a world to save.

  • Pissed off Bellamy Blake is beautiful. Let’s yell “Echo” from a distance more often and look angry shall we? I laughed so hard at how everyone just let him pass so he’d get to Clarke.

  • Taking a moment to appreciate the “pissed off at you because you betrayed me, got my girlfriend killed and now are trying to harm Clarke” look:

  • Well, well, considering how quick Echo is with the sword, she must really like Clarke a lot. Or Bellamy.

  • Yeah I think Echo likes Bellamy better than Clarke. Since,you know, she tries to kill her far more actively than she tries to kill Bellamy.

  • Raven, getting right to the point as always. “We’re all gonna die.”

  • And - I am pretty sure she keeps walking in on Monty and Harper deliberately.

  • Earth dad Marcus Kane was beautiful.

  • Everything about Roan. Very satisfying.

  • Octavia had a single good season, season 2. In s3 she went right back to her childish, reckless, annoying ways of s1 and hasn’t recovered yet. #threenager (Save me the but “she’s traumatized by Lincoln’s death” part. They’ve all lost loved ones and suffer from PTSD)

  • Everyone is calling Clarke ‘Wanheda’, yet Bellamy calls her 'Princess’.

  • I was so nervous about this scene, I knew it was coming, I didn’t know who was going to say it, but I knew it was coming. I wasn’t sure I’d like that particular callback, but oh I did. It was executed beautifully.

  • Bonus, the SMIRK:

I am bringing the 4x02 and 4x03 reactions over. I …I am still SWOONING becayse of Day Trip 2.0 aka 4x03 (The bunker! The discoveries! Bellarke alone together and Jaha third wheeling!)
Sadly no hallucinogenic nuts this time? But. 2 months to live?!!! And “IF I’M ON THAT LIST, YOU’RE ON THAT LIST.” :heart_eyes: My shipper heart. It’s been 3 days and I am still smiling ear to ear.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning.


  • I don’t care about your backstory, pretty grounder boy. Tragic, I get it. But I am not interested. Damn A.L.I.E sighting gave me a momentary fright though. Flashback, phew.

  • KABBY! And candles. LOTS OF BOTH. That’s just hot. Very hot. “You…are a terrible influence” About time these two got actual screentime as an established couple. Look at them, this was not the first time doing these… exercises. They’re comfortable and flirty and happy and damn content.

  • Monty, you’re actually a damn genius. But, you know, there may be room for 500, the grounders might want in there too and they’re gonna be pissed when you lock yourselves in and won’t let them there.

  • JASPER IS SINGING. IN A SHOWER. I missed happy Jasper, and while his happiness is not quite truthful, it’s good to see he’s sort of living again.
    That shower cap IS a ridiculous idea. But damn it’s good to see him smile, for now.

    Let me live. The man winked at Clarke. The rest of the group are so over them. #getaroom

  • The delinquents’ plan has a high HIGH probability of going south. Diplomacy guys, keep it cool.

  • Octavia you sarcastic snowflake.

  • They’re voting? 2 to 2 and this is being put on Bellamy to decide? :fearful:
    Come back for them…take this thing home. You WILL find them again, even if they move those people!
    Bellamy has seen the little girl though, so obviously he’s all for using the hydro generator as a bomb to blast off and save 25 slaves. There goes the hydro generator and a chance for 500 Arkers to survive on a sealed up space ship.

  • Monty using the axe to free the slaves so that they could kill his father’s murderer with their bare hands, was just so incredibly poignant and very much what Monty (the pacifist) would choose to do.

  • Clarke calling Jaha out on his BS was great.

  • Gooooo CLARKE! Oh STFU Jaha, didn’t your “forgiving God” from last season just kill a bunch of people and try and eliminate human race?

  • Octavia Blake, from butterfly girl to murderous snowflake. She’s in a dark dark place and I am both getting increasingly more worried about her and also rolling my eyes while waiting for that inevitable redemption arc to roll around. But, ever since she beat up Bellamy that one time, I am back to disliking her character, much like I did in season 1. Only season 4 Octavia is season 1 Octavia on murder steroids and with no one to even try and reign her in, girl this will be ugly.

  • Miller and Brian broke up, can Minty happen next please? (Actually I quite like Monty+Harper, so we can keep them, but Nathan deserves some happiness too and Brian is both whiny and a traitor, so upgrade please?

  • First motivational speech of the season: check. Clarke has game face, but mid-speech reassurance in the form of long glances exchanged with Bellamy is still needed.
    Can Bellamy do the next motivational speech of the season, please? He’s good at those y’know.

  • And in the end, we have these two - standing t o g e t h e r
    Nice camera work.

4x01 and 4x02 have been such blessings, calm episodes, reminiscent of season 3 premiere with lots of delinquent action and Octavia’s flawless makeup and everyone looking CLEAN AND RESTED that my heart is happy. But, this is The 100 - I can’t help but think that in next episode the calm will be over and we are going to be thrown right back into the pit of despair.

Actually they’ve been paralleling s1 far more than s3, but now with Clarke in the position of where her parents used to be on the Ark, so I am very intrigued and here for these developments. Heavy lies the crown indeed.

I am a tiny bit creeped out by Riley. He may be another Finn-type golden boy but ya know, that was on the Ark. Now? He ripped up a guy with his bare hands along with these other ex-slaves, so all wide-eyed staring aside, I’m not on Riley’s side just yet. But he’s totally Clarke’s long lost brother or something - there were at least 2 blonde people on the Ark, huzzah!


  • Murphy sneaking to Arkadia. Look at that kid being in awe. Remember he last saw this place before crazy! Jaha took him to a desert trip and then tried to make him friends with A.L.I.E, not to mention imprisoned him in that damn bunker for 3 months (how many people could ride out the radiation in there for the next 5 years, I wonder? Murphy and Emori maybe?? :wink: ) - so him coming home is kinda sweet.

  • Sneaky kid, getting to the food stash. Overhearing Abby and Raven, ooops, the Earth will kill them all. New strategy needed. But first, let’s steal some meds for Abby and the sick child because Raven’s being all pragmatic and bitchy.
    Abby is touched. SO WAS I. Murphy you did good there. Too bad the kid dies anyway, but you did GOOD.

  • Gaia, Octavia, Indra scenes were gold. All of them. Loved the plot!

  • Bellarke getting Rover time (they made Jaha sit on the backseat, hahahahahaha) and forest time and then Jaha ALMOST (but not quite) redeems himself in my eyes by delivering some home truths to Bellamy.
    “She’s lucky to have you. You keep her centered.”
    “You got it backwards.” - excuse me Bellamy, not even trying to deny she’s your whole world? Loving it.

  • Murphy tells Emori they’ll be making themselves useful by getting on Abby’s good side, but I think that moment he stole the medicine, that wasn’t him calculating the best strategy for himself (If that was the case, he’d have taken the meds for himself, maybe) - he genuinely wanted to try and help save that girl. #nurseMurphy is the best thing ever.

  • Clarke is writing. The survival list. 100 people. #99 - Bellamy Blake. She needs him to be on this list. She’s actually leaning in to write her own name down, because of him, because he gives her hope, but then I think it hits her that by doing so, it means all those other people who also deserve to survive, can’t. It will be final. That is when she starts crying, she can’t bring herself to be that selfish and be on this list. What would her people think of her?

  • Bellamy doesn’t even read that list properly, he knows. "If I’m on that list, you’re on that list. Write it down. Write it down or I will. "

They survive TOGETHER or they go down, TOGETHER. This is making me ALL KINDS OF EMOTIONAL.

  • Her looking after Bellamy when he’s leaving the room. So platonic. This is not how friends look at each other, kids This is pure longing… #getaroom

Just wanted to say that The 100 has been on my ‘to watch’ list for a heck of a long time. Considering my love for The Tribe :penta: this sounds like it would fit me perfectly … I just haven’t gotten round to it yet! I really need to give this series a look…

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I really enjoyed it, only watched the two first seasons, (since season 3 isnt on netflix here just yet) So i cant wait to see season 3.

So many nice plots, twists and changes.

@Lance you need to watch the 100!! Get it off the list and onto the TV :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly its amazing <3

@Zandra Lol. Will do. I’ll start it this coming weekend. :smiley: I’ll post my thoughts as I go along.

It’s been on my list for ages as well. I’ve been scared off a bit by the fandom to be honest, haha! But I think I might actually start watching it soon. Just finished watching/catching up with Game of Thrones, and with Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf and Orphan Black all about to air their final season, I won’t have a lot of current shows left to watch.


Well, started watching it and have today watched like 7 eps in one day…so I’d say it’s a hit so far. And I’ve already had my heart broken about 4 times. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, I knew I was gonna love this show, so I’m not really surprised. Only reason I’ve been putting it off is fear of getting obsessed cause it’s a scary fandom. But I’ll just come in here to rant and stuff instead. I just wish I hadn’t been spoiled for so many of the character deaths, cause I keep having these “stop making me love you!” moments :stuck_out_tongue:


I love The 100! Watched it ever since it aired in the UK, I was drawn to it because it reminded me of The Tribe with the kids being left to look after themselves on Earth.
Anyway, properly obsessed, got the Twitter fan account etc and yeah the fandom can be pretty intense! I try to avoid all the drama that goes on!
I’ve been to three conventions (London twice and Paris) and met a good number of the cast who are all amazing!

The character I first fell in love with: Bellamy/Lexa
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Murphy
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Emori
The character I love that everyone else hates: Echo
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Jasper
The character I would totally smooch: Bellamy
The character I’d want to be like: Raven
The character I’d slap: Jaha
A pairing that I love: Bellarke
A pairing that I don’t: Bellamy and Raven

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Aaaaahhhh Het, you need to write about your cast encounters more here :smiley: Because The 100 might be my fave tv series currently airing and the only thing in years that has captured my attention - and the cast are such sweethearts!!!

But alright, I watched 4x09 yesterday, my heart got broken and mended several times over and all in all it had a lot of elements I loved.

I am, however trying to bring over the rest of earlier episodes reactions first.


  • 4x04 so buckle up.
    (I knew these first 3 eps have been too peaceful and too character development centered, but I am thankful we got them. Now it will be all plot forwarding in leaps and bounds) But at least we get the new adventure squad

  • this ep is kicking off with Jaha being…floated. Awesome

  • Jasper - you are STILL an ass.

  • Earth Dad Kane reprimanding Octavia is making me incredibly happy, that kid needs some serious reality check. And she’s angry about it like a 3-year old. Figures.

  • Did Murphy just…? Yes. I’m shocked. Second good deed in the span of 2 consequent episodes Raven should maybe stop insulting him. Just a suggestion. He’s pretty awesome for saving her from the drones.

  • Guess they’re even now, huh? He shot her in s1, he saved her in s4

  • Roan I swear to god if you touch Bell, I will hunt you down. Not cool bro

  • Jasper and Montyyy! The bromance is aliiiiive! (Jasper’s still an ass btw)
    They welded furniture to the ceiling when still living on the Ark? LMAO
    I am laughing here. Clarke’s covered in whipped cream and kicking ass. Yes please have him arrested.
    And Clarke’s reaction and “Really?!!” was priceless

…And bloody Shumway strikes again. I swear that woman has issues

  • Raven and Luna!!! I needed that talk in my life. Luna’s costume rocks as well. And she’s nice when she’s willing to help.

  • Clarke was out of her depth, trying to convince the crowd, but the reasons people weren’t on the list? Why MONTY wasn’t on the list? WRITERS YOU NEED TO DO BETTER THAN THAT

  • Okay but - where did season 1 Jaha suddenly return from? Because for the last 2 seasons I’ve spent missing him and utterly sad that he chased a damn COL through the desert, then turned into ALIE’s puppet. But, right now? It’s his season 1 best. I’m floored

  • Shumway really does love to torture people. - Bellamy’s reaction to news about Octavia was killing me. Bob Morley is an amazing actor, the talent is through the roof.
    I - probably - really shouldn’t chuckle in a very dire, sad,heartbreaking moment that is about to happen - but Echo really, really, tried to get out of telling the truth to Bellamy, she was practically squirming under Roan’s look and it was kind of funny

  • Nice river to fall into O.

  • “Careful Reyes, Emori’s already got dibs on me.” Haha Murphy.

  • Becca’s lab!! Why was ALIE in that random mansion and not here? This place is wayyyyyy COOLER. * Raven+Abby = kids in a candy store for real. Luna’s not so sure if this is cool or not. It is, believe me.

  • Earth Dad Kane Vol.2 giving Bellamy hope :heart:

  • Adding the last under “summary” because it’s a bit spoilery regarding 4x04 and 4x05:

[details=Summary]Last episode, with Clarke telling “I just feel…useless” - about wanting to be out there, exploring the island instead of giving people bandaids? I was already then thinking, she should be grateful to get a breather, cause that’s not going to last long. Well, but with Abby away, and injured Octavia coming to Arkadia next episode, I think we get her in doctor Griffin mode. Careful what you wish for girl, it’s a bit bigger issue than a bleeding finger :stuck_out_tongue:
And I really appreciate seeing her both in artist Clarke and doctor Clarke mode.[/details]

How emotional was episode 9! Episode 10 looks amazing although I’m scared at the same time cos I think there will be lots of deaths!

Of course! No one I know watches The 100 so they don’t appreciate my stories!

First up was London last year for Survival, that was my first ever big convention and I travelled down myself, luckily I made friends when I was there! The actors there were Ricky Whittle, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Sachin Sahel and Jarod Joseph. They all have huge personalities, Jarod was a bit quieter but it was his first convention. Sachin is crazy! It was a really small event, just over 100 people, it ran from the Friday night to the Sunday night. The actors were staying in the same hotel so you’d pass them in the lobby, or see them having breakfast in the morning etc which was quite cool, they were just really relaxed. They came to the party on the Saturday and Sunday nights and of course Ricky and Sachin were up on the stage with microphones taking charge ha ha! Lindsey got really emotional on the final night, it was her first convention too. Ricky was the favourite with him being English ha ha! On the Monday morning me and my friends were just casually hanging out in the lobby with Jarod, it was just such a relaxed weekend. The fans were mostly respectful and left the actors to it when they saw them around the hotel which allowed them to feel comfortable.

After that me and a friend I’d met in London made a last minute decision to go to Paris for Space Walkers. It was a completely different experience, a lot busier, a lot more cast members, a bit hectic and not run as well as London but still a really good event. The actors there were Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropolus, Richard Harmon (On the Sunday only, he literally came to the event straight off the plane!), Jessica Harmon, Ty Olson, Isaiah Washington, Chelsea Reid, Chris Larkin, Thomas McDonell, Sachin Sahel, Jarod Joseph.
It was really Bob that made us want to go, he was meant to be in London but then cancelled and signed up for another Con instead which was a bit upsetting! This was where Sachin’s ‘La Famille’ was born, although I’m not sure how it started! Isaiah was actually a lot of fun, I hadn’t been sure what he would be like. Chris is just so sweet! As he was signing autographs he was making us write down our names, birthdays and pizza toppings for some random reason! Found Thomas a bit strange, didn’t really warm to him. Marie was really nice, seemed a bit quieter than the rest. I managed to keep it together when I was getting Bob’s autograph until he handed me back my DVD cover and said “Thanks Heather” and that was me away! Jessica and Ty were extra guests and since we’d already spent a fortune we didn’t pay for their photos/autos. Ended up missing my photoshoot with Marie due to being stuck in the autograph session for hours but they replaced it with a Marie/Bob duo. We also missed our Thomas photoshoot so they fitted us into the Bob meet and greet instead which we felt a bit guilty about since people had paid lots of money for it! Bob was given a pokemon cap which he wore which was so cute! Marie did her famous line from episode one “We’re back b…” And Bob said, “May we meet again” in his Bellamy voice at the closing ceremony!

Then it was Survival 2 in London at the start of this month. Didn’t think it would compare to last years because it was a lot busier this time around and a few of the lead actors pulled out last minute - Eliza Taylor, Henry Ian Cusick and Zach McGowan but it was another amazing event! The London events just feel a lot more personal than the Paris one did, I think cos it is smaller, less cast members, more confined venue. Lindsey Morgan was back along with Dichen Lachlan, Erica Cerra, Rhiannon Fish, Tasya Telles and Nadia Hilker. They were all lovely! Dichen was clearly quite an experienced con goer as she was able to get up on the stage and just chat away. Erica is so pretty in real life and really funny! She brought her whole family along and they’d been holidaying in London, she brought her daughter up on stage during her panel. Rhiannon is so cute! She has this really squeaky voice and is just the sweetest person ever! Tasya was really nice too. My favourite from the weekend was Nadia, she’s Gernam but has no accent at all, anything she said wrong though over the weekend she would just blame on being German ha ha! People kept asking Harry Potter related questions and Dichen, Tasya and Nadia had never seen HP so were getting told off for that! Lindsey, Nadia and Tasya are all moving in together though so they promised they’d have a HP marathon! Nadia ended up doing the Pottermore house quiz on a fans phone during her panel even though she had no idea what any of it meant!
They all got on really well together even though that was the first time some of them were meeting. Lindsey was the fan favourite from the weekend, she was really dedicated to her fans and spent hours doing autographs to give everyone time to speak to her and to give the people at the end of the que the same chance as those at the start. Hours though seriously! It was 10pm before she finished on Sunday night. The panels were a mixture of fun but also got really serious too, a lot of fans going into deep issues and the actors themselves discussing their problems, all of them apart from Dichen cried during a panel! A lot of fans crying too which is why we’ve been labelled “CryKru.” Sadly they didn’t make it along to the discos this year and they were staying in a different hotel too. On the last night though, when it reaches 2am they do a Survivors photo for those that have made it to the end of the weekend. Dichen came along just for the final song and was up dancing and got in the photo with us. She had even put on her Anya makeup! Then she was out in the lobby putting Grounder make up on fans which was pretty cool of her!

And were you at Unity Days Amber?


The cast of this show always seem so nice from what I’ve seen from people who have met them. Which is always a plus haha!

Just finished watching s1 earlier. Gonna keep my fingers crossed that netflix here get s3 up soon so I don’t have to wait too long or watch low quality versions of it once I finish s2. :stuck_out_tongue: but uh, yes…spoilers for s1 ahead for anyone who’s planning to watch and hasn’t yet!

It definitely feels a lot like a darker version of The Tribe. I love the survival aspect, and how gritty it is. They always look grimy and dirty and sweaty and like they haven’t washed for ages, their clothes look worn, overall they look like they’re fighting for survival. I hope it stays that way. and I love that the show isn’t scared to let their characters make some really tough moral decisions, and that more often than not you can see why they’re making decisions that might seem heartless and that you don’t necessarily agree with. I’m still not over Wells though. And I’m still not sure why he had to die, storytelling wise…I felt like there was a lot of potential both with him and his complicated history with Clarke. and I feel like the characters/show has mourned Charlotte (I think that was her name?) more than him, which makes no sense cause I genuinely thought she was a serial killer in the making. She was far from innocent, and yet they’re angrier at Murphy for indirectly killing her than anyone seemed to be with her for directly murdering Wells in cold blood.

I’m gonna try to fill this thing out after each season, so here’s the status after s1:
The character I first fell in love with: Hmm…Clarke probably. Although I found myself liking Raven pretty quickly as well. so it’s a tie between them.
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Finn probably. I had heard about him before I started watching to, and didn’t think he’d interest me in any way, but he has and for once there’s a love triangle with two girls and a guy where I don’t hate him. I mean, i understand why he didn’t think he’d ever see Raven again, and he very much tried not to hurt her even though it was obvious his feelings had changed. And I love that Clarke and Raven were so mature about the whole situation. No catfights or backstabbing or working against each other.
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I’m not sure on this one. Maybe Murphy? though I have a feeling his development comes later, but so far I am not impressed.
The character I love that everyone else hates: I have no idea…
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Guess Jasper is the closest on this one. I thought he was gonna be one of my favourites in the earliest episodes, but it definitely didn’t turn out that way.
The character I would totally smooch: can i just cuddle them all instead?
The character I’d want to be like: Clarke or Raven
The character I’d slap: Most of them at some point probably. Mostly Murphy though. And all the adults responsible for sending a group of kids to a planet they didn’t know if would be livable.
A pairing that I love: So far I’m not really invested in any of them. I can definitely see why Bellamy/Clarke is popular though, and I want to like Lincoln/Octavia, but I still feel like that one is a bit underdeveloped. Like I don’t understand why or at what point Lincoln fell for her. When she was unconscious and locked up in his cave? Or did he just save her cause he’s such a genuinely good guy? I just don’t feel like I understand why he’s helping them yet or why he’s repeatedly betrayed his own people. Hopefully he gets more character development, cause I like their chemistry most of the time.
A pairing that I don’t: none yet…

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I think that season 3 will air on Fem startnig this week or the week that was :slight_smile:

No, that’s s4 I think. Unless they’ve coded it wrong lol Already set that to record, so s3 is the one I’m missing.