The collusion [the 100 + the tribe AU]

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In the early 1900’s, on an isolated, uninhabited and unnamed Island, the regional government designs a series of highly classified social experiments.

EXPERIMENT #1. Code named : The “Mt.Weather" experiment:
This social experiment was designed to test the human response to a Global Cataclysm, while surviving in a sealed Bio-Shelter, which was created in the interior or the island’s largest mountain, Mt. Weather.

EXPERIMENT #2. The technicians who built Mt. Weather, as well as all the local native population of the island, are lead to believe that a cataclysmic event of global proportions has wiped out the entire planet’s population, and that they are not only stuck on an island, but that they were unable to take shelter in the newly built facilities if Mt. Weather, which has been completely sealed up.

They must survive with only the items that are left above ground on the island the day the are completely cut off from all contact with the outside world.

Experiment #2, which is Code named: The “Grounder” experiment: this social experiment tests the Human Survival Response to total cataclysmic events

The government designed these experiments with no intention of ever breaking the illusion which they are creating for the test subjects. •These are Multi-generational Community Based Social Experiments, Level 5

In the years leading up to
The Isolation Event, while the facility of Mt. Weather was being built, the only modern technology that was transported onto the island were a few cars to be used on the few small service roads which were built across The Island.

Almost immediately after the Mt. Weather facility was commissioned, the government agents in charge of The Island concealed their ongoing experiments from the public, assigning the project as Highly Classified & creating a “no-fly zone” around The Island. They also officially designated The Island as a “Nature Reserve”.
Absolutely nobody outside of the Project Directors were allowed to step foot on The Island or come within 5 miles of land from then on.

The project/experiments were then conveniently “forgotten” by all but a few in high command.
The island, and the human subjects of those social experiments, as well as their descendants, have lived on this island until this very day….isolated from the world, and believing themselves the sole occupants of the planet.

Then, in the 1970’s, the world leaders of several different countries, began making plans for the future of humankind. A space station, designed as the first completely off-world human colony is created made and launched into orbit in 1977.
This was is an experiment to see if it is possible to live off-planet when humanity eventually runs out of resources and reaches maximum occupancy on Earth.

Fast forward….This off-world colony has been successful for nearly 40 years, and there is now a generation of teens and young adults who have lived their entire lives in space, never having set foot on Earth.

This Off-World Colony has survived only with a regular resupplying of their resources from The Surface. The technology on the space station cannot support the all members of the colony without being re-supplied from The Surface once every 3 years….

Fast forwards to a day five years ago. A deadly virus spreads like fire in dry grass, wiping out All of the Adults. (except for those isolated in Mt Weather and those aboard The Space Colony). The Children of Earth are left to fend for themselves.
We pick up the story of The MallRats…after five seasons of Surviving life without the Adults.
They believe no Adults survived The Virus.

We meet up with the MallRats drifting away from The City on The Trader’s boat, heading out to sea to escape a new threat, one of their own making.
As the Mallrats flee The City, they see a dazzling light falling from the sky.
They see it as finding it their Destiny to see what the light is, they set their boat of into that direction.

One should think that the mallrats will find a new nice home, if they get along with the locals… Little do they know that they are bringing a new threat to the island. Slowly adults start to pass away, not everyone… but some. Of course the MallRats, the Island’s newcomers, will end up taking the blame for bringing this New Virus to the island.


Jack: Ash
Trudy: Patsy

Mt Weather :

The 100:
Monty : ash
Octavia : Patsy


Patsy: Patsy
Sasha: Ash

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Approaching The Island:

We’ve been on this boat for weeks, following the path of the “star” that fell on the day we fled The City.

I thought that the others were losing their minds when it was decided that we should follow the “falling star”.
I told them it was not a logical strategy for survival, but as usual, I was outvoted.

Around dawn Yesterday, we came in sight of land.
An Island, with a large volcanic looking mountain dominating the horizon, slowly grew larger as we approached. Today, we find ourselves just offshore, deciding who will make up the “landing Party”.

“I dont care what you say, I’m going ashore!” I hear Amber yell, arguing with Jay.
I turn and see Ellie approaching. She and I have been having the same argument. None of the guys want any of the girls to risk going ashore first, and as usual, all the girls won’t be told what to do.
She reaches me and slips her hand into mine. We dont speak. I could keep trying to argue, but what would be the point?
Instead, we just stand on the deck, holding hands, looking at The Island with a mix of fear and relief.
“I cant lose you.” I tell Ellie quietly, not looking at her. She turns to me, and makes me look her in the eye.
"You won’t. " she replies calmly. I squeeze her hand and try to smile.
“Just promise me, Ellie, promise me that you will stay right by my side, ok?”
Ellie nods agreement, and I pull her into a hug, both of us still looking at the shorline.

The others are gathering on deck as well, preparing the little row boat to go ashore. The Row Boat can only fit 6 of us, and I will be one of those 6.
Lex and Jay as well. The others are still arguing about who will come.
Ellie has put her foot down and insists an going ashore today, even though I fought her all night about the dangers we might face.

Amber is determined to go ashore as well, but I cant really tell if Amber is actually in charge any more.
That seems to be a debatable topic ever since we took to sea. Jay seems to be making most of the big decisions for The Tribe these days.

“Jack! Come give us a hand here!” Slade summons me to the other side of the deck to help him and Lex lower the little row boat into the water.
It takes a ridiculously long time to get the tiny craft lowered…even after Jay jumps in to help us, and by the time it’s in the water, we are all sweating with the effort.
We all climb down into the row boat…
Amber, Ebony and Ellie are all standing on the deck, their packs strapped to their backs, ready to board the small vessel.

Without warning to the girls, Slade jumps in last and quick as a flash, he unteathers us from the boat and pushes the row boat away from the larger vessel.

The girls unleash a volley of angry words and insults down upon us, but there isn’t anything they can do about our subterfuge now…we are already rowing towards shore.
“JACK! JACK! YOU COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” Ellie screams at me from the deck, but I dont look at her. I’m ashamed for tricking her, but at least now I know she will be safe while we explore the shores of this unknown Island. I couldn’t let her come with us. There are too many risks. To be honest, this had been our plan from almost day 1 at sea. Slade, Jay, Lex and I had realized that eventually we would have to come ashore…so we planned it this way to protect the girls and kids.

That won’t make them any less angry with us, knowing it was “for their own good”, but at least they will be safe on the boat until we come back. if we come back
I swallow the lump of fear in my throat and finally look over my shoulder…Ellie and the others are still on deck, staring after us. I take one long look at my girl before I put my effort to the oars.

We cut through the breakers and make our way onto the beach. Getting to shore is a terrifying experience, and I’m really glad the girls were left behind when we almost capsize in the surf.

We finally drag the rowboat onto the beach, drenched and coughing salty water out of our mouths. Fortunately the sun is shining, and the hot sand warms us as we each sit (or in my case, collapse) on the sand to catch our breath.

We look around at this unknown place, and then at each other. I don’t want to admit it, but I’m scared stiff. All I want to do is crawl into the row boat and curl into a ball, but that’s not an option.

Slade stands up, giving me a hand to rise. “Let’s get this boat covered up, in case someone comes along. Come on…help me drag it up to the treeline…”

I look around, having the very unsettling feeling of being watched.
"JACK! snap out of it! " Jay hollers at me, and I rush to help.

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