The Core with Tribe Four | July 2000 |

How would you describe the show?
Caleb: “A cross between Mad Max and Lord of the Flies. These kids are thrown into a post-apocalyptic world and they have to build up society anew.”

How do series 1 and 2 differ?
Michelle: “Series 1 was more to do with survival than who we wanted to end up with. The second series definitely dealt more with relationships, as we were more settled.”

Any ideas why the series has been so successful?
Dwayne: “It deals with a lot of issues that other shows would be scared to depict on TV, like bulimia and teen pregnancy. Maybe it will help kids that have these problems themselves. The costumes and make-up might be far out, but the nitt-gritty is real-life things.”
Caleb: “No one’s a hero, everyone’s a real person.”
Meryl: “We have to deal with loss. We’ve been captured so many times. We don’t just go in with our swords and bash them over the head.”

There have been some amazing looks through the series. Any favourites?
Caleb: “I’ve had a few changes. My first look was quite nasty: war paint, warrior licks. Another look was done with tissue paper and glue. It took 2 hours every morning to do, and an hour to take off.”

Dwayne: “Lex has always had lines on his eyes; everyone’s got their own trademark: Ebony’s braids, Tai-San’s bindis…”

Michelle: “I’ve always had the oriental look. Also my designer cuts things quite tight, quite revealing.”

Michelle, do you share any of Tai-San’s beliefs?
Michelle: “I think I’m quite in touch with my spirituality. I’d definitely agree with some of her ideas, but I don’t agree with the way she goes about it. I don’t go preaching!”

How long can you see your roles in The Tribe continuing?
Caleb: “We’re having a lot of fun, and we’re ready to see where it goes next. The storylines stretch well into the future, so who knows?”


It took me way to long to figure out what Caleb was saying about “tissue paper and glue.” His virus makeup. How could I forget that?!