The Emoji Game

So I thought we should add another game to the forum! :heart_eyes_cat: (I love forum games)
This game is pretty simple and common.

One person describes a scene taking place with characters from the show but only using emojis to describe who and what. Everyone else will then guess/suggest what scene the emojis are describing and between what characters.

The answer doesn’t have to be specific with when and where it happened, but the scene should supposedly be something that has happened on the show.

The person who gets it right then describes the next scene, and so on… (as per usual).

One tip is hovering above the emojis and read what they’re called if you’re feeling stumped what they could be trying to portray.

For example:
(:woman::baby:) :rage::knife::point_right:(:person_with_blond_hair:):upside_down::raised_hands:

Trudy threatens Bray with a knife.

For example

Bray dresses up as Zoot.

Now, here is the first one! :grinning:

(:punch::bride_with_veil::crown::high_heel:):kiss::ring::school: (:rotating_light::cop::skull_crossbones::oncoming_police_car:)

Ebonys wedding with “Zoot”, season 5

Yep, that’s right :blush: Your turn :smiley:


Is it Patsy’s birthday party? :slight_smile:

yeah :slight_smile: your turn

(:sunglasses: :money_mouth:)— (:girl::cow:)
----:point_down: ------- :point_down:
:wave:(:flushed:) :wave:(:woman:)

oh this gives me different ideas…the money-one confuses me but i will try… jack and ellie, meeting for the first time

It’s a good guess, I didn’t even think of that until you said it, but it’s actually not :slight_smile:

the first one could be lex… but a girl and a cow…was it as Lex and the others has met Alice at the farm for the first time?

Whoah, I can see that too lmao :joy: But it’s actually not meant to be that either. The scene I’m thinking of is from season 3.

season 3… Luke and Ellie then ?

hmmzz I think the girl with the cow is Cloe…

but she didn’t meet Ved in s3…

the boy who thinks he’s cool and rich… KC?
or… could it be… money lives, never dies…

Since Cloe and Ryan get taken away in s3…

I’m gonna go with Ryan and Cloe get taken away… bbye now…

Hahaha but you were getting it right, @Trudy! :joy:

It’s actually meant o be Cloe and KC :joy: :laughing:

It’s actually one of my favorite scenes, where Cloe makes Jack go back to the City and they meet KC outside and he is all stunned by how she’s grown so attractive (or by how his hormones have grown, lmao).

I love how these can already be interpreted in so many ways and we’ll really learn from each other what specific scenes other people treasure and remember most. :two_hearts:


yeah, it’s a great game :slight_smile: Haha I wonder how maby seconds it will take for someone to figure out my obvious one

obvious… lol maybe ist too early in the morning for me, but i will try: Trudy is taken by the choosen and and they escape via Boot from the MR, the big scene on the beach

sorry, disn’t notice there was a reply to this…

but you were right!!! It was the big beach scene with Trudy getting taken away to be brainwashed


ok. next one…




ok thats a hard one, because I have no clue who the 2 guys with a kid are supposed to be

tip, 2 olders ones and one of the younger ones… no Family