The Hardest Thing In This New World Is To Live In It (my continuation of The Tribe, season 6)

Hello to my tribe family.

I am currently working on my first ever fan fiction and I am going for The Tribe. There are so many versions of fan’s S6 here and out there on the big world wide web, and I have decided it is now my turn.

Below is just a sneak peek of what I have so far for 6.1.

Auhors note: As already mentioned this is my first fanfic. I hope to not keep you waiting for new entrys. I would love to hear your reviews. Positive and constructive criticism is welcome, I want to make this the best I can for you guys. There will even be opportunity’s for you to have some input, and decide some of the outcomes. :heart:

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to :cloud: :nine: etc. I own this mobile I am working from and the pee wee brain this is coming from. :heart:

6.1 Uncertainty :penta:

"That’s our home!” Ellie says with such a sadness in her voice.

“Not anymore” responds Lex.

Amber, Jay, Salene, Trudy, Ellie, Lex, Ebony and Slade all just stood looking back at the city they called home. The docklands, and the buildings were starting to shrink as the trawler pumped it’s little engine across the waters. A faint green smoke could be seen engulfing the streets of the city.

Jack joins the group at the back of the trawler, and had heard what Ellie and Lex had said. “Our home is gone for now, but one day again it will be. I am quite the genius but no expect on virus outbreaks. But there is a possibility that the explosion may of corrupted the chemical.”

Salene is the first to pipe up, “So let’s go back then.”

Amber is quick to respond, “We cannot risk it. Thank you Jack for giving us hope, but for now we must leave. The city has taken some of our family already, I don’t fancy losing anymore of you by making the wrong choice.”

Jay grabs hold of Amber around her waist, she rests her head on his shoulder. He gently kisses her on her forehead.

Salene quite softly says, “I just hope Mouse and the Eco’s are okay.”

Ellie tightly squeezes her hand and reassures her, “If anybody will survive this they will.” Salene smiles.

Suddenly Lex’s voice booms out, “Bugger this.” Lex shunts Ebony and Slade as he turns and stomps to the front of the trawler.

“Watch it jackass!” shouts Slade. Ebony smiles wickedly. Lex looks back over his shoulder and glares at them both but then continues his stride.

Trudy who is now sat with Brady next to May who is holding Bray both give Lex a look of disgust as he bolts past. As he passes Ram who has Ruby slumped up against him, Ram points at him, winks and clicks his mouth. Ruby was completely bewildered, and had tears streaming down her face. Sammy and Lottie were by Ruby’s legs playing ‘slapsies’ on the floor. Lex nudged them as he went past, and they both simultaneously stuck their tongues out at him. The last person for Lex to go past was Gel.

“Hey Lex, why not take a sit with me? I could give you a massage," politely says Gel as she taps the empty spot next to her.

“Nah, I’m good babe,” spits Lex.

“Whatever you pig!” wails Gel.

Lex takes a few mores steps and joins the owner Flip who is steering the trawler. They give each other a nod.

Sammy tilts his head round and is quick to answer Gel, “I’ll have a massage.”

Gel stares down at Sammy, “Ewww no way. Maybe later Sammy, my hair is a mess!” Lottie sniggers, and Sammy sheepishly turns back to carry on his game with Lottie.

The group standing slowly started to evaporate into other positions on the trawler leaving just Amber and Jay, “Can you check on Bray for me please? I just need a moment.” Amber’s eyes are locked in on the city that held so many memories for her.

Bray - “the keys to my heart.”
Amber - “I haven’t got anything for you.”
Bray shrugs his shoulders.
Amber - “No, wait.”
Amber removes a ring off her finger and she gives it to Bray.
Amber - “This ring my dad gave it to me.”
Bray looks at the ring, and then puts his arm around her.
Flashback over

Jay takes baby Bray from May and squeezes in between Trudy and May. He turns to Trudy, “She is thinking of him,” whispers Jay.

“Your never be able to replace him Jay… sorry that was uncalled for,” quietly replys Trudy.

“Don’t be I think you could be right, even with him being dead.” Jay looks over towards Amber, and then back to Trudy.

“If only you stuck with me, my dead ex isn’t so memorable," jokes Trudy. She playfully nudges him on his arm.

Jay smiles and looks Trudy straight in the eyes, “Thank you Trudy for being you.” Trudy smiles back.

May leaps her arms around Salene. She was thrilled that there was hope they could return to the city one day if Jack was right. Salene reluctantly puts her hands around to hold May, she was still dubious about May’s feelings towards her. Salene locked eyes with Ellie whom was leaning on Jack, she was the only other one who knew about May’s interest now in women. Ellie gave Salene a small nod, and a smile.

Amber turned and looked around at everyone scattered around the trawler. Everyone was either chatting or sat still in silence. She was relieved the existing Mall Rats and a few strays were all safe and accounted for on this very small trawler. Dread was starting to sink in thinking about the sleepless nights everyone was going to experience, the food rationing, the bickering, the time on this trawler was going to be tough.

Gel was happily humming away to herself whilst flicking her hair in her mirror. Suddenly she then threw her arms up in the air and burst out loud to Lex and Ram who were stood the closest to her, "Whatever it is you greasy monkeys are whispering about could you move and do it somewhere else. My hair does not require a wash with your gobs. Your make it go frizzy!”
Lex looked blankly at her and finished his whispers to Ram. The other tribe members were all laughing at Gel.

Ram then gleefully rubbed his hands together and quietly went back over to Ruby. As he passed Gel, he muttered “As you were Barbie.”

As Gel brought her arms down she knocked her hand on Sammy’s head who bolted up from the floor of the boat to sit next to her. She lost the grip off her mirror, which fell and smashed on the boat’s deck. The scream that poured out from Gel was extremely loud and painful for the others.

"Seven years bad luck now,” chirps up Sammy.

"Get lost Sammy. I hate you.” Gel bursts into tears and runs around to the front of the trawler.

Lex watched Gel sobbing and then stepped away from Flip and shouted, “No deal guys. Flip has had enough, he is taking us to Hope Island.”

“What… no way! Without knowing the extent of Mega’s virus we really have to go further,” bellows Ebony.

Amber’s face twitches, you can see she is struggling with what she wanted to say, agreeing with Ebony was not normal. “Ebony is right. We have to keep going out to sea.”

From the wheel Flip shouts, “This is my boat! I make the decisions where I take her.”

Amber yells back, “It’s too close to the city!”

Flip did not respond to Amber. The Mall Rats looked panicked. Hope Island was becoming more and more visible in the distance.

“Errr well let’s just hope I am … am right hey guys,” said Jack nervously followed by a big gulp.

Ruby had not spoken since being on the boat, until now. “I am happy we are only going as far as Hope Island. The sooner I get away from that witch the better.” Ruby points towards Ebony.

This was the moment Ebony was dreading, “Who you calling witch?” snaps Ebony.

Slade rises to his feet and steps forward, "Ruby give her a break would ya? Thought you two were beginning to sort out your differences?"

Ruby also stands, and crosses her arms and scowls at Slade and Ebony. "So did I until she attempted to finish me off when we were evacuating the city. A truck went past us, and she pushed me."

Slade did not want to believe what he was hearing, he swung around to face Ebony. “Please tell me you did not push her?” asked Slade nervously. Everyone was waiting to hear what Ebony had to say. The Mall Rats knew what she was capable of. “Ebony, come on!” demanded Slade.

Ebony pushed herself up from the railing looking pretty cool considering what was going on. She stood in front of Slade, and grabbed his arm and tugged him around. Ebony glared at her enemy Ruby and finally spoke. "Nice try Rubes! Like I told Salene and Darryl when they helped you up, some kids in a truck didn’t see you. They nearly took me down with you!"

Ruby scowled at Ebony and then screamed, “You lying COW! You should of died instead of Siva. Your nothing but a twisted conniving snake! With all your might you pushed me in front of that moving truck! You saw an opportunity to wipe out Slade’s and my baby that sadly doesn’t even exist, I took a test which came back negative. Bad move Ebony!” Ruby smirks.

Ebony fired straight back, I don’t need to listen to these lies." Ebony began to head to the front of the trawler where Gel had gone.

Darryl pipes up, "I saw it all Ebony! You did push Ruby!"


Uhuuuuu! Yay something to read for me! I am happy you took the route of leaving so we don’t might confuse each other :rofl:

Some advice :make sure to stay in one time. Either write in present tense or past tense. Your changing between them what would be okay if you use present tense for the actual happenings and past tense for the… Well… past :rofl::see_no_evil:

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Oh and… Erm… Your title is really close to mine.:eyes:

Thanks @Zwenja

Have left for now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t get past and present tense, but I will try. Haha.

I was struggling with the title but I went with this one as it’s my favourite line from another show I love ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ but included the word new into it.

Ah yes I remember that episode… I do love Buffy and Angel…hihi…I also wrote a tribe FF one time with them appearing ….lol

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This is good. I really like this. I like the idea of the boat going to Hope Island as well.

The line with Trudy where she says: “If only you stuck with me, my ex isn’t so memorable.” I love it, it made me laugh. :smiley:

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Thanks @Beth

Really appreciate your feedback and glad you liked. I have a lot of my plot set up but I’ve just gotta write it ensuring I have it all completed before sharing. So expect to see it in a year or so. Lol.

Yeah, I love that line too. :slight_smile:

I look forward to reading it, once it’s all completed and ready to share. :smiley:

It is a good line. I could definitely imagine Trudy, saying it. :smiley:

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