The Introduction Thread


Hahaha, yeah I like ice cream.


I dont eat cheese… Its gross


Gem and I are secretly the same person, it’s why we’ve been friends so many years lmao.


Gemma Louise and & Louise Gemma



I couldn’t live without cheese… I mean some cheese IS weird… especially the texture… but they aren’t all the same… yeah sorry, I don’t get it… hahaha


I guess it’s just something I never wanted to eat, but it’s ok, it means more cheese for everyone else.


this is VERY true… I shall happily take your share of the worlds Wensleydale


Is your username the same as it was on another Tribe Forum?: Yup, only name I use
Gender : male
Location : Somewhere in West Virginia
Age: 39
Color of hair: grey and black
Color of eyes: brown
Occupation: Disabled, slowly dying of kidney failure
Fave food: so many
Fave drink: Sprite since it’s all I can have
Fave color: Purple
Fave animal: The Pug
Fave season of the year: no preference
Fave band: Celtic Thunder
Fave song at the moment: I’m Gonna Hire A Wino by David Frizzel
Fave book: God Emperor of Dune
Fave movie: Star Wars, all seven parts as one
Fave tv-series: too many
Fave subject in school: History
Sports: Hate them all
Hobbies: Not dying
Fave TT character male: Guardian. He denied Trudy
Fave TT character female: Trudy
Fave TT song: Urban Jungle I think it was called. Used to fall asleep to it
Fave TT season: 2
Fave TT outfit: Trudy’s S5 outfit
I like: so many things
I don’t like: about the same number of things I like
My Motto: I violated rules two and three of meeting Antonia before I ever did
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Mar 28
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gently tackles the Wolvesie with hugs

Glad to see you here :grinning:


Wolvie’s baaaack, everyone! :biggrin:


I’m taking full credit for Wolvie being here! And I’m not ashamed by that.


Wooolvie!!! Welcome to our new home :smile:


Is your username the same as it was on another Tribe Forum?: Currently, yes, I’m also named Elkah on the official tribe forum. I used to be part of another forum several years ago however I don’t remember my username from there :confused:
Gender : Female
Location : Sweden
Age: 20
Occupation: Filmstudent on university level

Skipping answering some of thespecific faves since I’m seriously the worst at sticking with one and I love so many things.
Fave food: Spaghetti and meat sauce made by my mum :slight_smile:
Fave color: Black like my soul.
Fave animal: Horses. (Cats and dogs share a close second spot)
Fave season of the year: Fall.
Fave band: I don’t have just one fave but I’m a fan of the entire k-pop genre.
Fave song at the moment: Trouble - Cage the Elephant (thanks to Riverdale :heart:)
Fave book (at the moment): The Captive Prince Trilogy by CS Pacat. (thanks to my friends…)
Fave movie: Lilo & Stitch
Fave tv-series: The Tribe (obviously), Supernatural, Doctor Who, The X-Files, Modern Family, currently also Riverdale. I’m obsessed with k-dramas but listing all my favorites there would be foolish so I’ll just say Goblin :heart:
Sports: Poledancing is both a sport and an artform :heart:
Hobbies: reading, writing, dancing, editing fanvideos, drawing, playing video games and obsessing about makeup.

Fave TT character male: Jack, without doubt.
Fave TT character female: Tai-san (and Ebony and Cloe).
Fave TT song: Tribe Spirit (extended vers.)
Fave TT season: 2 :heart:
Fave TT outfit: Not really sure, probably Jack’s bright green shirt paired with anything or Tai-san’s party outfit in s2.


Welcome to Tribe Revival!!


Is your username the same as it was on another Tribe Forum?: No
Gender : Male
Location : Uk
Age: 18
Color of hair: Brown
Color of eyes: Blue
Occupation: Train Dispatcher

Fave food: Burgers
Fave drink: Redbull
Fave color: Black
Fave animal: Cat
Fave season of the year: Summer
Fave band: Black Veil Brides
Fave song at the moment: New Religion
Fave book: The Fault In Our Stars
Fave movie: Twister
Fave tv-series: On the Buses
Fave subject in school: History
Sports: None
Hobbies: Model Railways and anything Trains

Fave TT character male: Zoot
Fave TT character female: Amber
Fave TT song: The Dream Will Stay Alive
Fave TT season: All Of Them
Fave TT outfit: Bray’sS1

I like: Trains, Gaming, Watching TV, Building/rebuilding engines…
I don’t like: Football

My Motto: Go Slow But Never Give Up


Hola, bienvenido! Glad to see so many joining!


I’m glad to see so many active people here :heart_eyes: It’s been a struggle not having anyone who understands the show to talk to.


Yeah, it’s always a joy to find a bunch of TT fans in one place!


welcome guys :slight_smile: nice to see some more TT fans


That’s why we’re trying to lure everyone here… to have all the fans come together again :slight_smile: