The Introduction Thread


Haha, yeah I really like the idea of that :smiley:


@elkah Hey! I remember you from our old Tribe Revival forum! Welcome back! <3 How have you been darling?


You do? :astonished: Wow, that makes me really happy. I remember I was part of a Tribe forum that shut down when I was younger but I don’t remember any details because it feels so long ago :joy: It made me so sad when I started thinking about it again a few years later that I couldn’t place much of it in my mind.

Thank you for the welcome :two_hearts: I’ve been well, had my ups and downs of course in life but I’m in a really good place right now. What about you? :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response, I’ve been very busy with work. I guess that forum was Tribe Revival. It got shut down and we moved to Tribe Universe. Now they moved back to Tribe Revival recently :slight_smile:

I remember I made some Jellie art for you, I still have it. :smiley:
Ah, ups and downs, yea Im familiar with those haha, Im glad to hear you’re doing good now.
I have also been in quite a low place for a while but getting back up now :smiley:
Again, welcome back :smiley:


Ah, don’t worry. Life is always priority, of course :slight_smile:

Wow, really? I can imagine I would ask for some lmao. That’s so cool, and I’m glad it’s getting better for you as well. It’s beautiful how we’re all still keeping the dream alive together :two_hearts:


I missed being Wolvsie. I think you’re the only one with permission to do that.


I am still honored I can get away with it. I am sure when I was a stupid teenager you didn’t know yet, it made your blood boil :joy:


It was annoying at first, but I came to enjoy it.


Is your username the same as it was on another Tribe Forum?: No …
Gender : Female
Location : United Kingdom
Color of hair: Brown
Color of eyes:Blue
Occupation: Support Worker

Fave food:Chicken Nuggets
Fave drink: Pepsi Max
Fave color: Purple
Fave animal:Turtle
Fave season of the year: Summer
Fave band: McFly
Fave song at the moment: I have a couple…
Fave book: Harry Potter ( All of them <3 )
Fave movie: Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire
Fave tv-series: The Tribe
Fave subject in school: English
Sports: :open_mouth: dont play any
Hobbies: Writing, Photoshop, Roleplay, Reading

Fave TT character male: Jay
Fave TT character female: Amber
Fave TT song: Abe Messiah
Fave TT season: Season 4
Fave TT outfit: The Technos

I like: Harry Potter
I don’t like: Hate crime

My Motto: Refuse to Sink


You are so welcome!! :heart_eyes_cat:

I’m also a fan of Harry Potter :clap:


Obsessed with Harry Potter :stuck_out_tongue: <3


Welcome to the site!

ooo roleplays <3
you should consider joining the mallrats or a new hope or both :smiley: (:innocent:


Thank you :slight_smile:

I might just do that :slight_smile:


Well, hello there, stranger:wave::smirk: Glad to see you made it! Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy yourself here and decide to stick around a good long while! :grin::sparkles:

P.S. - Good answer on the favourite outfit question. :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Hello finally I have :stuck_out_tongue: took me awhile. Funny how you know who I am by my post haha!

Thank you. Oh I will definitely will be staying cant get rid of me that easy. :smiley: :elefant:

P.S I know right :clapping:


Welcome to TR! I’m a little excited to see we have another role player lurking around.


Thank you so much.

Should be fun :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I know no one has done this in a while so I thought I’d might as well do it anyways :smiley:

Is your username the same as it was on another Tribe Forum?: I’m only on this Forum.
Gender : I am Female
Location : Australia
Age: 16
Color of hair: Red
Color of eyes: Blue

Fave food: Passionfruit
Fave drink: Water
Fave color: Orange
Fave animal: Cat
Fave season of the year: Ooh that would have to be Spring
Fave band: Oingo Boingo
Fave song at the moment: My Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
Fave book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Fave movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Ya I know I’m a bit of a Harry Potter fan :stuck_out_tongue: )
Fave tv-series: The Tribe, Star Trek Voyager, Doctor Who.
Fave subject in school: Drama
Sports: Tennis
Hobbies: Making wands, writing, roleplaying and playing computer games

Fave TT character male: Jack
Fave TT character female: Amber
Fave TT song: Requiem (Pride’s Theme)
Fave TT season: Season One
Fave TT outfit: I really love Salene’s outfit in Season 5.

I like: Being independent.
I don’t like: People condescending other people.

My Motto: If that’s what you want to do and it doesn’t intentionally hurt anyone else, then do it.


Welcome to the site! :tada:

Oh, boy! Another Australian and a Trekkie?! :star_struck: I think you and I will get along just fine… :vulcan_salute::relieved:


Oooh you also like farscape. This is fantastic :smiley: