The Introduction Thread


Welcome guys!


Welcome Welcome everyone!!
Hope you have a great time here :slight_smile:
If you have any questions feel free to ask them :smile:

@hartaanval I just have to ask about your unusual username :sweat_smile: Why did you pick this one? :kissing_heart:
Also very curious as to what part of our tiny country you live in :tada:


Is your username the same as it was on another Tribe Forum?: This is my first time on a Tribe Forum
Gender : Male
Location : Sunset Cove, CA XD
Age: 28
Color of hair: Black
Color of eyes: Green
Occupation: Sales Director
Fave food: BBQ Brisket
Fave drink: Craft Soda, Rye Whiskey
Fave color: Black
Fave animal: Eagle
Fave season of the year: Fall
Fave band: Screaming Babies XD
Fave song at the moment: “This Is The Place” TribeOfficial
Fave book: A New World by AJ Penn
Fave movie: Still waiting for it…
Fave tv-series: You’re Kidding, Right???
Fave subject in school: History
Sports: Basketball, Baseball
Hobbies: Music, Shop, Crafting, Camping, Fishing, Etc
Fave TT character male: Lex or maybe Jack
Fave TT character female: Ebony
Fave TT song: “Beep Beep”
Fave TT season: 1st, maybe 2nd
Fave TT outfit: Zoot, season 1? I love them all really.
I love: Everyone
I don’t love: Dry Toast
My Motto: “Power and chaos!!!”


Looks like we are getting an invasion of West coasters.


Thanks Lex, and that’s good to hear! I used to watch The Tribe in high school and only recently was able to watch the last three seasons. I’ve since found a newly strengthened love for The show and other cloud 9 shows I’ve checked out since then. I guess you’re from the east coast in that case? How long have you been a fan?


Origanlly from the North East. Live in Texas now, but I hate it so. Yeah let’s leave it at that.

I’m an OG fan from back in the day. I really don’t want to do the math. It’s been a long long time.