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this is mine: The evening had been so magical, getting to wear a lovely dress, and a mask, it had all been just as a fairytale. On the ride home she had been talking about the things that had happen and what she had seen, maybe she had spoken to much. She had lost track of where her older brother was at one point of the evening. She had been dancing with several men. If she would give the evning a grade it would be a 8 out of a 10, the reason it only got a 8 she would claim was because of the fact that she didn’t find someone she fell in love with. Neither of the men she had danced with had caught her interest. Leaving her coat and mask with the servants Nora was ready to head to bed. Thats when Jonathan spoke to her.

Come into the study? that did not sound good at all. She immediately started to think through the events of the evening, had she done something to upset him? Her mind was racing she could not remember anything she might have done to get into trouble. She took a deep breath before she followed him to the study. Her eyes resting at the crystal he handed her, taking it in her hand she looked up at his face. His face, it wasn’t fine, it was a bit battered.As a reaction, her free arm went up to her mouth in a silent gasp. Nora opened up her mouth to start speaking but he stopped her. She wanted to get one of the servants to get there and fix his face.

She watched him drop heavily into the chair. She didn’t want to sit down, she wanted an explanation. What she had believed to be a near to perfect evening seemed to be fading away. He would explain it, he would. he said before you ask, so she assumed he would tell her. Lifting the crystal glass to her lips, she took a small sip, before placing it down at the desk. Nate? Nate did that to their brother? Of course, Nora knew there was bad blood between the brothers, Nate probably was not a huge fan of herself either but how could he hurt his own brother? Their brother continued his criminal pursuits? Where would it stop? Nate stole jewelry and such from people? This was to much, Nora had to sit down. Sighing she sat down in the chair next to her brothers.

Of course, Nate blamed Jonathan and their father, she herself had blamed them as well, never truly forgave either of them for throwing Nate out at the streets. She continued to listen to what he was telling her, he had told Nate to come and see her? She reached forwards for her drink once more and stood up. Walking back and forwards in front of the desk after having had a sip. “this is not fine, he’s our brother, he shouldn’t be battering up your face, he should believe in you,” Nora sighed and looked at Jonathan before continuing to walk. “I know you did not mean for me to get involved, but its fine. If I can stop this, or make him believe me, make him realize that you’ve been telling the truth, its worth the shoot.”


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Was it called The Human Touch: critical thinking exercise?

-when your sister left her book at school and you’re trying to google a copy- :joy: