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The Messenger (AU Season 6 One-Shot)

Author’s Note: This is a slight rewrite for my last one-shot, The First Meeting, which is told from Leon’s POV, and with a slightly different plot and less of a fairy tale.

Summary: During a mission for a friend, a newcomer finds the request may be well worth it after running into a certain single mother.

EDIT: Made some corrections I didn’t notice before, nothing major.


This isn’t right.

We’ve been through this…

Waves lapped against the trolley as the fresh scent of sea salt blew gently in the cool autumn wind. The skies were perfectly clear, no sign of any storm. Just like the sun, Lady Luck had shined her light on the Fish Tailer (not the best of names) and its two passengers. One being the captain, the sole owner of the trolley. The other a guest, making his way across the ocean, his business his own.

You sure you won’t go?

I can’t. Not while there’s still much to do here. She’ll understand. They all will.

And you are sure they are still in the city?

According to Ved. He may have been a Techno, but he’s earned my trust.

You dot on him too much. You’re acting like some big brother…

Are you done?

“There she is,” the captain said, pointing out into the distance. Leon nodded silently, having noticed the image of the city from moments ago growing bigger with every minute.

The captain continued. “Doesn’t look like any border patrols about. Maybe the intel was right about.”

“Maybe,” Leon said quietly.

Some time later, they pulled up to the docks. When he tried to compensate the captain for his troubles, the man his own age brushed it aside.

“After everything you’ve done, this one’s on the house,” he said. “I’ll be staying at least three days to load up on supplies and gas, in case you need a ride back.”

Leon frowned. “I might be staying longer.”

If he did, the captain gave him a few recommendations from his own network of sailors and fishermen. With one exception.

“What ever you do, keep away from the one called Zack. He may have a boat, but he’s no sailor. Just…trust me on this.”

He nodded and, adjusting his jacket and throwing over the weather-beaten backpack over his shoulder, departed for the city. Having been on a boat for two-and-a-half days, the solid ground made his legs feel funny at first, taking seconds to getting used to it again. It was nice not to be wobbling for a change.

You have the message?

Safe and sound.

If we’re leaving, now’s the time!

Well…this is it.

Be safe. Hopefully, we will all see each other again soon.

Soon. Until then…good journey.

Good journey.

No sooner after leaving the docks, Leon found himself surrounded in a concrete jungle, with tall buildings and outlet stores in the place of tall pine trees and green hills. Outdoor markets were all over the place, selling everything from food to electronics, and by judging the large crowds, business was good.

It had been years since he’d been in a city, and honestly, they pretty much looked alike. Kind of like a low-budget movie, where the filmmakers used the same scenery over and over again, just using a different name for the setting.

Lucky for him, the map Ved made was spot-on. Going by sectors was a little easier than having to remember a street’s name, even if a little bland. That was the least of his problems, though, when he noted the pairs of eyes following him around, some with curiosity, others with ideas. Luckily, no one put those ideas into fruition.

Still, he touched his left wrist, making sure it was still there.

Finally, after recovering from the maze of the tribe markets, it as not long before he found his destination:

CENTRAL CITY PLAZA, as it said on the building’s front entrance. Plain as day.

This is it then, the Phoenix Mall, he thought with relief. He started for the door…

…and instinctively backed away when someone approached from inside. Hidden behind the wall, he glanced around the corner, first checking for any signs of the Techno uniform.

There were none.

The person in question was female.

No signs of weaponry visible.

She turned her head in his direction, looking like she was checking if the path…was…


His head tilted a bit more, almost forgetting he was hiding. Forgetting he had a mission. Even forgetting where he was.

A heart-shaped face, pale as the moonlight and framed perfectly in dark and purple hair, with hazel eyes and purple lipstick, filled his vision, reminding him of the sunset. Just as captivating. He felt the urge to walk up to her and introduce himself.

Maybe he would have, had he not noticed the sadness in her eyes.

Before he took in anymore and act, the purple angel walked away from him and the mall. He slowly removed himself from behind the wall, still watching her from afar.

“Who is that girl?” he said out-loud. Maybe the universe would side with him and give him an answer, though most unlikely.

Or so he thought, when the girl in question moved her hands around her neck, adjusting the collar of her dark blue coat.

His eyes lit up when he noticed the pentagram on her left hand. The exact symbol like the others.

A Mall Rat.

He contemplated catching up with her, only second-guessing when in doubt of her reaction. Just his luck, she would suddenly spin around and whack him good. On the other hand, maybe she was sweet and kind and happy to assist him. Maybe even give her name as well.

He moved on to contemplating of what he would say—wanting to make a decent first impression at least—when he noticed two dark figures emerge around the corner of the mall, watching he as well. Their movements alone gave their intentions as away, even before they started following her.

His legs moved on their own, slowly at first, keeping his eyes on them as they moved closer to the girl. They were just in the second alleyway from the mall, when the largest of them grabbed the girl from behind and pulled her between the buildings.

He bolted, slamming his hands against the nearest building to stop.

In the alleyway, the large figure held a hand over the girl’s mouth, a massive arm around her shoulders, while his smaller partner-in-crime checked the other side of the alley, all while the girl struggled against her captor.

His blood boiled.


All eyes snapped to him.

“Get lost!” the big kidnapper said.

“Sure. Right after you let the girl go.”

The smaller kidnapper reached his comrade when the bigger man to him. “Get rid of him.”

“On it.” The smaller guy stepped towards him, raising his arm where a small device was strapped to his wrist. Beyond the weapon, he noted the slick black uniforms, and the T’s painted on both foreheads.

Ved did say there were probably some Technos still in the city. But last he checked of their weapons…

“Back away, now! This is official Techno business.”

He scoffed.

“Yeah, I guess it is. Kidnapping is what you Technos do, after all” He nodded to the zapper. “Does that thing even work anymore?”

“You’re about to find out, virt.” The Techno stretched his arm out further. No sound came from his weapon.

“Of course, I assume if it did, I’d probably be out cold or dead by now. No witnesses, right?”

Neither Techno replied.

“But assuming your zapper does work, then how about we play a little wager?”

Mirroring the Techno, Leon raised his arm, pulling back the sleeve of his jacket. Around his wrist, a zapper hummed to life, though its design was smoother and less complex compared to his adversary’s.

The armed Techno’s face turned pale when he noticed the weapon, his partner mirroring his expression.


“Can’t be…”

“But it is, so what do you say? My zapper against your zapper. Winner take all.”

Neither Techno said a word. Even the girl looked in shock of Leon’s weapon. He caught her eye, hoping to reassure her as he nodded. It seemed to work as she relaxed.

“I’ll take your silence as a victory. Now then, if you’ll kindly let the girl go, then you both get to walk away from this, together.”

Fear vanished from the bigger’s Techno face, contorting in anger.

“You think you can scare us with that toy? A virt like you wouldn’t know how to use it.”

Leon sighed, re-directed his arm, and fired. A blue pulse slammed into a nearby garbage can, knocking it back loudly as its contents spilled onto the ground. The Technos and their hostage all jumped in surprise.

The side of the tin can wasn’t just crushed in–it was burned away, leaving a black ring.

Leon aimed at the smaller Techno again.“Well?”

Releasing the girl, the big Techno raised both his hands up over his head, stepping away, his partner doing the same. The girl looked ready to run to Leon, when she hesitated, then spun around. What ever she did, it made the big Techno gasp painfully and drop to his knees, his hands grabbing at—oh. Well, that would be painful.

“You owed her that. Now,” Leon’s zapper hummed again, “get lost.”

The Technos didn’t hesitate, even as the big one struggled, both disappearing around the corner.

Leon sighed again, this time from relief. Thank you, Ved. He switched off the zapper as the girl slowly approached him.

“You’re not…a Techno?”

His ears perked up when he noticed the girl closer to him. She was even prettier up-close, and her voice angelic. But then he saw the worry in her eyes, and his brain started working again. Now was not the time to get all lovestruck.

“No, I’m not.”

She spoke again. “Then, the weapon…?”

“A gift, from a friend.” Cryptic, but not a lie.

The girl relaxed, closing her eyes while putting a hand over her chest as she let out a breath. Opening her eyes again, she nodded to him.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. I don’t mean to pry or anything, but… you’re a Mall Rat, aren’t you.”

Her relief shifted to suspicion as she eyed him carefully.

“That mark there,” he pointed to her left hand, “it’s the exact same as the others. It’s the symbol of the Mall Rats, right?”

“…Who…are you?”

“Oh, right. Where are my manners. I’m Leon.” He grinned big and held out his hand, making sure it was not the same one his zapper occupied.

After a moment of hesitation, the girl shook it. “Trudy.”

“Trudy…” He started to say it was a cute name, had he not resisted. And also the name sounded familiar. Honestly, it was on the tip of his tongue.

“Trudy…” He froze again, but this time for a different reason. “You mean, the Trudy?”

“Well, is there another Trudy you know about?”

Leon fell silent, staring at her a little bit longer than he should, before breaking out into another big grin. “Then it looks like this was fate, after all.”

“What?” she demanded as he swung his backpack in fornt of him and unzipped it. He pulled out a blank blue CD in a protective case, holding it out to her.

“You and your friends are going to want to watch this.”

Knowing she was still suspicious, Leon felt relieved when Trudy took him back to the mall, all while keeping the others off his back. Including the ones called Lex and Jay (who was evidently Ved’s brother from the hair alone).

The Mall Rats moved into the cafe and gathered around the computer. Jack powered it up before inserting the CD into the player. A second passed before an image appeared on the screen–of a person.

Trudy gasped, throwing her hand over her mouth, but it was Amber’s reaction Leon was more concerned about.

She looked confused at first, her eyes contemplating what she saw on the monitor was real. Doubt filled her eyes and she shook her head defiantly. Only to hesitate, her eyes softening, as she slowly leaned towards the screen.


“Amber. Hopefully, you’re watching this…”

Bray’s words trailed away as Leon stepped back, folding his arms. A small smile formed on his lips as he watched the Mall Rats grow closer around the computer, his job as messenger done.



Awwww… Whoaaaa… :scream: I like the different POV… But… You can’t end there… :joy: NEED to know what’s going on! :flushed:

I mean… Bray leading somewhere… Man he’s got a child! And then Ved.
. But wait… Why would Ved not send a message too, to his real brother?! :thinking:

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@Zwenja Glad you enjoyed it! And no worries, I’m sure Ved had also included a message for Jay with Bray’s, as well as Alice for Ellie :wink:

I’ve apparently got the writing bug, so I am working on a short story expanding on the idea of this one-shot. The thing is, I’d like to either try it as a script (since I don’t a lot of time on my hands these days), or write it in first-person.

Lol… I cross my fingers then. It’s nice to have to read others versions for the Tribe from time to time, instead of only writing all the time :grin:

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So here I am as promised and I’m going to repeat it, this needs to be continued. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Timberwolf Nice introduction and the mention of the god awful Zack. I couldn’t find time to comment. I loved how this played out differently to the other one. I found Leon so captivating and with the way you ended it, darn you. I look forward to reading a continuation. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Jack Thank you, glad you enjoyed this as well! Leon is quite an evolving character whose appearance and name I’ve changed plenty of times, though one thing that has stayed true is pairing him up with Trudy. I was even a bit iffy about naming him Leon, because of Pride… But this version, however, may be permanent. For now.

As for continuing, I may do that. This was only meant to be an open-ended one-shot to let readers fill in the holes, but I am getting interested in how far I can make this go.

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I would also be interested in reading more! Though I understand wanting to keep things open-ended.

It’s so interesting and refreshing to be able to read the same story (more or less) from two different viewpoints.

I also love how you inject little bits of humour, even when the scene is quite serious, without it feeling out of place.

So yes, I loved it!