The Quote Game

Post your favorite quote, and see if other’s can guess who said it.
The first person to guess correctly and get their answer confirmed, get’s to post a new quote.

Remember. One person’s dream may be another’s nightmare.

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I cant remember but ive got two candidates, so here we go with the first one Tai-San?

Yup, taisan to danni :slight_smile:

@Patsy New quote? It’s been 3 days.

oh sorry, forgot all about it

here we go

“Only a knock over the head with a large hammer could change Lex!”

Haha no problem.
Hmmm, I remember the quote but I can’t remember who said it.
Im gonna guess… Amber?

nope it is not Amber :slight_smile:

I wonder… could it be… jack?

Alice? i can hear it…

not jack, nor Alice :slight_smile:

was it Dal…?

Yes it was! :slight_smile: your turn

here we go

" today is an history day, the day when we take your first steps to becoming a law-abiding society"

Is it Danni?

-I wonder- tries to fullfill the 20 characters

no… but same here with the 20s…

Is it Amber?

And I also has to fil out my post

no, not Amber…


Yes no?


Or is IT wrong

no and ni…sorry guys…