The Quote Game



Ok so it was a bit of a mean quote. I’ll expand it

"he said ‘certainly madam right this way’ "


Hmmm… Sasha to Amber?


Top Hat to Zandra? I dont know xD


Nope and nope. Shall I expand further?

"I walked up to a chosen guard and said ‘excuse me is there a wall I can break down and escape through’ he said 'certainly madam right this way, "


hmm that sounsd like Alice?


Yay… Patsy it’s your turn


“We’ll leave Porkey with him”


Was that KC in the casino perhaps?


Dal ?? maybe…


Nope, it was not Dal or Kc :slight_smile:


Maybe Cloe? …


nope, not cloe either :slight_smile:


uhmm… perhaps Patsy then? :joy: I’m lost.


nope :smiley: but it was said to Patsy :slight_smile: so your getting closer


Hahahaha uhmm Salene? :joy: :joy:


Yes! it was when the girls didnt want to go look for herbs for tai-san to make the antidote, when Tai-San was not even at the mall :wink:


Yay, my turn! :clap: :joy:

“Yeah I can really see them going: run run they’ve got two sets of alarms…!”


I think that was KC?


Yep, it was KC :slight_smile:

I’ve been skimming through season 2 repeatedly today for scenes to use in a video I’m editing so it was the first I caught from an episode haha and I thought it was too hilarious :grin:


I love kc <33

“Married? why?”