The Quote Game



nope :slight_smile: it was not dal


hmmmmm this one is tough…Ebony?


Nope it was not Ebony either.

It was a male who said it


perhaps perhaps it was Bray?


yes! he said it during one of lex and zandras wedding cermony, i believe it was the first one. Salene came running down to him


:clap: :slight_smile:

“Want me to read you a bedtime story?”


mhmhmhmhm… firth thought was Salene


I have a feeling she may have said it too at some point but she’s not who I’m looking for :slight_smile:


Hmmm… I swear I can hear Lex saying it… :thinking:


then Amber !? maybe…


@Ram Yes! :joy::joy: It is, in fact, Lex that is saying it. In season 5 he said it to Ruby because he was salty :joy:


Booyah! :tada: Lil still knows her Liberty! :relieved::sparkles: Actually that’s probably all I do know. :sweat_smile:

Annnd now I’ve said that, here’s a shiny new quote that’s absolutely not from any Liberty-based scene:

“I don’t know. How do you spot an angry goldfish?”


Could that have been Slade?


Sorry! It’s a nope to Slade! :relieved::thumbsdown:


How about Lex? hmmmmm


JAVA!!! Did the goldfish get angry when you didn’t feed hin


Whoa, @Ellsbells! You are on the ball! Java it is! :grin::thumbsup:

RAM: "Ahhh… Is there any species in the world more predictable than the virt?"
JAVA: "I had a goldfish once."
RAM: "And did he get angry, say, when you didn’t feed him?"
JAVA: “I don’t know. How do you spot an angry goldfish?”

Over to you! :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:


I’ll wrap that rope so tight around your neck your eyes will pop out like gobstoppers



I hate the 20 character limit.


Yay lex you’re right. Me too