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The Tribe: Locations

Customized from TribeHeaven’s forum after it closed. Thank you to all contributors. If you have been to one of these or have something to add, feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

From tribeworld.com: The Tribe was filmed locally around Wellington and the furthest that the team had to travel was to the countryside sets of Liberty and the Eco camp which were about an hour’s drive away from the studios.

1) Breaker Bay: Beach Scenes and Series Opening Credits

The opening credits of The Tribe, where we see the series one cast strolling on the beach, was filmed at Breaker Bay in Wellington…

2) The Phoenix Mall: Front Entrance, Exterior Shot

The front of the Phoenix Mall, the ‘Centre City Plaza’ fascia, is located on Goodwins Arcade 59 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. You can also go round the back of the arcade for the other entrance at 169 High Street, Lower Hutt.

3) Hawkins Hill Radar Dome, Wellington

* Google Maps
Owhiro Bay
Wellington 6023
New Zealand

This is the location of the Eagle Mountain obeservatory, one of the key and iconic locations from The Tribe series 1 & 2. This is where the journey for the antidote led the Mall Rats to and where Zandra (‘and Amber’) died and were buried.
There is a guide to walking to the station here it is situated on Wellington’s southern hills.
Dal’s grave is on the access road to Hawkins Hill, about 500 yards before you get to the radome. There is a road from the north - you can only drive as far as the wind turbine, and have to walk the rest of the way (takes about 20min). The two vertical posts of Dal’s grave are still there - they were metal reinforcements for the fallen wooden pole visible behind the ‘grave’. The wooden pole is still there, even though it fell down at least 10 years ago. Views of Wgtn are excellent.

Click on link to Google Maps above and scroll north-east (past the Castle) until you reach a photo called ‘Wellington from Hawkins Hill’ - this is more or less where the scene was filmed from. If you go into Google Earth, there is a photo called ‘East towards Wellington Harbour’, by matconnor, which includes the ‘grave’.

4) The Wainuiomata Tunnel - Lair of the Chosen

( Season 2 where Ebony and Trudy are held, 2x12-2x15):

The tunnel was planned to improve access to the Wainuiomata Valley in the Wellington region of New Zealand’s North Island as part of a scheme to commence residential development there in the 1930s. Construction started in 1932 but was halted several years later when only partly completed due to a lack of funds brought about by economic depression.
The tunnel was never opened to road traffic, and other than a brief stint of military service during World War II, remained unused until sold in 1975. Thereafter it was completed as a utility tunnel, initially carrying only a water pipe, but later other services were added.
The lair where the Chosen held Trudy, Brady and (briefly) Ebony early in s2 is the Hutt Valley (lower) end of the Wainuiomata Tunnel, in Tunnel Grove, Gracefield.
[behind warehouse car park, accessible business hours only].

5) Way to the city: where Bray leads Trudy at the beginning of the first episode

The beach where Bray is leading Trudy along can be found in the carpark at Onehunga Bay,Whitireia Road in Porirua

6) Trudy’s parents’ house

Note: This was actually the property that belonged to Raymond Thompson and the particular scene was the first one ever filmed of The Tribe.

####7) Helipad where Bray is standing in the end credits.

  • Google Maps
    This buidling is on the corner of Custom House Quay and Jervois Quay in Wellington

8) Titahi Bay, Porirua.

* Google Maps

This bay is where Zoot’s sea burial was filmed.

9) Hope Island Research Facility

* Google Maps

Gilby Crescent

The island itself: Mana Island is the smaller of two islands that lie off the southwest coast of the North Island of New Zealand (the larger is Kapiti Island). The island’s name is an abbreviation of Te Mana o Kupe, “the mana of Kupe”.

Mana Island is a 3 km (1.9 mi) long, 2.17 km2 (0.84 sq mi) table, with cliffs along much of its coast and a plateau occupying much of the interior. It lies 3 km (1.9 mi) off the North Island coast in the Tasman Sea, west of the city of Porirua and south of the entrance to Porirua Harbour. In 2009, it was selected by the Global Restoration Network as one of New Zealand’s top 25 sites for ecological restoration.

10) The Tribe Gathering : Series 1 Lighthouse

Pencarrow Head
8 km walk from Eastbourne
Eastbourne, Wellington

It’s the lighthouse from series 1, in the Tribe Gathering.

There are two lighthouses at Pencarrow Head, the one we see in The Tribe is the newer one, the older one is located at the top of the cliff.

11) Luke’s Lane Carpark

* Google Maps

If you place pegman in Lukes Lane, Wellington you will see the carpark and lane used in many shots in The Tribe.

12) Ryan’s Suicide Attempt - Series 2: Flume Bridge at Kaitoke Regional Park

A fair amount of scenes in The Tribe were filmed at the Kaitoke Regional Park in the Wellington.

He was about to jump of the bridge but Salene comes in time to rescue him…

More info from:

Website for the park: http://www.gw.govt.nz/Kaitoke/

13) Shelly Bay Road.

The scenes for the Rebel Base in series 3 were filmed here next to Westside Studios

  1. Maidstone Park.
  • Google Maps
    Upper Hutt 5018
    Where Lex and Tai-san meet shortly after she became the Supreme Mother. Under the little tunnel on the mini railway. Also where the Guardian was caught by the Mall Rats.

15) Series 3 Rebel Base: Catholic Church Monastery of St Gerard.

end of McFarlane St, Oriental Bay.

Just up the hill from Oriental Parade is the building used as the first Series 3 rebel base.

16) Basin Reserve, Wellington.

Here is the location from series 3 where the rebels are teaching each other to fight and where Bray almost killed Ebony. It was a cricket ground quite near to Cable Street.
Hutt Park Racecourse, Parkside Rd, Gracefield [no longer exists – demolished]

17) Ebony & Ram’s Wedding Series 4: Wellington Botanic Gardens Google Maps

101 Glenmore

Those gorgeous gardens where Ebony and Ram got married at was filmed at Wellington’s Botanic Garden.
The garden is huge so finding the exact spot of the tulip garden might be difficult, but it’s a magical place definitely worth a visit. According to albie, the ceremony took place in Lady Norwood’s rose garden.

18) The Gladiator Fight between Lex and Java: Season 4 - Wrights Hill Fortress

  • Google Maps
    Located in the middle of Wright’s Hill Reserve, this is actually a known WWII monument in Wellington. http://www.whfrs.org.nz/
    According to albie, this location was also used for the tunnels (where Ved and Cloe talk in season 4)

19) The Boatshed.

Just off Jervois Quay is where they left from at the end of Series 5.

####20) Horton Bailey Hotel (Locos’ / Ebony’s / Technos’ base): Former Cloud 9 Headquarters

  • Google Maps
    1 Fairway Drive, Avalon Park
    Lower Hutt, Wellington

21) Season 2: The Chosen’ Ceremonial Building

22)Site of the Chosen night rally - Season 2:

Portico of the Museum Building, Massey University, Wellington
(immediately behind the National War Memorial).

Additional locations, courtesy of albie:

Season 1

The Locos’ lair:
KiwiRail workshops, Mandel Mews, Gracefield. [cleaned up and barely recognisable].

Dirk & Roanne’s store:
Shelly Bay Marina, Shelly Bay, Maupuia.

Where Top Hat (on motor bike) has KC by the neck:
Mobil Refinery, Port Rd, Seaview [possibly used for other scenes].

The yokels’ roadblock (on the way to Eagle Mountain):
Belmont magazines, Belmont Regional Park.

Season 2

Where the Chosen set off from:
Red rocks (Pari Whero), west of Owhiro Bay [not certain about this one].

Where the Chosen look down on the City:
Wright’s Hill Reserve, Wright’s Hill Rd, Karori.

Season 3

Dal’s grave:
Northern access road to Hawkins Hill Radar Dome.

Where Bray sets attempted ambush for the Guardian:
Underpass at Taita railway station, High St, Taita.

Where Guardian tows Luke along with rope around neck (s3, ep.52):
North-east end of Whitireia Park.

Season 5

Turnstiles (where May, then Amber, leave City after bar-coding):
Westpac Stadium, northern end, Thorndon (near Wellington central railway station).

Power supply (blown up by Ebony):
Haywards substation, Haywards Hill Rd, Haywards.

According to the Tribeworld website, many sets were constructed on a lot in Whitemans Valley – including Liberty, the Gaians’ village and (presumably) Alice’s farm.

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LIBERTY and Alice’s farm
I found pictures and and a video on YouTube and there both still standing it was very hard to find the exact location in Whitemans Valley



Oh thanks, that’s a great find! :cool:

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