The Tribe: Season 6: New Beginning

I thought i would start sharing my Season 6 version that I’ve written. Some of it’s from my old Season 6 version and had been re-edited and some of what i’ve written is new to the story.

Chapter - 1 - The Boat Ride

The Mall Rats had been on the boat for weeks now. They had stood and watched the trawler pull away from the shore, their home, until the land was not in view anymore; there was only the dark blue sea and the sky to see. It seemed like ages since they had seen anything else but the blue sky and ocean. They all helped out on the boat, since they collected food, and cooked it. Some of the Mall Rats even had a go at steering the boat as well. In small groups, everyone on the trawler enjoyed going to the back of the trawler to look at the water. It was where they tried to imagine where they were heading too, and what it would be like.


Ruby sat alone inside the cabin. She for now sat and fiddled with a bit of string she had found on the seat, when she looked up at Ebony, who was stood outside with Slade. She watched, Slade put his arms around Ebony, while the both of them talked together, as she stared at Ebony. She knew that Ebony was the one who pushed her, in front of the truck, back when they left the place they called home. It made her feel angry, even more so, since she hadn’t yet confronted Ebony about it, but she deep down wanted too, but the boat, felt far to small to start any kind of argument. All she could do for now was wait.


Amber had stood a while with Jay, while they watched the waves, before she saw Trudy walk over with her daughter, “I’m going to go and sit down.” Amber spoke up, and walked off.

Jay turned back around to view the water again.


Trudy walked over to Jay, while she held onto Brady’s hand, “Jay, everything alright?”

Jay slowly turned to face Trudy, “I don’t know.” he answered, before he turned back to face the water again.

"Want to talk about it?” Trudy questioned, only to be ignored. She watched Jay stare out at the ocean, in his own world of thoughts, before she walked closer to watch the water, with her daughter.

Brady smiled in delight, happy to watch the waves and question what lived beneath the water.


Amber watched Brady smile and point around outside the trawler, before she sat down next to Ruby inside the cabin. Amber looked at Ruby. She knew Ruby felt a lot better then when Ebony pushed her, in front of the truck back at their home, the city, they had to leave behind. She watched Ruby.

Ruby sat in her own world, where she looked outside the cabin, and daydreamed of when they’d reach the new land, trying to imagine what it might be like, and what the tribes might be like on that land, and most of all she daydreamed of when she would confront Ebony, about when she was pushed her in front of the truck.

"How are you doing?” Amber whispered.

Ruby looked up at her; half in her own world still. She glanced around her, since she expected it to be someone else, that spoke to her. She looked back towards Amber, and noticed that Amber, still continued to look at her, “You’re talking to me?” Ruby softly asked. She looked around again, encase it wasn’t Amber, that had spoken to her.

Amber smiled at Ruby, “Yes, I’m talking to you.”

A smile appeared on Ruby’s face.

Amber watched Ruby smile. She hadn’t seen it since the day, they boarded the trawler.

"I’m fine, just thinking.” Ruby spoke up.

"My dad use to take us on boat trips all the time.” Amber whispered and stared thoughtfully up at the ceiling of the cabin, “We went as a family, me, my sister and mum as well. It use to be fun. Dad was great when it came to fishing. At some points we would sit and we’d watched the waves.” Amber remembered.

Ruby looked up at Amber again and smiled, “I’ll be glad to get off the boat.” Ruby whispered back.

Jay walked in the cabin to see Amber with Ruby, “Are you okay Amber?” he questioned. He had noticed a change in Amber since; they had been stuck on the boat. He felt like Amber had become bored of him. He watched a frown appear on Amber’s face.

Amber now felt annoyed by the small area they were in. She felt trapped by Jay, since the cabin was only small, “What do you think?” Amber snapped, as she became more annoyed by the small space.

A frown appeared on Jay’s face. He glanced around him, to see if anyone else heard Amber snap at him, before he looked back at Amber again, “I’m going to find Trudy, and see how she’s going with Brady.” he spoke up, and walked off, with his head down.

Ruby watched Jay walk out the cabin, before she looked at Amber, with a concerned look on her face. She was shocked by Amber’s reaction to Jay. She watched, as Amber buried her head in her hands, “What about you Amber, are you okay?” she whispered quietly and carefully. She didn’t want Amber to snap at her too. The boat felt too small to Ruby, for a fight to happen.

Amber lifted her head up, and looked straight ahead of her, as she placed her hands, on her neck, “I’m fine.” Amber answered, and rubbed her neck a little, before she lowered her hands into her lap, and slouched back on the chair.


Jay made his way over to Trudy, who still held Brady’s hand in her own hand. He watched Trudy and her daughter giggle at the ocean, before Trudy turned around to his footsteps.

You are okay, Jay ?” asked Trudy. She was concerned about Jay.

Jay watched Trudy before he looked at her daughter who found it fun, to watch the water, for something to do. He watched Brady a couple of seconds, before he turned to look at the railing. He walked over to he railing, of the trawler and placed his hands on it. He took a moment and looked out at the ocean, before he turned to Trudy, who stood next to him, “I just…I need to talk.” Jay answered.

Trudy gained a worried look on her face, “What about?” Trudy questioned, in a concerned voice, as she watched Jay look at the ocean and back at her again. She looked into Jay’s eyes, she could tell something was definitely on his mind, and he needed to talk about it.

Jay took a breath in, “About Amber.” Jay answered, “See…” He took a moment. ”Oh, I don’t know.” He whispered, and glanced out at the ocean and back at Trudy, “I just feel, as though she has been distancing herself from me, and I was wondering if you knew anything.” Jay explained, quietly so no one else would hear him.

Trudy smiled at Brady, before she glanced back at Jay, with a shocked expression on her face.

"I’ll check on her for you. I’m shocked you noticed too, as I noticed earlier. She seemed like she couldn’t wait to sit down after watching the water with you.” Trudy answered, in agreement with Jay.

Jay smiled at her. He was pleased Trudy was going to go and check on Amber.

"Come on Brady; let’s go check on Aunty Amber.” Trudy spoke up to her young daughter who smiled.


Trudy made her way over to the cabin, where Lex stood and talked to Ram. Ram was stood one side of the cabin and Lex on the other side. They both didn’t noticed Trudy walk over, and continued to talk to each other. Trudy looked from Ram to Lex, “Excuse me.” Trudy spoke up in a big voice, to grab both Ram and Lex’s attention.

Lex and Ram, both quickly looked at Trudy and went quiet, “This thing is small.” grunted Lex. He watched Trudy walk between them.

Trudy slowly walked into the cabin, where she found the rest of the way easily to Amber, where she came to stand in front of her, and Ruby.

Amber looked up, at Trudy, as she felt her presence in the cabin. Amber couldn’t help but frown at Trudy. She knew deep down, why Trudy was stood before her. She knew Jay must have gone and ran to Trudy, after she snapped at him, “Jay? Am I right? Jay has something behind you being here right?.” Amber quickly spoke up, to get in first, before Trudy could say anything.

Trudy looked concerned by what Amber had just said and placed Brady on the seat, next to Ruby, to have her arms free. She looked back, towards Amber, “Amber, Jay and I are only concerned for you.” started Trudy. She watched Amber closely. She noticed Amber’s frown, turned to a face of sadness, “What is it Amber? What’s wrong?” Trudy questioned and knelt down in front of Amber.

Amber bit her lip a little, and shook her head. She put her head in her hands again, for a moment, “I will never find Bray again; we are…” Amber tried to hold back the tears, “We’ve headed away, from the memories, I…” Amber bit her lip, as she tried hard not to cry, “The memories.” Amber answered, before she let her emotions take over.

Trudy saw a tear roll down Amber’s face. She quickly stood up, and sat down on the seat next to Amber, and cuddled her tight.

Amber’s hand gripped Trudy’s arm, as Trudy held her, and tried her hardest not to cry herself.


Lex looked at Ram. He and Ram had come to like to stand in front of the cabin entrance over the past weeks. They both knew they, were in people’s way, when they would talk to each other, but when it came to the need to let people walk between them. They would watch, who wanted to go in and out of the cabin, which to them, was better than nothing to do.

"I wonder how much longer we are going to be stuck on this cramped boat?” Ram asked softly, so no one else would hear and start thinking less of him.

Lex looked around the boat, before he looked at the rest of his tribe on the boat, “I got one idea. Throw a couple of the others off and then there is more room for us then…” Lex started, “And probably less drama’s too.” Lex added.

Ram smirked back at Lex, “I really don’t think the others would agree with you, even though it sounds like a master plan.” answered Ram back in agreement.

Lex smiled back at Ram, “That’s my plan out the window then.” Lex continued to smile, as he thought his plan over in his head.

Ebony walked over. She had noticed both Ram and Lex had something to smile about and she now wondered what they were up to. To her they always had to be up to something, and she just had to know what, “I wouldn’t mind chucking Ebony over the edge of this trawler.” Lex quickly whispered to Ram.

Ram laughed, just before Ebony came to stand next to him.

"Well what have you boys got stirring in your imagination?” Ebony wondered out loud, while she stared at Lex and Ram, and tried to imagine what it could possibly be herself.

Lex and Ram both looked her, “Hi Ebony, what brings you to this part of the boat?” smirked Ram, as he tried not to laugh about his own question.

Ebony frowned, at Ram, “Oh, you think, you are so funny Ram.” Ebony replied, before she thought about how bored she was on the boat ride. She had to find out what made Lex and Ram smile, it was something to do, but she hoped, that whatever made them smile would be, something that would interest her, as well, “Look, you boys are always up to something, so how about you let me in on it?” Ebony spoke up with a smile.

Lex smiled back, at Ebony before looking at Ram and back towards her, “We are just standing here talking, man to man talking. It wouldn‘t interest you Ebony.”

Ebony smiled back at Lex, “Nothing? You guys, must have forgotten who I am, I know you two are never up to nothing.” answered Ebony, before she stormed off.

Lex and Ram both smiled at each other.


Jay stood at the back of the trawler. He watched the waves in the water. They lightly hit the side of the trawler, while he thought about Amber. He tried to work out why she acted strange around him, since been on the boat. He was deep in thought when he felt a hand tap him on the shoulder.

"Hi Jay are enjoying the view of the ocean?”

He recognized that it was Jack’s voice, and turned around to face Jack, who was stood beside Ellie.

"Are you okay?” asked Ellie, “You looked like you were completely in your own world? We just thought we’d come and check on you.” she added, and passed a concerned look at him.

Jay looked at Ellie, and then over at the cabin, that Trudy had disappeared into, to go and talk to Amber, “Yeah, I’m just wondering about Amber.” he replied, then turned to look out at the water again.

Ellie and Jack looked at each other, before they both turned to face Jay again, “I’m sure she’s okay, probably doesn’t like been on long boat rides.” Jack spoke up, with a small smile, while he tried not to laugh about the end of his sentence.

Jay turned to face Jack, with a blank look on his face, “I might go check on her.” he replied, and made his way, past Ellie and Jack.

Ellie watched Jay walk off, before she heard him yell at Lex and Ram to move out of his way. She then looked to see, Lex and Ram, quickly jump out the way, to allow Jay to walk in through the entrance of the cabin. She quickly turned to look out at the ocean, as she thought about how something must be going on between Amber and Jay, only she wasn’t too sure about what exactly, “This is going to be a long boat ride, if we aren’t in reach of land anytime soon.” she whispered, to Jack, who stood next to her. She turned to watch Jay disappear into the cabin.

"Tell me about it.” Jack replied, with a small smile, before he stepped closer to watch the water with her.

Ellie smiled, as Jack moved closer to stand next to her. She reached her hand out to hold his hand. Jack smiled when Ellie held his hand.


Jay walked in through the cabin entrance, where he came to stand inside the cabin. He looked at Ruby who played with Brady, and then at Trudy who had her arms around Amber. He walked closer to see Amber was asleep in Trudy’s arms.

Amber had earlier cried herself to sleep.

Trudy noticed Jay and looked at up at him, “Hi, Jay, was it nice watching the water?” asked Trudy. She patted Amber’s arm.

Jay glanced from Trudy to Amber. He looked at Amber, as she slept. He then turned back to face Trudy, “Hi, and yeah it was nice.” answered Jay, “Did you find out anything from Amber?” he asked, and watched Trudy closely.

Ruby looked at Trudy before she looked at Jay, “You’re not going to want to hear it.”

A worried look appeared on Jay’s face. He looked at Trudy who looked at him, and gripped her teeth together, “What does Ruby mean by, I’m not going to want to hear it?” He frowned, “Of course I want to hear it. Is she sick or something? Is her son sick? Has someone said something to her and hurt her feelings?” he asked with the sound of anger in his voice, as he became desperate to hear an answer.

Trudy took a breath in, and gained the confidence to answer Jay, “Ah, it’s none of those, it’s…” She rolled her lips together, “Um…” whispered Trudy, as she tried to think, “She misses Bray.” She answered quickly to get it off her chest.

Jay hung his head down, “But she was okay when we left the city, wasn’t she?” he asked, as he tried to understand.

Trudy glanced down at Amber who was still asleep in her arms, “She was okay.” Trudy looked at up at Jay, “But she has had a lot of time to think, since been on this boat, and.” She paused, and breathed out, “She has started to realize that, she’s leaving the place of where all her memories with Bray were created.”

Jay bit his lower lip, a little, “She doesn’t love me, does she?” he asked and looked hurt by how Amber missed Bray. Jay glanced at Ruby, who looked at Trudy, before she returned her attention to Brady, who continued to talk to Ruby, about the water and waves.

"I really think you should maybe ask Amber yourself.” Trudy answered to cover herself.

Jay walked off to go and think of Amber and watch the water again.


Ebony had gotten bored of Lex and Ram, and found Slade again at the back of the trawler. He had just tied up a rope, and put it in a bucket, before he turned to stare out into the ocean.

"How are you holding up on this boat trip?” asked Ebony, as she watched Slade.

"Alright, I’m just thinking about Ruby and wondering if she’s okay.” He turned to face Ebony.

Ebony frowned at him. She didn’t like the thought of him been worried about Ruby at all, “Well she’s doing fine, and she’s holding up quite well, if you ask me.” she replied, with a smile that appeared on her face.

Slade watched Ebony, “I’m glad to hear you know she’s alright, as I don’t know whether to check on her or not?”

Ebony looked at the cabin and back at Slade, “Well we have a nice view of the ocean, to enjoy at least.” she spoke up, in a sarcastically. She waited for an answer from him, “You’ll get bored of it if you keep staring at it.” she continued.

Slade turned to face her and smiled at her, before he returned his eyes to look at the ocean again.

"Hello, I’m more important than some ocean.” snapped Ebony, to finally get Slade’s attention.

"Well, you can enjoy the view with me, if you want?”

"Okay.” she answered, and took the chance to be near him, she starred out into the ocean, and enjoyed the same view as Slade. She smiled, when he put his arm around her, but her smile didn’t last long, when they were both interrupted by Lottie and Gel.

"Hey come back. You thief.” Gel called out, as she ran after Lottie.


Lottie ran through the cabin entrance and pushed her way passed Lex, with Gel not far behind her.

"Get back here you little thief.” called out Gel.

Trudy looked up at Gel, “Hey that’s enough.” she snapped, as she felt movement in her arms.

Amber stirred and woke up to see Lottie and Gel standing in front of her. She slowly looked at Trudy, before she rubbed her eyes, “How long was I asleep for?” she whispered.

Trudy watched Amber rub her eyes her eyes a second time, “Quite a while.” Smiled Trudy, “I was nearly nodding off myself, but then I had people walking and running to listen too.” she answered, as she watched Amber yawn.

"What’s that you’ve got Lottie?” Amber questioned, as she noticed Lottie.

Lottie frowned, at her and hid whatever it was, behind her back, “Ah… it’s nothing Amber.” She tried to keep a straight face.

"That is something, it’s my scarf.” Frowned Gel

Lottie threw it back at Gel, and before Amber could say anything to her, she ran off out the cabin again.

"No more stealing Lottie.” Amber stood up and called after her, before she turned to face Gel, “Watch your stuff and it won’t disappear Gel.” Amber snapped, before she looked at Ruby, who held Brady on her lap, “How long has she been asleep?” asked Amber.

Gel looked at Amber and smiled, “Don’t worry you were asleep longer then Brady?” Gel teased a little.

Amber frowned at her, “Go play with your make up Gel.”

Gel quickly walked off to find her make up bag.

Amber stood, and rubbed her neck, “Where’s Jay?” she questioned, as she turned to face Trudy.

Trudy eyes went wide. She looked at Ruby and then back at Amber, “Ah, he’s watching the waves and…” Trudy paused.

Amber watched Trudy closely, “And…?” she repeated, and waited for the rest of the sentence.

Trudy took a big breath, “And he’s trying to understand if you’re feelings are still with Bray.” she answered quickly.

Amber rubbed her forehead, and looked out the cabin to see Jay stood at the back of trawler, where he watch the water. She turned to look at Trudy again, “My feelings are always going to be with Bray, I can never move on from that.” whispered Amber, “Us leaving our home, has just proved all that. I can’t do it to Bray or my son, I have to tell him.” she explained and then turned to look out the cabin again. She took a break in and looked back at Trudy, and then continued to walk forward, slowly she made her way over to Jay.


Ram talked with Lex, when he moved to stand closer to Lex, as he watched Amber walk passed, “This looks like something interesting.” Ram quickly pointed out.

Lex looked at Ram and then in the same direction that Ram, had pointed too, “I wonder what it’s about, this time.” whispered Lex.

They stood watching Amber talk to Jay, before Jay broke the silence that had filled the air for what seemed like ages, to everyone that watched.


Everyone watched on, as the quiet silence, that had filled most of the day, was broken, “I can’t believe you.” Jay shook his head, “One minute, you want Bray.” He pointed at Amber and then out at the ocean, “And then you want me.” He then pointed at Amber again, and then at himself, “What am I? A distraction? from him?” He stepped closer to Amber, “And now you want him again.” He pointed back out at the ocean, as his voice got louder, “What’s next someone else to fill in the empty spot?” yelled Jay. He was angry and felt used and hurt.

Amber glared at him with a frown. She looked into his eyes, “I can’t help what my feelings are Jay, and if you don’t mind. I thought I could move on.” She snapped, “I am sorry Jay. I just can’t.” She rolled her upper lip over her bottom lip.

Salene slowly carried Baby Bray over to Amber.

The young boy, had picked up on the mood, and started to cry. He reached his tiny hands out for his mum, as soon as he laid his little eyes on Amber.

Amber turned to Salene who help her upset son, “Hugs, little man.” she spoke up, with small smile. She was unable to hold the frown on her face, when she saw him; she took him into her arms, and held him close to her chest, “Hey, it’s okay.” She whispered, to the little boy in her arms, as she cuddled him.

"Sometimes I think you think that really kid is a replacement for Bray.” snapped Jay, as he watched Amber interact with her son.

Amber watched her son, who was now happy to fiddle with the feathers laid out across her top, before she looked up at Jay and frowned, “I do not think of him that way.” she spoke up, “And at least I wasn’t the one helping to destroy people’s lives back at the city.” snapped Amber.

Jay slammed the rail on the side of the trawler, “I never planned on destroying anyone’s lives, and you know it.” he defended himself.

Amber moved Baby Bray into her other arm, and raised, her free arm. She pointed at the cabin entrance where Ram and Lex stood and watched.

Lex and Ram realized, where Amber pointed and quickly turned to face each other, and pretended they were busy. They pretended to be in the middle of conversation, encase they got told off, as well.

"Get go, just go Jay, I don’t want to look at you.” snapped Amber, with tears in her eyes.

Jay watched Amber, before he turned and walked off with his head down, as he took in all the exchanged words, between himself and Amber.

Amber stood at the back of the Trawler with her six month old son.

Salene looked to see Trudy walk after Jay, and decided, she better stay with Amber for a bit. She looked at Amber, “You okay Amber?” she questioned carefully.

Amber looked at her, before she quietly turned around to face the water, as tears fell down her face. She hugged her little boy, and rubbed his back.


Trudy walked into the cabin to see Jay had sat down on the seat with his head in his hands.

He looked up at Trudy, “I shouldn’t of said that to Amber, about her, thinking of her son, as a replacement for Bray.” Jay mumbled.

Trudy sat down next to Jay, while Brady climbed on her lap.

"I do regret saying it to her.” he added.

Trudy watched him and she could see his words were true, “I know.”

Jay looked out the cabin to see Amber stood at the back of the trawler, with her son in her arms. Jay watched little Bray in Amber’s arms, who was quite happy to stare at the ocean with his mum.


Lex and Ram moved away the cabin entrance, and walked over to the back of the trawler to go and have a look out at the water, “The water looks good.” He rested his hands on the rail.

Ram turned to look at Lex, and smiled, “Don’t tell me you are still wishing on your plan to come true?” asked Ram, as he looked out at the ocean.

Lex took his hands off the rail, and looked at Ram. He was about to speak, when he saw May walk over, to where he and Ram stood. He watched May come to stand with them.

"Hi, you too. You finally got bored of holding up the cabin door?” Smiled May.

Ebony walked over after she overheard May, speak to Lex and Ram. Ebony came to stand next to May, “Oh finally, I thought someone must of put glue on your shoes.” Ebony spoke up in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Lex looked at Ram, who smiled at Ebony, “Yeah, yeah, you’re so very funny Ebony.” Ram replied.

"Really you two are getting on really well.” Ebony spoke up. She had been keeping an eye on Lex and Ram, for something to do, but she was surprised at how well, Lex and Ram got along together.

"I guess we have to. We don’t have much choice on this small boat.” Lex replied, and looked at Ram, who looked like he was deep in thought.

Ram stood half in his own world, as he thought of the plan Lex had mentioned again,

May watched them, “Boys, they never grow up.” she spoke up. She soon noticed Salene who now stood alone, since Amber had left her side, “I better go talk to Salene.” added May, as she watched Salene, who stood a little back from the edge of the trawler.

Ebony watched May walk over to Salene and smiled, “Looks like you two are stuck with me.” Ebony stepped closer to Lex and Ram, as she looked at the water.

Lex and Ram, both looked at each other, before they turned to look at Ebony.


That night Amber played with Baby Bray, at the back of the trawler again. She watched, as her son got excited to see some birds fly over the top of the Trawler, “Oh look, some birds.” whispered Amber. She watched at her son pointed up at the birds, as Amber turned around so he could see them fly over the top of the trawler, as she saw Sammy walk over.

"Hi Amber, it’s getting cool out here isn‘t it?” Smiled Sammy.

Amber looked at Sammy, and smiled back at him, “Hi, yeah it is getting cool.” She whispered, before glanced down at her son, in her arms and back up at Sammy, “Probably is a bit to cool for this little man.” Amber added.

Sammy looked at Amber, “Are you okay, Amber? After today, after the fight with Jay.” he asked.

Amber looked at Sammy, and she put on a smile, “Yeah I’m fine, just tired, and it’s starting to get dark.” Amber stepped away from the edge; before she looked at her son, who was still trying to stay awake, “Come on little man.” She whispered with a smile at Baby Bray, “I guess I better get some rest too.” she whispered.

Sammy smiled and watched Amber walk into the cabin, as Darryl made his way over to him.


Sammy looked at the water in his own little world, as Darryl walked over and stood near him.

"It’s a cool ride isn’t it?” Darryl smiled.

Sammy looked at Darryl and smiled, back at him, “Yeah, it is in its own little way.” Sammy giggled at Darryl’s response.

Sammy and Darryl both gazed out at the ocean together.


Amber finally carried Baby Bray through the entrance. She saw Trudy seated with her eyes closed and Brady in her arms. She sat down opposite Trudy, with Baby Bray laid out on her lap. She patted him, as she watched the little boy close and open in his eyes, in an attempt to try and stay awake. She smiled, a little, when he soon gave in to his exhaustion, and fell asleep. Amber watched little Bray, while she sat up finding it uncomfortable to get some sleep.

Trudy opened her eyes and looked over at Amber, as she noticed Amber had come inside the cabin, “How was the water watching?” Trudy questioned, breaking the silence, in the cabin.

Amber looked at Trudy, with a tired look on her face, “Alright.” she replied.

Trudy looked at her best friend and nodded.

Amber watched Trudy, “Is Jay okay?” Amber questioned.

Trudy smiled at Amber, “He will be fine.” She answered.

Amber nodded her head, before she got herself comfortable for the night ahead.


It was early morning, when Baby Bray played on Amber’s lap, she looked up when Zak walked through to the back of the Trawler, with a big smile on his face.

"We are in reach of the land, so it’s time to start looking, as you should see land appear soon.” Zak announced with a smile.

Now I comment on your story :grin: you catch the tension between the people due being caged into a tiny space quiet well.

And I don’t feel sorry for Jay… He deserves done heartache…

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@Beth wow girl!!! I love this. What a easy enjoyable read.

Lex and Ram a good double act. You got all the characters spot on. I especially liked Gel’s bit, I visualised the whole thing in my head which was fantastic.

Can’t wait for more. :partying_face:

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@Zwenja Yeah i was aiming for catching the tension between them. :smiley:

I do a little bit, as i do sort of like Jay’s character.

@Jack Thank you, i am glad you found it easy and enjoyable to read.

I enjoyed writing Lex and Ram. I do hope to write more with them in scenes together. Thanks. I’m glad you were able to visualise Gel’s bit. It’s one of my favourite scenes i’ve wrote with her.


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That wasn’t the only scene I visualised, I saw it all playing out in my head. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like Jay and I look forward to seeing him away from Amber.

When can we expect more??

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Jack, I’m glad, you could see it all playing out in your head. :smiley:

I like Jay a little bit. I’m like him when he’s happy :smiley: . There will be scenes like that.

Hopefully soon. :smiley:

Actually I know Jay is good at heart… But really… He went a real bad way with girls… But still I gave him happiness in The world we live in now, like you know and he will be happy in ALL OF ME too… Even if in an unexpected way. And there I will maybe also make Bray and him real friends in the end.

But seeing him with Amber have me always the creeps… I felt like they were siblings kissing each other :joy::see_no_evil:

I am curious what ways you will take for everyone!

Zwenja, Yeah Jay is good at heart.

I didn’t feel like they were siblings.

I am curious too, since i am still writing it. :smiley: