Titanic's Art


Hello everyone I’m going put some of my new stuff here, there will be some Tribe Stuff and non-tribe stuff.




That’s it for now, Hopefully I will have more :blush:


Yay, I love seeing your work, it’s so pretty! :smile:


All of this stuff is so pretty :heart_eyes:


These are amazing! You’re so good at this!


Thank-you all for like my stuff :blush:

here is some stuff


Wow!! These are so incredible! :heart_eyes::open_mouth:
You’re an amazing artist.


I really love your colouring. :heart_eyes:


Thank-you so much :flushed: so glad you like them

I have one new banner set and two icons sent


So flawless, honestly!! :heart_eyes:


I totally agree with you man! It is true! On every level!!! hehe


How have I not been in here to comment, honestly? Those red+whiteish hues are great colourings.
And as always, thumbs up for the creativity with the banners. I feel like you’re presenting us with a ton of s5 AU possibilities. :biggrin:


Thanks everyone glad you like them :smiley:

@Amber To be honest with all the Banners are story idea that I have run around in my head, that I don’t know how to wright own lol


Here some more story ideas that I have come up with.


omg they’re just so coool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Those are gorgeous. I just love the colours. :heart_eyes:


(eyes go wide like glass bowls)whoa! beautifulness!!!:heart_eyes:


Not having the Internet for a week had me make these banner set that I like to call S6 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely gorgeous as always! I love the “I’ll show you love” one in particular with Brady and Trudy and Ram on the side it’s really cute and precious.


Thank-you so much I’m glad you like it

here some new stuff, some tribe art and others is not.


I have been making a lot of fan art the last few weeks