Tribe designs (dresses and styles from stories)

Awww! I could send you THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW as document then you could read off line whenever you feel like it. Actually I guess ALL OF ME is even more easy to follow for it only now started… I also think I will post only one part per week now… Gives me more time to work out. With all the syndicates and new tribes and persons and personal dramas among the Mall Rats it’s quiet bamboozling to me :joy:

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And for a little girl that loves Mouse so much… I just decided to bring her back in…


These are always so inspiring to look at! Makes me want to try drawing outfits too :sweat_smile:


So glad you decided to bring her back. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s not so hard… Just take the pencils and gave a go… They good thing is you can try out things and combinations you would never do in real life!

So I have no real line for Mouse right now… Maybe something with Ebony :thinking:

Someone’s got to stop me😂after THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW I actually had decided not to do that many own and new characters anymore, for it’s a hell to give them all some story line and some scenes in the series… But while writing chapter nine of ALL OF ME, two other characters plopped into my mind while I was thinking about some issues for characters of the Mall Rats.

So here are two other members of the ARCHANGELS!

Byte adores Mega and Ram… And maybe she will adore Jack a bit too? Or Ved? We will see…

Dylon(yes with ‘o’ please, he is adamant with that!) is the hot, sexy gay male ARCHANGEL who will maybe change the live of one of the Mall Rat guys forever… :no_mouth:

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Started to draw designs from THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW… Have a look at Tara from the start of the story.


Woa just noticed I described an awful lot of dresses in THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW… well here now the looks of the returners within ELITE…

This is good that you are drawing these. You are very talented, and i love been able to see what the character clothes look like.

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Thank you @Beth… I don’t know if I manage all dresses from THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW, but will try to also do Rhys and the other generals. Maybe Ajax and Achill. The gala uniforms. The wedding dresses. The dress Amber wears christmas🤔

For ALL OF ME I try to do all dresses and looks that come up. Tomorrow I am going to post chapter six :grin:

My poor scrap book :joy: getting ripped a part all the time…

Here are some other dresses from THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW… probably some highlights :grin:

And we have Claire and the generals Ares, Prometheus and Eidos!

And of course we won’t forget our female general…

I love the outfits for Trudy and Reece’s wedding and Amber’s one.

Thank you… Actually I would love to see those (and all my styles) for real😂

So here we go with Brays wedding suit and his look to intimate the guardian… And hell wouldn’t we love to see Zoot and Bray together, both looking that bad ass? :thinking:

I too would love to see them for real as well.

I like Bray’s wedding suit. I like the bits of blue in it.

Well he is the high commander of Elite… So he needs blue. And Amber’s got blue and turquoise feathers too. Also a reference for her alter ego EAGLE. So their outfits unit them as Bray/Amber, EAGLE/PHOENIX, MALL RAT/ELITE

Ah holy moly :sweat_smile: again two more characters hopped to me while writing chapter 12…I just had a lightning striking me to let someone else return. It even helped me to write on for I had wrote myself into a “corner”. Those two are in the MISTRESS hands right now still… If you wonder: THE MISTRESS loves red and black and so it’s what all with her wear…

Well well well… Who might that be… Who might that be?! :thinking:

I love Crystal’s outfit! Very retro.

Thnx @okaykj… That’s exactly what I was aiming at :wink:

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