Tribe Encyclopedia

Brought to you via tribeworld circa 2000, this section is no longer active on the official website, but gives a good insight to the background of minor tribes and characters.


Has the virus gone or is it coming back? In the face of widespread uncertainty, is there an antidote to the virus?

Nobody knows for sure if the virus has been conquered. So far, it was the adults who had been afflicted and affected with a huge impact and children and teenagers had been spared. Has the virus disappeared or might it mutate and somehow affect the genes and DNA of all humans left?

Many Tribes wonder about the virus and are desperate to find out more information about it in case the virus is still around and might pose danger to them.

A lot of myths have emerged about the virus - and the existence (or not) of any antidote. Many wonder if the adults were able to make an antidote to the virus - some feel that perhaps the adults did complete an antidote that worked in the very end but did not have time to distribute it and administer to the population. Perhaps they did create an antidote - but it was too late. Or perhaps the adults made much progress in creating an antidote without completing an antidote that worked, and if the survivors can find it then maybe they could finish the experiments needed and make a working antidote?

Or possibly the adults did create an antidote but maybe there was not enough to go round and supply everybody - did the government instead decide that the quantity of antidote that was available should be given to children and teenagers, and is that the reason why they survived - did they in fact have the antidote given to them all along but there was not enough to give to the adults?

If there was an antidote it would be the most valuable thing in Tribeworld. Whoever had antidote would yield enormous influence because people would give them whatever they wanted to trade for antidote. A real antidote that worked would be of great importance in case the virus ever did appear again

Old government buildings, laboratories, scientific centers, medical practices and hospitals have been searched for any signs of antidote.

If a real antidote could be found it would fight the virus and prevent the fate of the old world from happening - but it would give great power and influence to whoever had the antidote…


A young calf who wandered into the city and was chased by Zoot and the Locos who wanted to use her for food.

Cloe loves animals and saved the calf from the Locos and named her - Bluebell.

Back at the shopping mall, Cloe left the calf to live in the mall car park since she was too afraid to tell the others about Bluebell in case they too (especially Lex) wanted to use her for food or trade her with other Tribes.

Cloe has a difficult task keeping Bluebell a secret, however - Cloe can only feed Bluebell by taking food from the mall into the car park - or by taking Bluebell on a walk to grassy areas - and this behaviour (with food disappearing from the mall) is hard to explain to others when questioned about it, and Cloe fears that Bluebell will be found out.


Billy Boy, leader of The Jackals Nobody really knows the origins of “Billy Boy” or what his real name was before the virus. But since the virus, he has gradually and skillfully built up the Jackals Tribe into a powerful Tribe…

Billy Boy cares about the welfare of his Tribe. He will do whatever he can to look after the Jackal’s interests. All the Jackals are very loyal to Billy Boy because they appreciate his loyalty to them. Billy Boy has a pack mentality – he is not interested in creating an empire (like the Demon Dogs) or taking over society (like the Locos). He just wants to look after himself and the Jackals – they are family to him.

In protecting his Jackals Tribe, Billy Boy is determined and bold. He fears nobody and is a good negotiator. He is persistent, will fight for what he believes is right and never give up till he gets it.

In his relationship with other Tribes and their leaders, Billy Boy believes in keeping a balance of power in society. He does not want to see one Tribe become more powerful or dominant than the others – be they Locos, Demon Dogs, or Mall Rats. He believes all Tribes should have a say in shaping the future – all people are equal to Billy Boy and nobody should put themselves above others or get too much power. Billy Boy is deeply distrustful of those he feels are taking advantage of him or the Jackals. He wants a stable, peaceful and equal New World and will negotiate alliances and agree to treaties with other Tribes if it seems this will protect the Jackals and keep a balance of power in society.

Billy Boy is very upfront and forthright. What you see is what you get. He says what he believes in and does what he says. There are no mind games or tricks with Billy Boy – he is blatantly honest, and sometimes rude about his opinions.

Blunt and a straightforward personality, Billy Boy will often have personality clashes with others who cannot stand (what they feel is) his self-centredness and believe in always being right. Billy Boy has an intense dislike of Lex – and Lex is happy to intensely dislike Billy Boy in return. Billy Boy also hates being called anything but “Billy Boy” – if someone calls him “Billy” he will fiercely insist on being addressed by his proper name.

Caring for his Jackals Tribe, Billy Boy is outspoken in his honesty – perhaps too much so…


Bob the dog is the Mall Rat`s pet. Before the virus, Bob lived with Patsy and Paul at their home. He stayed with them as society broke down into Tribeworld and lived with Patsy and Paul when they met Cloe and Salene. When they all in turn met Dal and Amber and joined the Tribe, Bob started living in the shopping mall too.

Bob is a great companion for all the Tribe and is especially loved by the younger ones like Patsy and Cloe who love being around Bob, and he is a source of much happiness in a world that has much danger and obstacles outside the shopping mall.

Bob is also a great watchdog. He is loyal and dependable and very protective of the others (especially Patsy and Cloe) and will do what he can to defend them from any trouble. Bob has an acute sense of hearing and can often pick out strangers who may have ventured into the mall and lets the others know with his bark. Bob has a wonderful sense of smell and can detect the scent of Tribe members and this can be useful for tracking and following a trail.

Food and water are scarce in the Tribe and there is often debate about how much of the precious supplies should be given to Bob. Lex can be dismissive of wasting food and water on animals unless they serve a purpose, and has been heard saying “we can’t afford to feed animals unless we are going to eat them”. However the others feel attached to Bob. Encouraged by Patsy and Cloe (who insist they don’t just love Bob, he also has many purposes and is a valued member of the Tribe), Bob keeps his food and drink rations and his place in the shopping mall, as well as the affections of the Tribe.


The Chosen worship Zoot and his daughter, Brady, and seek to make real a world of “power and chaos”.

Who are the Chosen? And Chosen by whom?

The membership of the Chosen is partly made up by ex-members of the Locos. These are genuine followers of Zoot who want to continue what they perceive was Zoot’s mission. Some were upset at Ebony’s leadership style and left the Locos to follow the Guardian.

Some members of the Chosen have joined because they have been persuaded by the charismatic leadership of the Guardian. A visionary, the Guardian is a gifted preacher and through the force of his own speeches can transfix his audience. Many new recruits are spellbound by the Guardian’s sayings and “teachings” of Zoot, and with no direction to turn to in the world with no adults, they genuinely feel attracted to the Guardian’s vision of the future.

Other members of the Chosen are unfortunate people who have been absorbed into the group against their original wishes by force. Often, the Chosen will go into a sector or against a Tribe’s base and take away captives, who are then literally brainwashed over time. The Guardian will lock them up and only give them food or drink if they agree to follow Zoot. Eventually, even the most persistent captives find it hard to resist and will give up their ideals in return for food and shelter. Over time, they lose their independence and individuality and genuinely fall under the spell of the Guardian, becoming fully-fledged members of the Chosen.

A network of spies and agents has been established by the Guardian to infiltrate other Tribes. These Chosen undermine other Tribes by gradually converting members to believe in Zoot. They also report information on what Tribes are planning or doing (as well as internal strengths and weaknesses of a Tribe) back to the Guardian, who can then act on this knowledge. Chosen spies will sow the seeds of discord and try to set a group against each other so they become weaker as a whole – through “divide and rule”, the Chosen can then take over.

The Guardian is the undisputed leader of the Tribe. Intelligent and skilful, the Guardian is the interpreter of Zoot’s teachings and provides a direction and guidance to the Chosen. In the future when she is grown up, Brady will take her place as the leader of the Tribe – and society itself; once more people see the “light”. The Tribe is fiercely loyal to the memory of Zoot – anyone who tarnishes Zoot’s image will be subject to their hostility.

Members of the Chosen forget their own self-interest. They give up friendships, loves, their own ambitions – all is replaced under the need (they believe) to serve Zoot. Reflecting their common identity and uniform ways of thinking and behaving, the Chosen wear plain grey robes. As the leader, the Guardian alone is different and wears white to stand out. The lifestyle of the members is that of a bizarre new age cult or sect.

The Chosen encounter many enemies and “non-believers” – the Guardian is forthright that all adversaries must be conquered, and the Chosen have made themselves strong and powerful enough to overcome all opposition if needs be…

Whereabouts of The Chosen.
We know for a fact that the Mall Rats live in Phoenix Mall, the Locos’ main base is the rail yards – but where do the Chosen live?

Unlike the Mall Rats and other Tribes, the Chosen do not have any single “home”. The Guardian does not want to keep all his forces in one place (as the Mall Rats do) as he feels the Chosen would have less security and become vulnerable.

The Guardian prefers to spread members of the Chosen around the city in smaller enclaves/bases. This way, they can stay unnoticed and observe the activities of other Tribes from their hideaways, gathering information to send to the Guardian. Small bases all around can monitor the entire city.

From a series of small bases, the Chosen can also extend their influence far and wide. If the Chosen stayed in just one base they could only operate in a sector near the base. But smaller groupings of Chosen can operate from small bases scattered around and cover an entire sector, spreading propaganda and trying to bring new converts into the Tribe as a whole.

The Guardian also appreciates a psychological element by spreading his Tribe thinly around instead of keeping them together as one large force. Nobody outside the Chosen knows how many members the Chosen has, or how powerful the tribe is. Sightings of the Chosen popping up in different parts of the city spreads rumors and talk about the Chosen. Many believe the Chosen is much larger than it actually is because the Chosen seem to be everywhere – and they are, because the Guardian has skillfully divided them into small groups in several bases and this gives the impression the Chosen really are everywhere.

Having several places to operate from is useful in another important way. If the Guardian and Brady stayed in one place, they might be noticed by others and found out – the Mall Rats might be alerted to their exact whereabouts. But by constantly being on the move from base to base, the Guardian believes that himself – and Brady - are kept hidden and undetected…


Most Tribes are based in the city.

Once a place of government and the institutions of the country, the arts, and the social centre with its shops and restaurants - in Tribeworld, all has changed.

The city is largely recognisable in terms of the buildings, roads and structure that survived the virus. Most of the shops, museums, government buildings and houses are still there.

But the purpose of the buildings and the way they are used has now changed. Many are empty. Others are used as bases and the homes for the Tribes that have evolved and who have spread all around the city. Most shops have been looted as Tribes gathered possessions they needed to survive like food, medicine, and clothes. Government buildings have been abandoned and floors of offices are still full of office equipment and paperwork, untouched since the adults.

Before the virus, the city was divided up into different sectors. This was ordered by the government and authorities to help administer and control the fight against the virus. People and families had to stay in their sectors to prevent large migration and movements and to keep stability and order. Medical units were set up in each sector to care for the sick. Some of the young were evacuated into the countryside and this was determined by which sector they lived in.

The naming of different parts of the city into sectors has been kept in Tribeworld as Tribes refer to sectors. For example, the Tribe Circus Casino is based in Sector 15. The Mall Rats shopping mall is located in Sector 10.

Some sectors have evolved to have reputations and qualities reflecting the Tribes who live in them. Sector 9 is feared because it is the base of the Locos.

From a distance, the appearance of the city is the same as it was before the virus - but all has changed in Tribeworld and the daily life of the city has taken on new forms.


Cloudy is a young dog who has become a new pet for the Mall Rats…

Cloe and Patsy found the dog wandering as a stray when they were out in the city. The dog was being ridiculed and treated badly by some older boys but Cloe and Patsy were luckily able to save the dog and escape.

Patsy and Cloe adore the dog and named it “Cloudy” because its wispy and fluffy appearance makes it look like a cloud. They don’t know exactly how old Cloudy is or who owned it before the virus, but the dog seems to be young and just out of its puppy stage.

Back at the mall, Cloudy provides a lot of fun and mischief, which brings a lot of enjoyment to Patsy and Cloe. They think some of the things Cloudy does is hilarious – other Mall Rats have reservations when Cloudy starts barking uncontrollably or running amok in the Mall. But Cloe and Patsy also recognise their responsibility to look after the welfare of the dog and see that it is fed, kept clean – and most of all loved.

Cloudy himself enjoys a loving home and is loyal to the Tribe, especially Patsy and Cloe. Cloudy has a terrific sense of smell and is useful for tracking down lost items – or people. But Cloudy is not really a guard dog (unlike Bob the dog) – where Bob the dog would bark and protect the Tribe from intruders, the more youthful and playful Cloudy is more likely to want to play and have fun, but as Cloudy grows up he may become valuable as a guard dog as well as a valuable friend.

Cloudy was born on 31st March 1999


The Demon Dogs are a powerful - and feared - Tribe.

In the struggle for survival, the Demon Dogs (like the Locos) believe in using power and strength to get what they want. Their needs and interests
are more important to them than the needs of society as a whole and the Demon Dogs do not have compassion for other Tribes or the weak and vulnerable in society. If there are few resources to use then the Demon Dogs will take what they want and need - and if that means there is less for others, then so be it.

Sharing and co-operation are not the Demon Dogs` way of doing things. The Demon Dogs are instead more than willing to use intimidation, threats, physical strength, and terror to enforce their will on others.

The Demon Dogs are different from the Locos, however. The Locos are very structured - they have a distinct organisation and chain of command. The Demon Dogs by comparison do have leaders who are obeyed by the members but there is no formal hierarchy or power structure in place. The Demon Dog leaders will often pick members to do different tasks on the spur of the moment - there is no permanent structure like the Locos.

Similarly, the Locos have a system of beliefs and principles as to how they should that are inspired by their founder, Zoot. The Demon Dogs do not have such a complex ideology. They are not seeking to create a new world according to someone`s principles and beliefs. Instead, they want to satisfy their needs and desires on a day to day basis. Sometimes the Demon Dogs need food or drink - or medicines, or batteries and goods.They exist to fulfil their changing needs over time instead of having a permanent system of beliefs like the Locos.

The Demon Dogs also live for fun and (what they consider) enjoyment. The Locos have a mission - they are trying to create an empire and a way of living for the longer term. The Demon Dogs are more interested in what happens as each day passes in the short term. The Demon Dogs love to party, to play loud music. They have a reputation for destroying other people`s property or things - and take pleasure in doing this. They enjoy wandering around the city and tearing apart buildings or vehicles. The Demon Dogs are not planning for the future - they are trying to get as much enjoyment and fun as they can from the present.

Although they are not actively seeking to create an empire for themselves (like the Locos), the Demon Dogs are powerful due to their numbers, fanaticism, and physical strengths. The two powerful Tribes hate each other - they are rivals since they are based in the city - competing for food and goods, and for territory.

The Demon Dogs are based in the city in an old industrial area and live in abandoned warehouses, where they can find food, clothes, medicine, and other goods. As is known, the Demon Dogs do not use vehicles (like the Locos) - they probably have more fun in destroying old vehicles at their parties rather than trying to salvage or customise them for their own use.

The leadership of the Demon Dogs makes sure its members wear silver make-up and clothes. This is to show the members have a common identity, much like a uniform, and makes other Tribes easily recognise the Demon Dogs.

Feared and despised by others, the Demon Dogs are a powerful - but self-centered and destructive - Tribe, who will stop at nothing to get what they want.


Outside the city are several farms - one of which is run by a group of teenage girls.

The Farmgirls are led by Alice, the oldest and the dominant personality among them. Alice’s family owned the farm before the virus and it was a mixed farm that grew crops and grazed animals for dairy and meat produce. Alice had always lived in the countryside with her younger sister, Ellie.

After the virus, Alice and Ellie stayed on the farm. They were joined by other survivors who came from nearby farms and they all agreed to live together and to try to keep the farm going as best they could as this would offer a way to keep them alive with food and shelter. Alice runs the farm with a bevy of witchy beauties, chief among them is the surly but lovely Dawn.

Now, the farm specialises in piggery but the Farmgirls are also raising crops and do a nice sideline in cider.

They trade their goods with other Tribes. If your game is trading, there is every chance at some point you will need to visit the countryside for crops or other goods and you might meet Alice’s farm. The Farmgirls trade for things they don`t have themselves - like batteries, clothes, or equipment from the city.

The Farmgirls are resilient and tough. They have a very hard life that involves a lot of work. They also will defend themselves and are protective of the farm and each other in case people from the city try to take things without trading for them. The Farmgirls are suspicious of city folk and strangers.

Excellent at negotiating, the Farmgirls drive a hard bargain and will do the best they can to get the best trade. But a deal is a deal and the Farmgirls have a sense of honour. If they strike an agreement they will always honour the terms and expect others to do the same.

The Farmgirls are an eccentric group. Tough and isolated, they do have a funny and humorous side once you get to know them, and have developed close relationships with regular trading parties.


Food has become scarce and very valuable in Tribeworld.

Without adults, the production and availability of food has dropped drastically. There are no large-scale farms any more which has drastically reduced fruit, vegetables and wheat crops. Livestock farms have been abandoned and the animals have broken free of the farmlands and roam the countryside and sometimes even the city.

Factories have been abandoned and food previously produced in them such as tinned food has stopped. There is no such thing as fresh bread or milk anymore unless Tribes make it themselves.

With no new supplies of food like there used to be with adults, the food that does exist has become so valuable and precious. Most Tribes in the city survive by eating stocks of tinned food left over in shops and malls. But even these stocks will not last forever and after the tinned food runs out, what will the Tribes eat then?

Some Tribes are based in the countryside and on old farmlands and grow crops of food and raise animals that they use for themselves as well as trading with Tribes in the city.

Other Tribes have reacted to the shortage of food in a different manner - instead of growing their own food, Tribes like the Locos prefer to grab what they need from others.

Even water has not become safe to drink anymore. The national water supplies continue to run but pipes have started to crack and fall apart through use and the lack of adults to repair them and there is less and less clean water available to drink. Tribes must instead drink bottles of mineral water if they can find them or other canned and bottled drinks. Some Tribes trek to rivers and natural water supplies and bring water back to the city so it can be boiled over fires and made safe to drink.

There is enough stocks of tinned food and bottled water to last for a few months but in the future without new stocks being produced, there is a fear that these will run out and food will become even more valuable and there will be an increasing need for Tribes to grow their own food supplies instead of relying on what is left over from the past


The Guardian is the secretive leader of the powerful Chosen…

The Guardian is a devoted follower of Zoot and Zoot’s vision of “power and chaos”. He has constructed a belief system from Zoot’s life and actions which is effectively a new quasi-religion. The Guardian believes it is his destiny to persuade or force (if needs be) everybody in society as a whole to worship Zoot and to create a new society based upon “power and chaos”.

Baby Brady occupies a prominent place in the Guardian’s thinking and plan. Believing that Brady will grow up and continue with Zoot’s work and teachings and transform the world in Zoot’s image, the Guardian is determined to look after Brady while she grows up and keep her safe from others. Brady is a potent symbol of Zoot, a link to the past – and the future… The Guardian needs Brady as a focal point for the Chosen to worship.

Brady’s mother, Trudy, is referred to within the Chosen as the “Supreme Mother”. The Guardian respects Trudy – after all, she was Zoot’s love in the past, and he wants to assimilate Trudy into the Chosen so she can look after Brady. Trudy needs the Guardian so she can be with Brady – the Guardian in return can call on the “Supreme Mother” to help him rule the Chosen and eventually, the world.

The Guardian is very intelligent – some would say he has a brilliant (but devious) mind. He has gradually built up the Chosen so it is a very large and powerful Tribe. He has great strategic and tactical skills and often thinks up meticulous plans that completely fool his adversaries. He can be a powerful speaker and delivers “sermons” with evangelical passion.

Cold and utterly focused on Zoot’s vision, the Guardian does occasionally show flashes of wit and humour, and genuinely enjoys laughing at the fate of his enemies, often with a twisted joke.

Does the Guardian really believe what he says or it is the talk of “Zoot’s vision” just nonsense that the Guardian uses to justify taking over the city? All the evidence seems to show that the Guardian is a sincere follower of what he interprets to be Zoot’s “teachings”.

How do the Chosen feel about Bray? As Zoot’s brother, shouldn’t Bray form a part of the Chosen’s future, much like Brady does? According to the Guardian – no. He feels Bray is a traitor. He might have be Zoot’s brother, but there the similarity ends. Bray wants a peaceful and stable world where everyone is free and society looks after each other. By contrast, the Chosen want to replace individual freedom and thought with uniformity and the same ways of thinking and behaving, their aim is to impose a religion that worships Zoot and “power and chaos”. Also, they will use whatever means are necessary to reach this aim, whereas Bray is against conflict.

What about Ebony, Zoot’s former girlfriend and Loco leader? The Guardian admires Ebony for her own intelligence and cunning but she has no part in his future, unlike Brady and Trudy. The Guardian is a religious zealot – Ebony is not. The Guardian genuinely believes in “power and chaos” - Ebony does not. The Guardian worships Zoot – Ebony does not. Ebony and the Guardian’s interests are incompatible.

A dangerous fanatic, nothing and nobody will stop the Guardian in his quest to recreate society in Zoot’s image…


Before the virus, Glenn was in a close group of school friends that included Lex, Zandra, and Ryan. The group lived in the same area and had known each other since their earliest years at school - they grew up together, from attending classes to hanging around outside school.

They also watched the world they knew and loved collapse due to the virus into the world full of Tribes. As close friends they naturally stuck together and tried to find a way to survive.

Glenn had always been intelligent and very determined, with a strong willpower. He wanted to have an influence in Tribeworld and had his own ideas of the best way to survive.

This often led to conflicts with the others - but especially Lex, who gradually disliked Glenn’s preferred way of doing things which often countered with Lex’s own preferred course of action - and Lex detested the way in which Glenn would sometimes be scornful and ridicule with contempt what he sarcastically called Lex`s “brilliant plans”.

Lex and Glenn also became rivals over Zandra, Lex’s long-term girlfriend. Glenn made no secret of his affection and love for Zandra, who was often too focused on Lex to notice Glenn - but Lex did notice Glenn’s glances and the attention he gave to Zandra.

Sensing an opportunity, Lex blocked Glenn’s escape path when the group were being pursued by Zoot and the Locos and the last thing Lex, Zandra and Ryan saw was Glenn captured in the clutches of Zoot and the Locos.


The Gulls are a Tribe based on the border between the city and the countryside…

The Gulls are closely-knit, a family unit. Every member will look after the interests of the group as a whole instead of pursuing their self-interest. This spirit of co-operation and mutual help has seen the Gulls through many troubles and challenges – and results in the Gulls being very loyal and protective of each other.

Hopeful of a peaceful and stable society in the long-term, the Gulls regard with contempt and alarm attempts by Locos, Demon Dogs and others to take over the city and rule over others. The Gulls refuse to join forces with Tribes like these. Their dream is instead closer to that of the Mall Rats, and being based in the countryside region, the Gulls are on friendly terms with Dal when he visits his beloved countryside, and do what they can to help produce food and goods on farms to supply the city.

A reputation for being fun-loving, the Gulls love to party, joke around and enjoy life. They are known for having a sense of humour and a razor-sharp wit.

Easily recognisable by their outrageous costumes and make-up, members of the Gulls use feathers a great deal in their hair and clothing to identify themselves as Gulls – and to express their individuality and extrovert behavior (more introvert characters would shy away from dressing like Gulls!). Girls in the Tribe are also recognisable as Gulls because they have long eyelashes.

With much of their identity and background from rural areas and the countryside, the Gulls have an affinity with animals, especially birds. They will tend and care for wounded animals and have many birds as pets. They believe everyone should be free to roam and enjoy life – like birds.

Popular for their kindness and easy-going nature, the Gulls do have a more serious side, however. They will protect themselves against danger or threats with much intensity. Anyone they feel is attempting to trick or take advantage of the Gulls’ hospitality will meet their hostility. But the Gulls are well liked, have few enemies and their serious side is seldom revealed.

With their laughter and love of life, some of the Gulls are sometimes regarded by others as being “floozies”. They seem to enjoy partying and pleasure more than the responsibilities life can bring – some feel the Gulls should take things more seriously than they do and work as hard as they play.


Located a mile and a half from the coastline by the city, Hope Island is a small island about a mile wide and two miles long.

Before the virus, Hope Island was a popular destination for day visits. It is a picturesque island with beautiful and rugged cliffs and coastline. Packed full of wildlife (some endangered), it attracted flocks of people who came to see its plants and vegetation. An oasis of tranquillity compared to the noisy and busy city - visitors loved the seeming peace and quiet at Hope Island.

Hope Island was the perfect reason for a day trip and a flourishing trade of ferries, yachts and boats took botanists, families, and school trips to Hope Island.

Despite its pretty scenery, some parts of Hope Island have a creepy and eerie atmosphere. In its old days hundreds of years ago, it was used as a quarantine place for immigrants who wanted to settle in the town. Many of them had diseases like cholera from their long voyages by ship and they were confined to the island until they got better. Those who didn’t improve stayed there or were sent back to where they came from. As a result of some suffering there and poor conditions, some that Hope Island was “haunted” and spooky.

Since the 1950s, Hope Island did have a scientific laboratory in its heart nestled on an open plain. This building was beyond the reach of all visitors, and the Government banned anybody from going there unless they had classified clearances. The only people allowed to live on Hope Island were the scientists and their complex was well guarded and had a host of security systems in place. The experiments that were conducted there was top secret - the government claimed this was for national security. There were leaks and rumours about what went on there - but nobody really knew the truth.

After the virus, Hope Island has been abandoned. The ferries, the visitors, the tourists - all have gone. There is no reason to go there anymore. Why would people in Tribeworld try to grab a boat - and even if they had fuel or the know-how to sail a boat, would they travel there when it is regarded as a floating ruin? The vegetation on the island has overgrown. The wildlife has flourished and roams free. All is quiet.

The scientific laboratory is still there. Many wonder if Hope Island might have some secrets to reveal


Once a popular destination for visitors to the city, the Hotel Horton & Bailey is now one of the homes of the Locos.

The Locos’ main base is at the railyards but they have other outposts throughout the city that serve as bases and supply ports for them. The Hotel Horton & Bailey is one of these and is Ebony`s preferred place to be based.

The Hotel Horton & Bailey is a modern hotel and before the virus, enjoyed a great reputation for the quality of service and accommodation there. Businesses from the city had conferences and conventions there. Holidaymakers from around the world stayed there. Locals went there for meals and celebrations.

As soon as the virus hit, the hotel went into decline rapidly. Nobody wanted to go on holiday anymore. The rooms were empty, and the hotel closed down.

After the virus, some people and Tribes searched around in the hotel grounds to see if they could find anything useful but mostly the hotel was abandoned. A large building with hundreds of rooms, it would need a significant and powerful Tribe to occupy it and to keep it well defended from others. That Tribe was the Locos.

Ebony viewed the hotel as an ideal base due to its good location and transport links around the city. The hotel also kept its luxury trappings such as pictures, furnishings, and silver cutlery. There was even some food and drink supplies in the basement.

Ebony enjoys going to the hotel to relax and lounge around the large swimming pool while her Locos guards stay alert at the main hotel entrance.

Apart from its value for rest, the hotel also serves as a prison. Ebony has transformed some of the rooms upstairs into cells. The furniture and comforts have been removed and replaced by blacked out windows and bad conditions. Many Loco prisoners are sent there.

Transformed from a luxurious place for visitors to stay, the Hotel Horton & Bailey is now one of the main bases of the Locos and visitors are likely to meet a hostile reception.


One of the first to follow Zoot in the Locos Tribe, Jaffa later took on the identity of “The Guardian” and led his own Tribe, the Chosen…

In the days before the virus, Jaffa was in the same class at school as Martin (ZOOT), Trudy and Ebony. To all appearances, Jaffa’s life and upbringing was comfortable and middle class, and he was one of the most intelligent pupils at school. Excelling academically, he found it hard to relate to people and had practically no friends at all – many at school regarded him as a strange, distant character. Jaffa felt embittered at his being lonely and isolated at school.

When the virus spread rapidly and adults started to perish, Jaffa as an only child was greatly affected at losing the only people in the world he did truly love – his family. Now he was more alone than ever before and had nobody to turn to – no friends, no relations – nobody. More alone than ever, Jaffa was full of hate at what happened to his family and suffered a mental breakdown. He needed someone to turn to, someone who could give him a direction in life.

That person to lead and motivate Jaffa was Zoot. When Zoot began expounding his ideas of “power and chaos”, Jaffa was attracted to the idea. Zoot was charismatic and his belief through the Locos in self-interest and looking after yourself above others appealed to Jaffa’s own long-held principles of looking after his own interests. Jaffa needed Zoot, and Zoot could make use of Jaffa’s intelligence, and Jaffa soon became respected by the rest of the Locos. Jaffa became the Locos’ main theorist and intellectual. He began to revere his leader, Zoot, as almost some sort of demi-God.

Intelligent and committed, people in the city feared Jaffa for his brutality and sheer fanaticism, and many questioned his sanity, thinking he suffered from some kind of madness – and wondering how far he would go in his genuine desire to create a world of “power and chaos” and make Zoot’s vision a reality; only time would tell…


Led by Billy Boy, the Jackals are a powerful Tribe.

The membership of the Jackals idolises their leader. Billy Boy cares deeply for the welfare of his Tribe, which is very much a family unit. There is mutual respect and trust. The membership is utterly loyal to Billy Boy and unswerving in following his leadership.

The Jackals have confidence in Billy Boy and in him making the right decisions. There has never been a leadership content or struggle for power/internal politics within the Tribe – all members are genuinely contented with Billy Boy’s style and methods.

With a large membership, the Jackals are a strong Tribe – and know it. They demand respect and admiration from others. Anybody who demeans or laughs at members of the Jackals will become an enemy of Billy Boy and the Jackals as a whole. Like their leader, the Jackals are forthright in their honesty and will not take nonsense from anybody.

But being opinionated and immersed in self-confidence is not the best form of diplomacy and can create tension with others. Some Tribes feel the Jackals are arrogant and self-centered, that they are never humble and never admit making mistakes.

In appearance as well as behavior, the Jackals reflect their founder and leader, Billy Boy. They copy the way he dresses and often walk around in black and with headgear on. This identifies them as Jackals to outsiders.

The Jackals have few genuine friends because of their perceived arrogance – and they do have enemies for the same reason. It will just have to be seen whether the Jackals can enjoy long-term success and survival as an insular and self-centered Tribe with more enemies than friends.


Jet is a flighty and eccentric leader in the Gulls Tribe.

She was instrumental in guiding the Gulls from a rag tag group of kids and teens who lived on the border between the city and the countryside into a settled and powerful Tribe. Jet encouraged everybody to help each other and think in the interests of the group as a whole before their own self-interest.

Jet gets on well with other Tribes. She is known for being fair-minded and kind, thinking of the welfare of others. She also has a good sense of humour and is very witty, even in the most adverse circumstances, which results in many friends.

One friend is Dal, who met Jet and the Gulls when he was in the countryside working on a farm to produce food for the city.


“Lips, Teeth” and “Dimples” are the names of an eccentric trio of singers.
There is great uncertainty about the origins of the musical threesome. Are they three best friends? Or three sisters? Or cousins? Who were they before the virus? Where did they live?

Whatever their past, there is no doubt that Lips, Teeth and Dimples love to sing and perform to a crowd. Large or small, the size of the audience does not matter – the fact is, the three will be delighted to sing to any audience at all. The three can normally be found in different clubs across the city.

Accomplished performers, Lips, Teeth and Dimples can sing in all varieties of musical styles, from jazz to classical, rock to pop. Their preferred way to sing is in three-part harmonies. The trio seems to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of music – an audience will sometimes test them by suggesting a certain number to perform and even if it is an obscure song, the three always seem to know the words and melody to sing. They are also excellent dancers and have a huge variety of choreographed moves that they use during performances.

Lips, Teeth and Dimples are very eccentric. They seem to have been singing together for so long that they almost know each other’s thoughts – when one is speaking, another will often finish the sentence for them. They even walk – and run – in the same rhythm and style as if performing to music.

Even when they are not singing to an audience, Lips, Teeth and Dimples are always performing to the crowd. They dress in outrageous and attention-grabbing clothes. They do not speak like “normal” people do but what they have to say is done so in a musical almost singing style. They will occasionally even “speak” in three-part harmony and some think that they might be telepathic.

Lips, Teeth and Dimples are aware of their musical skills and greatly enjoy the applause from any crowd. They want to be appreciated and to have fun. With their eccentric behavior, they love parties, weddings, any gathering with a crowd to perform to. Knowing their talents does not mean the trio are arrogant or self-centered, however. They just want to sing, nothing more and nothing less.

Like many performers, the ego and self-esteem of the three is linked closely to their performances. They hate to be criticised or not loved for singing, and a bad review or negative comment from the crowd might shatter their confidence for weeks on end. But the cheers and roar of the audience will always make up for it in the end.

Some feel that the trio might be musical geniuses but they are not “geniuses” in an intellectual sense. They have a huge knowledge about music it is true but on the surface, know little about everything else. A natural musical talent does not mean the three have a good intuition and they might be a bit naïve about relationships – they are not the brightest and can be swayed or flattered (about their music) to do almost anything in return. For example, the three have often been seen with Billy Boy and the Jackals and it is thought Billy Boy may have flattered Lips, Teeth and Dimples into keeping his company.

Eccentric lovers of music, Lips, Teeth and Dimples add fun and a bit of unpredictability to life in the city.


The Locos are the most powerful Tribe and are inspired by their founder, Zoot.

Zoot believed that might is right. In Tribeworld where there is a struggle for survival, the Locos, following Zoot’s example, think that only the strong will survive - if there is limited food and supplies, then grab them before someone else does.

The Locos want to take what they need from other people - whatever scarce resources are left in Tribeworld should be seized by the Locos for their own use rather than shared out with other Tribes. There is no such thing for the Locos as goodwill and co-operation to help others - for the Locos, their self-interests are more important than the greater community as a whole.

The Locos control different Sectors in the city and Zoot’s main base is at the railyards.

Many of the Locos are expert rollerbladers and the Locos also use Zoot’s police car to travel around the city quickly - or to chase down other Tribes.

They regularly patrol their grounds to protect their territory from other Tribes or people. Very few Tribes are brave enough to travel near the Locos territories for fear of reprisal by the Locos. Sometimes unwitting travelers may stray into the Locos territory by accident and will be chased out or seized by the Locos.

The Locos also use their Police Car and rollerblades for raids in other parts of the city to either grab goods and food or to attack other Tribes.

For the Locos, the use of force and exercise of power is not a sign of crazy unthinking greed - it reflects the belief system and philosophy built up by Zoot and captured in his slogan “Power and Chaos”.

Locos really believe that their way is the best way to live. There is no time for compassion for the weaker members of society. Instead Locos will often capture people and use them as slaves to clean the Loco strongholds - or some are slowly integrated into the Locos and taught the Loco way of life.

Inside the Locos there is a hierarchy. Zoot and Ebony rule supreme above everyone else. The other Locos must obey their orders and serve them. There is no democracy or voting - the leadership make all the decisions for the members. If anybody objects to a leader’s decision then they will be severely punished. There is no discussion or debate within the Locos.

In their relationships with other Tribes, the Locos have a fierce rivalry with the Demon Dogs.Other Tribes provide the Locos with goods and try to live alongside them rather than fight them.

Powerful and determined to rule over all others, the Locos have their own idea of how society in Tribeworld should be developed - according to the Locos’ own self interest, according to Zoot’s principles of “Power and Chaos”.


The Nomads are a tribe who move from place to place in the countryside.

Not all Tribes live in the cities, and the Nomads have formed from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some of them are people who lived in the countryside before the virus and after the virus preferred to stay in the countryside rather than living in the city. Others in the Nomads are people who decided to leave the city and live in the countryside for different reasons - some in search of food, others as refugees or fugitives from the city.

The varied group of people who form the Nomads are led by their leader, Troy, and his partner, Susannah.

The Nomads do not have one main base but do move around and live in a travelling band of tents, equipment, and animals. The Nomads are recognisable by their large number of ponies, horses, dogs, and farm animals that are used to help transport their goods and for things like food and fresh eggs.

From the outside, the Nomads seem to have a simple and peaceful philosophy. Unlike the Locos or Demon Dogs, they do not seem to want to take over the countryside (let alone the city) but instead just want to stay alive and be happy. They do not want power over others - just happiness amongst themselves. They carry no weapons.

Living out in the countryside and away from the stress and fight for survival in the city seems to give the Nomads a peaceful attitude. They also care about the land and the environment as that it was sustains them with food. They are an ecologically sensitive Tribe and will do what they can to protect the environment.

The Nomads grow their own food in the countryside and use excess supplies of food to trade with others and city based Tribes. In doing so, the Nomads are important because some Tribes in the city have become dependent upon the Nomads for their foodstuffs - and the Nomads are able to trade things they need in return like batteries or clothing. In their trading, Nomads have become on good terms with powerful Tribes like the Locos and Demon Dogs - the Nomads try to stay “neutral” and not interfere in any battles between Locos and Demon Dogs. All the Nomads want to do, they constantly say, is trade and return to the countryside.

If strangers or deserters from the city ask to join the Nomads, the Nomads will be seemingly hospitable and give a warm reception and encourage newcomers to stay.

However behind the seemingly peaceful and kind surface, many wonder if there actually lies secrets and a sinister side. After all, many people who meet the Nomads do not seem to return from the countryside - and there are rumours that food is not the only thing the Nomads trade with other Tribes…


The shopping mall that is the home for the Mall Rats Tribe.

Phoenix Mall is based in Sector 10, where the city borders the old suburbs, and before the virus the mall used to be a popular destination for families and people living in the suburbs to do their shopping or to meet up or have a meal.

Inside the shopping mall there is an electrical shop, music shop, two cafeterias, an antiques shop, several clothes shops, a furniture and bed centre, a pet shop, a food market and grocers area, a newspaper and magazine shop, amongst many others.

The shopping mall is named after the large Phoenix fountain and statue in the centre of the mall.

After the virus, the shopping mall was abandoned and gradually fell into disrepute. For a time, the Demon Dogs were based in the mall and enjoyed its shops which they plundered for food and drink, before leaving the mall and starting a new base in the old industrial estate section of the city.

When the Demon Dogs left, Phoenix Mall was uninhabited except by Jack, whose Father used to own the electrical shop. Jack moved into the mall and lived in the shop where he had grown up. After a chance meeting with Amber, Salene, Cloe, Patsy and Paul (and their dog Bob) as well as Lex, Zandra and Ryan, Jack accepted the newcomers into Phoenix Mall and the Tribe that formed had its home, to be joined later by Bray and Trudy.

The shopping mall offers many advantages compared to living elsewhere.The shops still have goods and important items such as beds and clothes that are obviously important.The cafeterias have cooking facilities. Perhaps most important of all, the mall offers shelter and protection from the world outside and is large enough for the Tribe to stay inside without venturing outside unless they need to.

Jack had used his technical skills to establish some security systems including some barriers at the front entrance of the mall that can be lowered to stop others entering - or leaving the mall.

However the mall is very big and in addition to the main front entrance, people can enter and exit the mall through the car park. There is also a sewer system and from there the mall itself can be accessed. These entrances need to be guarded and supervised in case other Tribes stumble upon the mall by accident - or purposely try to enter it.

Phoenix Mall has a good location, includes many valuable shops, and has made a good home for the ‘Mall Rats’.


The main vehicle used by the Locos.

In Tribeworld there are many abandoned cars and vehicles. Zoot found the Police Car and had it customised with handle bars put on to enable the Locos to hold on to the car and escort Zoot while they were on rollerboots. Zoot also had a hole cut into the roof to allow himself and Ebony to stand up on the back seats through the roof - enabling Zoot to have a good vantage point to oversee and guide the Locos.

The Police Car serves a useful purpose as the Locos patrol their territories and the city as a whole. It is fast and with it the Locos can bear down quickly on anyone they are chasing - or escape if they find themselves in a trap or against overwhelming numbers of a rival Tribe.

The Locos’ car also strikes terror into the heart of their enemies and intimidates all Tribes in general. Often people hear the distant sound of the Locos’ siren and know the Locos are around - and as the siren gets nearer and louder, it announces the Locos are moving towards a certain area. This is good to frighten off intruders who may be in a Loco heartland - or to impress Tribe leaders whom Zoot or Ebony may be travelling for a meeting.

Without adults there are no more petrol supplies.The Locos must power their Police Car by siphoning off petrol from abandoned cars and vehicles or by finding cans of petrol in old petrol stations or garages.The Locos always carry spare cans of petrol in case they need extra supplies.

In addition to being a practical vehicle for travelling around - and terrifying the city - the Locos also find riding the Police Car fun. They enjoy the lights and the siren, travelling fast, and smashing into old cars or dustbins.

The Police Car is a valued prize for the Locos and a symbol of their identity and power.


The rail yards are based in the suburbs of the city.

They used to be the central point at which all freight and passenger trains would enter the city.
Now they serve as the main base for the Locos.

Zoot chose the rail yards as they served many purposes. They were in a good location - away from the most dangerous parts of the city where the Demon Dogs were based. They were also positioned so operating from the rail yards as a central hub, the Locos could quickly move out in any direction to access any part of the city or suburbs.

The rail yards also have much equipment. There are petrol supplies left over from the old days, which the Locos use for the Police Car. There are cans of processed food and drinks machines that are valuable.

The abandoned trains themselves are excellent for shelter. They have seats inside and there are some sleeping cars with beds that the Locos use to live in.

There are also warehouses that are useful defensive buildings if the Locos are ever attacked. The Police Car is kept safely locked inside one of the warehouses.

The rail yards cover a large area and give the Locos much space. The wide spaces and vegetation that has grown up over the abandoned rail tracks are much more preferable than cramped or dirty living conditions in a part of the city.

The Locos protect their main base with great determination. If anyone strays into the rail yards they will be lucky to escape.


About a mile from the suburbs is the fast flowing Crystal River, so called due to its crystal clear water.
The river flows for about 14 miles before it reaches the ocean. After it winds its way from the suburbs, the river passes through some beautiful forests and countryside on its way to the coastline.

Before the virus, the river was popular for boating trips and the whole area was busy every weekend as people left the city and got into the countryside for some fresh air and went for walks in the vicinity.

After the virus, the river has become an important source for water. Despite the collapse of society into Tribeworld, remarkably, the river has not become polluted and it offers fresh water for drinking. This is precious - there are still supplies of bottled water in the city (as well as drinks) in abandoned warehouses and shops. But there is not much.

Some people and Tribes cannot find enough supplies to keep them going and must either trade with others - or (like the Locos) seize water and goods to keep themselves alive.

In these circumstances, some venture out from the city and suburbs and try to collect water from the river. But this can be a hazardous mission. Many rogues prowl around and wait for others to go to the river and do the hard work in bringing back bottles full of fresh water to the city - that the rogues then take and either sell or use for themselves. Due to this, if people go to the river to collect water, they rarely travel alone and will try to take companions with them for safety in numbers.

Since water is vital, many wonder if a powerful tribe - perhaps the Locos or Demon Dogs - might try to take control of the river one day. Eventually the filtered bottled water will run out, as will the canned drinks. Then the river and its water supply will become even more crucial. Unless another supply of water can be found that will meet the huge demand, if a tribe could control the river they would become very powerful as the city would depend on them for their water supplies

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Sasha is a traveler who moves from place to place on his horse and survives by making friends with other people and Tribes as he looks for a place to stay and for a better life.

A one-man band, Sasha is a charming and charismatic street performer who entertains others with his acting, acrobatic routines, song, music, puppetry, card tricks, and juggling skills. He is multi-talented and has to be to survive the rough Tribe audiences. He is rewarded for his entertainment with food, drink and shelter, as well as friendships.
Where he comes from and his origins, nobody knows. Perhaps he had a showbusiness family or background before the virus struck. He doesn`t talk about his history to others anyhow.

Self-confessed, he`s “never been the shy retiring type”. He is an out-going personality who is likely to make a joke in even the most difficult circumstances. He likes to spread happiness and laughter wherever he goes and enjoys being the centre of attention.

The attention he gets - and the many talents he has (as well as his awareness of this) can create tension among others, even jealousy. Many whom he meets feel Sasha’s constant happiness is annoying - but Sasha will tell them to cheer up and it`s better to he happy than miserable and critical.

Sasha does care about others. But he cannot change who he is. He loves entertainment, plays the flute and drums, but can make music from just about anything. Sasha-Heaven is a music shop. Sasha is always recognisable by his many musical and entertainment possessions that go wherever he goes - instruments, cards, juggling items.

He finds it hard to settle down. A life entertaining on the road is how he likes it. Where he’s going, even he doesn`t know. He will follow the passing sunsets into the dawn of a new day hoping to find a better place and way of life.

But if he found a really special place - or person - Sasha feels he would be happy to give up his travelling days and stay in one place.

The entertainment road is not without hardship and heartache. As a traveler, Sasha meets all sorts - Demon Dogs, Locos, slave traders, even a tribe in a shopping mall.

Sasha is optimistic about the future - for himself and others - but where that future might lead is another story.


A high-ranked member of the Locos. Spike was one of the earlier followers of Zoot and has risen to prominence in the Locos due to his loyalty and daring.

He is much like a Sergeant Major figure in the Locos and acts on orders from Ebony, Spike in turn directing the activities of the Locos` rank and file members on their various missions and movements throughout Tribeworld.
Spike is also responsible for discipline in the Locos - he is quick to crack down on any Locos who display cowardice or who fail on their missions. He closely monitors what members of the Locos are saying - and if any object or counter the goals or direction of the leadership, they will be punished by Spike himself - or he will report serious cases to Ebony.

Respected and deferred to inside the Locos, Spike is feared and reviled outside the Locos. Many times Spike can be seen riding on the Locos` police car or rollerbooting around the city protecting Loco territory or chasing after Demon Dogs and other Tribes.

Spike is not the most intelligent - he is not academic or a great thinker but makes up for this with his brute physical strength, courage, and sheer determination. If something needs to be done, Spike will stop at nothing until the goal is achieved.

Despite loyalty to Zoot, Spike has his own ambitions and desires himself, and has secret hopes of displacing Ebony and becoming leader of the Locos. Spike genuinely feels deep down that he would be a better leader than Ebony, but he knows he must be careful - and must bide his time.


Susannah is the partner of Troy, leader of the Nomad Tribe.

Like Troy, Susannah seems to be very friendly and kind. She appears to be a gentle soul who looks after those who are close to her - as well as complete strangers who may need help.

Susannah is an earth mother figure - if anybody has any problems or wants to talk about something, Susannah will readily accept and sit down to talk. She is happy to offer wisdom and advice to those who ask for it. Younger Nomads love to hear her stories and play games with her.

In this way, Susannah is closer to the rest of the Nomad Tribes than Troy. As leader, Troy keeps a bit of distance between himself and the others. Susannah is more likely to know everyone`s personality and history, as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Susannah and Troy are partners. In one sense, Susannah is deputy-leader of the Nomads. She will sometimes follow up on Troy`s orders to make sure they are carried out by the others. She will also handle negotiations and trade agreements with city based Tribes. If Troy is ill or away somewhere, Susannah is in charge of the Nomads.

When Troy loses his temper and reveals a fiery and aggressive personality, Susannah keeps calm and rational. She is determined and firm and will not become angry. She is always calm and will try to keep Troy stable and relaxed, and assures strangers that Troy`s occasional outbursts are nothing to worry about.

Is Susannah really an “earth mother” figure? On the surface, she is proud of the Nomads philosophy of co-operation and says “Give what you have and it always comes back”. But what exactly do the Nomads trade?

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  • Sector 1 -

  • Sector 2 - Demon Dogs’ Casino

  • Sector 3 - Chosen Base

  • Sector 4 -

  • Sector 5 -

  • Sector 6 - ‘Loopy Sector’ according to Dee and Lex. The sector where the school of Martin,Bray,Trudy and Ebony was located.

  • Sector 7 - start of the cleaning system.

  • Sector 8 - The Wrecking Crew’s home (Patch’s tribe)

  • Sector 9 -Train Yard. Locos’ territory. Horton Bailey Hotel (Ebony’s HQ). Technos’ Stadium. Tribemaster is said to live there.

  • Sector 10 - Centre City Plaza, The Docks, Tunnel Hill, Technos’ Research Center. This sector is located west of sector 9.

  • Sector 11 -

  • Sector 12 - Home to Lex, Glenn, Zandra when the virus first hit (1×01). Demon Dog territory.

  • Sector 13 - rumored to be where the Chosen lived

  • Sector 14 -

  • Sector 15 - Group 9 Hospital (Dal’s father’s surgery) (1×05)

Source: TribeHeaven + The Tribe: ®Evolution book