Trust in me (FOR ZWENJA | 2018)

Trust in me…

Her mother always told her, if you love someone, you have to let them go, but… it was harder then she anticipated.

Java sighed as she looked at the adorable blond fast asleep in the bed in front of her, exhausted from the day she had, and trying her best to remember who she was.
Though Java normally hated the color, the pink ribbon tied around the girls neck seemed to emphasize her beauty.

Java’s hands caressed her soft neck for a second as she stroked the sleeping girl’s hair.

It had barely been a week since she came back into her life again, and if it had been up to her sisters, she never would have gotten the chance to even get to know the real Ellie.

Sure, Ellie was technically a Mallrat, the enemy, but she had something those other rats lacked.

A spirit as fiery as her own, unable to be broken… and the will to do what was necessary to get what she wanted, all others be damned.

She didn’t even hold the attempted assassination of her sister Ebony against her, cause to be fair, she had dreamed of doing exactly that from the moment her youngest sister was born.
And Ellie had attempted just that, with a passionate hate that you rarely saw anymore these days.

No, Java did not just see the naive little girl that Siva claimed Ellie was, she saw a woman, strong, beautiful, and willing to go the distance to fight for what she believed in.

Convincing her stubborn and ignorant little sister that is was Zoot’s will to use her instead of deleting the girl, had been slightly harder then anticipated.

Because, for obvious reasons, Ebony’s heart was filed with nothing but hate for the girl who tried to kill her.

Getting Ellie out of the city safely after the attempted murder had been rather easy, although… owing Jay a favor was never a good thing ofcourse.

But now that she was here again, the only way she could persuade Ebony not to kill her immediately, was with the promise she would do that when Ellie regained her memories, making it seem like a much better revenge to Ebony, and with that she managed to buy herself some time.
Time in which she hoped to win her over, to make her hers…`

Slowly Java wiped a lock of hair from Ellie’s face, softly whispering a song from her favorite childhood movie in her ears, for hopes that Ellie would trust her.

If it worked for Kaa to get Mowgli to trust the snake, who knows, maybe it would work for Ellie to trust her aswel…

Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes, trust in me
You can sleep safe and sound
Knowing I am around

Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly and surely your senses
Will cease to resist

Just relax, be at rest
Like a bird in a nest
Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me

For a moment Java was happy, relaxed even, sure it would all work out, and that for once, her story would have a happy ending.

But unfortunately, things never went the way she wanted them to go.

Time had never been her friend, and it was time that was now running out before she had to make a decision.
Mega’s ultimatum, Siva’s suspicion… it made things harder.

There was no way she could keep Ellie safely there as her own, and keep Mega happy at the same time. And she did need him happy.

She needed him to trust her… and fear her…

There was only one thing to do, and for that, she would need to give up the one she was so fond of…

With pain in her heart, Java tried to remind Ellie of Jack, and the love they once shared.

It wasn’t easy, which pleased Java, obviously Ellie’s amnesia had improved her taste severely, who knew, maybe someday, that taste would be her.
Java shrugged, she should not think that way, it wasn’t meant to be.

Love wasn’t in the stars for her, it never had been.

Power… that was what she needed more then love, and power, she would have…

After a little while, Ellie started to trust her, to believe and slowly remember the love she once shared with Jack.

And Java had to pretend she was actually happy for her.

Luckily she was a master at faking happiness, afterall, she had been doing so for most of her life.

The moment came when she had to drop Ellie off, a moment she dreaded more then anything she had ever dreaded before.

She hesitated for a moment, but decided to give Ellie the bag anyways, and she knew there was no way her life could ever become as she wanted.

She watched from the distance as Ellie entered the Mall, back to the life she once had, yet armed and dangerous without knowing it.

All she could do now was hope, hope that Ellie would do as she told her, and tell Jack who dropped her off.
Surely Jack was smart enough to figure it out, be the hero and save the day… afterall, if even Mega was scared of the way Jack’s brain could figure things out, he had to be smart enough to realize that Java being the one to drop Ellie of, couldn’t be good.

And like her, he loved Ellie dearly… so with luck, he would keep her safe.

If not… well… then atleast she would not have to watch that dear sweet girl live with another for the rest of her life.

As Mega came bursting in, there was a short moment in which Java thought that maybe he was right, maybe she should abort this fools mission.

But she couldn’t, showing weakness towards Mega was simply not an option, just as it had never been an option with Zoot.

Here goes nothing… she thought as she pushed the button to detonate the bomb…




Thank you secret Santa :santa: I love it…but explosion? :flushed: A bomb? What’s Java doing?! I really like the insight of the tough girl showing that it’s only her outer shell!