Under the Mistletoe

It was Christmas time in the mall and a festive spirit was spreading among its occupants. They had only been back at the mall for a few months after spending almost a year in exile because of the virus. But they were back now, and were going to make the most out of this Christmas.
Someone that really had gotten in to the Christmas spirit was Brady. She had been told about the big red man that came bringing presents and were ecstatic. She had spent the last two weeks telling everyone about Santa and how he would bring her present. Although the older ones in the tribe appreciated her enthusiasm, they were getting a bit tired of her constant talk about Santa. It was Christmas Eve and Brady had decided that KC needed to learn about Santa and had been clinging to his side most of the morning.
‘And then Santa comes down the chimney and leaves me a present,’ Brady said looking amazed at KC. The older boy just nodded as they walked towards the cafe, it was the fifth time she had told him that today alone. Suddenly Brady stopped and looked up at him with tears in her eyes.
‘We don’t have a chimney, how will Santa leave me presents?’ she asked with tears in her eyes. KC started to panic when Brady started to cry, he wasn’t that good of dealing with crying children.
‘Um,?’ he started before he spotted Jack coming down the stairs. ‘Jack!’ he called and waited until the older boy came over to them.
‘What’s up? Brady what’s the matter?’ he asked when he noticed that she was crying.
‘We don’t have a chimney,’ she said sobbing. Jack looked bewildered at first before he caught what Brady was meaning.
‘You’re worried that Santa won’t come?’ he said crouching down in front of her. Brady nodded and looked hopefully on him.
‘You know what, Santa knows that and he will find another way in to bring you your presents,’ he said wiping her tears away before taking her hand.
‘I think your mum needs your help in the cafe,’ he said. Brady had forgotten everything about her mission to teach KC everything about Santa and was skipping along chatting happily to Jack. In the cafe Trudy was busy making Christmas cookies.
‘I found a helper for you Trudy,’ Jack said to announce their presence. Trudy turned around and gave them a big smile.
‘That’s great I could use your help with these cookies’, she said looking at her daughter.

It was late when the peace finally have settled over the mall, but everything was finally ready the cookies were finished, the tree was decorated, presents was wrapped and waited under the tree. Most people had gone to bed. KC was however still awake twisting and turning in his bed. He finally gave up and got up again. He thought that a cup of tea might help him sleep. On his way to the cafe he saw a lone person by the Christmas tree and change direction. It was Patsy.
'Hi, ’ KC said and sat down next to her. Patsy looked up startled; she hadn’t expected anyone to be there, not at that time of night.
‘Oh, hi KC’ she said with a soft smile. She studied him, wondering what he was doing here.
‘You couldn’t sleep either?’ she asked. KC nodded and looked at her.
‘I just kept thinking of everything we have lost,’ he said with sadness in his eyes.
‘Me too, it feels so strange to celebrate after all we have been through’ she said. For a while nothing more was said, both were lost in their own thoughts of the past. It was KC who in the end broke the silence.
‘Why are there cookies by tree?’ he asked.
‘Brady put them there it’s for Santa. Lex put told her to leave him cookies, I guess he was going to eat them himself’ Patsy said with a laugh. She went over and picked up the plate and offered KC a cookie. Once again they sat in silence, each eating a Christmas cookie. Suddenly looked KC looked up in the ceiling.
‘Have you seen what we are sitting under?’ he asked. Patsy shook her head and looked at him.
‘Mistletoe’ he said with a grin. Patsy just grinned at him before she kissed him. Startled he returned her kiss and suddenly they were in his room kissing and taking each other clothes off.

KC woke up early next morning next to Patsy, at first he wasn’t sure why she was sleeping in his bed, but soon the memories of last night came flooding back. Their kiss under the mistletoe and how they later had made love to each other. He felt so happy, he had had a crush on Patsy for a long time and he couldn’t think of a better present for Christmas. Patsy started to wake up and was met by KC?s big smile.
‘Good morning sweetheart,’ he said and received a smile back from Patsy.
‘Morning,’ she said giving him a gentle kiss. For while the just laid there cuddling. Suddenly an ecstatic cry could be heard in the whole mall.
‘SANTA HAS BEEN HERE!’ Brady could be heard screaming. Patsy and KC looked at each other and smiled.
‘Merry Christmas!’ KC said and gave her another kiss.