Well They Stay Together As A Tribe

Well the tribe stay together when the lies come out, the affairs start and troubles start all over again. This is after season 5 story and I hope that you sit back and enjoy it all.
I write who in the tribe in chapter one and then go on from there.

Chapter 1

It had been 2 years since they left the city and 2 years since they had return to city once they know that Mega virus was not real after all.
Amber and Bray are married plus they had Bray Jr and little girl called Solaris after Amber’s sister who went missing while the virus was first started out.
Slade and Ebony are together again.
Ruby had Slade’s child which was a girl who she called Kate after her sister who died after joining the Mozzies.
Jack and Ellie are married and Ellie is pregnant with her first child.
Lex and Tai-san are together again and Tai-san was pregnant with her second child but they had son called Jing-sheng which meant City born in Chinese but they call him Jing for short.
Lottie and Sammy are together but no children as yet.
Patsy and KC are together and are to marry soon.
Trudy find out she pregnant by Jay and when Jay died in the fight it broke her heart in two and she called her son JJ after Jay plus Trudy had Brady who was now 7 years old.
Alice is married new guy called Flame. Alice has twins called Ella and Rose.
Salene and May are together plus they plan to marry at the some time as Patsy and KC.
Ryan is back but he is single.
Cloe and Ved are together now and have twins called Ruairi and Cireann.

In chapter 2 i will start the story

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What I will be writing from now on will be hard subject so please now you been warned about it.
You have guess who I am talking to in this chapter.


He never been the some since his brother died and he couldn’t get over the fact that he couldn’t protect or save his brother. Even his daughter being born couldn’t stop his temper and it just got worse and worse as 2 years passed. She couldn’t reach him anymore when he was in temper and smashing things up, she didn’t know how many times she had clean up their room or hide the bruises so the rest of the tribe couldn’t see what was happening to her. She couldn’t get understand why he did it when she loved him so much and had taken him. She couldn’t do anything right anymore. The breakfast was to cold or to hot, the dinner was never ready when he wanted it, that she wouldn’t have sex when he wanted it or she was just stupid, she didn’t know how he would react to a situations that happened in the tribe or the mall or even outside and finally she is scared when he is angry because she can’t predict what his behaviour would be.

She rises early that morning like she always does so that she could get to the mall cafe before he wake up and the rest of the tribe could get there. Yet again he had hit her hard and she had cut plus bruise coming up on her face. She couldn’t stand anyone asking her any questions as everything though of her as warrior queen and not easy to push round. She makes him some toast, eggs and beans plus got him glass of orange that she knows he likes and she walks back to their room was was on top floor of the mall and at the far back end were people couldn’t see them and so he could keep his control over her without being question.

“Where have you been?” he said.
“Making you some breakfast” she said.
“Your late as normal” he said.
“Please I was up early so I could get it all done” she said.
“You answering me back?” he said.
“No” she said.
“What is with that tone of voice?” he said.
“I am sorry” she said.
“I just bet you are” he said as he stands up slowly from the bed.
She backs up against the wall with the breakfast tray still in her hands. “Please I am sorry” she said.
He walks slowly towards her and when he gets to her that he grabs the tray and sends it flying though the air then as it hit the wall that it makes a very loud noise which makes her shake as she looks from the wall back to him.
“Please I am sorry” she said.
“To late” he added.
“No please” she said.

It was to late and he grabs her by the hair and smacks her head against the wall so hard that she was seeing stars before he throw her to the ground.
“Clear this shit up or else” he said before hitting her round the face. “Your lucky to have me” he added as he storms out the room and grabs some clothes as he does.

She slowly watched as he storms out the room before slowly getting to her feet and sits down on the bed where she rises a hand to her head and finds some blood on her fingers, slowly the tears fall and she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She gets down on her knees slowly as she starts to clean up but the tears fall faster down her face as she sees her life is mess.