What Are You Looking Forward To?

Well I know I’m looking forward to the LONG-awaited release of my first studio album - “rituale ab impius maxima”. We’re shootin for Halloween, 2019 and if you’re reading this then you are among the first to know! Also very excited to come out with more TT tribute material this year. Hoping to do another (maybe better) video by the end of the year and get a few open mics lined up!


I am looking forward to keeping the dream alive here. Hello everyone. :slight_smile:

I am throughly excited to see my best friends tomorrow who I last saw on the 4th of May. We are going to a gin & rum festival. I hope to get very merry, and enjoy my time with my dear friends. I love life!!!


Gin and Rum festival. That sounds like a fun time.

Welcome to TR! Make yourself at home.

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