Who wore this piece of jewelry?

Can you guess who wore this piece of jewelry?

I have no idea lol Ellie?

Good guess! Yes it was Ellie

Amber? on her time as Eagle !?

Jet, I think she was called that

It wasn’t Amber as Eagle, no.

KTDA got it right, it was Jet.

I think it was Bray…

That is right…

Sorry i just realised its my turn

Easy one i think

Zandra ???..

Yes and salene wore them as well… I would love a pair like it

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here the new one:

… Uhm is it May?

wow that was fast

Ohh :smiley: Yeah it just really felt like a May kind of thing to wear :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm I think it was Trudy…

Yeah it was Trudy who wore it :slight_smile: