Zoot's Story

Zoot’s Story
the making of Zoot’s second coming

What happened on the day that Zoot died was more then just out of hand it was down right crazy. The fight between Lex and Bray, Zoot stepping in and then falling over the railing. When Bray and Faith inspected him, they thought he was dead, he had no pulse, or at least not one that they could find. He wasn’t breathing either and if he was, it was so light that no one could register that he was. So, they wrapped him up in that sheet and put him in a shopping cart, taking him to the cemetery. Before they could get there though, they discovered that the cemetery had been over ran by a rival Tribe, The Demon Dogs. Dal told Faith and Bray that the beach was nearby and they could send him out to sea. Bray liked that idea and told Trudy, Dal, and Jack to return to the city, that it would be quicker and they were less likely to be caught of just he and Faith went. At first the others refused but then finally, reluctantly they left them and returned to the Mall, never knowing what was about to transpire.

When Faith and Bray arrived at the beach the stood there for a little while and just looked at everything. Looking at the ocean, occasionally looking at Zoot. For he hadn’t always been Zoot to them, he was once Martin, he was Bray’s little brother. At one point in time, Faith had thought that maybe they should have let Trudy come with them, he was, after all, the father of her baby. But she shook that thought out of her head, knowing that the safest place for Trudy to be was to be with her daughter, back at the mall. Bray had found a boat and some gasoline and had decided that they would put Martin in the boat and then set it on fire, pushing it out to sea. Luckily he had found a motor, after discovering that if they didn’t have one the boat would just come back to shore, he couldn’t have that. So Faith and Bray gathered any kind of dry brush, leaves, sticks, they could find to put in the boat, once they did that they laid Martin’s body inside the boat. Neither of them moved for a little while, just looking at the body. Slowly, Bray reached out and gently pulled the cloth from around Martin’s face so he could look at him. He looked so peaceful, it brought tears to his eyes as he looked at him, he had failed his parents. He hadn’t taken cafe of his brother, nor his sister. But then as if someone had been reading Bray’s thoughts Martin took a gasp of air and started fighting to breath. Faith was taken a back, not quite sure what to do so she began loosening the cloth that wrapped his body, hopefully making it easier for him to breath. Bray began talking to him, trying to get him to come back to them.

They sat there on the beach with Martin for what seemed like days, it was really only a few hours. But everything to go slowly. They were able to get him to drink some water, but he never fully regained consciousness. Both Bray and Faith knew that they could not bring him back to the Mall, they were likely to finish him off if they did. And the Loco’s, could they take him to the Loco’s? No, they could not. He couldn’t go back to the city. So, they took him to a couple towns over. Nothing big, just with a few Tribes and what not. When they got there a Tribe decided that they would take him in. Nurse him back to health and possibly keep him as their own. Faith and Bray stayed with Martin for a full day after he woke up, making sure that he was okay. He wasn’t Zoot anymore, or so that’s the way it seemed, he was Martin again, not remembering any of his life as Zoot. Bray was relieved for that. He didn’t even really remember Bray to be honest. The two Mallrats left and went back to the Mall 4 days after their journey began. They did not tell anyone what had happened and nobody knew the wiser that Zoot was still alive a few cities over.

5 months later Martin is found by an old friend and fellow Loco of his, Jaffa. He tried to talk to him about what had happened with the Loco’s and Ebony, but Martin didn’t remember so he was very confused, but Jaffa didn’t budge, he didn’t’ t waver in his need to make him remember. So he stayed there with him for a long while, everyday telling him things that had happened, showing him pictures, then finally one day Martin remembered, he remember Bray, his brother. He remembered everything. He couldn’t just, go back though, could he? No, he had to toy with them, make them all suffer. Jaffa and Zoot worked for a while, trying to devise the perfect plan, that’s when they created The Chosen. It was Jaffa’s brainchild really, but Zoot was at the head of it, calling all the shots. Zoot stayed with his tribe until it was time to take the child. So he left his tribe one night, dressed in black jeans, a black shirt and a black cloak. He stalked the Mallrats for a few days before he was able to make his move, that stupid Trudy and Bray letting that little girl watch Brady, that was the biggest mistake they ever made and Zoot was able to snatch her in a moment and bring her back to The Guardian. He only stayed with the child for a little while before he left again, going back to his Tribe as if nothing had happened. He let The Chosen do their job and sure enough, they ended up with Trudy at their feet as well, all thanks to Ebony. Though, that kind of angered Zoot. He’d get her back for that, that was for sure.

The Chosen wreaked havoc on the City when they finally invaded, taking hostage most of the Mallrats, sending the others to work in the mines. The Guardian and the Supreme Mother did a magnificent job, though, Trudy NEVER knew that Zoot was still alive, that he was behind it all, she just always assumed it was Jaffa. Only Jaffa. The Chosen ruled the city for a while but unfortunately Jaffa became strayed from his vision. He went a different way with things and when Zoot refused to see him, to come to them all like he had promised, he went crazy and tried to blow up the mall and the Mallrats right along with him. The Rebels, fortunately were able to save everyone, though that didn’t necessarily make Zoot happy. He heard through the grapevine that The Guardian was locked up for his crimes but never tried and somehow managed to escape them.

Zoot knew what he had to do, he had to find him again. And that’s what he went about doing, he went on a mission, it took him a long time to finally find Jaffa but he did and he took him with him. He was still slightly, crazy, even if he had said he was only acting, Zoot didn’t buy it. The two of them began working again side by side, but this time out in the hills, near the city they had a compound, which leads them to today.

Zoot decided he needed to go back into the city, first he found Trudy, she was the first, he followed her all day and then finally made his presence known to her. Next, it was Bray, it got a little more physical then it should have, but he made it clear that he would pay. Then, it was Ebony. Lex came and ruined it the first time, but Zoot got her back alright, he’s currently got her locked up in a room at his compound, having tortured and done other things to her, he’s not quite finished with her. Ram and Zoot’s plans to kidnap Trudy and Brady have finally come to play and it was a success. What will happen though, now that Zoot and The Guardian have the Supreme Mother and the Divine Child. Will The Chosen come back to the City, or will it be much more sinister than that?