A Beginning - Roleplay


The Tribe

A Beginning

May 5th 2018

All the adults have now perished to this horrifying virus and the children are alone in the world. With electricity barely working and the wifi gone, everyone is trapped in their own bubbles. This perspective of their now tragical life takes place in a small country town. No more than 1000 lived there before the virus. Now only around 50 children left.

In this town there are limited shops. A small clothes shop, a hairdressers, a bar, a post office, and a small grocery store all beside each other. There is also a small gas station on the outskirts of town. A playground only 5 minutes walk from that and a primary school opposite. The highschool on the other side of town. Near the town run spaced out houses all having acres of land and farm animals habitating some.




The closest city is a day’s walk if no rest is taken. This country town is quiet and peaceful for the time being, compared to the chaos and destruction in the city that started as the adults started dying.

It’s survival time. Now everyone scared for their safety and their ability to sustain their own life the children have all agreed to have a meeting at the highschool to discuss their current situations and what boundaries need to be put in place. Is everyone willing to work together or is it their world now?

Upon joining, please make your first post on this thread your EXTENDED PROFILE

FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc):
PLAY-BY (your username here):


As the role play progresses things like living situation or children can be added in later.


  1. Everyone is allowed to have up to two characters to begin with. These characters can be related or not.

    If you’re playing as more than one character these characters cannot date.

    You’re allowed to have non-verbal character that are mentioned. ((eg: young sibling))

    After three months of being in this roleplay if you so wish to make a non-verbal character verbal or add in another character you can.

    Each verbal character must have an EXTENDED PROFILE post

  2. If you decide to take a break or stop posting for a while that is fine. Just make sure you give notice me notice and if you can try and give your character an excuse for being out of the roleplay.

  3. Please write all of your posts in first person and make it clear when you’re speaking out of character

    If you want to make a flashback post make sure that’s obvious too by putting a date of when this flashback occurs.

  4. Please be respectful of other people’s roleplay decisions. If they have done some sort of action ((eg: thrown an egg at you and hit your stomach)) don’t act like it didn’t happen ((eg: saying that the egg missed))

    In saying this there is no killing off characters or out of context drastic actions without both people consenting that to be okay.

  5. A character cannot be magically pregnant. There has to be the necessary well… activities in place for a pregnancy to occur

    The only time a character can be pregnant is at the start of the roleplay as character backgrounds can be built up

    If a character is pregnant make sure it’s for the appropriate amount of time ((if this does happen discuss with me on the time)).

  6. This is just a roleplay so have fun! If there are any concerns or disagreements message me about it
    What happens in roleplay, stays in roleplay so no bring character disputes out into reality.


DATE OF BIRTH: 14.8.2001
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Fenella (Sister 2 months old) Monty (Cousin 17 years old ) Lola (Cousin 8 years old)
HAIR COLOR: Brown with blue tips
PLAY-BY (your username here): Eagle

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: A night out with friends, a good movie, scented candles.
TALENTS: flexible (did gymnastics for 7 years). Amazing nail polish artist.
HABITS: Curling hair strand with finger, pacing
SECRET(S): Has a load of petrol stashed in cellar
DISLIKES: The cold, school, her cousin Monty.
FEARS: Spiders, Fenella’s and her safety
STRENGTHS: cooking, nail art, her ability to look after others, farm work
WEAKNESSES: Her inability to handle conflict, her shyness.
PERSONALITY: Sabrina is a timid girl, and humble girl. Even though this is true she has always been a popular girl. She’s always the protector in her own special way as loud and assertive is something she isn’t usually.

Sabrina was born in the city and lived there until she was six years old after her parents decided to pack it all in to live a quiet life and bought a farm in a small country town, a true dream for both her parents.

During Sabrina’s childhood she loved helping her parents out on the farm. The cows were her favourite. The way they smelt and how cute she thought they were. When she was ten her parents bought her a cow for her birthday. Sabrina cherished that cow and gave all her heart and time to it. One day about two years later she was in the city doing her gymnastics class her cow fell gravely ill and when Sabrina returned that night, the cow had passed away. After that Sabrina never went to gymnastics again. She resented doing farm work and outright refused to for many years. It was only a few months before the virus was she starting to help out on the farm again.

Sabrina only ever really enjoyed primary school for one thing, socialising. Even when she was a small child she was always a popular person. Just her presence and her overall sweetness attracted everyone to her even though she never had much to say. She yearned to be in social groups. At first it was because she felt lonely as an only child but she got used to that. She just enjoys the company of others.

Sabrina had pleaded her parents for a sibling most of her life. Asking for one for Christmas and Birthdays. She stopped asking when she got to around ten years old. It wasn’t until she was nearly 16 that her parents sat her down one day and told her the news that she was going to be a big sister. Overjoyed didn’t go far enough to describe how Sabrina was feeling in that moment. This pure joy continued until news about the virus started to become serious and feared for her parents safety. When it had been decided that the adults would be isolated from the children for their protection Sabrina got taught by her mother and father to essentially be a mother to her baby sister. Fenella was only 5 weeks old when Sabrina’s mother and father left and Sabrina has been struggling and worrying ever since.


(so interested will post Bio asap)


received_10214317765950338 ! received_10214324032106988

BIRTH NAME: Shion Izunia prefers to be called “Zero”
AGE: 16
FAMILY: only child
HAIR COLOR: naturally black
EYE COLOR: Dark brown
Playby @Brady-Lu

PERSONAL FAVORITES: manga, comics, Takoyaki and cheese burgers, selfies
TALENTS: Can play guitar, bilingual in Japanese and English ( mind you If it comes up player is not so Google translate :p) , computer savvy was a self proclaimed hacker
HABITS: nose picking, being nosey in others business, loud, can be aloof and rude at times, hardly sleeps, smoking
IN BAG: a lighter, rolled cigarettes, packets of ramen, a caculater, water bottle, switch blade and a aluminum bat stickingbout

PERSONALITY: Childish, immature, often comes off as someone you question is on something though annoying seems mostly harmless like this is just a really happy person but can also quite cruel towards others but also has moments of complete spaceyness

BACKGROUND: Zero was always an odd one in school mostly keeping to himself or going with the flow he was never one for sports and before the virus was obessesd with video games and being online

Now he roams the city in search of something dear to him


I’m going to wait until a few more people write a bio to start if that’s okay? :slight_smile:


It’s all good :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


CHARACTERS BIRTH NAME: Genesis Noelle Alexander
PREFERED NAME: Genesis or GiGi
DATE OF BIRTH: 22 Dec 2001
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Everyone is deceased
HAIR COLOR: Brownish-Red
EYE COLOR: Hazel Brown
PLAY-BY (your username here): @flamekeeper

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Tea, painting, gardening, nature, rain, pizza, and reading
TALENTS: She’s quite lithe and flexible.
HABITS: Rolling eyes, sarcasm, being guarded
SECRET(S): Are hers to tell or not tell
DISLIKES: people who trample her garden, being bossed around, liars, the smell of syrup
FEARS: Being alone, heights
STRENGTHS: Excellent memory, pays attention to details, intuitive
WEAKNESSES: can be too guarded, stubborn to change
–Not Trusting
-Not shy, but definitely guarded
-Underneath the surface there’s a lot going on emotionally but she wears a good mask, unless she’s mad. You’ll definitely know when she’s pissed.


Genesis grew up in a single-mother household. Her mother had her young and then became that one spinster relative everyone whispers about. It’s Genesis’ fear she’ll become her mother as she spends more time with nature than she does with anyone else. She doesn’t even know how to be sexy. It only worries her some that she may never marry now that the world has gone to pot. She’s had a couple good times. She’s a free spirit who doesn’t like to be controlled. She can conform to some things but only if she’s not asked to change who she is.

Skills: Horticulture is her strong point. She can defend herself, but she’ll never be the strongest fighter. Since the virus she’s been studying up on plants in relation to medicinal uses for healing and hygiene.


Okay would you guys want to start the roleplay now or wait for more people?



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I will start the roleplay on Wednesday :slight_smile:


OCC: I am so sorry that I didn’t start yesterday. I lost my internet and I’ve just gotten it back. I’ll start the role play later as it is 1am for me. Thank you guys for being patient


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OCC; Hey I have finally been able to get on my computer again! I’m going to write out the beginning post <3


Meeting Time

The sun is high in the sky as it is nearing midday, the agreed time of the meeting to begin as there are several things to discuss and several hours left in the day.

People go from house to house, gathering friends and other who might not have the ability to tell time

Everyone is coming to the meeting. It is nearly time.



I pick up Fenella. Even now when she cries I fear that I’ll do something wrong. She’s so little and fragile. I bounce her in a steady motion as I prepare her bottle.

I’m going to be late if I don’t hurry up. I hurry around looking for things I’ll need. Gosh I’m so messy . I try to find a spare change of clothes and nappies for Fenella. I walk into my room. “Ahah!” . Found the nappies. I place Fenella in a carrier and get her bottle from the inside the pot I was preparing it in. I open the lid of the bottle and test the warmth. "Perfect"

I pick Fenella up and start feeding her. Glancing towards the clock I bite my lip and look down at Fenella. “Guess I’m going to carry you to town” . I grab Fenella’s blanket and swaddle her in it, put on my bag and start walking.

I know it’s going take me at least 20 minutes to walk to the school so I have a speedy pace as the meeting will start in 15 and I really don’t like being late.



The crowd is growing thick at the school leaving me standing with armscrossed against a wall at the back of the room. I’ve never been a fan of crowds and this one is no exception. I am always the first or one of the firsts to arrive and closest to the exit to be the first to go.

So far I don’t recognize anyone I’m friendly with and keep my eyes focused towards the front.

‘I wonder how long this is going to take?’ The space beside me fills in and the voice I recognize from years of hearing it almost daily. Our mothers were friends. I tense but otherwise try not to react. Instead I just shrug. Ugh why is he here? I think silently. He could at least stand somewhere else. We decided on space. He doesn’t know what space means, apparently.

I look around again for a familiar face. Any excuse to leave his side.



I burst into the school hall with a surprisingly loud thud. Silence instantly falls on the people inside and I can feel my face turning red as people resume their loud chatter.

All I want to do is try and find one of my friends. Why did I have to burst in like that?!

I scan the crowded room for one of my friends. Looking deeper and deeper into the crowd. Where are they?. After 20 seconds of standing in the doorway someone enters the hall knocking me forward. With luck I fell into another person who gave me a death stare, looked at Fenella in my arms, then shook their head and turned back to their friends. Embarrassed and frazzled I start feeling anxious. Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder and it’s the guy who knocked me. With concern on their face they ask me if I and the baby are okay. I nod. “It’s okay. No harm was done” . As he walks away I am bemused by who he is. Just the most popular guy in the school. I didn’t think he actually payed attention to anything else but himself.

I have no luck finding my friends so I lean against the back wall, looking down to see Fenella still fast asleep. When I look up, just to my luck I see Genesis standing only a few people away. I make my way towards her.



My company is unwanted and he’s really grating on my nerves. He is trying hard to make conversation, but I keep giving him one word answers, keeping the wall up between us. Finally, I see Sabrina in my peripheral and meet her halfway.

“Thank gods you’re here!” I really hated to be alone in a crowd.



"I’m so sorry I’m late" I said to Genesis. I started to explain why I was late.

I look down at Fenella falling asleep. I don’t understand how she could even do that in this noise.

I finish what I’m saying. "So how have you been doing Genesis? Honestly."