A Beginning - Roleplay


“You ought to be,” I huffed in fake anger before flashing her a smile. I can’t imagine having to take care of Fenella, she’s so small and helpless.

I contemplate what answer she’s looking for. On one hand I’m as good as anyone in this new world, on the other hand I’m as miserable as anyone in this new world. “Honestly? I’m bored to death, but I spend all day with my plants, so ya know?” I shrug.

“And you?” I wonder. “I hope Fenella’s not being too much to handle.”



I look at Genesis and smile. I think I’m quite lucky with her. She’s a pretty easy baby. Still some nights I barely get any sleep but that’s not always her fault. I just get worried for her.

I pause for a moment. I’ve been so lonely but I don’t want to lead on. Oh how good it would be if some of us were to live together. Just for the company. That’s if we all get along. Maybe I should bring it up in this meeting. I want to but what if they think it’s a stupid idea and start arguing. No I’m just going to stay quiet.

I continue speaking. "Yeah it can be a bit boring sometimes. Since there isn’t such thing as school or even work anymore what else is there for us to do? You know what. I think it would be fun to do some sort of day trip. Just going and exploring. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had much reason to before as I have always been busy or thought it wouldn’t be important but now there’s really not much to do…I dunno."



I’m a people watcher, so I’m pretty good at reading in between the lines. Sabrina is as miserable as I am, I’m sure. It’s very easy to get bored in this world, and here we thought the adults made it that way.

“That’s not a bad idea, things are getting rough out there.” As much as I like my space, I hate being lonely and I think some of us living together would increase our chances at survival. But I’m not going to be the one to bring it up in the meeting either.

“A day trip?” I look at her with confusion. “Like to where?” What was there left to see?

I start thinking about the places I’d always wanted to go. No place we could get to in a day that didn’t involve sailing or flying.

“If you say the zoo, I will pinch you,” I say half jokingly.



I start to think of places we could go. The thing is I know that I could just wonder in a random direction and I would find that an adventure. I want to suggest something like that to Genesis but she might find it a bit odd


Just as I’m about to answer, a high pitched whistle beckons around the hall. The guy that bumped into me before is standing out the front with all of his friends. He then shouts oi to get the remainder of people speaking’s attention. Silence falls. Jeez he’s better than a teacher getting kid’s attention.

He clears his throat.



I’m waiting expectantly on Sabrina’s suggestion, watching Fenella settle into slumber, when a shrill whistle calls me to attention. I turn my head towards the front as silence befalls the room.

“Hmph,” I murmur seeing who is front and center. I wonder what Mr. Popularity has to say.


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The guy starts speaking.

“Hello everyone. My name is Corin”

The hall erupts in laughter and people pointing out how obvious it is that they know his name. I just stand there with a slight grin as I had no idea. I think to myself how silly that is because I know he’s the most popular kid in the school.

Corin beckons for the hall to be quiet again.

“Now I know it’s up my self but my friends and I made the decision that I should try and coodinate this meeting. I will let everyone have a fair go at speaking and telling me what you think should happen in our future…”

A girl near the front speaks up

“What future? Have you forgotten we’re incompetent children”

Some people laughed. Some people scoffed.

Corin starts to speak over the noise

“Hey come on! It doesn’t matter what age we are. It’s not our fault that this happened either. I know what, everyone knows that what happened to the adults was shit. It’s happened and there is nothing we can do to bring them back. We have to get on with our lives and form something of a working community. Otherwise we aren’t going to survive for very long. Now I know we will all have different opinions. That’s why it think we need at least someone leading this meeting today. And if you don’t want that, fine. Argue with each other. Cause more unneeded havoc. All of us can survive if we just work together. We have livestock and farms. We have shelter and warmth of fires. We have running water and land that goes on for miles. The city is so far away so we have none of the chaos that’s happening there. And I know it’s happening. Before the wifi got disconnected was in contact with a friend who lives there. He tells me that buildings are trashed and burnt, every store looted, people sick and weak through the streets. Power at no balance. Do you want that to happen to us?”

Everyone was silent for a moment. Then people started saying no. I piped up a small “no”. Even though I’m so passionate about have a working society I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself. It’s amazing how people are listening to this guy even though I’m sure not many people like him. He definitely has some presence

Corin smiled at everyone.

“Well I don’t want that to happen either. So today I’m going to lead the discussion. If someone else would want to lead it another day that would be okay. I don’t think we need a set leader right now or ever. It never worked for the adults so would it even work for us?”

Everyone responded with a mixture of responses.

“Okay. So before we come up with different ideas to keep our town a peaceful and happy town to live in I just to tell everyone, that no one here is useless or doesn’t have talent. We will all take part in making this town and great and place to live!”

The hall erupted into a wave of cheer. Corin stood at the front grinning to his mates. I just stood there with a smile on my face and turned to Genesis. "Wow this Corin guy doesn’t actually seem half bad. It seems like he actually cares about the future of this town"

Corin hushes the hall again.

“Okay so I’m going to ask you to put your hand up if you have any suggestions or ideas. If you want you can come up to the front of hall and say them. If don’t want to that’s fine too”

I watch as dozens of hands spring up into the air



I don’t know why, but this guy has always gotten on my nerves. Then again, being a loner, the popular crowd had always had a special place on my dislikes list.

Corin doesn’t seem so bad as he talks, actually sounds like he’s got a brain unlike several of his mates. I look over at Sabrina, hanging in his every word with a certain glow on her face.

“Oh. My. God.” I look at her shaking my head, “You’re totally crushing!” I shake my head again as we’re hushed and Corin opens the floor for suggestions.

How do you think we can have a working community? A brave soul speaks up in the front of the room asking with so much oblivion it was obvious. And by working do you mean like giving us jobs?

That resonated with quite a few people and the room began to get loud as everyone spoke at once, the thought of having a job terrifying the laziest of the bunch.

“Why don’t you suggest the living together thing? Impress Mr. Popularity…” I nudge Sabrina lightly as not to disturb Fenella.



I Ignore the remark Genesis makes about me crushing.

Yeah no

I frown at her obvious teasing

"I can’t Genesis. I couldn’t go up there with Fenella. Besides my voice isn’t loud enough to reach the whole hall. Why don’t you? I saw you frowning during his speech. You obviously don’t agree with some of the stuff he said. You might as well bring up anything else as well."

With my elbow I nudged Genesis arm trying to get it to go up.


Hy guys… sorry, i know i have been late for this. …but can i still jump in?



I smirk knowingly at Sabrina who chooses to ignore my comments. Instead she’s focused on the latter.

“Oh no you don’t,” I growl, trying to dance out of her reach as she nudges my elbow. How smart am I that I didn’t realize this immediately drew attention to my raised hand.

Corin’s voice floats from the front, giving me the floor to speak. I hear a chuckle from somewhere behind me, knowing it like the back of my hand. I really hate HIM I think to myself, knowing it was my unwanted company from earlier, as I glare at Sabrina.

All eyes are on me, waiting to hear what I have to say. “I was just thinking,” I begin from where I stand. No way in hell I’m going to center stage. “If we want a good sense of community, as you call it,” I train my eyes on Corin, “Then wouldn’t it be a good idea if we joined together as…” I didn’t even know the word I wanted to use. “Units? Or tribes and use our combined skills to flourish?

I go quiet and cross my arms then, challenging Corin with a stare. I wonder what Mr. Big ideas had to say about that.

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DATE OF BIRTH: 27.02.2001
GENDER: male
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): no
HAIR COLOR: dark brown
EYE COLOR: brown
PLAY-BY (your username here): Lottie
PERSONAL FAVOURITES: sport, hard working, food
TALENTS: has the natural strength from his father
SECRET(S): till now he is not really over the early death of his mom
DISLIKES: bad people, lies
FEARS: losing his loved ones
STRENGTHS: his physical strenth
WEAKNESSES: the people he loves
PERSONALITY: he is a quiet boy, but don’t provoke him

His mom died as he was 6 years old. Till the virus, he has lived together with his dad, which was a hobby farmer. After the virus he keep the little veggie garten alive, also to have something to trade here and then


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Damn it, i know i would be late, i think to myself while i try to sneak into the room without causing much attention.
I listen to the guy in front of us and catch some breathe, just to realize that i’m still wearing my work clothes… ok, anyway i guess i will survived this and cross my arms.
Suddenly there is the first person with an idea. Tribes? Units? Well, i could need some help on the farm, more people means more area to run and so more food
I turn in the direction of the vioce and spot Genesis and Sabrina. I made my way towwards the Girls with one short look at Corin, what will he say to that?

" Hey" i greet the girls



I watch as Corin calls on Genesis.

I smile at her but I feel sorry for her as I didn’t actually think Corin would call on her.

I see Genesis is about to speak when someone bursts their way into the Hall. A boy covered in in dirt and sweating like mad. Oh hey it’s Devon.

I listen to Genesis as she starts to explain her idea. Wow she thinks it’s a good idea to move in with eachother too. I smile to myself.

When Genesis finishes speaking Corin smiles. oh wow he agrees too. I look at Genesis excited.

I see Devon heading towards us out of the corner of my eye. ”Hey Devon. Looking a bit dirty there”



I grin about Sabrinas comment. " this happen when you work on a farm and forget about the time" i answer her.
With my head a point at Gensis " trying to create a new world"? i look at Sabrina.

Of course it would be good to have some help, but standing here with the girls and the little baby scares me for a moment. Dad and i have always been on our own and i’m used to that…uffff




I give Dev a side glance and short nod of acknowledgement, but my eyes are trained on Corin. He smiles that popular kid, braces-perfect smile peering at me over top the crowd.

And I almost shit my pants when he mentioned it being a good idea. Not because it was a good idea, but because he agreed with me. Who agrees? We all get together in tribes and use our talents to keep our town from becoming like the City? Corin looked around, hope on his face.

The crowd was split on the idea. But I looked at Sabrina, since it was her idea, with a smile. I was sure Corin was swooned by the idea.

“What do you think Dev?”



I smile at Genesis. "See I knew he would take to your idea! All you had to do was have faith in it"

The whole of the hall started to erupt into conversation about the possibility of forming groups living together.

"Who would live with who though?" , I question not only myself but my two friends standing in front of me.



I sign and place my hands on my hips. I’m used to the fact that my jokes aren’t working or that other people overhear me. or maybe i have just a bad timing for it…

" Ähm…" i start as Gensis ask me about my meaning, " I guess it’s not a bad idea. People with different knowledges can help each other and we would stop being single fighters" i add on, hoping my face doesn’t tell her about the twist i’m fighting inside at the moment

Sabrina look at us, asking who wants to live with who. I shrug my shoulders, hoping she doesn’t want an answer…