A Beginning - Roleplay



“Don’t be silly, it was your idea,” I tell Sabrina. “All you had to do was say it louder, Corin would’ve loved it even more.”

Devon agrees, it’s a bright idea, but Sabrina brings up a point. Who lives with who? Without even thinking, I say, “We could live together.”

Since we’re still close to my original spot by the back, I know my earlier company, before spying Sabrina, is still there. I can still feel his eyes watching me and I know he overheard me. And I know he’s hurt because he wanted the same thing, to live together, and I’d said it was a dumb idea.

I wasn’t being a hypocrite, however. I’m only sixteen and his reasonings varied from the logic Corin and I were getting at. I don’t dare look back, instead keeping my focus on Sabrina.

“You need help with Fenella and Dev and I need more contact with humans than plants,” I look at Devon with a small smile.

Corin whistles calling the room back to silence. He thinks everyone should decide who to live with and where, but that how we help the town collectively.

Someone, a guy near the front is talking about jobs again. But not in the ‘our parents’ sort of fashion. He is making a lot of sense, saying how we can live off the land but only a green thumb could keep us alive.

“Ha!” I smile smugly with a glance at my friends. That’d be us. I hadn’t done much farm work like those two, but me and mom’s garden is still flourishing with cucumbers, eggplant, and berries. But it takes more than food to keep a town flourishing. Which someone else shouts out and Corin agees. He’s worried about water supply and it’s safety to drink. Other people are worried about clothing and security from the City bullies.

I think Corin is getting a bit overwhelmed with all there is to discuss, but he’s smiling proudly because a much needed discussion is why he called this meeting. I hate myself for being proud of him for having the bravery to call us all here, but a good idea is a good idea.



I scowl at Genesis “Okay can you stop. I don’t even know the guy” I shake my head. “I bet you like him. That’s it!” , I tease

I listen to what Genesis says.

"Oh my gosh!" I almost squeal, “I think it would be a great idea to live together” .

I watch Genesis’s eyes look behind her at the boy. Oh he’s a bit cute, I think to myself

I’m just about to ask Genesis who it is when I hear Corin whistles to get everyone’s attention. I turn back around, momentarily looking down at Fenella who’s had just started to stir. She starts to almost wriggle in discomfort in my arms and starts to cry. I gently bounce her, trying to listen to the conversation but she doesn’t stop.

I make my way towards the door, trying to push past people. I step outside and search for a place to put Fenella down. Now that we’re outside I can definitely smell the reason why she’s crying. I fine a bench to place her down onto. I unwrap the blanket she’s swaddled in and put my bag on the bench beside her.

Nappies, check, nappy rash cream, check, wipes… , “Shit!” . I forgot the wipes!. How dumb of me .

I look back towards the hall. I really want to stay for a bit longer and listen to people’s ideas but I can’t do that to Fenella. I pack the material back into the bag. Fenella still crying I pick her up. “I’m sorry Fen you’re going to have to wait till we get home” .

I’m tempted to go back inside to tell Genesis I’m going but I don’t want to disturb anyone as I hear the hall is quiet once more.

I put my bag on and make a start for home.

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I grin as Genesis says, that we need more contact with humas then plants. Well, she may be right. But plants are sometimes much better then humas,
I look after Sabrina, as she leaves. Both girls wanted to live together, with me !? I sign and run my hand throught my hair. The crowd to look up to Corin again and everyone tries to bring on his ideas… oh i know why i hate events like this

But maybe then a tribe isn’t a bad idea, then i can send one of the girls out for things like this.

" Well, let’s say we give this idea a try, where do you wantr to live?" i ask Genesis, " we all have our homes and how wants to leave his for the others?"



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I fake offense when Sabrina suggests maybe I like Corin. Honestly, he was not my type. “I’ll leave you alone only if you never suggest that again.” At least she thinks it’s a great idea to live together. I like my space, as anybody knows, but it’s lonely living by yourself.

Fenella starts crying as Sabrina looks like she may say more and so she carries the baby out leaving me alone with Devon. He is wondering where we would live.

Good question. “That’s what we’d all need to decide…” But Sabrina hasn’t come back yet. Where has she gotten off to? I hope my teasing didn’t send her away.

“My home’s best feature is the garden. Nothing else really screams ‘live here.’ ” As the daughter of a single mother, my home wouldn’t be enough for all of us, and was in the poor part of town, which ruled me out.



The journey home is not turning out to be fun. With Fenella have been crying the whole way I just want to get home as quick as I get.

I’m about 5 minutes away from my house now, passing a stream I bend down quickly and splash water on my face. Even though I want to get home quickly it’s so hot. I just had to. I stand back up to continue walking, rocking and bouncing Fenella. Out of the corner of my eye I spot someone. I turn around. They stare at me with a wild expression.



“Mh guess thats somehting we need to discuss when we have decided who is living with who. We have a big garden, but the house isn’t the biggest one” i answer Genesis and look at the door

" Sabrina needs much time… maybe one of us should check on her? "



“You go ahead,” I tell Devon as he asks after Sabrina. Knowing Fenella, she probably couldn’t be consoled and Sabrina was being respectful by staying outside.

“I’ll find you lot later.” At the moment I just wanted to hear out Corin’s closing statements. And I needed to have a conversation…



" Me?" i sign… wrong answer… but yeah, thats the risk. " Ok, will come back as soon as i can" i nod at Genesis before i leave.
I open the door to the next room and find it empty. " Sabrina?" i call our carefully and glance arround. Mh, maybe Fenella need somehting and she is on her way home, i think to myself while walking towards the main entrance. Outside there is also nothing… i look straight away, unsure what to do. Going back or following her? I know she doesn’t live far away, so maybe i should check on this.

So i made my way down the street. As i look up a can see a someone walking arround the corner. I start running and cross the corner as i spot Sabrina, but not just her

" Hey!" I shout out




Suddenly I hear a familiar voice. As soon as Devon shouted the person ran off.

"Hey wait!"



I stop running as the person runs off and walk over to Sabrina. " what happened?" i ask her and look after the Person.



I watch as Devon walks towards to me. "Nothing much. They must have been following me and I didn’t notice. Hrm I didn’t recognize them. Did you?"

I look at Fenella who is still hysterical and bite my lip.



" I don’t know them either, i wasn’t even sure, of the are friends or enemy. But their reaction to me says it all" I answer Sabrina before i look down at Fenella. " What does she wants? " i ask unsure.



" Oh she needs her diaper changed. I was going to do it at school but I forgot the wipes. That’s why I’m taking her home. What are you doing here anyways?"



" Checking out on you" i answer Sabrina " Genesis and i have wait for you and after some time we wondered where you are. So i went out to check on you"

After she has mentioned the diaper i can smell it, urhg… " Should i go with you? Just in case?"



I smile at Devon who just noticed the stench of Fenella. " I should be fine Devon don’t worry. You should go back to the meeting, I wouldn’t want you missing out on anymore of it. "



" You sure?" i ask Sabrina " Genesis can tell us everything when we are back. I won’t leave you if you feel scared that These guys could come back"



I look up over the hill. I’ll be home soon anyways and the boy looked as scared as I probably did.“It’s fine Devon! I don’t think the boy will come back. You scared him off pretty well” . I giggled



I grin and place my head on my hips, looking at the ground. " Hopefully" i answer her.

" Ok, i will go back, but take care" i look at her before i made my way back. I open the door and hear much voices from the Meeting. Yeah the discussion has started… I enter the meeting room and look out for Genesis