A Beginning - Roleplay



“GiGi,” I heard the nickname as soon as Corin started making his closing statements on stage and Devon was gone. The whole room was in an uproar at one point during talks of sharing resources.

Still I couldn’t ignore the guy behind me that called my nickname. “Why’s everything gotta be so complicated with you huh?” the young man questions as I cross my arms.

“It’s not. It doesn’t.” I say defensively. I thought we were done.”

He half laughs, half snorts shaking his head with a grin on his face. He doesn’t answer me, just keeps talking. “So you’re living with Sabrina and the farmer then?”

There it was. He was hurt. I don’t care. Well I do, of course, but I have to think about myself. “I’m not interested in playing house with you. We’re sixteen.” That’s two years younger than my mother was when she’d had me.

“I didn’t offer to shack up with you, for god’s sake!” He puts a hand through his hair. “Forget it,” he calms down. He hesitates, this is usually where he kisses my head, but this time he pushes a curl back then just stares at me. “I only wanted you to come to the City with me, but I guess I can’t take you away from the dirt. So I’ll see you around, GiGi.”

Then he steps back and walks out the door Devon is coming back into. There’s a lump in my throat that I swallow down before speaking. “Sabrina okay?” I question Devon.



I spot Gensis and another guy, they seem like to have a discuss so i stand back. The others are just talking to each other, who could live with who and so i try to be invisible. I don’t want to have a crowd of people in my house… or at least at the house were we would live.

I take aonther look at the pair and notice the guy leaving. I can’t remember his name, but i know that there was something between him and Gensis some time ago…i’m between him and the door and on his look i know what he his up. Moving my weight on both feet, i look at him. Even when he is still looking straight to the door, i know what he is up to. As he passes me i can see the move from this shoulder, so i lean forward and move all my strength in my shoulder, so he isn’t able to push me to the side like he wanted to. Instead he almost fall down…
Arhg… he mumbles and runs throught the door.

I can’t hold back a little grin as i walk towards Genisis. " Yeah she is, Fenella need a new diaper. She will be right back. What about you? Are you ok? Corin seems to be angry"



"You didn’t have to do that." I tell Devon after watching the scene unfold between him and the young man. We’d known one another too long for this goodbye, but he has his sights set on the City. "But thank you," I smile to express my gratitude.

Dev tells me Sabrina is fine, just needed to change the baby then comments on Corin’s current state. "Yeah, he may be just a tad overwhelmed. That’s what happens when you appoint yourself Prime Minister or whatever he’s trying to be."

We’re just a bunch of kids. He can’t expect much in one meeting.



" I just react to to him " i answer Gensis. I always prevent a fight, but i always defend myself if i have to…

I smile back at her and nod.

I listen to her as she explain the last minutes. Corin has always been that typ of guy, he just need a few people who follow him and he thinks he is superman.
" So maybe this will come to an end soon !?" i think loud and look at her. At least i whiched it would, i have still lots of work to do and maybe overthink all the “tribe” thing



I walk back to my house and change Fenella’s diaper. She’s still a bit fussy so I check the time. Gosh the meeting is going for a long time . I think about it for a bit while I prepare Fenella a bottle but after consideration I decide just to stay home and talk to Genesis or Devon tomorrow about the meeting.

Fenella settles finally after been given her bottle and falls straight to sleep. I delicately place her in her cot and go back downstairs and begin preparing myself dinner. I don’t feel much like cooking myself a gourmet meal. Hrm steak and beans looks good . Sometimes I regret killing the livestock to survive. It’s not a pleasant business either.

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CHARACTERS BIRTH NAME: William Corin Greythorn
DATE OF BIRTH: August 8th
AGE: nearly18
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): cousins from the City, whom he has always been close with until the virus. Johnny and Mikey , the 2 boys, and Wendy their sister. Wendy is here in the town. She was sent here when the virus began, and the boys went into military academy. Corin was supposed to have gone into the academy as well after his 18th birthday, but the virus struck and all the Adults seemed to have died so fast…
He feels as if he must step up and be an active member of this, The New Tribeworld, and make his family proud.

HAIR COLOR: dark dirty blonde

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: he has thus far kept it always pretty casual. He has taken a few girls out on very formal dates during high school, but has yet to find a girl he falls head over heals in love with and opens himself up to.

PLAY-BY (your username here): ash

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: partying with his friends, playing guitar, playing sports, especially basketball, & writing.

TALENTS: athletic, witty, and a writer, but his friends dont really know that he writes.

HABITS: smiling to cover his discomfort. Running his fingers though his hair when he gets nervous or uncomfortable.

Also, Staring. He throws people off with the direct stare he has. The blue eyes make it difficult for people to keep eye contact with him for long.

SECRET(S): he writes about everything, and he has been documenting this whole thing. Also,
He has a crush on someone, but is damn scared to approach her…

DISLIKES: bullying. Ungrateful behavior. He appreciates and is kind to everyone, which is why he is so popular, and he can’t stand it when people act Entitled. Corin knows that you have to work really hard to be good at most things, even with lots of natural talent. His Dad taught him that.

FEARS: being seen as a leader but not living up to his own expectations of himself.
& Being rejected by people he really cares for.

PERSONALITY: We see a very passionate young man who feels he has something to prove, with a long history behind his family name and reputation that he feels he must live up to.
He feels protective of his family and friends.
He is secretly a closet romantic:
; but once he became an high school athlete, he took on more of a Showman-Jock persona around his peers.


He was sick for several long and scary weeks, and only recently recovered, but it wasn’t the virus. He, and Wendy, were worried initially that Corin might be old enough to catch the Adult-killing-Virus. Luckily, he isnt quite 18, and it turned out to be a terrible case of bronchitis instead.



It’s my fault the guy was upset, but I can’t make excuses for him nor fault Devon for defending himself. I don’t say anything else. I guess I’m hurting more than I thought I would. I almost want to go out the door after him, but I remain strong in my pride.

Instead, I stay put next to Dev wishing this would end too. I think Corin heard Dev’s little outburst too because when I look up at my feet, I swear Corin’s gaze is trained right on us. Or maybe he’s not even looking at us, maybe he’s just found a point in the crowd to look out at. I used that technique when having to make presentations in school. It was easier than imagining everyone naked.

Just in case, I shush Devon. “He’s really not that bad.” I have to cut Corin some slack. He’s more intelligent than I gave him credit for and he was brave enough to take a lead. “If you’re ready to go, I can give you and Sabrina a recap tomorrow.”


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I sigh, i guess Gensis is right. Even if Corin is a pain in the neck form time to time.

" you sure? i ask her as she offers me to go and give me a report after the meeting. " thanks" i nod at her and leave the meeting room. … its not that i hate meetings, but no in works clothes and not with a whole city of kids. As i fianlly reach my house i walk straight away towards the garden and balcony. here i take a chair and sit down on the table. Watching over the garden and the plants. So here we are… seems like a new start in this new world



My half nod was all Devon needed as assurance. He was gone and I stood alone. Several other people were leaving too. Well now I really had to pay attention. Was it over?

No, people had just grown bored or were trying to get home before sundown. Nobody trusted the dark.

I lean against the back wall, my hands in the pockets of my dungarees. If this doesn’t end in five minutes, I have an easy exit.


I see that a few people are heading out of the gym, and I know we still need to discuss some things.

“Everyone! HEY!” I get loud, just to grab their wandering attentions again.
“I know you are all ready to leave. So let’s make a plan to meet tomorrow afternoon BACK HERE AT THE GYM. (Edited for clarification). I dont expect everyone to come, but if you are speaking for yourself or speaking for your group of close friends, please show up at 2pm.”

I look around the crowd, knowing that the kids with the most interest in our being the leaders of our future will still be here listening. I’m trying to pick out & remember a few of their faces. I will go to them privately for more serious talks tomorrow morning.

“Tonight, and tomorrow, everyone should be discussing their ideas for living arrangements, who will make up their groups, and what their group can bring to the table to help us all survive.”

After a buzz of responses and side-talk, I finish my statements.

“I will be here for a while still tonight,
So if anyone wants to talk to me, come find me. Ok…goodnight everyone! Stay safe!”

I end the meeting with a wave to everyone in the room. They all start to disperse, each heading home in small groups. Nobody wants to walk home alone in the dark, and some of their homes are outside of the town proper. I dismiss my group of friends, telling them to go take care of their siblings and girlfriends. Alone now, I head to a top row of the bleachers and sit down…waiting to see if anyone has more to say to me.

I see Genesis is still in the room, and my stomach does a turn. Part of me really hopes that she stayed to talk to me, and the other part is afraid to talk to her at all…I realize I have been holding my breath. I let it out and look away. I was staring at her! Oh God! What’s wrong with me!