A Beginning - Roleplay


CHARACTERS BIRTH NAME: Gwendylyn Harlow Graythorn.
BIRTHDAY: December 17th
AGE: 13
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): her brothers, twins:Johnny and Mikey

got sent off to military academy prior to the adults all dropping dead. Now she Hopes that they are trying to return to her. Most everyone thinks that she will never ever see them again… but
Wendy believes she will see them soon.
She also has her cousin Corin here In town. He is he protector, but Wendy is basically in charge in their home, and Corin let’s her make most of their daily decisions about living.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single. Never been in love. Dreams about the perfect boy, but so far…has not found anyone worth a second glance in the real world.

PLAY-BY (your username here): ash

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: sleep. She loves sleep and dreams, and spends most of her time in her own imagination. Wendy loves to tell Corin stories, which he writes down for.

TALENTS: storyweaving.
Making things up on the fly. This makes her a very talented liar, but she only lies if she feels in danger or afraid.
Cooking, very skilled in the kitchen. It is her passion at this age.

HABITS: adventuring. She goes off on her own constantly, scaring everyone who loves her. Several times, she has forgotten the time and become lost…once she was lost in the woods for 3 days and nights. Her brothers were always afraid she wouldn’t come back from one of these walk-abouts.

SECRET(S):she dreams about things that sometimes come true. Like premonitions.

DISLIKES: being told to act her age. She doesnt want to act anything like most of the kids her age. All they want to do is talk about boys and text on their phones. That is not interesting To Wendy .
She dislikes when people use her full name to speak to her, like when she gets in trouble. But her parents are dead, so now only Corin does it when he is mad at her.

FEARS:not seeing her brothers again.
She fears growing up and catching The Virus.
Fears Losing Corin

STRENGTHS: she is unwaveringly hopeful. And she believes in herself and Corin absolutely. She knows that they will be ok.

PERSONALITY: a fiery young lady who is more comfortable alone in the woods than with a group of girls her own age. She would rather spend time with boys. Not romantically, it’s just easier to understand boys. And with boys, what you see is what you get. She doesnt really trust girls at all, having been lied to and bullied in the city most of her life.
Any time she has been near the woods, she ends up wandering deep into the forest, because she doesnt really care about being a part of the “real world”

Wendy was the first one to suggest to Corin and “the boys” that there is safety in numbers. When you’ve been bullied, you learn that you can either hide out alone, or find a flock of friends. Bullies dont usually mess with kids in groups…at least, that’s her view of things.

tumblr_mtq3rm3eZw1sj4skio1_400 Wendy


Wendy could imagine what the meeting in the gym would be like, so instead if staying in the crowded room, she went exploring the abandoned high school building instead.
I cant believe that nobody has ransacked the place. Maybe all the kids are too scared to destroy the safe places of their past I think to myself…but whatever the reason, I am happy to find the whole place intact.

It looks like all the kids and teachers will walk through the doors heading to class at any moment.

My imagination takes hold me, and suddenly I am surrounded by the ghosts of the recent past…and just as suddenly, I’m alone again in the empty hall outside of the science labs.

“Hellloooooo!?” I say to the empty corridor. No reply. I didn’t expect one. I try the doors, but all are locked. Realizing this, I head towards the principals office…also locked. damn I think to myself. I guess we were lucky to get into the gym at all…the whole place is locked up tight.

  • now if I were a key, where would I be? I ask myself…and then it dawns on me. The janitor. I head to the janitors cleaning closets back near the gym and am happy to find that door unlocked.

I can hear the raised voices from the gym, and suddenly the doors open and a brown&blue haired girl with a baby comes out looking flustered. She doesn’t notice me.
I slip into the janitors room and close the door behind me.

It seems to take forever snooping through the desk and closets for a set of keys, and I still don’t find any. Im about to give up when I notice a jacket hanging on the inside of the door. I search the pocket, and Eureka! I find them!

I can hear more people leaving the gym now, so I slip the keys into my pocket and lock up the room on my way out the door. Suddenly I feel very cool, having this set of keys all to myself. I dont have to tell anyone about them if I dont want to…
But would that be right? i ask myself as I leave the room…its a question for later. The meeting seems to be over.

I shove my way through the outpouring of kids and re enter the gym. I see Corin at the top of the bleachers. Instead of heading towards him I slip behind the bleachers and find a place to wait for him, hidden out of sight. I’m actually right below him now, and it’s a perfect place for evesdropping on his conversations. Corin tries to shield me from a lot, but I’m not a baby. I’m probably the one keeping us both alive



I told myself five minutes. Five minutes and I was gone. But five minutes had come and gone and I was still resting against the wall thinking about the bittersweet goodbye I’d had earlier.

There’s something pulling me out of my thoughts, like somebody’s watching me and I snap back into reality at the long sigh of someone else. Or were they the same person? I look up seeing just Corin remaining on the stage.

Shit! I am the last one here? How’d that happen. I missed whatever it was I had to tell Sabrina and Devon. I clear my throat, projecting my voice.

“I don’t suppose you feel like repeating yourself? So I know what to tell my friends?”



Genesis speaks to me from across the gym, and I dont know exactly what she said. I’m not a chicken, but I’m nervous, so I do the stupidest thing I could probably do…and I wave her over to me. It’s only after I have done it that I realize I must look like an arrogant jerk.

nice move, jackassI berate myself…but now I’m frozen to the spot, as I think she might actually be deciding to walk over here…
oh, great, I’m starting at her again I run my fingers of my left hand through my hair, then drop my hand, quickly, knowing I must look even more foolish with the gesture.
off to a great start, and I haven’t even spoken to her yet…


I can see through the bleachers that only one person is left in the room…Genesis. I know her because Corin writes her poetry. He doesnt know I read it all.
I hear her say something to him across the room, and not hearing him reply, I realize this must be the first time she has ever spoken to him.

(hand smacks forehead) oh Gods, he is going to screw this up I think to myself.

I hope she is coming over here… know I shouldn’t listen in on this conversation especially, but I’m riveted. I hope he has the guts to be a gentleman, at least.

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Did he just wave me over? Like he’s too important to come to me? I grumble, rethinking my newfound respect for the boy. I don’t want to go over there. I thought I made that apparent earlier. I don’t even want to talk to him, I just need to know what to tell Sabrina and Dev.

I sigh, slowly easing myself off the wall, hands still in my pockets. For a second I consider pivoting on my toe and just leaving, but I decide to walk across the gym towards Corin. “I missed your big finale, I’m afraid, but I need to report back to my friends. So I was hoping you could give me a short summary so I can get home.” I had to water my plants, still and I still had supper to sort for myself.


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I run my fingers through my hair again, unable to stop myself. It’s a dumb habit, and so natural I only notice that I’m doing it because she makes me self conscious…

She wants a recap. Ok, good that’s safe territory, I can tell her that without biting my tongue off, right?

“Hey, yeah. Ok. I was telling everyone we should, you know, talk amongst our current groups and decide where to live, who wants to be with whom, and what each person or group is able to contribute to each other. I asked everyone who is speaking for themselves or their friends to be here again at 2pm tomorrow…I’m sorry by the way, I should have walked over to you. That was rude of me…”

I say it all in a rush, spilling out my apology at the end, hoping I’m not mumbling it all like an alien…

'oh my god her eyes… I have never had her looking back at me… ’ the thought runs through my head and I feel my cheeks flush with warmth.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” I say again, stupidly. I smile, trying to cover my own awkwardness




“Oh, o-kay.” I say, kind of disappointed. That’s it, that was all I missed? “ 2PM, right. Well thanks for repeating that.”

I start to back up to turn around, but then he starts apologizing all in a rush and it’d be rude to just leave.

“I wasn’t offended, but yeah maybe you should think before you act next time.” I shrug. I’m not sure there’ll be a next time, though. I don’t plan on coming to the meeting tomorrow if I can help it. Maybe Sabrina would like an audience with Corin herself. I had too much on my mind and harvesting to do.

I take my hands from my pocket as I back up now, giving him a short wave. “Well, good luck with the chaos tomorrow. Ciao.”


She’s about to leave and I start to panic, wanting to find a reason to keep talking to her

“Wait.” I reach out, but then drop my hand, not touching her. “Wait. Your idea about living in groups. That’s really smart. I’m glad you said it…” I trail off akwardly. “Its going to be hard enough…we should take care of each other.”

I dont know what else to say, but I want her to keep talking to me. I decide to ask her a question. “Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do for you?”

I know I’m staring at her again, but this time I mean to. I want her to know I care, but I dont know how to say so.

I’m listening to Corin trying to play it cool with Genesis…and I realize I’m biting my nails. I am so excited for him! I almost wish I could sneak away now, as I’m suddenly feeling really bad about the evesdropping, but they would hear me for sure…so I stay still and silent, hoping he asks her to come back tomorrow.




Wait! Corin calls just as I’ve turned my back. Now what? I slowly turn, looking at how close he is now.

“I wish I could take the credit, but really it was my friend’s idea. I’ll be sure to tell her you agree there is safety in numbers.” Oh my God, why wasn’t Sabrina here? I shouldn’t have let Devon leave me alone. I don’t do this socializing thing.

I push an escaped curl from my pony back behind my ear as Corin continues. “Yeah, I mean if the City is as bad as you say, we’d better get organized here before anyone in town catches any ideas…but I really…” Should be getting going. I wish to say.

Only now he’s staring at me all serious faced asking if I need anything or if he can do anything for me. Wow, I’m struck silent. He’s not at all the jockey-meat head I invisioned. Unless he’s putting on a front like some government official with a secret agenda.

“Hey, What’s your game man?” My walls go up and my arms cross my chest. I look around the gym, waiting for his crew to pop out and make me a laughing stock, but we’re truly alone.


“Game?” I ask, initially puzzled. But it only takes me a moment. “Wait, no. I don’t have a game. It not like that. I mean…”
I trail off, stupidly.
I look down at my shoes. I give myself a quick pep-talk (This is it dummy. Man up. It’s the apocalypse. Come on. It doesnt’ matter what she says back. Just tell her, you wimp.)
I take a breath and look up.
“It’s really not like that. I like you. I’m just asking if you’re alright, because I want you to be alright. I won’t bother you if you tell me not to.”

There. Its out, as best as I can get it out on such short notice…but these days you never know if there will be another shot to take…so…there it is.

I run my fingers through my hair again and look her in the eye, which she has a great skill at mostly avoiding so far.




The boy is puzzled by my question, but not for long. Still he is adamant there’s no game. Now I am the one confused and embarrassed I’ve been so hostile. Just as my walls are about to come back down, they shoot straight back up again.

I like you. He says it as he runs a hand through his short locks and his blue eyes trail up from his shoes and bore into my hazel ones. I am filled with several emotions. None of which tell me how I feel about him. I am mostly confused and bewildered.

“Wait, what? Like me? Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I don’t know how that’s even possible. “You don’t even know me…”

My ears get hot, the blood rushing through them sounding like waves in the ocean. This is too much. What about Sabrina? He should like her. She is smart and pretty and probably has a crush on him even if she didn’t confirm it. Me? I have spent all my time disliking him from afar because he’s a popular kid. I didn’t even know he knew I existed in his world.

“I-I-I have to go,” I stammer, trying to break eye contact. “I’ve had a bit of a day and I just…” I trail off, as it’s hard to formulate what all I want to say. I need some fresh air.


Great! I freaked her out! nice job Bonehead I berate myself…but my feet are in the pool now, so here goes nothin’…

"What’s not to like? I know we don’t really know each other, but if you let me, I would like the chance to get to know you? "

I put up a hand, forestalling whatever she is about to say to reject the idea.

“Just think about it, ok? Maybe you can tell me off tomorrow, at the meeting, if you decide I’m an awful creep not worth the time of day?”
I smile a big smile at her, but it’s mostly to cover up how terrified I am right now.

Oh my Goodness! He actually told her he likes her!
Wow, I’m impressed. I guess my cousin has more nerve than I realized.
I think to myself, while quietly throwing my fist into the air in a little gesture of triumph…

Now, hopefully this girl doesn’t shut him down… I resume biting what’s left of my nails in suspense…




No, no, no. I am saying over and over in my head. I’ve just sent my childhood best friend to the City without so much of a kiss or an ‘I love you’, even though I do and now this guy, this Corin likes me? NO!

I open my mouth to tell him I don’t think it’s a good idea, but he doesn’t let me speak. Which kind of annoys me. I don’t have to be one of those stupid girls that just swoons in his presence and hangs on his every word. But I let him talk.

I don’t really have a rebuttal for him. I’m too confused to start a debate. He doesn’t know me and I don’t know him and it’s always been fine that way. Now he’s asking to get to know me and what for? But he swears this is no game. I don’t know what to say. Maybe I can let him get know me and put Sabrina on his trail. There’s no way I’m falling for this guy.

“If I say I’ll think about it, will you let me leave now? The world doesn’t revolve around you, ya know?”


She didn’t shut me down, and so I just keep smiling at her, like the damn fool that I am.

“No, it doesnt. See you tomorrow then.”

I don’t want to say anything else that might make her change her mind, so I move to leave and nearly trip down the bleachers.

l barely recover my balance in time to turn it all into one stork-like bending motion that includes me raking my fingers through my hair again and smiling at her some more.
I turn and rush the rest of the way out of the room, like a scared kid.

good Gods, I really need to work on my moves I tell myself as I make my way out of the gym

Corin isn’t doing too badly until he nearly trips down the bleachers. I have to clap my hand over my mouth to stifle my laughter. It’s just too perfect.

Genesis is still standing above me on the bleachers as Corin leaves. She seems a little dumbfounded or shell-shocked. Not star-struck :dizzy:like those hens who follow Corin around at his basketball games.

I have to wait for her to leave…no way to get out of here without being seen unless I wait for her to go first.




I’m the one who is supposed to be leaving, but Corin agrees the world doesn’t revolve around him and moves to leave instead.

I can’t help it, I have to laugh as he nearly falls, barely saving himself in an ungraceful manner. Best thing I’ve seen ALL day. It actually helps ease some of my anxiety. When he’s gone, I just stand around for a minute still confused. He expects to see me tomorrow.

Slowly I trudge to the exit, “Yeah we’ll see, Mr. Popularity,” I mumble, talking to myself. I still hadn’t decided if I was showing up.



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I toss and turn in my bed as I think about the events of today. My house isn’t small and could fit a few people. I just don’t think anyone would want to live with a person with a baby . I think this sentence over and over. I look over to Fenella’s crib where she’s sleeping soundly, humming as she sucks on her thumb. “I wouldn’t trade you for anyone Fen. If it be, we shall live together. Just the two of us and even if someone wants to live with us I will make sure you’re never shushed or shouted at for doing what a baby only knows what to do” I reach over and stroke her tiny hand.

I lie back in my pillow and continue to think, my mind now shifting to what happened down by the stream. And the boy. He looked around 13 or 14 but I didn’t recognize him which is odd. Everyone recognizes everyone in this town. It could have been because he was dirty but even then it’s not that hard to recognize someone

The thought of this boy continued banging into my mind like a nail into a wall. I got out of bed and walked downstairs. I peered out the window, looking at the bright full moon, the stars shining in spectacular patterns. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how beautiful the stars look in the countryside compared to city. I look away from the window and start pacing. I really want to go back and have a look for this boy, but I don’t want to leave Fenella.

I go back upstairs and check on her. She’s still sound asleep. It’s not going to take me too long. But something could happen to her . I look down a her again. It’s not going to take me too long.

I walk back downstairs and stepped outside to check the temperature. I don’t think I’ll need a jumper. I head back in and grab a flashlight and a knife. Just in case .

I start walking towards the stream and look around. I doubt he’d be there now . I decide to follow the stream. I walk for about 20 minutes. Not seeing much along the way. Apart from a few sheep and a small looking shed. I think about going in the shed but I don’t want to intrude if someone is in there so I call out. “Hello! Anyone there!” No response. I check my watch and bite my lip. Time for me to head back.


After Genesis leaves, I’m free to leave too. I’m tempted to use the keys to lock the gym, but it would mean that everyone would know I have the keys to the whole school. NOPE. Keeping that secret for myself…for now.

I walk around the other side of the school, headed in the direction if Corin’s house. OUR HOUSE…I remind myself.

I’m reflecting on our house, when I see Corin pacing around the picnic tables at the back side of the cafeteria…it looks like he is mumbling to himself and gesturing dramatically to the empty air.
Ridiculous I think, but sweet, too.
I sigh, and head over to the dummy.

“Corin!” I wave and smile at my cousin.

I’m having a serious tak with myself when Wendy finally materializes as if by magic…as usual.
Her arrival snaps me back to the present.
“Hey there cuz… where you been?..never mind, I’m sure I dont want to know.” I say to her. She would probably have some fantastic story for me, half fantasy half horror story…no thank you, not right now

I turn and head for the house. It’s on the edge of the town, at the top of a respectable looking hill covered in old growth apple trees. An orchard…looking old and unpruned, needing a green thumb to bring it back to it’s full glory.
It’s going to take us about 15 minutes to reach our property…if we walk fast

I can hear Wendy running to catch up. I’m studiously walking ahead, trying to out pace her and any conversation she might try to strike up.

“HEY!” I yell at Corin, running to catch up. I can tell that he doesnt want to talk. That’s ok. I can wait…he always talks to me eventually…instead I decide to cheer him up…

“Look what I found!” I hold up the janitors keys and twirl them whimsically around my fingers…“the keys to the whole school!” I grin at Corin, who looks at first confused, and then, as comprehension Dawns, a big smile breaks across his face, and he puts up a hand for a high five. “Nice job, kid!”