A Beginning - Roleplay



Late evening

The gras feels so good… so i stop and stand there for a moment and take a deep breathe. Dad has build a garden shower 2 years ago. " In the summer this nicer then, and you don’t have the dirt in the house " he laughs at me as he has started his work. Know i’m very glad he did. Everything is and made and i don’t need electricity to use it. And with the little river near the house, it’s not a problem to get the water with 2 buckets.
So i stand here, washed and new clothes on but no shoes. The house and garden look like always, like nothing has changes… i sigh and start walking towards my little vegetable patch. I get myself some carots and potatoes and walk inside the house. I start cooking and while the soup need this time, i think back to the meeting. Some help would be nice of course, but can i stand this? After all the time alone with dad?
I walk arround and try to think about it… sure i have some rooms left, but would they be big enough? No clue if Sabrina would like to have a small room for her and Fenella, and i have also no idea what Gensis would expect…



I power walk from the school headed towards town, looking back several times to make sure I’m not followed. I cut through the town playground and head towards the row of houses that host the one I call mine.

It’s small, but it’s home. It was given to my mother by her grandfather who favored her, despite her being the black sheep of the family. It’s close to the stream, which helps my garden flourish. I look up at the house from the front gate, only now feeling relief. Home was safe and free of confusion. Everything was familiar and nobody bothered me.

It was a single story, two-bedroom with a small kitchen, small living area, and one bathroom with a leaking faucet. It just wasn’t going to do for a tribe’s home. I could easily leave it being that its best feature was the garden, but at the same time it would be hard adjusting to a new home.

Sighing, I enter the gate and avoid the house, going around back to the garden. I spend time talking to myself as I enter the routine of watering, harvesting, and pruning some plants.

“Do I show up tomorrow?” I question myself. My mind beginning to wander back to the high school and what an awful day it was. “I mean, it wouldn’t be for Him, if I did.” Him being Corin.

Ugh, I don’t even want to think about him or Sterling, my oldest and best friend whom I loved, going off to join the City’s population. Yet they both plagued my thoughts as I plucked lettuce leaves and cut spinach to bring inside with my strawberries for a nice salad for supper.

“Argh!” I screamed. “Get out of my head!” Why, oh, why have the gods cursed me?


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DATE OF BIRTH: January 25th 2002
AGE: 16
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): A younger sister who went missing before the virus (I might bring her in myself at some point, maybe as a non-verbal character, but if anyone is interested in playing her, come talk to me!)
EYE COLOR: dark brown
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single. Never been in a relationship either, but is probably bisexual so there’s lots of possibilities to explore
PLAY-BY (your username here): JacksAnnie

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: hard work, quiet spaces, reading.
TALENTS: Doesn’t think he has any. But he’s strong and crafty and practical, could probably build a solid house by himself with enough time and all the necessary materials. He has been doing odd jobs after school and summer jobs since a young age, and has learned a lot of practical skills through that. Also a good listener. Mostly cause he doesn’t talk much and doesn’t know how to get out of the conversation if someone was to open up to him. But also because he cares more than you can tell at first.
HABITS: Responding non-verbally or in very short sentences.
SECRET(S): Doesn’t really have any secrets in that sense, though he is very reserved and keeps his guard up, so few people know much about him.
DISLIKES: Kidnappers. The virus. Death. Sometimes people, especially in crowds.
FEARS: Crowds. Losing those he cares about, although he doesn’t really have anyone left. So maybe what he actually fears now is caring about people.
STRENGTHS: Physically he’s always been strong, but mentally he is a lot stronger than he thinks he is.
WEAKNESSES: Reserved, has pushed a lot of people away out of fear of getting hurt. Lack of confidence in himself also holds him back at times.

PERSONALITY: Reserved and quiet, tends to come off a bit grumpy but it’s mainly his lack of social skills and him preferring solitude. Also, he actually is a bit grumpy at times. But he also has a very dry sense of humour that comes out if you get to know him better. He’s also very kind and caring at heart. Doesn’t let people in easily, but once he does he’s very loyal and protective, and would do anything for those he cares about.

Vern’s family had always been small. He was born in the city, his dad disappearing while he was still in his mother’s stomach, and he only heard from him a few times in his life. So at first it was just him and his mother, which was a good time, although Vern doesn’t really remember that. He was only three when his mother met his stepdad and became pregnant again. Though their relationship was often rocky, he was good to Vern, and he loved his little daughter.

Vern loved her to, quickly becoming a doting big brother. Sure, she annoyed him at times, especially as they got older and she always wanted to hang out with him and his friends. But for the most part, he loved having her following him around and looking up to him, and he always looked out for her and protected her. They moved to the countryside when Vern was close to ten, and although he was a bit sad about it at first, he quickly grew to love this small town they had found. He especially liked that moving to the countryside meant they could afford a house with his own bedroom, rather than the small apartment where he had to share with his sister. He was a lot more social and open back then, quickly making friends and being doted on by the little old lady next door. As he got older he would always help her out, as well as other neighbours, earning his pocket money that way. Later he would also get more official jobs after school and during the holidays.

Their little family was thriving. At least up until Vern was 14, about a year and a half before the virus, that’s when everything changed. They had been on a holiday. Nothing fancy or far away, they couldn’t afford that, so they had just gone into the city for a long weekend. Vern had been left to watch his sister outside a store, and got distracted by a window display of something. He couldn’t even remember what anymore. When he turned around, she wasn’t there. Vern had started calling out for her, his mother and stepfather coming back out as he was calling her name, wandering back and forth, looking down side streets. They never found her.

His mum and stepdad blamed themselves mostly, but sometimes, in their weakest moments, they blamed him. Vern also blamed himself. His stepdad never really came back home either. His mother took Vern back home after a few days of dealing with police and searches and making posters. His stepdad couldn’t bring himself to go back until the money ran out and they couldn’t afford him living in a hotel in the city anymore. But even then he only came back to work to earn money so he could go back and keep looking. Interest from the police died down, the few leads having gone cold. Vern started working harder and started up a website to help the search, barely having time for anything else. His mother started drinking, and whenever his stepdad was home there was always fighting. Eventually his stepdad found work in the city and stopped coming home, never even calling for Vern anymore. Though they never filed for divorce, it was pretty much back to being just Vern and his mum again.

Vern withdrew from all his friends more and more as time went on, refusing help or support or any offers to just hang out. Somehow he and his mum managed to find a bearable life to live, starting to put the pieces back together and be a family, when the virus came and tore all that apart again. Now Vern was by himself, having barely left the house since his mother was quarantined, except to care for the land and the house. He hadn’t gone to the meeting at the school, having the neighbours’ kids around still to update him on what was happening. Vern still wasn’t good with crowds. But knowing they were meeting again and people grouping up, Vern knew he had to next time. Despite his love of solitude and quiet, he knew survival was easier in a group. If he could find one willing to take him.


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It’s another evening, with just me and Wendy sitting in front of the empty fireplace playing a game of chess.

Ever since we got home, she has been itching to ask me about something, but trying to bite her tongue. She makes a move and I hear her say something.

I was miles away…

~WENDY~ ::

I’m waiting for Corin to spill it about Genesis, but so far hes still up on Cloud 9 and hasn’t come back to reality enough to even notice how I have smoked him at chess tonight.

Check.” I say, sitting back smiling. He barely registers that I spoke.

“I said…CHECK.” and I throw the couch cushion at his head. He dodges it instinctively, being an athlete…, but finally he seems to snap to reality.

He smiles, yawns, and stands up, telling me that he’s “going to bed…” before walking off without finishing the game…

“HEY!” I yell at his back, but he is already way past hearing me.

I get up and head to bed myself. Tomorrow is a new day, full of adventure, but I’m more excited right now to get to bed. I cant wait to see what kind of dreams I dream tonight …:unicorn::national_park::new_moon_with_face::stars:


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GENDER: Female
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): a little sister (dead)
EYE COLOR: brown
PLAY-BY (your username here): Lottie
TALENTS: good ears and eyes, skills you need when you live on the street
SECRET(S): from time to time she does miss her parents, even her mom
DISLIKES: other people
FEARS: trusting someone again
STRENGTHS: good fitness
WEAKNESSES: bullheaded
PERSONALITY: before her life has broken her, she would have walked throught fire for the people she loved, but now she just looks on her own

Eve, her younger sister Emilia and her parents have lifed in a big house in the center of the city. A normal life without problems and sorrows. Till Emilia starts to get ill at the age of 5, because of an heart issue. After months of fighting the little girl died, which brought dark clouds over the family. Eves dad tries to be strong, for her and her mom, but one day he didn’t came home from work. In the evening the police came to theit house and told her mom that he was killed in an car accident. No one could ever find out of this happens by accident or on intention. Since this time her mom starts drinking
Eve was broken, even on school she could find some diversion and her notes became more worst with every month. Her friends stop talking with her, not really because of her, but bacsue the parents of the other are scared about have contact with this family. So Eve was on her own and one evening, as she comes home, she found her mom being drunk again. They start screaming at each other and in the next secoind her mum slapped her. Eve srates at her mom which makes no sign of sorry. This night Eve decided to go. She has heard from a kind of virus, which should kill adults… She had no clue if this is true or not and she doesn’t care, she just want to be away from her mum and her old life. She she packed a little bag with clothes and food and arround midnight, she leaves.

She found a new home in an old house, a bit outside the center, near the farms where she always found somehting to eat. As the virus starts to come over the city, she starts to store as much as she can, but how long will this last?




I’m sitting on the wall near to my bed, or at least what i call a bed, an old mattress and some old covers… I take a bit from the carrot and the cucumber. what a day…

Someone told me that there would be a meeting today, a meeting? f*** shit, why do we need a meeting? The adults are gone and we are on our own now. And it’s noit that my life has changed much since i’m living on the street. But i would lie when i said, that i am not curious. At least it wpuldn’t be that bad to know whats ging on, so i have made my way to the school. I watch everyone which goes inside, most of them are from my old school, a part are from my old class, and even a few, which i have called friends… I walk arround the building and sitting down under the open window, following all the discuss which makes me tired. all the things about tribes and stuff isn’t my thing.
I made my way home as i spot a guy in dirty clothes, walking inside the building. Oh god, seems like this will turn in a good day now. I know time from seeing and i now where he life and that there is lots of food in the garden. I look arround, nobody there, so i start running along the street and to his house. There i look arround again, nothing, yeah.
I run arround the house and looked at the garden. i couldn’t waste time and don’t be
selective, so i grabbed a few plants, just enough to hide them in my jacket and made my way home…

so and here we are. i guess i will see a few people tomorrow, i know a few which could change a bread against some veggies and maybe someone have news about a new meeting or somehting


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I stand, looking at the sunrise out the window with Fenella guzzling away at her bottle. Moments like these fill me with peace

I stand there for about 20 minutes then burp Fenella. After I put her down on her play mat and start doing the daily chores. Milk the cows, feed the chickens…it takes me about an hour to go around the farm. I periodically checked on Fenella throughout, picking her up after about 30 minutes, then taking her out to see the horses. It does definitely make it harder to do the farm work with a baby.

After finally finishing the farm work I head inside for some breakfast, placing Fenella in her stroller. After breakfast I take Fenella out for our usual morning walk. Since most of the pathways are gravel it can sometimes get a bit bumpy for her but she doesn’t mind. Within 10 minutes she’s asleep. I love the country air .

I park the stroller on top a hill and just sit down. The hill is so high it gives me the most magnificent view of the town and a few of the surrounding houses. I see a few dots of movement scattered throughout the houses. I sit on the hill for about 10 minutes just watching to world go by then I return home. Okay now that’s done what do I do now?



The incessant chirping of the country birds woke me seconds before the sunrise. Normally that’s no bother, the early bird gets the worm, but I’d tossed and turned all night. I was sluggish getting out to the garden to battle aphids with the winged beasts, spending more time staring into my cup of tea than usual.

In the garden there wasn’t much to do. The birds had done well feasting on the bugs and last night I’d did an overhaul trying to focus on anything other than boys. It didn’t help, if you’re wondering.

Now with the Morning work behind me and no animals to tend to, I headed out to see Sabrina and Dev to tell them what they’d missed. Everything but the bit about Corin caring about my well-being and saying stupid things like: I like you

I figured Devon would be too busy tending the land than to chat right now, so I chose to take the path up to Sabrina’s.

I wrapped my knuckles lightly on the door in case Fenella was sleeping. “KNOCK, KNOCK!” I call out in a loud whisper.