A Beginning - Roleplay



I have no clue, when i was fall asleep, to many thoughts that night, so my clock hits me like a sledgehammer…
I stand up and walk over to the window. Seems like we will have a good day… I put my clothes on and walk downstairs and outside in the garden. There i check on the berries, which has already starts to get eatable. I take a handfull and walk back into the house and in the kitchen. I open the cupboard and take a bowl and also a glas with oats. I mix the oats and the berries and get maysel also a glass of water and start to eat. After a few bits i decided to find someone where i can get milk or something… very dry… ok, then this is the next step. After finding someone for trading creales i need to find someone who is trading milk…
I take a big sip from the water and watch outside the window. Maybe he will meet someone at the new meeting today… if someone tell him, where and when the meeting starts. Did he agree to Gensis about a meeting piont, oh no…


The first sunrise rise wakes me up and so i stand up. Packing my bag for my “meeting” . I leave the house and start my walk towards the center of the city. i pass some the old barracks till i reach an old gas station. I knock 3 times amd someone calls me in. " What do you have for me?" the guys ask with a grin. " Like always" i give him a short answer and open my bag, showing him the veggies.

" Not bad not bad, " i answers " but always the same? Oh come, there must be more" he wink at her. " What do you mean" i ask him, nut sure if i would like the answer. " Meat or eggs or things like that, … or…" he starts looking down at her.
It took me all my strenght not to throw up, this guy is so disgusting. " Ok, eggs next time" i answer him, place the veggies in front of him and grab the biggest bread on the plate. He doesn’t contradict, so i put it in my bag and leave.

Outside i look along the street and take a deep breathe. I need to change something, soon. who knows how long i could hold him back. or how long i have a chioce and can say no…



I’m playing with Fenella on her play mat when I hear a knock on the door. Picking her up I head downstairs and open the door. “Hey! Good morning Genesis! Come in”, I open the door wider giving her room to walk inside. "Sorry about yesterday. Forgot something of Fenella’s. How did the rest of the meeting go?"



I’ve only been to Sabrina’s once before for some homework thing. I feel awkward stepping inside, like I’m intruding or something. I hope it wouldn’t be like this if we all moved in here.

“Good Morning,” I greet her, smiling at Fenella who is in her arms. “Don’t worry about it, I understand and Devon explained.”

I have to think about how the meeting went because by the end of it I was so zoned out. “Well, you know, your idea was loved by many especially Corin. But there was a lot of everyone talking over one another. It got out of hand with all the worries of who is gonna live where and why do we need jobs. Things got called quits not long before sunset. We’re supposed to be thinking about forming living groups and report back today at 2.”

I shrug, “So really you and Dev didn’t miss much. Hopefully things are more organized today.” I was dying to see if they were but I still hadn’t decided if I were going.



I’m up early, as usual. My Father would have me up every morning at sunrise, to “build character”…that’s what he always said. I keep it up because it makes me feel closer to him, and he was probably right too. Anyway, I hope I’m the kind of person with “good character”.

I want to drink some of the coffee we have stocked up, but Wendy and I decided early on in this whole thing to hoarde a few of the better food and drink items in the house and from the wine cellar.

The Wine Cellar, that’s where we have everything important stored right now…because it has a big thick door and only two keys…
my mom, and my dad each kept one

I have the inventory of the whole house written in a notebook…written on day 3 after my dad finally followed my mom…when I was breaking down and all I could think to do was write it all down. Every piece of furniture, every matchstick, all the food…clothing, jewelry, all of it.
Wendy had watched in silence all that day, and kept a close eye on me for days afterwards. ----

I snap out of my memories and back into the present…
I’m going to have some today. It might be the last day we dont have to share our things.

Outside, in the back garden: My Dad and I built a firepit out here when I was 10. It’s where we do the cooking now.
Cleverly, Wendy built a little oven of stone and packed mud out here along the inside of the firepit too…it’s ugly, but it works.
Once I get the coffee brewed, and pour my first cup, I go inside, and head into Wendy’s room.

Shes still asleep, as usual, preferring to sleep in as long as I let her.
I hold the coffee close to her nose and watch as her face changes.
Her eyes stay closed, but she says “coffee? Is it my birthday?” She smiles and stretches, sitting up in bed and finally peeking out from under one eyelid.

I take a sip, and say “there’s a whole pot out at the fire. Come on now.” I turn and leave the room, taking the coffee with me.

From behind I hear Wendy call out “Hey! No fair!”



I listen to Genesis, taking in and thinking as she talks…

Why did she emphasize about Corin liking the idea ,

Jobs? There is no way order is going to work with a bunch of teens,

This whole living together sounds so exciting but would really anyone want to live with me since I have Fenella?

Genesis finishes speaking. “Hrm well first off it wasn’t my idea” , I grin at her. "Second off reporting back so soon on living groups?

I look down at the ground. "Hrm"



“It wasn’t your idea?” I look at Sabrina confused. “You said, and I quote: Oh how good it would be if some of us were to live together. I shake my head, “I only repeated it. And yes, it does seem soon, right?”

No way a bunch of kids could decide such matters overnight. “It’s like picking partners for a group project. But you already know I pick you and Devon. And adorable Fenella, of course.” Sterling was gone and there was no one else I could consider a good enough friend to live with.

“As far as jobs go…” I shake my head, that was going to be a whole mess. People like Sabrina, Devon, and I we had our jobs all our lives, working the land, but a town couldn’t survive off food alone. “We’ll let the person calling the meetings handle that battle.”



So, Corin wrangled me Into helping him with this stupid inventory idea…I can’t believe I agreed. Here we are, early as roosters, out knocking on doors, bugging kids about their “inventories” as Corin calls them…

He wants each house with kids living inside to account for their numbers, the ages of each kid, and whether or not they have any food supply, or major skill to contribute to the whole…
I guess he thought it would be easier to talk to them one house at a time before the meeting this afternoon.

Must be hard trying to boss everyone around, I smirk…but I suppose he means well.

All the houses that are empty we are marking on a town map, so that we can assign groups to go through and scavenge each one for supplies…
Corin says we need to “know what our assets are.”

Sure…whatever he says. I just wanted to explore the empty houses…and now I’m doing that. Forget “teams”
I want to hide the best stuff for myself. Or to trade with later.
And besides, the things I want are probably not the first things on Corin’s “list of assets”

So while he went off with his group of tag-alongs to knock on the doors of sleepy orphans, I’m off silently (well, mostly silently) breaking into houses and rummaging in garages.
(I am avoiding bedrooms…because I’m a bit worried about what I might find…)

After a while, I start to feel as if I’m being watched…



I look at Genesis with sincere eyes. She wants to live with me. Wow*

Genesis starts speaking about the jobs. ”I just don’t see how it’s going to work and as for who’s running this afternoon’s meeting, I assume it’s Corin?”, I smirk at her.



I nod at Sabrina, “We’re in agreement there. I don’t see it either. But everyone has to be good at something right?” We just had to think of what this town needed and sort people into jobs. Easy feat? No. Luckily I didn’t have to stress about it. I wasn’t the one to step up to lead.

“He didn’t say who, but who else? Ya know we’ve all been living fine off our storage rations and then in swoops our savior, Corin.” I roll my eyes as I cross my arms against my chest. “The meeting should be interesting, nonetheless.”

He had given me an open invitation to tell him off, maybe I should attend just for the chance to unload some of this anger. Even if that’s not fair, since it wasn’t him I was truly upset at.

“Anyways, that’s really all you missed. Thank Fenella you didn’t have to endure the no resolution big finale.”



I look down at Fenella. “Oh I don’t know. It still would have been interesting to hear the conversation” .

I think about what I’m going to say next. “I don’t know if you have had some already but do you want some breakfast and before you say anything, no it’s not a fuss. It’s child’s play compared to looking after Fen.”, I smile at Genesis


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I shrug at Sabrina. Interesting was Dev shoulder checking someone being a jerk to me or Corin falling off the bleachers. Neither of which I wanted to chat about.

Sabrina is offering a meal and I smile at her. “Oh, that’s kind of you, but I have eaten.” I was a light eater when it came to mornings. “I’ve got to relay the message to Devon still. How about lunch? And we can discuss things as a group before the big meeting?” I offer.



As far as i am done with breakfast i stand up and walk over to the living room and watch outside. Damn… will Gensis come to see me or not… this happen when you go without a word.
I sigh and leave the house- Maybe she has seen Sabrina first, her house is on the way to mine.

I walk over the the garden and check the fruits. i’m sure Sabrina maybe need some. I grab some cherries and peaches and start my way to her house.
There i can’t see someone, at least it looks like i haven’t miss Gensis. I made my way to the door and knock " Hello, someone at home?


I look at the bread in my hands before i put it in my bag. I watch the street, where to go now? i sigh and start walking in a direction without thinking. i need to find a new trader, someone which isn’t interested in me… and i need to look aout for better prodtucts to trade.
As i walk down a street i can hear some talking, just arround the corner. I stop and carefully take i look. A boy and a girls in front of the house. I look at him and remember him from yesterday, the speaker from the meeting. And her? not sure if i have seen her before…
They continue walking to the next house. What is that all about, i think to myself and decided to follow them for a short time



Nothing much inside that last house…looks like the people who lived there existed on frozen tv dinners and tap water…I did find 4 tins of Tuna fish and a giant can of chili, which are now safely tucked into my backpack. And a nice little hunting knife, which I stuck in my boot. It needs to be sharpened, but I love it!

I still can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched. I found a little hand mirror that I’m trying to use to see around corners…like in a spy movie…but it’s harder than it looks.

I finally spot some movement, and I’m sure someone is there. I leave the house and head to the next one, but I leave my bag sitting on the side of the house, as bait.
I find a good place to hide and wait to see if my stalker will try and steal my stuff…

I touch the knife for comfort…but it’s not like I would hurt someone…just maybe scare them into leaving me alone.



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I smile at Genesis "Sounds good!"

It was kinda odd the idea of having someone over but comforting with not having to be alone non the less.

Just then I hear a knock on the door. “Who could that be?” . I open the door and I see Devon standing in front of me in his gardening attire. I look back at Genesis and almost gasp. " Good morning Devon! What a pleasant surprise"

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Devon like magic appears at Sabrina’s door. “Morning,” I chirp. “You’re making it easy to kill two birds with one stone. A little early for lunch, though.” I look at Sabrina and smile.

“There’s a meeting today at 2pm, a follow-up on yesterday.” I assume that’s why Dev has appeared. “So we’ve got living arrangements and jobs to discuss before then.”



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" Hy" i grin a bit ashamed, hopefully i haven’t interrupt something… but after Gensis comment i now that noone os mad at him. I place the fruits on the table and listen to her

" Yeah, there is some time left till the meeting. Ok, lets talk about that"


These two doesn’t makes it easy to follow, but at least i know the girls now. Not her name but i know that these two are family.
I hide myself behind a wall and start to think, seems like they are checking on the houses and who is living in it. But why? maybe i will find out later, on this meeting. But i still have to find out when it will be, arhg shit…

Without thinking much, i stand up and walk over. i need to get Infos, not matter what. " Hy" i shout at them and wave. " i forgot about the meeting today, where and when will it start?" i look at them and try to look as nice as i can




it’s just some kid, a girl. She shows herself without pause. I guess that I was just being paranoid, and there was no real threat…this time.
She seems harmless enough, especially once she shouts at me that she just wants information about the “town meeting” later.

So I take my hand away from the knife, stand up and walk back to the last house, and pick up my bag from where I left it.

I look at the girl. It’s is just the two of us here, although I can still see Corin, where he is now busy a couple of houses away with talking to a few kids on the front porch of a Blue&white house on the corner of the street.

I decide to be helpful. I shout out in reply “2 o’clock at the Gymnasium.” I walk a bit closer to her…that way I don’t have to shout.
“I’m Wendy, what’s your name?”