A Beginning - Roleplay


((OCC: Every adult was dead in about three months. The bodies have pretty much been cleared by some of the braver kids. It’s unlikely to find a body unless they were in an obscure area))



I wait until Genesis finishes speaking. ”Dev is that fruit from your garden? You didn’t have to bring that.”, I beam at him.



Devon comes right out and says let’s get to it. I forget sometimes to live in the moment. Good on Sabrina for coming to my rescue asking about what he’s carrying.

“Schmoozer,” I tease.



I hesitate as the girl comes to me and asks me about my name Thats was not the plan…arhg.

" thanks…I’m Eve" i answer and look at her. Of course i could tell her a wrong name, but they know me from school and soon or later, they will find out. So i guess it would be better to seems trustworthy , who knows, maybe this will be an advantage some day.


I place my hand on the back of my head and look at the girls. " Hey,just trying to be nice" i answer quietly and a unsure " if we want to live together we should help each other"



When Devon says the last bit about living with Genesis and I, I internally scream. He just said… did he… he could have.

My brain goes haywire and I just stand there thinking about what Devon said. It takes me a while but I end up blurting put a ”Yeah…” . I look down at Fenella who looked straight into my eyes.



No clue what happened, but Sabrina look like she would want to scream. “Everything ok?”


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CHARACTERS BIRTH NAME: Rinley Patrick Harper
DATE OF BIRTH: April 1st
AGE: 16
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): None
PLAY-BY (your username here): Maggie

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Being outside, hanging out, GIRLS & BOYS
TALENTS: Pick-pocketing, singing, “magic”
HABITS: Bites his nails when nervous, tends to disappear without telling anyone
SECRET(S): He’s bi-sexual
DISLIKES: Goody-two shoes, know-it-alls, being caught when trying to make a score
FEARS: Getting the virus (he acts like he doesn’t care though)
STRENGTHS: He’s really good at what he does, been stealing for a long time, almost never gets caught.
WEAKNESSES: That charisma can definitely be mistaken for cocky and sometimes it doesn’t work to his favor.
PERSONALITY: Rinley is a very confident boy. He has no problem getting what he wants usually but god forbid he doesn’t, then all hell could break loose. He prides himself in being good with the ladies. He’s normally pretty laid back and really just wants to have a good time.
BACKGROUND: Rinely more or less raised himself. His father was gone before he was born and his mother was a drunk. Actually he took care of her too. He’s been a thief since he can remember, always stealing to get what they needed. She died before the virus took her, choking on her own vomit after getting alcohol poisoning. She had done it on purpose, had told him that she’d be damned if she let the virus take her. So he was left to his own devices before his friends were. He’s from the City and is thoroughly enjoying the chaos that is around him but now he and a friend are making their way out into the country to see what they can find.

AGE: 16
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): 2 older brothers, both killed by the virus
PLAY-BY (your username here): Maggie

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Skateboarding, basketball, girls, being with people
TALENTS: He’s very persuasive.
SECRET(S): He’s scared on a day to day basis but he acts like he’s not
DISLIKES: Not getting his way, geeks, spicy food
FEARS: Spiders (there’s probably some deeper down but he won’t admit to any of them_
STRENGTHS: He’s a good scavenger, he can talk his way out of almost any situation and if he can’t, he’s a great runner :wink:
WEAKNESSES: He has a problem looking for approval of the people around him, he always wants people to like him.
PERSONALITY: Scooter is a very outgoing person, he makes friends easily and always wants to have a good time. He very rarely takes things seriously which can sometimes get him into trouble. He is hard-working though when it’s something that he wants to do. Very protective of those close to him and kind to almost everyone.
BACKGROUND: Scooter was born Scott and he was the youngest of 3 boys. He was the baby and he was always treated like such. He always got his way and his brothers resented him for it. That’s okay though, cause now their dead. Shortly after his parents died he got together with his friend Rinley and they’ve been ransacking the City for anything they might decide they want. They’ve made a good haul but now are headed out to the country to see what else they can find. This was Rinley’s idea, not Scooters and he’ll be sure to let anyone he meets along the way know that.



Eve seems unsure of me, and I don’t blame her…it’s a scary world now.

“Well then…I guess I will see you at the meeting later on, it is nice to meet you Eve.” I say, waving & smiling a goofy, half smile at her

I don’t really know what else to say to her. I mean, I think she was following me, but I don’t want to seem rude and just ask her if she had been…instead I just plan to keep an eye on her.
Maybe she’s a friend, maybe not. For now, It’s best to just be polite to people.

She doesn’took like she is hurt, or starving, so I guess she can take care of herself…



While Wendy is wandering around by herself (as usual)
I, with the coerced help of a few of my friends, have just been trying to get a better idea of how things might play out at today’s meeting, before everyone is back in one room & talking over each other again
… so for most of this morning I have been talking to kids in every occupied house I can find.

It’s tedious, and the kids are all pretty slow to open up with me about their personal information.

I already had a few of the guys come to me and say that "it’s no use, nobody trusts us. Everyone thinks we just want their stuff"

I’m already tired. I didn’t know that getting everyone to work together was going to be so hard.

I’m hungry. I want lunch. I look for Wendy and I see her talking to some girl down the street.

I yell for her. “Hey, Wendy! Its lunch time! You coming?!?” I wave at her. I see her wave too, so I guess she saw me…but she doesn’t walk towards me. After a moment, I walk towards her instead. I don’t know if the girl she is with has noticed me or not.



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Devon seems really unsure of himself or the gesture. I think I’ll just be quiet now as not to make either him or Sabrina uncomfortable. And she does seem awfully uncomfortable right now, Sabrina, I mean. Maybe she is as unsure about this living together thing as the rest of the town. But she seemed excited earlier and yesterday.

Okay, I can’t stay quiet. “I mean, we don’t really have to decide anything today. We don’t have to decide anything at all. We don’t have to do anything but survive.”



Devon looks at me and asks if I’m okay. My eyes dart to him as I knew I looked weird. “Yeah I’m fine!”, I beam at him.

I just can’t believe the two people I want to live with want to live with me.

I looked over at Genesis and she looks a bit uncomfortable. Oh no does she not like Devon?

She speaks up. I want to disagree with what she’s saying but I just nod. “Yeah we don’t have to decide today no matter what Corin wants.”

Still weary of what Devon said I look at him and smile. Hopefully he thinks the smile means some sort of gratitude of what he said


((OCC: Hey Maggie! Basically what’s happening is that the town has just had its first meeting and people were discussing living arrangements and other things like Jobs. The leader of that meeting (Corin) decided to have another meeting the next day (which is current day) at 2pm. It’s currently morning. Hopefully that helps :smiley: ))



I look from Sabrina to Gensis and back, seems like we all are a bit unsure about what the future is holding up for us…

" No, no need to hurry" i answer and watch at the table " then…maybe… sit down and taste the fruit. … kind of recruitment criterion for me" i suggest and look at the girls with a little smile. hopefully this will relax everyone for now



“Are we getting close to any place that remotely resembles civilization?” I said and if anyone was around they would definitely think I was whining…and I was. I look at my companion grumbling lightly as he just shook his head. “We’ve been walking for like a whole day.” I finish, giving Rinley a serious look.


“I told you that you could have stayed in the City. You didn’t have to come with me.” I can’t help but to roll my eyes at Scooter. He’d been whining for the better part of the journey. “And we’ve only been walking for a few hours…not the entire day you idiot. Or are you forgetting the fact that we stopped and slept somewhere?” I look back at Scooter and raise my eyebrows at him, shaking my head. “All you’ve done is whine this whole time. We haven’t even walked that far.” To be fair we have walked for about a day or so.


“Oh well…that’s not very nice…” I reply with a twinge of sarcasm in my voice. Rinley and I normally got along famously but this was taking it’s toll on both of us. “Maybe I should have stayed back.” I mumble under my breath but just keep walking. We both know I wouldn’t have wanted to do that and that he wouldn’t have wanted me to either.


“Shhh.” I shush him as I stop walking and grab his arm, pulling him behind a tree. We’d come up on a town rather quickly. I point in the direction of the buildings, putting my finger over my mouth. “Look.” I say quietly and as Scooter finally sees what I see I can see the relief in his face. Good that’ll shut him up for a while. Now we just stand there, trying to stay out of sight so we can get a good look at what we’re dealing with.



I can feel my walls building and for what reason? Any number of things from not being a mind reader to thinking I’ve somehow screwed something up. I can sense I’m overthinking and have to pull myself out of my head again.

I nod at Sabrina, who sort of agreed with me, I think. Then the young man agrees, I think. I wave off Devon at his suggestion, “No fruit for me, I’ve eaten breakfast.”

And I hadn’t planned on being here this long. But these are the only people I have to talk to before the meeting. Sterling is gone, probably halfway to the City by now. I try to purge the thought from my brain.

“If we do decide, we’d have to know where we’ll all be settling. Not that it’s anybody’s business, but ours.”



" I can safe yours for later" i wink at Gensis.

I look at the table and think about her last sentence. She has a piont…" I guess this a hard step… for all of us. At least one need to leave his home". I look at the girls " what about the create several ideas about living and give every idea a try for a short time, to see, whats the more comfortable one for all of us? "


" Yeah… till later" i answer Wendy. Nice to meet her… mh, time will show… I look after her and as far as she is out of sight i turn arround and walk back to the street i came from.



I wasn’t really hungry since I had just eatern breakfast myself and was relieved when Genesis refused and Devon changed the topic.

Devon started to suggest that we could try different ways of living and I wasn’t quite following him. I’m about to question him when Fenella starts crying. I know straight away why. “Sorry guys. I think Fenella needs her nappy changed. I’ll be right back”

I head upstairs towards the change table



Sabrina has to leave to tend to Fenella and it’s just Devon and I left alone to talk about things. I’m not sure his idea is the best idea. Trying different living situations and then deciding on one. It seems like doing a bit much and there’d be a lot of packing and unpacking. It seemed too tiresome just thinking about it.

“I think we can rule my place out. We could always keep it as property, but it’s not big enough.” I shrug as an afterthought. I look after the stairs, wondering how long Sabrina will be. I wanted to do some other things before the afternoon meeting.

“How many rooms do you have?” I questioned. I’d never been to Devon’s place at all.



Sabrina leaves and i sit down on the table. For some reason i do feel bad… maybe the idea wasn’t the best. oh damn Devon, why do you behave like such an idiot some times… maybe all this was an bad idea. I hide my face in my hands and for a moment. Gensist strats talking to me and i lay my hands down, watching at her.

" the house has a 2 levels. on the first one, we have 3 big rooms: kitchen, living room and office. On the secong floor there is a bathroom and 4 smaller rooms. one room you can just reach if you go throught another one . There is also a cellar. Same size as the other levels." i explain her " Its an old one, from my grandpa and they had 3 kids, so…" i add on and look at her. There is also an old shed, but nothhing you can live on at the moment, so i don’t mention it



Devon starts explaining the layout of his house and I’m thinking my place would cower in its presence if houses were like humans. His home was a giant compared to mine.

“Okay, geez I only asked about the rooms,” I protest, adding a small laugh to let Devon know I am only teasing.

I like the thought of a cellar, it’s a prime spot to store and prolong the life of some foods. I wonder if Sabrina has one. I do not. It was something my mother and I were planning to add on in time. An outdoor, above ground cellar that Sterling could’ve easily helped with…

I shake him from my thoughts and look at Devon sitting on the table. “How close is the stream?” I’d been filtering the water from the stream and bottling it for drinking water. That’s one thing about growing up in the country that gives us a leg up over the City. We’ve basically been prepping for survival like this all our lives.