A Beginning - Roleplay



I nod at Gensis with a grin. " yeah, but now you have the full plan" i laugh. " The stream is not far awa<y from the garden, maybe as near as here on the house. Next to it my dad has build a little kind of garden shower, you know for a short shower after work, but at the moment i use it as my daily shower"



I listen to the muffled voices from upstairs as I change Fenella. I finish quickly and Fenella bubbly again, I pick her up and take her downstairs.

I walk in hearing “but at the moment I use it as my daily shower” and I become quite confused of the conversation topic. 'So… What has this conversation become of?" I giggle.

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Sabrina joins us as i am on my last sentences and it took me a moment to noticed what she is saying and why. Then i couldn’t hold back a laugh.
" No, worries. Gensis asked about my house and how near it is on the stream. So i told her about the little garden shower, my dad has build some time ago. And at the moment i use this as my daily shower" i wink at her



I shake my head with a laugh. "Ah now that makes more sense"



I only smirk as Sabrina returns, inquiring about the end of Devon’s sentence. He explains it away as I giggle and Sabrina is caught up to speed.

“I’m not sure the trying out different places works out well, thinking it over. I guess it boils down to where you are more comfortable with Fenella.”

I am sure we all have our attachments to our homes, but it’s about more than that. It’s about space and accommodations.


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Genesis directs the conversation to me with talking about Fenella. I smile at her. "Anywhere is fine for Fen and I. The only thing I’m worried about my livestock I have here."



I look at the girls, before i rest my head in my Hands and loook outside the window. Sabrinas livestock and my garden. there must be a way to get all this together

" Well, our house are not far away from each other" i mumble… "mh, what about… i have barn on my plot. but depends on the number of animals you have, ist not that big. Or we live in 2 houses? i watch the girls questioning



Neither of them are making the decision any easier, being so easy. At least it’s narrowed down to just the two houses.

“Well any place is good for me too, so you two figure out the animals and we can make a definite decision after the meeting, k?”

I’m working to excuse myself, now, feeling suddenly overwhelmed by the idea of deciding whose and where to live.



I look at Genesis who still seems uncomfortable. I don’t think she’s liking this whole moving in idea as much as others. I mean who can blame her. It’s not like we actually need to move in with one another but I guess to create some sort of sense of unity and even family if that could ever be accomplished in the circumstances.

I give Genesis a sympathetic look. "Yeah we don’t have to decide now. I don’t mean to be rude to Corin’s methods but having us decide this early isn’t going to be easy. And what about the people that won’t be asked by others to live together? What are we going to do if people get ostracized like that. We are all kids after all. We’re not mature."

I feel a little uncomfortable rambling so much. I guess social science really payed off. I know that kids and adolescents have this want to belong and if they see someone that seems odd or doesn’t fit into the crowd they generally get left out. I’m just worried that could happen to some of the kids in this town. Hopefully not.

I look at Genesis and Devon to try and read their faces after my ramble. Hopefully they don’t think I’m too dorky



If there’s anything I am, it’s honest, but I’m feeling rushed by the decision as I’m sure half the kids in town are. We’re too young for this and our parents haven’t been gone that long.

“To be honest, I can’t blame Corin for trying to keep things organized, but I agree with you, Sabrina,” I give her a smile. “Over night decisions carry too much weight for a bunch of kids.”

But we aren’t kids anymore, are we? In a year or two we’d have been the adults.



" No, no, we don’t have to," i try to calm down the girls " Just think about our options" i add on and watch at the clock. " SWe have made a little start, so lets wait what will come later, on the meeting"



I nod my head at Devon, unsure if there’s anything else to say.

Devon obviously wants things to be decided quickly. I just don’t know how Genesis is going to deal with that with the way she’s reacting now.



“I meant it when I said we should all live together. There’s safety in numbers. I just…” I trail off with a shrug. I didn’t like rushing into things, for one.

I nod at Devon. I don’t know why he’s speaking as if an argument is occurring. Thinking about our options is what I’d said, sort-of. “Right.” I say lamely adding a smile as I officially excuse myself. “Okay. Well, I have more errands, so excuse me.” I move towards the door, looking back once more before exiting, nodding then shutting the door. I take a deep breath then head towards my next destination.



I look a bit confused at the giels. What do they want to hear? Just trying to help, i sigh and nod at Gensis as she leaves.
I look at Sabrina " Anything i can help you at the moment? In the garden or so? " Working is the only thing i’m really good at, so maybe i should some more of it instead of talking.



I nod at Genesis understanding that she’s uncomfortable. “I see you later then.”, I want to inquire about lunch but she closes the door before I say anything.

Devon starts speaking to me so I turn to face him.

I give him a sympathetic smile "I don’t really have much of a garden."

I do think his offer for a moment debating what I could say.

"In saying that…maybe I should grow something. I’m not likely to run out of food anytime soon as I’m pretty well stocked up, but it’s not going to last forever. The more gardens the better I guess. That’s only if we live here that is. If we end up living at yours that’s a whole different story"

I giggle, then start to think about the livestock I have and their food. "Hrm…I also need to learn how to grow wheat and other things that you feed to animals."

I start thinking about the stuff I still have stocked up in my cellar. I want to tell Devon about it but I don’t know if I trust him enough yet. I don’t know if I trust anyone enough yet.



Sabrina explain how everything works hear and i start thinking.

" Ok, ok i see… " i start and try to take it slowly this time. " i can show you how to grow everything. For people and your animals, no matter which desicion we will make about living. Just tell me, when you are ready for a lesson" i wink at her


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I reach the next block and look arround. To be honest i have no interest in more trading today, so maybe i should check out the school. And find a quiet place from where i can follow the meeting without being seen… so i made my way to my old school. In front of it i sigh, not really sure when i have been inside the last time. I check the door, onlocked, yes…
Inside i look arround, it feels a bit strange to so alle the places empty. I started to check on everthing, my old rooms, the toiletts, the liberary and… i start to grin, could there something to trade? somehting better then food? I start walking to the higher levels, where the natural sciences rooms are. Maybe there are some maschines left or somehting. I pass the bio rooms and end up on the big physic room. From there you can also reach a labor … i check the door. locked. shit. i walk along the wall till i reach the windows with all the glasses inside, with several baby animals in alcohol and stuff. I reach the last window from where i can look into the physic room and spot a maschine, with a light on!?
Does that mean it still works? I try to remember my last lesson here… i know they have some little generators here to make the tests work but are they still left? I need to find out. I open my bag and grap the knife, then i pull out my jacket and cover my hand with it. I look at the other direction as i hit the window with the knife i have in my covered hand. it took me a few trys but the the window crash. And suddenly there is a niose. A loud niose. An alarm. WTF???





I sigh, leaving the musty indoors and sit down on the front stoop of Sterling’s house. I’d gone from room to room to the back yard and back. I was met with only dust, silence and disappointment. He’d actually left. He was gone.

I don’t know why I did this to myself after yesterday at the school. He’d made it very clear he was leaving. But after being up half the night, and running mindless errands following leaving Dev and Sabrina, I found myself here. I needed this closure.

After what seemed like an eternity, five minutes or ten, I accepted the reality and stood up. It was the wind that made me reach up and wipe away a stray tear. I looked down the hill towards the way I had come wondering if I should go back to Sabrina’s. I had offered lunch, after-all.

Heading downhill, towards home I saw a group of kids in a circle, looking confused outside the old grocery store. “What’s going on?” I ask a kid leaving the circle.

“Anxious kids were headed to the high school early for the meeting when an alarm went off. They’ve decided to find Corin to deal with it.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course they were looking for Corin, town savior. I let the kid to it. I wasn’t going to find Corin. I was going to check things out for myself.