A Beginning - Roleplay



As far as we are finally outside i look arorund, search for the best away throught the crowd to disappear. Suddenly everyone wants to go inside and i have no chance to make it throught the crowd without making a lot of fuss.
I sigh and turn arround, in front of me i spot Vern and i feel my heart making a little jump.

Inside i look out for a corner, guess i don’t need to sit during the meeting, at leats i hope so. There are not enough chairs for everyone.

Corin starts the meeting and i stare at them as they told us, to mark where we live.


once I’ve marked the map, I ask Claire if she has any paper. I notice that she didn’t put her name/mark on the map. I assume that means she is one of the kids who will want to move in with a group.

Claire hands me a sheet of paper and a pen ( all her colored pencils seem to be In use on the map project).
On the paper, I mark a heading

and so on…leaving space for more kids to write their names and ages down. I hope that some of the older kids will be stepping in to help the younger ones who can’t write very well…which makes me realize that some of the really little kids are all huddled in a corner around one wide eyed girl with big red hair. She looks fiercely protective, like an angry hen clucking at about 7 little chicks to stay close and not hit each other.
I laugh, but I also want to cry. This is the kind of thing that makes survival so hard.
Who is going to help that girl take responsibility for the little ones?
I know I should walk over and offer to help, but I shamefully turn aside, hoping that once everyone is sorted into houses that she and those little ones will be part of a group that will help take charge of the youngest orphans.

I put it out of my mind for the moment, and make another announcement to the nearest kids who hasn’t approached the map yet. A sullen looking boy with suspenders. I tell him (raising my voice to include others around us who are listening also)
that “anyone who wants to join a house, please write it down here. Put your name and age.” I look around to see I’m being heard before going on.
“If you want to join a group, we need to be able to find you…so put your address, or where you’re currently staying on the paper as well” I add that as an afterthought.

this is chaotic…but I don’t know how else to get these kids to cooperate…and some of them probably won’t anyhow…which is fine. But my hope is that by the end of the day, we have some idea of the needs of each kid… I run my fingers through my hair…I’m starting to get a headache, so I walk away and find a seat on a bottom tier of the bleachers and wait for some progress to be made…



Everyone stops speaking as they see Corin is ready to begin speaking. I have a horrible feeling in my gut about this whole thing but I know I have to pay attention as to what he says.

Corin immediately directs the discussion to a girl called Claire. I recognize her from class. She was such the teachers pet. I smirked as I thought of her starting to suck up to Corin, who is obviously taking a leadership role in all of this and this is probably how it’s going to say. I go back to feeling melancholic about the whole thing as I continue to hear him speak.

My eyes widen when in immediate fear when he wants people to put down if people can live in each other’s houses. It’s too soon!!

We barely are adjusted to having to work together with everyone in this situation the world plunged us into. How can Corin do this to us?! We just introduced of the idea with living with each other. How dare he push us together so quickly. Making us declare our houses. Who do we even know who’s safe to live with?! Safe for Fenella!! And then there’s the fact that people will more than likely come in from the city and other places. What happens to them with the home groups are formed. Are they just going to be ostracized because they weren’t here for this decision.

Rage continues to boil up inside of me for this guy and I can’t take it anymore. I flee from the Gym.



As I’m wondering if things are going to get started, Sabrina joins me by the door. She seems as if she’s going to find a seat then suddenly changes her mind. I would offer to hold Fenella awhile, but I’m not sure she trusts me enough so I keep mum.

“We could always find a seat,” I offer instead, though I’m sure it’s drowned out by the crowd. Suddenly everything goes hush and I turn my eyes back to the stage. Oh, Corin’s taking his stage. This ought to be good.

Or not, I realize as he introduces Claire, the girl I saw him talking to before. I remember her. I disliked her as much as I disliked the jocks. She was smart, I’ll give her that, but sometimes pretentious. Needless to say, she and I were never friends. “Doesn’t surprise me she’s pushed her way to center stage.” I scoff listening to Corin’s explanation for her being.

My resolve for her turns to anger towards him. He’s not even talking about the alarm, he’s encouraging people to expose how much room they have and how many people they can take in. “I don’t like this.” I mean I was just telling Devon and Sabrina it was too soon to decide such heavy things and feeling uneasy about even moving in with them and Corin wants everyone to do this? Now? Our parents are freshly cold in their graves.

I’m not alone in my seething either, Sabrina straight up walks out. I am tempted to follow but I realize this is my own fault. I’d vocalized this idea only yesterday, the thought that people could form groups and move in together.

I take a few steps forward then a few steps back trying to talk myself out of being stupid. I hate being seen, but this is all moving too fast. I beeline it through the crowd, bullying my way to the front of the crowd, standing in front of the kid ready to mark the map, blocking her way.

“What’s the big idea, move!” She commands but I shake my head in a no fashion.

“This isn’t how we picked our friends in life, is this really how we want to pick our living situations? I mean c’mon, we’re not a bunch of rats in a lab. We should think about this for more than twenty hours.”



The guys and i change a little look, mens humor…

Before i could ask some more, i watch Corin talking to us. Oh nice, seems like we have a some thing of leader now, a self-proclaimed one.
I watch the crowd walking inside and between all the other kids, i can see Sabrina and Genesis. " Excuse me" i say to the boys and made my way to my friends. I have almost reach them, as Corin starts talking again and about moving and that we should mark this on a plan. What?
I stop and stare at the stage. He can’t be serious about this?

While staring i notice someone passing me and gives me a little shove, Sabrina? " Hey!" i shout after her, but without success. I turn arround again and see Genesis, heading in front of the crowd and talking to a kid. I follow her and it took me a moment till i reach her. I place my hand on her shoulder, trying to give her some comfort and turn my head to Corin. " Hey, do you have a moment"?




I’m taking a moment, just trying to relax in my own head, trying to ignore everyone for just a moment… then, I realize that Genesis is at the table.
Initially, I’m happy she stepped up, thinking she is going to volunteer space for kids in her home…but then I realize she is protesting the process…
I don’t understand, this was her idea to begin with…why isn’t she on board?

My headache intensifies, and I suddenly feel really irritated, and I find myself wishing Genesis weren’t acting like this.

I’m still sitting on the bleachers… & am just reaching up to rub the back of my neck in order to relieve some of my growing tension headache, when I realize that someone is addressing me.

I look up, seeing that it’s Devon. A boy about my own age. We aren’t exactly friends, but we don’t have any problems, so I smile, ignoring my headache, and say “sure, what’s on your mind?”




I take a short look at Gensis before i leave her and walk over to Corin.

" Look… " i starts and in the next moment i wished i haven’t said anything " i know you want some kind of… order… i guess we all want to, but honestly i can’t do this. Not today" i say to him and look at the map.
I try i looking friendly, but inside i can feel some anger building up, i hate it when people try to push me into something.
" can’t we just check on other things first? like food and stuff?




I feel a hand on my shoulder and almost shudder at being touched unannounced again after Corin’s hug earlier, but I relax seeing it’s Devon giving me some support. Others, not so much. They’re protesting that I’m holding up the line.

“Look, I know I started this whole thing. I do believe there’s safety in numbers, but this isn’t at all what I thought when I said people could live together.”

Devon leaves me going to talk with Corin and I watch the crowd, trying to keep them. I can see the bemused looks on the faces of Corin’s A-list of friends. They’re ready to pounce, I’m sure, but I have a right to speak up. This is a town meeting after all.

“It’s ok if you want to expose what room you have and let others in, but that’s like picking a roomate from a newspaper ad. And what if you don’t get on with who answers the ad? I take a breath, still gathering my thoughts. Why I didn’t just stay home and paint today is beyond me. “The idea behind a tribe is something more than a shared living space. It’s a sense of unity and shared responsibilities. It’s like a society within a society but there’s a bond of kinship, something you should feel comes naturally between you and others, not forced just because you have spare bedrooms.”

I don’t know if anyone is listening anymore. I turn around looking at Claire and her map, ever the overachieved effort, in its detail and size. Such a shame there’s no teacher to give her a gold star. Then again I’m sure she’s getting satisfaction out of Corin’s acknowledgement. I can just imagine he flashed those pearly-whites and hypnotized her with those eyes of his giving her all the praise she craved.

I turn back around looking at all the eyes on me. The girl who was next in line that I stopped before reaches around me setting down the colored pencil on the table. She says I make a good point and leaves the line. Several others do too and the line gets shorter but kids keep filling out the paper.

“Whatever, to each their own,” I tell the kids approaching the table. I move out their way but still have more to say. This time I turn my eyes directly to Dev and Corin.

“Living arrangements aren’t the real issue. This is our town and we all have shelter already, unless you fled here recently. I am sure newcomers could find homes without this method too. I clear my thoughts and carry-on, “We should be more worried about clean water and food. Whatever perishables we have will be gone in a matter of months, if that. And we can’t live off of tinned non perishables forever.”

And I don’t want to scare anyone or incite panic, so I don’t say it aloud, but I do think about the electricity too because it will eventually shut-off without the adults running it. What will we do then? Corin was trying to bring us together, I know, but I don’t think he realized what a responsibility it would be.



Before Corin can answer, Gensis take the word

" And here you have a longer version of my idea" i wink at him, thankfully that Gensis has more courage them me and another sign that he isn’t the best in speaking




I walk around the school in an anger march almost. I have so many emotions going through my head. I’m upset at Corin for taking this whole leadership to his head in such a short space of time, allocating us around, not thinking about more essential things like food, water, electricity. I’m scared for Fenella. what’s going to happen if we’re forced to live with people of are disruptive and loud or people who don’t like children. I’m worried about what happens if and when Violet and I speak. I know the look she gave me earlier and I can’t avoid talking with her forever. On top of all this I’m lonely and missing my mum and dad.

I stand on the spot, just near the gates leading out to the school I feel tears welling up in my eyes but I immediately blink them back. I can’t cry in front of Fenella. Even if she might not quite understand. After I pace for a moment, singing to Fenella, I feel myself calm down and feel rather embarrassed about storming out. I can’t bring myself to go back inside the gym so I decide to wait outside for Genesis. I don’t want to disappear again like yesterday.

I sit on a metal bench which is along the outside of the Gym. I can hear the ruckus inside still. I wonder what the “wonderful” Corin is getting them to do now…I stop myself from thinking about it and try and direct my attention onto something else. Fenella coos and it instantly warms me. I decide to focus on her and only her. I start to sing to her softly.

Loola-Bye, oh, Loola Bye
My lovely Loola moon
Tip-toe by where my babies lie
In your tiny silver shoon
Will you guard, will you keep
Will you watch over please
My wee ones, my lambkins
My sweet chick-a-chick-a-dees
Loola-Bye, oh, Loola-Bye…
In your tiny silver shoon



Devon begins to protest that he can’t decide about living arrangements today, and I am about to tell him that nobody is required to make any decisions… and that this is about gathering information first and foremost… but then Genesis suddenly rounds her anger and frustration on me, letting me have a piece of her mind.

I don’t begrudge her or anyone their opinion, but I quickly find myself just as mad as she is;

after all, I didn’t choose to be leader…but nobody else stepped up…and having thought long and hard about our situation; I have my reasons for taking steps to find out exactly where everyone is, I think to myself, and
Suddenly, my temper flares along with the pain in my temples.

I really don’t want to fight with her, but it’s obvious we need to hash some of this out.

I stand up.
I can feel my jaw clenching, but I keep my tone even.

Leaning forward slightly so Genesis can hear my lowered voice I ask her “Can we take this conversation someplace where we can hear ourselves think?”

I indicate the exit door, hoping that she agrees to go outside to talk. I need some air and I am afraid of losing my cool in front of all the youngest kids. The last thing I need right now is a bunch of crying children…
Or angry teenagers for that matter…

I wait a moment, to let Genesis decide if she will come and speak outside…I wait to let her walk out ahead of me, if she chooses to…




When I’ve said my piece, several people start talking. Good, I’ve generated some sort of real conversation at least. People are still milling forward to the table and that’s their choice. Which will was my whole argument. People should do what they want but still think about surviving.

I take a breath, ready to flee when Corin himself approaches me. He wants a more private audience with me. I don’t suspect it’s because he wants to praise me for getting up on my soapbox either. “What about the meeting?” I ask but judging by how tight his face looks, I relent taking the lead to the exit door.

Outside, the fresh air feels good on my freckled face which had become hot with emotion. I pull my hair up with a tie from my wrist to get it off my neck and blow out a hot breath trying to relax. My shoulders are tense from the stress of yesterday and today. At this rate, I may never sleep again.

“Go ahead,” I turn sharply on my heel to face Corin. “Tell me how wrong I am. Kick me out of your little meeting.” Being defensive was my coping mechanism, another reason why I never made too many friends. But that’s just the way I liked it, because people couldn’t be trusted so I keep them at a distance.




I follow Genesis outside. When she puts her hair up, I realize she’s ready for a fight. It’s something I had seen my mother do over the years when her and Dad would have a disagreement. Seeing her do this actually defuses some of my irritation…and instead of provoking her further, I take a deep breath, searching for the reserve of calm that I watched my father use to navigate the storms of my mother’s furies…

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong! Kick me out of your little meeting! she yells at me.

“What’s your plan Genesis?”
I ask her the question, more firmly than I mean to, and I leave it hanging a moment before I elaborate…

“You obviously care about the type of future we are building here, so help me.”
I pause, then plunge ahead.
“If I’ve offended you, I’m sorry. All I want is for everyone to be safe…”
I try to look her in the eyes, which she keeps avoiding.

“I know I’m not doing a perfect job here, but what do you want from me? I’ve thought about this every night since I buried my parents. I will do anything I can to help the others…”
She finally looks me fully in the eyes…and as I speak, I hope that she hears me asking for her help…

“So tell me what I’m doing wrong, and I will change it. Tell me where we should go, and I will follow you…”

I leave the statement hanging in the air between us, heavy with double meaning…




Instead of joining the meeting, I have been sitting here in the grass watching the comings and goings of those who went inside.
It’s been a pretty good show so far…I only wish I had some popcorn.

First, a very angry girl (Sabrina, I think) and a baby came out. Her angry pacing eventually turned to lullabies, which I had enjoyed a lot. She hadn’t realized I was listening. She probably hadn’t even noticed me. Most people don’t when I’m trying to be invisible.
The lullaby had made me miss my own mother…and I was a little relieved when she had moved along, crooning and rocking the baby to sleep.

Not long after, Corin and Genesis had come outside, and I did not have to be close to overhear their words, their voices weren’t quiet to say the least. Even though Corin isnt exactly ‘yelling’, he isn’t using a soft tone of voice either…
Until the end, when he lowers his voice and says something to her that I can’t quite overhear.

Damn! I’m sure it was the mushy romantic bit…I wish I could have heard what he asked her, because from the look on her face, she seems caught off guard.

who needs soap operas when I’ve got these two? I laugh to myself…hoping the show isn’t over yet…




I hear the door burst open. Since I’m on the side of the gym I can’t see who walks out at first but then I can see Genesis. What’s she doing out here? . She doesn’t look happy and she’s not alone. Another figure emerges and I feel myself tense up. Corin emerges after Genesis and it’s obvious there’s something going on between them.

Genesis yells at him and I find myself smiling.

“Tell me how wrong I am. Kick me out of your little meeting”

She’s obviously said something in the meeting which didn’t gel well with Corin. I’m surprised when he doesn’t as assertive.

“What’s your plan Genesis?”

“You obviously care about the type of future we are building here, so help me.”

“If I’ve offended you, I’m sorry. All I want is for everyone to be safe…”

I don’t know what to think of what I’ve just heard. Well I did consider as much that Corin was just a scared boy himself, not knowing what to do. I just didn’t think he would admit that in a way to anyone.

I zone out for a bit, thinking about how it’s almost good he’s finding solace in someone like Genesis. I haven’t known her long but I know she’s level headed and strong minded.

I feel after this point this conversation is purely meant to be private and I’ve been wrong to listen in. I stand up to start walking away when my leg gets caught under the seat leg. I fall forward, finding myself screaming as I immediately fear I hurt Fenella. Fortunately I’m able to place my hand out in front of me to stop me from completely falling over but Fenella feels the impact of the fall and starts screaming.

I stand up and try and comfort her but I realize how loud both of us were in combination. There’s no way Corin and Genesis didn’t hear us so I decide to reveal myself.

Face flush red I step out from behind the Gym.




I wasn’t expecting an audience, but whatever Sabrina overheard, I guess that nothing I just said should be anything I’m afraid to say in front of other people, so I straighten up and square my shoulders.

Sabrina looks embarrassed, and the baby is crying. She isn’t that near to us, but Genesis and I weren’t exactly being quiet either.
I wave at her, and ask her across the grass “is everything ok?”

I glance back and try to make eye contact with Genesis again, really hoping that Genesis and I can continue this talk, but I guess I wouldn’t blame her if she takes this chance to bolt…
I just have so much more I need to say to her.




Corin and Gensis leave and to be honest i’m not mad about this. They should talk about this, i just need the result of it. I look at the map and the this Claire girl in front of the table, holding a pencil. You can see that she is unsure what to do. With a look she offers me the pencil but i just shake my head and leave the plattform.

I walk over to a quiet corner. All i want is to go home, but i guess it would be better to wait for Gensis to come back. So i sit down at one of the chairs and watch the Situation


I’m feeling hot and cold. I don’t want somebody to know where i live, either i want to live with someone… Then a girl starts speaking and i can see her and this Corin guy leave. I lean back, and glance arround the room. Spotting another guys on the table, but instead of marking his house, he shakes his head and sit back in the crowd. I take this as a sign. I stand up and worm my way throught the other siiting kids. By accident i touch Verns shoulder. " Sorry" i whisper before i turn to the door and leave the hall.

Outside i stop to check the situation and how to leave without being seen




I have no idea what I was thinking by emerging out from the Gym. I have nothing I can say to Corin because in reality I am still angry at him.

He asks me if I’m okay. I give him a swift nod. "I just tripped that’s all"

I unsure as what else I should say. At this point in time I just want to leave but I don’t want to embarrass myself further by "storming off’ so I wait until someone else says something.

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Sabrina assures us that she’s ok, so I nod and turn back to Genesis before she can make an excuse to go help Sabrina.
“Can we find somewhere without an audience? Maybe the playground?”
I ask Genesis, even though my headache is still there.
I don’t want to have this talk end as badly as it began.



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