A Beginning - Roleplay



I’m ready for battle, shield up and all but Corin seems more relaxed, instead of bringing fighting words he asks me a question. It wasn’t exactly nicely asked, but the young man seemed earnest in asking. “What’s your plan, Genesis?”

I open my mouth and shut it again. I didn’t have a plan. None of us had a plan, isn’t that why he stepped up to bat? He says that I obviously care about the future we’re building here and he’s not wrong. I don’t know if he’s waving a white flag or not but I’m almost speechless at him asking for help.

“My plan is to survive and I’ve been doing a fine job of it without you knowing how many rooms I have in my house.” I cross my arms over my chest. “It’s fine if you want everyone to be safe, we all want to be safe, but like I said, unless you’re new in town, shelter isn’t the real issue.”

Offended? I stop watching everything else and look at him directly. He thinks he’s offended me? Upset me, sure, but not insulted me. I just don’t think people should be forced into groups. “What I want from you is to listen to us, if you really want to help, before you start dictating how things should go. You can’t just start a meeting with 'give me your housing info just because Claire has presented me with such a spectacular drawing of the town.’ There’s so much more to talk about!”

He is adamant he just wants to help and is asking for direction. “So tell me what I’m doing wrong, and I will change it. Tell me where we should go, and I will follow you…”

What he says feels laden to my ears, like he means more than he says, like yesterday when he told me he cared for me. I cross my arms tighter, “I’m not trying to lead anything here–” but my sentence is cut off by the sounds of screams and a baby crying.

I look in the direction they’ve come from just as Sabrina rounds the corner of the building. My upset melts into concern and I uncross my arms, heading just a couple steps towards them. “Are you alright? Is Fenella okay?” I question at the same time as Corin’s concerns.

Sabrina assures us she’s alright, she just tripped, and Corin stands in my way of going any further towards her. He wants to continue where we left off, only without Sabrina obviously. “You want to just leave a gym full of people waiting?” I shake my head, in a no fashion. “That’s hardly fair. How about you go back inside and hold a real meeting? Use some talking points and hear from people their concerns? Then we can debate, later?”



“It’s not a debate I’m after.” I shake my head, disappointed that I can’t seem to get my point across.

And since it seems like a conversation isn’t going to happen easily, I decide to rant at her instead.
I suddenly do not care anymore that Sabrina is still standing there listening.

“And just so you know, housing is absolutely a priority issue.”
Now that I’ve opened my mouth, I can’t seem to shut it again…I’ve been keeping these thoughts to myself for too long.

“If you haven’t realized this yet, there are a bunch of orphans in that gym that don’t have anyone.
Kids who’s parents died and who don’t have any siblings to look after them.
Kids who are scared and lonely, sleeping in the homes of their dead families all by themselves each night.”

My voice breaks a bit on the last sentence, and my tone grows angrier as I talk.
It is not anger towards Genesis. She is just getting to hear some of the building anger and sadness I’ve been carrying around while thinking about those orphans night after night.
“I thought it was the most important thing, to find out who needs help the most, and to find out right away. The kids who dont need to any help won’t write their names on that map. I know that. But the ones that do need help now know how to ask for it. And those of us who are ready to open our doors to others should be able to say so right away.”

I turn to leave, but before I go, I turn slightly and finish my statement over my shoulder.

“So today, If I can get all the little ones into safer situations, staying with older kids who are willing to look after them, them I will.”

I turn and leave, stuffing my fists into my pockets. If my head didn’t hurt so damn much, I might have tried harder to remain calm. Instead I just yelled at the girl of my dreams…
nice job, idiot I tell myself, but I’m still mad, so I just stalk off to the gym. I suddenly resolve what my next step will be.
I’m going to go find that redhaired girl with the group of little ones and invite them all to move into my house, right now.
In my mind, I can almost hear the voice of my Dad…if you talk-the-talk, you had better be ready to walk-the-walk




Maybe debate was a poor choice of word because it has Corin’s knickers all in a bunch. “Yeah, we’re all orphans!” I shout back, not caring that he’s made a valid point. Surely even Sabrina could agree. Like me, an only child, there were several kids who didn’t have anyone looking out for them like Fenella has Sabrina. I’m fortunate enough to know how to take care of myself, but I get lonely too which is why I’m considering moving on with Dev and Sabrina in the first place.

Sterling was an only child too. He wanted to stick with me and take me to the City, but I’m rooted here. I could never leave which is why I care so much about what happens to us here. I was not surprised Mr. Popularity stepped up to lead, but I can’t help disagreeing with how he’s getting it done.

He doesn’t care to hear anymore I have to say, taking his leave and I huff, putting my hands in the pockets of my dungarees. I’m torn between going back inside and hearing how he turns things around and just leaving.

I look at Sabrina with a sigh. “I started this whole mess,” I tell her, “I’m wrong, but I’m right.” I shake my head. I won’t have people thinking he’s bullied me away, so I start heading back indoors only pausing to ask Sabrina, “Are you coming?”



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I watch as Corin explodes at Genesis. I’m listening to his concerns. Emphasising how little kids don’t have anyone. I don’t understand honestly why he thinks this. People started pairing off the the young ones weeks before the virus wiped out all all the adults. Hasn’t he noticed this? Or is he just stuck in his own ideals of things.

There might be a few younger ones still living by themselves but none of them are without a little support or without knowledge. I can understand he wants people to move together, but just not this quickly. It’s only been a day! A fricking day since everyone decided to go about this in a more efficient and ordered way.

I really want to point this out to him because I’m sick of him creating this image for himself that everything is going to shit. As far as anything goes we are all living quite a stable life for the time being. We all have food for the time being and so many of us know how to grow our own produce. Then there’s water. We have several creaks and streams and water sources and plenty of water saved up. The real problem we face is fear. Fear and loneliness and I know just as much. Fear is something we can and have all been working through. Maybe he has no idea what went on in the city. He must have known. Everyone did.
I think back to the last time I spoke to Monty. We were skyping eachother and there was a loud bang outside of his appartments. ”Stay inside” he ushered Lola. His mum tried to stop him going outside but he was too interested to see what was going on. I watched as he open the sliding door and stepped outside onto the balcony. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see anymore by the look on his face but I had to know. He switched the view around on skype and showed me the street below. Somebody had somehow blown up the road. Dancing around the gaping whole were masses of teenagers all screaming and laughing. I gasped at the sight. I didn’t want to see anymore so I demanded for him to switch the camera back. ”I told you it’s not safe Monty!”. He goes back inside. ” This virus isn’t going to disappear and it’s more dangerous in the city! Can’t you see that. Can’t Aunty Sarah see that!” . It looked like Monty was going to say something but the call cut off. Monty texted me 10 minutes later telling me the internet got cut off as the teenagers blew up the telephone line.

I wish Monty and Lola did come to live with me. They just never were convinced. I’m sure by now they’ll be dead. Or Lola would be. Monty has never been one to think about anyone but himself. I stop thinking about that as it’s too devastating.

All I know is at the moment Is that Corin is trying to rush into this and dictate this off his own fears. I just wish he would see that.

Corin walks back to the gym in a rage. I look at Genesis sympathetically. I have a feeling she feels similarly but I don’t want to question her opinions as I might be wrong.

She’s starts speaking to me. Immediately I want to reassure her. ”Genesis this isn’t a mess at all. We have to have different preferences and ways of living and ways of going about things. Everyone does. It doesn’t do to have just one input” she shakes her head. I don’t know what else I can say at the moment without bursting myself. All of the emotions I had before when I left the gym resurface and I don’t want to act on them. So I just give her a sympathetic smile.

She tells me she’s going back into the gym. When she says that I feel a jolt of anxiety. At this point I just want to go home. I don’t want to see any more of Corin today and I think I’d just freak if Violet came up to me. I could have used Fenella crying as an excuse but she had just calmed down and was her normal bubbly self again. I look down at her and just shake my head and smile in a ”oh you” kind of way. Well I can’t just leave. ”Yeah I’ll come” and I follow Genesis in. I just hope I don’t regret this.




I hear what Sabrina says, I really hear it. It makes me feel better, relieved actually that she approves of my having my own opinions. I do think I was a little hard on him, he is only a kid like the rest of us and he’s taken on being the face of leadership, but I think he needs someone other than the clowns he hangs out with in his ear. They probably just agree with everything he says like a bunch of plastics. I hope his cousin isn’t like that.

Sabrina looks like she wants to bolt, I can’t blame her, but she surprises me and relents to coming with me. I smile brightly at her. It’s odd to have a friend, but I kinda like it. “Thank you.”


I watch the argument between Genesis and Corin with less humor now as the whole scene devolves into a sort of shouting match…this isn’t like Corin at all. Something is wrong here. He would never yell at Genesis. He’s totally into her, and a total closet romantic.
I would have expected tears before shouting.
I stand up when I see Corin heading back into the gymnasium. I run to catch up with him, ignoring any looks I might be getting Genesis and her friend Sabrina.
They seem to be coming along, but I’m running so I catch Corin just inside the building and grab him by the arm pulling him aside with a harsh whisper. “What’s up with you?” I jerk my head back towards the door for clarification.

“Nothing.” Corin replies angrily, pulling his arm out of my grasp. He tries to keep walking, but I grab his wrist firmly again.

“Well, something is wrong. You just freaked out on Genesis. Are you ok? Talk to me here, come on…it’s me.”
I give Corin a pleading look. At first he just stands there, head down, ignoring me.
He pulls his wrist out of my grasp, but gently this time.
He moves over to the quietest corner of the room, and I follow him.
Since we are right beside the bleachers, we go underneath of them where we can have privacy to talk. We duck around the metal cross beams, and move a little further into the space beneath.
I look up, trying to be sure nobody is sitting just above us, and that nobody is evesdropping.

“Alright, now will you please tell me what’s going on with you?” I ask once more. Now that we have some privacy, Corin drops his guard a little and confides in me.

“I don’t know why I yelled at her like that. I’m an asshole, I guess. My head is killing me. Like someone is hammering nails into my eye sockets.” Corin rubs his eyes with his palms, trying to relieve some of his headache.

I suddenly realize that he must be trying to fight back a migraine. “Well, no wonder your head hurts. We were going to have some lunch, remember? Before all the drama with that alarm.”
I rummage in my bag, pulling out a bottle of water and a small Tupperware full of cheese, apple slices from the orchard and a hunk of bread.
“Here, eat this.” I hand him the food.

“What about the meeting?” Corin asks, but takes the food and starts to eat the bread. He moves over to the wall and sits down, leaning against it. He puts the food down and drinks from the bottle, drinking half the bottle in one draught.

“Slow down. Just eat the food like a human. They can wait five minutes. I’m sure the world won’t end.”
I smile, but the joke sounded bad, even to my ears.

Corin continues to eat, avoiding the crunchy apples. I reach down and take one. I pop it into my mouth, enjoying the crunch and flavor of the tart green apple. I sit down crosslegged beside Corin and ask him again, “what’s up?”


As soon as I eat a little bread, and drink some water, I start to feel a little more like myself. Wendy knows me pretty well by now. And she’s smart enough to pack food in her bag.
I guess for a girl who wanders off on a regular basis, though, it makes good sense to do so.

She won’t let up on the interrogation, however. She asks me again, “what’s up?”

I drink some more water, then offer her the water before I talk. She takes it, and drinks while I start to tell her what an idiot I am.
“I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me. I totally just yelled at the girl of my dreams. She’ll probably never speak to me again.”
Suddenly, I’m angry again, remembering the interaction that happened only moments ago.
“Its just that she doesn’t understand. I’ve been trying g to talk to kids all morning about this. Maybe I should have explained that to her. But I know that some of these kids are really in need of somewhere better to stay.”

Wendy stops me with a hand on my arm. She reminds me that she wasn’t in the meeting, and she wants to know what the hell I’m rambling about.
I give her a really quick recap of the situation, finishing by telling her my plan to invite the redhead and her brood of little ones to live in my house.

“And I guess I just feel like I can help them, you know, by asking them to live at Graythorn.” I smile, then I see Wendy is not looking pleased. She looks downright annoyed with me, a look I’m familiar with by now.


I shake my head a little at Corin’s idea to bring people into our home. I knew that we were planning to offer that others move in, but I’m annoyed at him for acting like this is his house, his decision.
“Greythorn is my home now too, just as much as it is yours. Don’t I get a say in this?”
I thought there would be time for people to choose. Time for people to talk.

Corin sighs and stands up. He puts out a hand for me and pulls me up too. “Come with me.” I reach down, quickly packing everything back into my bag, and follow Corin back out from under the bleachers into the main part of the gym, where it is instantly 2 times louder than under the bleachers.
He directs my attention to the far end of the room, at the opposite corner by the ‘away team’s’ bleachers.
He points out the red haired girl, who is holding a toddler on one hip and grabbing at the hooded sweater of another small kid, trying to keep him from climbing the side of the bleachers. He points out to me that she seems to be shepherding at least 3 others. She looks very harrassed. Her clothes look unwashed and her hair is a red cloud of curls the seems like a hair tie could never keep it in place. The kids all look clean and vibrant, laughing and playing. It’s the girl I instantly sympathize with. How in the heck did she end up looking after all those kids? I ask myself

I look at Corin, understanding his desire to help her. “Alright, alright. I get it, ok. But let me go talk to her. You go deal with this group of lunatics” I tell corin, with a wide sweep of my arm that includes all those present.

I leave him and cross the room. well, here goes. I hope she is nice I mutter to myself as I approach her.

@towns kids



I see that the room has devolved into pockets of discussion, and that a couple of kids are still around the map table. I’m sure Genesis has her valid points too.
In the spirit of an olive branch, I start walking around and trying to listen to what the groups of kids are talking about.
I arrive at a group discussing gardening and our food supply.
It does generally seem to be a big concern, how to keep us all fed.
The adults tried to stock us up on canned goods, but the virus was fast, and I’m sure that we are not as well provisioned as we might believe.

I make a few comments, encouraging them to discuss this further.
My hope is that the other leaders of our town will emerge sooner than later.
It’s becoming more and more obvious that I can’t do this alone.

If Wendy were more involved, I might be better off, but she has very little interest in the politics of this leadership stuff. She’s too blunt. But maybe we need that right now.

I make mental notes on who is the most passionate about what they are saying. I will need to go speak with them further, outside the chaos of this “meeting”.

I realize that a few people seem to be walking out the door.
I guess that means I had better address the crowd again, but I frankly can’t bring myself to do it.

It would be a relief at this point if someone else stepped up. My head is a little better, but still nowhere near pain-free.

If nobody speaks up today, we will just have to organize something different for next time.
I’m done arguing with people for the day.
Part of me wants to find Genesis and apologize, but the other part is avoiding her. If I keep moving around the room, maybe she will go before I can screw things up worse.




My Gran always said I was like water: hard to hold and when turbulent I could be destructive, but when calm all could be seen such beautiful things. When Sabrina and I re-enter the gym, I do have a new perspective on things. I’m wrong, in part, but Corin’s not right either. Obviously we both care about this town enough to argue it out like two kids univiting one another to each other’s birthday parties. It’s crazy because before yesterday we’d never actually spoken a word to one another and in a day we’d gone from awkward to war.

But I didn’t want a battle. Maybe my emotions were just too raw and wounds too fresh with Sterling leaving yesterday. I shouldn’t have taken things out on this crowd or Corin, not shoutingly so, anyhow. Or dear, goody-two shoed Claire. Truth is none of us had a plan and the one the adults left behind were big shoes to fill.

“Hey Devon, thanks for having my back earlier,” I tell the boy when we find him where I’d left him. He’d stepped up to Corin, unafraid and honest. Speaking of the devil, he’s not even present. “Chicken,” I murmur quietly. At least people have seemed to form their own groups in a natural way, the gym is full of mini huddles and lots of laughter.

“I have an idea, but I’ll need your help and yours,” I cast my eyes to Claire still sat at the table of importance. “Sabrina, you can sit this one out if you want.” She and Fenella have been traumatized enough by me for one day.

“Claire, tear up some paper big enough for people to write a list of five. Leave the pile on the table, like before. We’re gonna take a survey of the town’s biggest concerns.” If we’re going to be holding meetings in schools, we’re going to treat this like school, only like our parents used to, not us students.

I take center stage again, figuratively speaking. I whistle just like I did outside earlier to get a lull in the conversation. I clear my throat, “Hi, me again. Trying a new approach,” I do my best to project my voice. It feels like there are a million eyes on me as I continue. I hold up a slip of paper that Claire has ripped. “If you could all form a line again, come up and write down your top five concerns for survival. We’ll rank them by amount and report to Corin.”

That last bit caught some of their attention, the line starting to form. Figures they’d want a man to lead them. Just the mention of his name and I have total cooperation. “As it’ll take a great deal of time from start to tally to finish, we should probably wrap for the day. Go have some lunch, unwind and do the chores, or whatever.” There was some laughter then, maybe I was the butt of a joke or the chores comment prompted it, but I grew some confidence. “Remember to heed the warnings about the alarm. It shouldn’t have stirred any unwanted attention, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And if you don’t have shelter or you live alone, stay afterwards, maybe Corin and his crew can group you, like earlier with the map…” I shrug trailing off, still not seeing the legend in the crowd.

“Alright, let’s get this done!” I wrap things up, as I pick up a piece of paper and write my list in no particular order:

  1. Town Safety
  2. Preservation of clean water
  3. Food beyond tinned non perishables
  4. Electricity conservation/preservation
  5. Shelter

I fold it in half and put it in a nearby bucket being used as a chair that I made who I think is Daniel, surrender to me. Then I step back and let the kids decide on their own. It’s a good plan, I think, to give us some focus. Corin asked me to help him, so this is me helping him.




Genesis whistles, calling the others to order. I’ve pulled up the hood of my sweater. It’s like she is psychic or like we’re in-tune or something, because right when I needed someone to step up, it is Genesis who finally does.

I sit and listen to her, giving out instructions to put the major concerns to paper. It’s a great idea. I should have thought of it myself, but to be honest I’m partially winging-it as I go along.
When I hear her say my name, I look up.
I guess Genesis sees the sense in some of what I said. My hurt ego is soothed a bit by the thought.

She officially releases the group from the meeting, but goes a step further, encouraging any displaced or anxious kids to stay to speak to me about housing.

well, that’s exactly what I wanted, isn’t it? I ask myself, finally standing up and approaching the “Map Table” to put my concerns on the list as well.
Claire is still here, and Wendy must be over talking to the redhead.
I don’t immediately see Genesis. I’m not sure if she left or not.
I see my pals hovering near the entrance, half way waiting for me, half way ready-to-split.

They will stay if I ask, but what’s the use?.. I see Daniel, and make my way over to him. “Hey, go ahead and go on. Thanks for waiting for me, but I know you and the others are probably ready for lunch. I know I am.” I smile at him, and he says “right on, man. If you’re sure.” He gives me our quick secret handshake we’ve had since we were 11 before turning to head for the door as well. He’s a good friend. The others follow him out the door, one or two waving goodbye to me or someone else in the room.

I finally make my way over to the “map table” and find one of the papers for our lists of concerns.
is this meant to be in order of importance? I ask myself, but I suppose that’s not relevant.

  1. All kids under 13 should be paired with a group.

  2. A list of names should be compiled of ALL kids in town. Especially the kids outside of town, so we know who’s who.

  3. An inventory of all town food sources should be taken.

  4. A rationing system needs implemented. We should vote on who controls rationing and monitoring food levels.

  5. We need to start preparing for winter. It will be here sooner than we expect, and we need to be as ready as possible.

I sign my name below. ~Corin Greythorn
And write my address below my name… In case someone wants to come find the house and discuss something. I’m a little hesitant about putting the address, but I also want an open door policy if I’m trying to lead anything here.

Thinking about who might possibly just show up unannounced at my house, I start to mull over the idea of getting a watch dog…but then someone says my name.
I look up, unsure of who spoke.



We walk back inside and Genesis heads straight towards Devon, thanking him for whatever happened earlier. I’m starting to get a clue but I still don’t have an idea. Genesis then proceeds to talk to Claire. Then she turns to me.

” Sabrina you can sit this one out if you want”

Sit out of what?

Before I can ask of say anything Genesis is busy ripping up paper. After doing this she stands at a better point of view then whistles to get everyone’s attention. Everyone and mean everyone started look at her. I could see the neevousness in her eyes.

She started adressesing everyone about her idea with the survey. After she finishes speaking I’ll let her know

She then starts talking about the alarm that went off earlier. Wow she’s actually adressed it with the other kids trying to sooth them a little

”Alright let’s get this done”

She finishes with that and rights down her list and takes it to a bucket that Daniel was sitting on. Once she steps back people immediately start filling out a list. Even some of the little ones are giving it a go. This brings me a little joy and ease after all the things that have happened this morning.

I make my way towards Genesis to congratulate her. ” Wow! What a brilliant idea. This way we’re not assuming what’s most important to everyone” I beam at her.




“Thanks,” I tell Sabrina, “I literally just thought of it on the fly.” I’ve stepped back out of the spotlight now, assessing the crowd from a distance. I feel drained. Too many people and too much attention on me.

I’m watching the map table from my sacred corner, seeing Corin finally emerge and drop his list in the bucket . Someone has got his attention now, a redhead with a baby, so I don’t think he sees me. Good. “We can do lunch before we tally. I need the energy.” I was only officially inviting Devon, Sabrina, and Fenella but if Claire tagged alonged, so be it.




I feel relieved with the offer to go have lunch. Any excuse to get out of here is a blessing to me. I do feel concerned about just leaving the bucket here. It’s unlikely but things could happen to it. “Should we take the bucket with us just in case?” I ask hesitantly. At least if she says yes I can just do my part when I get home so I don’t have to ask someone to hold Fenella.




The girls came back and i nod at Gensis as she thanks me for my help with the kids. it feels a bit wierd, but good.
Then theyx walsk in front of the crowd, offering a new idea. I sigh. 5 things i’m worried about… great…

I stand up and make my way to the table with the lists, i look at bit unsure at the girls before i takle the pencil and write it down:

  1. the food situation, how to get every kind of food, what do we need to do to get enough food for everyone during the year and how to distribute it in the end

  2. safety, if somehting happens in the city we could need some people wich are checking out first, instead of the whole city

I hand it to Gensis, " Sorry, but thats all for the moment "



Outside i spot this Corin guy and a girl talking. At least they seems so into the talk that nobody noticed me. So i walk arround the Corner and out of sight for everything. Once there i start running back “home”. On the run i can feel some tears coming, i can’t even say why. So much things has happened today, i’m just done.
As i’m back i close the door and lean back on the wall. ok, ok calm down… maybe tonight i can check out some more garden for food…



“You’re right,” I nod at Sabrina. I don’t trust leaving the bucket here. “We’ll take what’s inside with us.” I didn’t want to risk carrying the bucket through town.

Devon hands me his list and I smile at him, “No worries.” I’m sure not everyone came up with five. I just thought five sounded good to get people thinking.



I nod at Genesis in relief. " Do you Girls need a hand?" i answer and look at the bucket.



I feel relieved when Genesis says she’s taking the lists with us. As well as doing it at home, I wouldn’t mind having a look at what other people have written. I almost want to prove Corin wrong on this whole thing but I feel that’s utterly childish so for me it’s just as a subconscious thought.

It’s not good of me to feel this way towards someone at this point in my life. I know Corin is probably just scared himself. I just can’t get it out of my head that if he were to be the leader and were to continue to project his fear onto other people what that would do to us as a society. All in all he’s still a human being. I bite my lip thinking about it. How cruel it was of me to originally think to try and prove Corin wrong.

I wish I was good at talking. I’ve never been much of a leader but I do have to take some sort of responsibility somewhere as I am one of the oldest still left as well I feel I need to do something to help. I know I do have the responsibility of Fenella. That just doesn’t excuse me from abandoning other roles. I just wish I was good at talking.

I look at Genesis and give her a reassuring smile. "Ready to go?"

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I’m at the realization that I’ve somehow put myself in a place of leadership, this small group I’ve forged a friendship with is looking to me to make a move. Even the last of the kids at the table are looking over here as if needing my help to fill their lists. Oh God, what have I done?

“Yes,” I nod at whoever asked if we needed a hand. It sounded like Devon but I was too busy in my own head. “Does anyone have a bag?” I question. “I’m ready but we’ll need to empty the bucket into something easier to carry through town.”