A Beginning - Roleplay


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I wrinkle my forehead and look from Genesis to the other kids, who should have a bag with him? Everyone ist just here because of the alarm. No one is prepared for somehting…

I look at the bucket… it is not that heavy but we will need something to cover all the papers in it. I take off my longsleeve and throw it over the papers, then i take the bucket and turn to the girls " lets go"
I try not to sound to much stressed but at the moment i would be glad to be home.



Genesis looks a bit flustered. A bag! oh nuts I should have grabbed one

I feel annoyed with myself. Not thinking to grab a bag. Even if it’s for stuff for Fenella. I just left in haste.

I’m about to say something to Genesis when I see Devon take off one of his shirts and place it over the bucket. Well I was not expecting that.

“let’s go”

Well it’s obvious he wants to get out of here and I can’t argue with that. I look at Genesis to see if she’s happy with Devon’s solution. Desperately hoping she is as I would like to get out of here too.


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as the kids all write their concerns, I’m talking to Eleanor (the redhead) about her situation. I found out that she really is taking care of all these kids by herself, and that she’s proud and pissed off at the world.

Needless to say, I like her a lot. I tell her that Corin and I want to invite her and the kids to live in our home, and she laughs at me. “What’s funny?” I ask her.

“Its you, kid. You’re hilarious. Nobody wants a bunch of unruly little turds destroying their home. The only reason I put up with this lot is because nobody else would do it…but that’s very kind of you to offer.”

She brushes some hair away from her face and tucks it behind her ear.

“I’m serious!” I say, protesting her statement. “We want you to come and stay. Permanently. I mean, you dont have to, of course, but it’s not a joke. We want to help. At least come out to the house and see the place. Have lunch with us. You might change your mind when you’ve been to Greythorn.”

Eleanor looks at me sidelong…unsure if she should keep up the facade of a brave face. After a few moments of looking at the kids climbing on bleachers and fighting over a dolly, she looks at me and smiles.
“Alright, we will come for lunch. But that doesnt mean we’re moving in!”

“Right. Got it. Not moving in.”
I reply, pretending to be very serious…but then I cant help but giggle and smile back at her.
We start to wrangle the kids in preparation to leave the school.

As the meeting comes to an end, I covertly watch Genesis and her friends prepare to leave the school.
I wish I hadn’t fought with her…

I have to stick around and see if anyone needs to talk to me.
A few kids approach, and ask about when the next meeting will be. I tell them I dont know yet, but that I will he sure to come knocking on doors if anything major happens.
One boy, about Wendy’s age, approaches me alone and tells me he lives alone, and would prefer not to be by himself tonight. His name is Cas. I invite him to stay at Graythorn until we can figure out more permanent groups. I tell him the house is big enough for all of us, and if he decides he likes our home, we can discuss that more later on.
I’m glad to discover that he is the only person who seemed to need a different sleeping arrangement immediately.
I see Wendy talking to the redhead and I tell Cas to “wait by the entrance for me while I get my cousin”.

Wendy sees me approaching and steps away from the girl to meet me halfway across the room. She tells me briefly about how their conversation went, and tells me that we will all be having lunch at Graythorn today, so that the girl (Eleanor) can decide on our offer of co-habitation.

Well…it’s not a total rejection of the offer, which makes me feel a little better about my words to Genesis. Knowing that someone really actually did have the problems I imagined makes me feel vindicated…a little anyway.
I still feel like crap about our fight.
Hopefully by tomorrow I will have come up with a way to apologize to her.
Not just “I’m sorry”, but something that will make her understand how much I want and need her support…something that tells her how much she matters to me…

But for now, I just head across the gym with Wendy and introduce myself to Eleanor. She laughs at me, saying “I know who you are, Corin, even if you’ve never been below the clouds long enough to know who I am.”

I’m taken aback by her blunt disposition…but it’s refreshing as well. It reminds me that high school is over, and this is real-life now.
I’m sure I’m blushing in embarrassment when I reply.
“Sorry, I’m sure I was a real jerk. But I’d like to start over, if that’s ok with you?”
I reach out to shake her hand, and she laughs again.

“Ok Corin. That sounds like a plan. Hi. I’m Eleanor. You can call me Ellie for short. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Its nice to meet you too, Ellie. Can I invite you to lunch at our house?” I laugh now too at the charade, and we shake hands. Wendy pipes up “hey guys, this is cute and all, but I’m starving, and it’s a not exactly a short walk to the house…so…” she gestures towards the exit door.

“Ok, ok, let’s go. We have one more joining us for lunch.” As we walk towards the exit, Cas walks over to join us and I introduce him to everone.
We each pick up one of the smaller kids and start the walk to Graythorn. The others keep up, laughing and kicking rocks along the roadway.

It’s a nice walk home, but it takes twice as long with the little kids in tow. By the time we get to the house, we are all much better acquainted and all much hungrier.



Typically I would have a reusable bag with me, or at least a scarf on my head, but today I had none of those things. Today I was a royal mess. I couldn’t make up my mind on living arrangements or if I loved Sterling enough to go after him. Worst of all, I couldn’t stop thinking about Corin and the town and what would become of us. I hated the adults for not preparing us enough and missed them because life was easier and less of a headache when they were the ones arguing things out.

I was stressed out because I never wanted to even get involved with these meetings and the politics of the town, but here I was two days in a row impacting everything. What the hell is wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut?

“Hang on,” Claire rushes over, interrupting my thoughts as Devon whips off his overshirt to carry the lists. I’m thankful he’s quick to think on his feet. I look at Claire expectantly and she places her list in the pile.

She declines lunch with us and ditches us to clean up her things, disappearing from the gym just before we do. “We can go to my place,” I offer, since I was making lunch. “How do you two feel about peanut butter and jelly?” I laugh, though quite serious. I wasn’t in a cooking mood.

“We’ll eat then go through the lists and rank them most important to least by tally.” Once that was done we could relax.



Relieved when Genesis says we can go now i feel a bit lighter. She makes the offer of pbandj at her house but I know those kinds of food resources are almost a treat now so I don’t want her wasting it on us. ” Are you sure? I’m happy to cook. I can just grab some food from my place.” I beam at her

It’s the least I can do for Genesis after basically being my voice in some ways.



“Yes, I’m sure,” I nod at Sabrina. “I have like three year’s worth of peanut butter if I’m the only one going to be eating it.” I give her a serious smile, so she knows I’m more than willing to share.

“And I can always make more jam as long as my berries flourish year after year.”



I start walking, i turn to the girls as i hear the word “peanutbutter” and grin. " i’m in"



When Genesis says she has three years worth of peanut butter I can’t help but grin. I knew when my parents and I started stocking up on essentials, even as delicious as peanut butter is, it’s not really an essential food item so I didn’t get much of it. Just a couple of jars.

I decide to take Genesis’s offer. ”Okay you’re on.” I giggle. I still feel bad. Even though she emphasizes that’s she got plenty I still feel bad for depleting it. ” Serious Genesis. Thank you. For everything you’ve done today.” at this point I wanted to hug her just to try and show my appreciation but I’m holding Fenella so I just reached out and put my hand her on her arm in appreciation.



We all enjoy a lunch outside in the garden at Graythorn, and while the little ones are running around exploring the property and playing on the lawn, Corin is talking to Cas and Ellie about living here…he is telling them about what kind of home we are trying to keep, and about the house rules.
Our family has always taken pride in this place, and just because we are starting a new chapter in our lives, that does not mean we can’t keep some of the traditions and rules of the Old World alive.
I’m quietly clearing away the dishes and setting out iced tea for everyone.

Usually, I would be somewhere finding a place to be alone, but I’m secretly enjoying having a reason to be close by…it’s Cas…he is probably one of the cutest boys I’ve seen in real life…and I cant believe he’s going to be staying here.

Cas makes me feel like a rubber-band is wrapped around my chest. I know I might be blushing, so I keep busy moving in and out of the house attending to the various requirements of lunch time.

Ellie is laughing at something that Corin said, and everyone is smiling. I smile too, and for the first time since The Virus, I’m feeling excited about what the future might hold.


“call me Ellie”



With my two companions on board for PB&J, I smile. With lunch solved, that just leaves the sorting of the surveys for the rest of the afternoon. I haven’t quite worked out how to get the message to Corin when I’m done, but that can be solved later.

Sabrina puts a hand on my shoulder to thank me and I shrug. I really didn’t know what had come over me today. “Yeah, no problem,” I settle on before leading us through town, past the playground and behind the grocery store towards home.

At the house, once the sandwiches were made, I sat down at the kitchen table with Sabrina, Fenella and Devon and started going through the surveys. “I don’t even know where to start,” I laugh to cover my nerves. “This would be so much easier on a computer program.”

Oh well, by hand we go. I divide up the pile into three and give each of us a full sheet to write down the concerns. “Once we’ve each gone through them all, we can compare lists and make a tally then rank them most important to least.”

I look at the first list before me:

  1. Prepare for Winter
  2. Food
  3. Security for Town
  4. First Aid stuff
  5. Water purifier just in case

A lot of the lists afterwards looked similar. There were a few asking for virgins, booze, and cigarettes but for the most part people were concerned about food, safety, shelter, and the cold winter ahead.

Near the end of my pile I come across Corin’s very thorough, very clear list complete with his name and address:

  1. All kids under 13 should be paired with a group.

  2. A list of names should be compiled of ALL kids in town. Especially the kids outside of town, so we know who’s who.

  3. An inventory of all town food sources should be taken.

  4. A rationing system needs implemented. We should vote on who controls rationing and monitoring food levels.

  5. We need to start preparing for winter. It will be here sooner than we expect, and we need to be as ready as possible.

I can’t help but roll my eyes. While I agree with some of it, I don’t think a rationing system is needed if everyone has their own home or tribal group. The rationing should be done within those households or tribes unless he plans on a community garden. Our town leadership never came to our houses and rationed us while the adults were alive, so why should he?

I shake my head, taking his list and putting it in my pocket unlike the others being piled into an empty mixing bowl. I guess before jumping to conclusions I should ask him to explain himself so he’s not shouting at me again. Not that he’d ever get away with that again. I push past the thought, getting to the end of my pile and start the tally of my sheet. It’s a first place tie for Food and Shelter, followed by security, water, and surprisingly enough jobs. I guess that last one really stuck when brought up in the meeting yesterday.

Done with mine. How about y’all?” I question my helpful guests.




As soon as we exit the gym a rush of relief and warmth washes over my body. Gosh that was awful

I follow Genesis as she leads us toward her house. We get inside and she leads us towards her dining room table. We get started and there’s a lot of surveys to go through. I remember I need to do mine. I get up and find a pillow that’s on Genesis’s sofa and place it on the floor near my chair. I place Fenella down and she just smiles up at me.

I take a pen and write my list

1. Food and Livestock
2.Water ration and stocking up.
3. Security for the Town
4. Useful skills eg, first aid, gardening

I look up and think about it. There are a few things I can put for number five. I could put the cold winter but I feel that’s something the majority of us can already deal with. I decide to put something I feel isn’t going to be liked but I feel is quintessential.

5. Town morale.

I put my name on the bottom and I place it in Genesis’s pile. As much I don’t want anyone seeing it to be mine I feel it would be rude of me to contain it to myself.

I see Genesis roll her eyes at a list. ” Not a good one?”

I continue sifting through my pile. After I finish tallying I see it’s obvious that Food and Water are the top priority. Coming after that is town security, shelter, and the winter. There are a few mentions of first aid and jobs but only a select few. To my surprise I found another person who put town morale on their list but I look at the name and I put it back in the pile instantly. Fortunately I only see one one crass list, requesting marijuana and cigarettes. Hopefully the others don’t have any of those

I finally finish going through my pile and I hand over my tally to Genesis ” Yep here you go. How did you end up going you two?”

I say this and pick up Fenella off the ground and sit her up on the table.




I shake my head at Sabrina. “It was interesting,” I tell her as she inquires about the list I’m rolling my eyes about. “Anyone want any water?” I question, pouring three glasses not waiting for an answer.

Sabrina answers me she’s done and asks how we did. “It seems Corin was right, people want shelter.” I still think he was going about it all wrong, but that’s just my opinion. I look at her list, smiling. “Glad to see I was right too.” Food and water were at the top of her list.



I follow the girls into Gensis house and as we reach the dinning room, i place the bucket at one of the chairs, so that everyone can reach it easily.
As i sit down it doesn’t take Long till Gensis serves us some sandwiches, which a thankful nod i grab one and take a bite. " Really good " mumble at her before i take another one. I would never say it, but i love it when an other person makes the sandwichs, there are so much better then done by myself.

The girls started to check on the lists and i take a handful of them from the bucket to do my part. I do a stack for the lists whcih are almost the same: Food, water, shelter
An other stack for unreal wishes or jokes like, drugs, cinema, swimmingspools for everyone

" Yes, the most of mine want to the same" i look up at the girls and put the big stack in the middle of them. " Food, water, shelter." i sit back and look out at the window " Does one of you know, how many farmes we have arround the city and in the city? If we need that much Food, we need o see from where we can get it"




Devon finishes his lists lasts and confirms Food and water are at the top. I look at all three of our tally sheets and do some quick math as Devon asks about farmers.

“No. I mean, I know you. There wasn’t like a farmer’s network or something?” I thought all farmers knew one another. It was just an assumption because my grandfather knew everyone and everything about them when he was farming.

I look down at my math, writing the final list in order one thru five. At number one was a tie between refuge and food, both classified in terms of lonely kids and the young ones needing care, and preparedness for winter. Next was town safety and security because of the alarm mystery and rumors from the City. And very closely in vote next were water concerns.

Apparently both Mr. Popularity and I had impacted their thought processes, neither of us wrong, just different views in how to achieve the end goal. I’m sure he’ll be just peachy when I tell him. I was still working out the how, since we weren’t exactly speaking.

I’d focus on that later. For now, I turn to my guests. “Thanks so much for all your help,” I tell Sabrina and Devin. “We make a pretty good team.”




“Not really” i answer Gensis " Of course i know a few people where i exchange stuff, but i have no clue how big this farmes or gardens are".

I take on of the glasses and take a sip from the water " you’re welcome" i answer again and as she mention, that we are a good team i nod. Of course she is right, everythink has worked out better then i thought it would, but still… i need some time to get used to this.



I look over at the final tally and see a tie between refuge and food. Hrmf guess Corin was right. I’m not disappointed to see this but I have a feeling he’s going to be a little cocky towards Genesis when he finds out.

I go back to focusing on Fenella. I find she’s enjoying being sat up on the table. I bounce her every so often. Thinking about her makes me think of what happened this morning, how we made haste without grabbing anything for her. She’s not had a bottle since this morning. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten rowdy.

Genesis thanks Devon and I for the help. ” Anything I can do” I smile at her. I finally take a sandwich. Oh instant delight. I gleefully smile. ”This is wonderful thank you!”. Even these past minutes have improved my day immensely.

I decide I can’t make Fenella wait any longer. ” I am sorry but I’m going have to go home and make Fenella a bottle. I’ll catch up with you two again back at the meeting”

I’m not at all disappointed really. I’m not all that keen to go back to the meeting anyways and even having the chance to just slip in is an ease itself.



Devn says there’s really no network of farmers, at least not for him. He does know a few farmers though, so there is a chance to start talking to farmers.

“We’ll worry about that after we get all our other thoughts in order, then,” I tell him, grinning as Sabrina finally takes a sandwich. She’s ecxusing herself, however because Fenella hasn’t had her milk. “No worries, I understand. Don’t worry about the meeting, I kinda called it closed for the day.” I was spent, I wasn’t even going back there today, no way. They’d get their tally tomorrow or whenever Corin gave it to them.



After lunch, I take a nap, which I wake from feeling completely recovered

I look out the window and see Wendy showing the kids the garden…maybe they’re playing a game. It looks like possibly hide-and-seek.

I head downstairs and get a drink of apple juice from the pitcher which is set on the counter in the kitchen.
After a moment, I am joined by Ellie, who looks like she is ready for a nap herself.

I don’t want to tell her she looks tired, so instead I just tell her where the extra quilts are stored in the hallway linen closet and head outside to see how it’s going with everyone else.

I’m also thinking about whether or not I want to ride my bike to town and go to Genesis’s house and apologize for earlier.

It’s hard to know how I might be received, showing up unannounced. Probably with a slap, if I’m being honest with myself.

I take the back door and walk out into the garden, hearing the giggles of the kids running around playing.

The youngest is apparently 3…and she’s having quite a time in the game they are playing. I see Wendy run out from behind the old willow tree and tap the girl as she runs by, yelling “Tag! You’re it!”

The little girl, Kara, squeals in delight and takes up the chase, as the others zig zag around the place, laughing and keeping up the fun.

It’s really nice to see smiles on every face, and feel the afternoon sun shining on me. I smile too and join in the game…


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I look up at Sabrina and nod as she tells us, that she needs to go home now. I reminds me of all the work that has to be done in the garden
" Does that means we have some free time now?" i look at Gensis, a bit unsure " there is some work waiting for me, if you guys don’t mind"