A Beginning - Roleplay



It would seem our long day of togetherness has come to an end as Dev asks if there’s free time. As much as I love the company, I’m equally happy at the thought of being alone.

“Yes,” I nod at Devon. “Shoo, off you all go,” I tease, as if I’m putting them out. “Thanks, again.

When they’ve gone I start cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and thinking about what still needs to be done. I need to relay this message to Corin without feeling like eating crow because even though I wasn’t one-hundred percent right, I wasn’t half as wrong. Maybe I should bake some humble pie and go chuck it at the young, Mr. Greythorn with the note of the tally inside.

I laugh at the thought but instead sit at the table writing a neat list of the tally with a note of other concerns like town morale and electricity. I sign it with, “You asked me to help you, this is me, helping you.” No name added as it’s obvious it’s from me.

Then I put together a basket from my garden of vegetables and berries and start heading towards his estate, taking my time through the gorgeous orchards on the property. I absolutely had to do this or I wouldn’t sleep for a second straight night in a row.




The game of Tag becomes more fun when Corin joins us. It soon evolves into a game of Sardines, and the area of play widens to include the Orchard.
as each round ends, a new Head Sardine is chosen and they run off to hide.

This time I’m the Head Sardine. We decided that climbing the trees was out of bounds, since the youngest ones would all be hiding in branches, and we dont need anyone getting hurt trying to all climb up into one tree together.

So since my usual options are now out of bounds, I’m hiding behind an overturned wheelbarrow that’s propped on the far side of one of the oldest trees in the orchard. I’m hiding quietly, when through the trees I see Genesis coming up the path.

what’s this here? I ask myself, the game momentarily forgotten. I nearly jump out of my skin when Corin places a hand on my shoulder and says “gotcha!”

“Corin!” I slap his hand off my shoulder. “You scared the life out of me!”
He is about to apologize when I place my finger to his lips, shutting him up. I turn and point through the trees, indicating Genesis.
The look on his face when he sees her is priceless, and I can’t help but to laugh when he runs his fingers through his hair nervously.

I stand up, brushing off my pants. “Go talk to her, you chicken. She came all the way out here. You should ask her to sleep over.”

At the look of shocked indignation and blushing cheeks on Corin’s face I laugh even louder before walking back towards the house and the sounds of the other kids playing and searching for the Sardine. I’m going to let them know to count me out of the game of Sardines.

I think it’s time for a new game…a spying game.
There is no way I’m going to miss the soap opera drama of Corin and Genesis.



one thing I did not expect today was to see Genesis walking up our orchard path.
After Wendy heads towards the house, I stand up and approach Genesis. I say “hi, there” from a distance, so as not to startle her.
I wave, feeling sheepish and wondering how the hell to make up for earlier.

I close the gap between us in a few long strides, coming to a stop a couple feet away from her.
I run my fingers through my hair again, nervous of her, more than usual due to our recent spat.
“I…well, I” I stutter, then stop, feeling stupid.
“I’m sorry, for earlier. I shouldn’t have behaved that way.”
I look at my feet, feeling genuinely ashamed of myself.

I look up slowly, meeting her eyes, searching for forgiveness in their depths. I’m surprised to see her here at all, and if it was an apology she came for…well, she just got it.




Damn it. I curse under my breath as I hear Corin’s voice. I had been hoping to avoid him altogether, just ding-dong-ditch the basket, hence the note, but like magic there he was in the orchard.

He comes close but not too close, the awkwardness from earlier still hanging between us as he runs his fingers through his hair and I anxiously wave. “Hi,” I answer his greeting, trying not to sound anything but neutral.

Luckily I don’t have to say much because he’s apologizing first. “Yeah, I guess I owe you an apology too. Sorry for ambushing your meeting.” I finally swallow pride. I raise the basket, “I come waving a white flag.” It’s not like I’m out here for pleasure. “The results from today are in. So I was just dropping this off…” I trail off.



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with apologies out of the way, I feel like Genesis and I are back on a level playing field, so to speak.
She starts to offer a basket full of garden goodies to me, and I see there is a note sticking out of the basket.
The note must be the results she was referring to.

I guess the note means that she hadn’t wanted to run into me, or maybe she was outright trying to avoid me…and the thought makes me afraid to let any more distance come between us.

not like there is so much of a bond formed or anything, not yet…but I don’t want her to harden her heart against me…

I run my fingers through my hair before accepting the basket from her outstretched hands.

“Thank you, that’s very generous. This is from your own garden?”
I look into the basket and marvel at the size of the fruits and veggies it contains. Its obvious that Genesis has a green thumb
“They’re huge!” I exclaim, looking up and grinning at her.




I hand over the basket to Corin, greatful to be free of the weight. Empty-handed, my hands go into my pockets and I nod at Corin’s question as to the fruits and vegetables origination. “They’re one-hundred percent organic, I promise.”

I can’t help feeling a sense of pride knowing I grew them myself. Well, I had my mom’s help for a time, but truly the garden was mine. “As long as we get rain through the summertime and the aphids and birds don’t demolish them, they’ll keep flourishing. So will the famer’s crops with a little t-l-c and then there won’t be too much worry about food for Winter. Provided everyone is willing to share.” I suppose that was something for him to work out.

In my pocket I feel the paper with Corin’s survey on it, reminding me about his survey. “I guess that’s why you want an inventory of food sources and a rattioning system?” It was more of a statement than a question. I didn’t really come here to reignite the fight from earlier. This was a peace meeting.

“You could always strike a deal with some of the farmers.” I suggest. If he thought he was touching private food sources, well good luck to him. I didn’t mind maybe donating to a market, but giving someone control over my garden and what I could take out of it and when was out of the question. I didn’t think that was his aim, but my defenses were always up.


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Genesis and I seem to be finally getting on the same page. I’m relieved…I really want her help.
She suggests making deals with the farming kids…which is really the only way we can go about it. We cant steal from each other if we plan to live together.

“I think talking to the farming kids is a really good plan. I can start working on that tomorrow. Maybe…if you aren’t busy, that is…maybe you would come with me?” I can see her face cloud over as I say this…so I push ahead with my reasoning (well, part of my reasoning, anyway)

“I mean, you obviously know more about growing food than I do.” I nod at the basket, smiling.
“You would know what questions are relevant, and, well…it would be really great if I could learn more too…”

I start walking back up the path towards the house. When Genesis doesnt initially start walking as well, I turn and look at her questioningly.

“You coming? There’s tea and snacks?” I give her a moment to think, but I’m too nervous that she won’t come up to the house, so I smile and reach out my free hand, taking her by the crook of the arm.
I loop my arm through hers, old fashioned style, and start walking towards the house…more-or-less bringing her along with me while I start rambling about the orchard we are walking through, and how it could use someone with a green thumb to bring it back to it’s full glory…



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I don’t even get a second to protest Corin’s offer to come along to the farm or continue on to his estate. I silently note to bring Dev along because even if I know how to grow stuff farming is his area and I’d partly gotten the idea of the farmers from him anyhow. It’ll be beneficial for him to network with the other farmers and have someone to prevent another screaming match between Corin and I.

Corin starts rambling on and on hooking his arm into mine, probably because my hands are inaccessible, being happily pocketed. Of course I’m swooned by the talk of the orchards, they’re magnificent, but I am slightly bothered. This closeness makes me slightly uncomfortable and makes my heart ache, thoughts of Sterling filling my head. “We’re going to have to talk about boundaries and manners too,” I smile, politely unlinking from Corin. “And I’ll only stay a minute. I’d like to be home before dark.” But I am secretly interested in getting a glimpse of this famous estate I’ve only heard about through school gossip.



Genesis says “boundaries” & pulls her arm from mine, but not like she’s pissed or anything, and we continue on to the house…which makes me really happy. As we come along the path we enter the estate through its gated front fence and enter the courtyard, which is currently deserted. I point out the barn, the guest house, and the wood shed. There is also an herb shed my mom kept, which I walk towards…hoping she will be interesting in it.

“My mom kept herbs from the garden In here,” I explain, opening the door to the darkened room. “and she stored potatoes in an in-ground cellar at the back of our kitchen.”

I don’t mention the wine cellar…maybe some other time, I think to myself.

As we are standing in front of the herb shed, a couple of the orphan kids (and new members of our household) come zipping around the corner and nearly run into me. They’re laughing and screaming in delight as Cas comes around the corner, chasing them and yelling, “if I catch you, you’re it!”

The game rushes on past us and I laugh, wondering where the others are now…



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With one last jolt i place the last basket in the little garden house. The harvest has been good, but this also means lots of work.
I close the door and look at the afternonn sun. Enough for today, i think to myself and walk over to the house. The last days (or weeks) has been so busy that i completly forgot about space and time: Working on the farm, talking with the girls, talking to others farmers…

After the meeting we decided to share the jobs, and so i started to talk to some of the farmes i know arround the city. Luckily most of them agreed to help each other and so we are working on a little market, so we can start to trade and exchange and safe the kids from being hungry.


I duck myself i bit deeper and watch the scene in front of me. The market is still on at the moment and maybe i can get myself some. And old bread for example, somehting nobody wanted… i just need to wait

" Hey. look what we have here " i hear a laughing dark vioce behind me. The guy from the gas station. I haven’t seen him since the last time before the meeting. I don’t wanted to see him again. I don’t wanted to give him, what he wanted.
" Hey, i’m talking to you" he says again and grab my arm

" Leave me alone" i scream at him, trying to get rid of his hand on my arm

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I get myself and Fenella ready to go into town for the market

"Come on pudgy munchin let’s get going"

I put her in her clothes and I notice they’re looking a little tight."You’re getting bigger miss Fen"

I decide to keep her in those clothes for today then go down to the cellar this afternoon to get her some bigger clothes.

I put Fenella in a carrier and strap her on.

I decide to only bring the essentials in a bag then I leave the house.

I step into the radiant sun. Absorbing it. I’m quite looking forward to going to this little market that Devon has helped organize.

I start to feel disappointed in myself with the lack that I have done so far to help the community. I want to do something. Maybe help look after some of the young children but I’m pretty sure most of them are looked out for by now. I just want to do something. Maybe I could sell my livestock? They’re not really to process yet.

As in thought I decide that I’m going to talk to Genesis about it later. Ultimately I want to talk to Corin but I just haven’t felt right with him ever since that meeting.

I take my time walking down to town. I just love taking in the surroundings. I’m not really going to try and trade today. Just see what the set up is so I’m not fussed about how long I take to get down there, I’m thinking of just thinking of finding Genesis and Devon anyways.

I enter into the marketplace set up. Immediately I get this wonderful vibe of the places. Teenagers and adolescents beaming at each other. Looking like they’re actually enjoying themselves

I can see Devon’s face through the thin crowd at the end of the stalls so I start to make my way towards him.

Suddenly I hear someone scream and in the corner of my eye I can see two figures ducked away from the crowd. I turn towards the sound and I see an older boy grabbing on to the girl’s arm. I freeze. I have no idea what to do.


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I stand outside the old grocery store, fixing the scarf around my head, wishing I’d opted for a sunhat instead. It was only the tail end of Spring but it sure felt like a Summer day. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to wear two braids today, keeping my thick curls from generating too much heat. I look up and down the rows of crates and tables filled with fresh produce, dried herbs, and other goodies, somewhat proud I’d had a hand in getting things organized.

Talking to the farmers had been no easy task, not at first approach, some had picked sides from the meeting weeks earlier seeing my point over Corin’s or vice versa. Us showing up together with Devon as our farming expert had calmed them enough to listen to eachother and us and now we were having our first Farmer’s Market. It was going to be all trade and barter, having no sense or need for real money anymore, but I was hopeful that wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Not everyone could grow their own food or make jams and dry soups so this was an opportunity to get things they didn’t have in their food storage already, something fresh and healthy.

“Great set-up!” I begin walking the row, encouraging the Farmers, “Ooh I’m coming back for those sunflowers, I’m already painting them in my head…” I keep walking, memorizing faces and what they have to offer.


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I tap off the dust from my hands while i walk over to the nearst stand and check everything." What dou you want for this? " i ask the boy behind the stand as i piont at the big watermelon. I am sure the girls would be happy about it and i can safe the seeds for our farm.


" L-E-A-V-E M-E A-L-O-N-E " i look at the guy over me, trying not to show any fear. With my eyes i look arroung, searching for somehting i can use as weapon