A Beginning - Roleplay


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I’m just gonna assume Vern knows most people now lol At least by name and sight.


I’ve stayed living at home, though having offered to help out wherever necessary. There’s a lot of farms and buildings around needing practical physical work done, and that’s about all I have to offer. The hard work helps me sleep at night to, which is always a plus. I’m less comfortable about having to deal with people all the time, but in all honesty…it’s kinda nice to. I’ll get used to it, hopefully.

Today though, I have some time off and decide to head to the market. I don’t have a lot to trade, and I get the food I need from the farmers I’m helping out anyway. But sitting inside and staring at the wall doesn’t work for me. I don’t really like crowds, but it’s not too bad at the market, everything seems calm and people are generally in a good mood. No one is doing that thing where they’re whispering about me either, or looking at me with pity or staring. The upside to the virus (if there is one) is old tragedies don’t seem to matter much anymore, everyone has a tragedy to deal with now. It’s gonna take a little getting used to.

Just as I have the thought that things seem peaceful, I hear someone shouting. Ahead of me I catch sight of Sabrina with the baby, staring in shock at something. I hurry over to her. “What’s going o-” I stop myself, hearing a girl telling someone to leave her alone. I quickly recognise Eve, struggling with a guy holding on to her arm. I quickly move towards them, the guy noticing me and I can tell he’s instantly trying to decide whether he can take me or not.

“Eve!” I call out as I get closer. “Let her go!” I demand, trying to make myself look as big as possible in the hopes of intimidating him.

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Suddenly there is a voice, a familar voice… The guy also turns arround to look who is behind him and so i took my chance. I stand up and turn my arm arround in his grap to get free. As far as i am done i run towards the girl and the baby. Beside her i look at the other guy. Vern! I can feel my heart doing a big jump

" you will regret that" the guy looks at me, before he starts to run away


I took the melon from the boy and hand him the seeds he wanted. As i make my way towards the edge of the market i spot Sabrina… and one boy i have seen a few times on the market… Ved? Vern? mh… and also some other persons i don’t know. I wrinkle my forehead and walk faster. " Hey, any problems?" i shout out as i see the unkown guy running away




I hear someone say something behind me but my brain can’t wrap around the words. All of a sudden I see Vern fling past me after the boy who has now just released his grasp on the girl.

I look around to see Devon also coming towards me but I can’t grasp on his words either. My mind is foggy and I feel disgusted in myself. I slowly back away from the situation and proceed to exit the marketplace.

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it’s been a long time since I had a moment to myself…and so today, while everyone else is going to the new market, I am taking the chance to do absolutely nothing important.

I’m sitting on the banks of the creek that runs outside of town, with a fishing pole in the water and a book in my hand. I take in a deep breath, enjoying the sunshine and the solitude.

I reach up to swat at a mosquito that’s somewhere around my ear…a minor annoyance in my otherwise perfect day.



Our market stall is on the end…the last in the row. Corin decided to skip the whole thing, saying that he “had helped organize it, and he needed a day off” before hurrying away with a fishing pole.

I guess he deserves it…but all the same it would have been good to have his help today.

It’s hard to pay attention to the commotion occurring at another part of the street…I’ve got my hands full here with the bartering and I’m trying to keep an eye on two of the boys who live with us now. But what’s the point? I ask myself…bringing my attention back to the girl in front of me asking if I will trade a bushel of apples for two Big bags of Potatoes…

I don’t know the going rate for bartered potatoes, but I’m sick of apples and I reach out to shake her hand making the trade final. Just as I’m shaking her hand, a boy runs past, knocking into her and sending her falling onto the ground.

I yell at him, watching him disappear down the road as fast as his feet will carry him.
I come around the stall and help the girl to her feet…

She says that “she is ok, just a little shocked.”
As soon as she’s sure I help her to turn the barrel of apples onto it’s side, and I watch her roll it off, making her way out of the market.

This whole Market thing is shaping up to be more eventful than I had anticipated. It makes me wonder what’s going to happen next?

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CHARACTERS BIRTH NAME: Abigail Charlotte Graham. She is named after her maternal grandmother.


DATE OF BIRTH: 21st June

AGE: 7


FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Was the only child of older parents - Don Graham 73 & Christine Graham 53 (just realised that it’s not clear - but that’s their age of death - not their age when Abbi was born! So she was born when Don was 66 and Christine was 46!)

HAIR COLOUR: Strawberry blonde.


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: An appendix scar. She had her appendix out when she was four.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, but while other 7 year old girls hate boys, she a tomboy and has more hobbies and interests in common with boys than girls.

PLAY-BY (your username here): C.x


PERSONAL FAVOURITES: learning things, music, the colour red, running around, climbing trees, taking things apart to work out how they work, building things, talking, laughing, cats.

TALENTS: Has an IQ of 158 and became a member of the British Mensa aged 3 years old. Is not squeemish, so could be relied on in an emergency to get things done without getting upset or fainting. A good mediator.

DISLIKES: Close minded people, the colour Pink.


HABITS: Has recently started to develop some OCD tendencies and has a few little routines and has occasional thoughts but nothing that has seriously affected her life so far.

FEARS: Being out of control. Worries about dying (because death is something that she has no control over).

STRENGTHS: Extremely intelligent but isn’t really aware of it at all, just knows that other children of her own age, think she is strange. Optimistic, confident, very friendly, loyal, honest, kind, very practical and logical.

WEAKNESSES: Always gives practical advice and doesn’t know how to give emotional support therefore she can upset people’s feelings without meaning to if all they really want is a shoulder to cry on. Doesn’t always know how to interact properly with children of her own age.

Abbi’s and her family are from England. Her mom Christine was only 18 when she met Don who was a senior music lecturer at her university and knew instantly that it was the man she wanted to marry. He on the other hand realising that he was attracted to a student who was twenty years his younger, tried his hardest for two years to avoid her. However much she asked him on dates he wasn’t willing to compromise his job but he agreed to a date with her a month after her graduation. They married four months later and until they died recently of the virus, had thirty five happy years together. Unfortunately, however much they had both wished for children, none arrived - until Abbi came along as a very, very late, but wonderfully loved, surprise.

Abbi showed signs of being a gifted child from birth and her parents had her tested with Mensa when she was 3 years old. Her IQ results were 158. She had a private tutor from then on and as a social child always felt she missed out on playing with children of her own age.

Although retired from teaching, Abbi’s father still occasionally gave lectures around the world. Five months ago, the family came to this small town and rented a house on a short term lease while Don delivered a two month season of lectures at the big city University. Unfortunately while staying here both her parents succumbed to the virus, leaving Abbi alone and totally confused in a strange place with strange customs. She is trying her best to learn to understand the local ways of behaving and more importantly is working hard to learn how to survive.

Very shortly after her parents died she was somehow scooped up and gathered together amongst a group of children by an older girl called Ellie. Abbi in her confusion was very pleased to have someone older around to look after her while she had no idea what was going on and is now really enjoying her time playing tag and climbing trees with the other children.

PERSONALITY: Because of her being a child genius and having such older parents, Abbi tends to be much older in her thoughts than other children of her own age. She is extremely confident and will talk to anyone of any age without fear although since she has been here she has been keeping a low profile and not talked to many people. She is confident about who she is and how she looks and doesn’t really care what others think about her.

She loves to wear jeans and teeshirts but the one colour she will never, EVER wear is pink! Not any sort of pink whatsoever! She has never been a girly girl and has always preferred train sets to dolls.

She has a huge fear of being out of control - which can really get on her own nerves!

She doesn’t get angry, and can get nervous around angry people. She will try to talk to them and calm them down. Unless her life or the life of someone she cares for depended on it, she would avoid fighting as she knows that she would probably be rubbish at it. She’s a mediator rather than a fighter.

She can be relied on in an emergency situation, as her logic and practical side of her personality is far stronger than her emotional side.

Her parents brought her up to be polite at all times, and she would never knowingly hurt anyone’s feelings, but the people, who due to her accidental comments and misunderstandings have had their feelings hurt, might disagree.



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I’m sitting quietly on the wall behind Wendy’s market stall, eating the apple she has given to me. Sam and Jack are noisily play-fighting and rolling around on the floor under the stall. Wendy is trying to do a deal with someone and swap a big load of our apples for a big load of potatoes. I bite into my apple and try to calculate how much a bushel is in litres… and is the bushel here the same size as the old UK bushel measurement that is no longer used? This apple tastes great though! so juicy! and the bag of potatoes that the girl has offered is HUGE! There will be plenty of potatoes for us all for a while. - I think that Wendy is great at bartering.

Wendy and the girl are just shaking hands and suddenly there’s a massive commotion, as this boy runs past and knocks the potato girl on the floor. Quickly popping what’s left of my apple into my jeans pocket I run to help, but Wendy already has it sorted - She’s great like that - and she helps the potato girl to her feet. I go back and sit quietly on the wall and carry on eating my apple. It’s nearly a fortnight since Ellie told me and the others that we were moving to live at Corin and Wendy’s house. 11 days and 6 hours to be precise…that’s 16200 hours…which is 972000 seconds. I really like living there as it’s a lovely place and Wendy is a great cook. They have a big garden with lots of trees to climb. Ellie is great but she’s often too tired to play, whereas Wendy plays games with us and is fun.

I finish my apple and as I’m sitting very close to the waste bin it’s an easy target and it goes in the bin on the first throw.

I turn to Wendy. “Wendy?” I say, aware once again that my accent is very different to hers, “Is there anything I can do to help?”



Everything in the market looks great. People are bartering and making acquaintances, something I’m sure Corin would love to see. Thing is, I’ve walked all through here and there’s no sign of him. How can the town savior not make an appearance and he’s the reason we’re all here? So typical of a male, just when you start to think You were wrong about them…

My thoughts are interrupted by some commotion which is really all solved by time I get there. “Wow, Devon that’s a huge watermelon!” I can’t help but to remark, it’s the focal point before you see him. “Sorry, what’s important is everything alright here?” I question the group.


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I look at the girls as i hear a little scream behind me, i turn rround and watch the guy crashing into a girl and she falls down. " Hey you idiot" i shout out and turn arround.
Before i can decided if i should stop him, he is arround the next corner and away. Hopefully forever.

I look back at my friends and the girl, everyone seems to be a bit shocked… Suddenly their is another voice, but a familair one and i spot Genesis. As she mentions the melon i look down at my arm, for a moment i almost forogt about it.
" Yeah, i thought you guys would like it" i smile a bit ashamed… " Nothing serious i guess" i add on and look at the group behind me. " Hey, someone hungry?" i ask arround and look at the girl " you included"

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Abbi asks if she can help, and I’m grateful for the offer…I am dang hungry and every time I turn around to make up lunch, I get a new kid at our stall ready to barter.

“Yeah, you can help by making us up some sandwiches.” I point to the cooler tucked under the stall countertop. “All the fixins’ are in the cooler. And there’s bread and a butter knife in my pack.”

I have all that we need for two options…egg salad sandwiches or Peanut Butter & blackberry Jam. I pick up my pack from its place near my feet and hand it over to her. “Oh and besides Jack and Sam, Cas will want lunch too. Can you take a walk around the market and find him?”

I smile at my assistant. She’s smart as a whip, and a good climber to boot. Needless to say we have become pretty good friends in the past couple weeks. It doesnt matter that she’s younger than me. “Thanks,” I say, just as my tummy growls loudly.



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Eve is free, the guy looking angry both at me and her. I hear what he says to Eve, frowning as I watch him take off, hearing shouts further along as he disappears in the crowd. I turn back towards Eve, raising my eyebrows questioningly. Devon moves closer to the situation, Sabrina still looking in shock as she starts to move away.

“You ok?” I ask Eve simply and quietly, having a feeling she’s probably not gonna tell me much about that guy even if I ask who he is. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for him though. Genesis walks up to us as well, asking if everything is alright. I shrug and look towards Eve.

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I girl next to me looks shocked, maybe more then me… i watch him running away and i feel better and also a bit scared. I thoguth that this could happen someday, but i was hoping he wouldn’t do it.

Suddenly Vern comes over and i stare a him for a moment, feeling my heart racing up again and my knees are shaking. Feeling like i would lose it anytime.

" Yeah, yeah… " i get out before everything turns black




Wendy actually looks happy that I offered to help. It’s the least I can do. I’m still trying to work out what things I can do to help so I’m not just taking from people all the time. Mom always stressed the importance of giving and not just taking! And Corin, Wendy, Ellie and Cas have all been kind and have looked after our group and kept us all well fed and clean - well maybe not Sam and Jack! Two minutes after they have washed and put on clean clothes they will be wrestling around on the floor again - either that or flinging mud pies at each other!

Wendy passes me her pack that was by her feet. I look and check her expression just to make sure that I’m really allowed to open her pack and go rummaging inside it for the bread and the knife, but there’s absolutely nothing on her face to say anything other that she trusts me.

I open it and am pleased to find a small pack of hand wipes inside. I wonder whether I should ask Wendy before I use one as they aren’t mine, but decide that she probably would understand that it’s probably far better to have clean hands before I make the sandwiches than have dirty ones and make people ill. I take another one and wipe the knife - just to be sure.

I take out the bread and then open the cooler and look inside there’s everything to make egg salad sandwiches and Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches. I love Peanut butter and Jam it’s my new favourite sandwich! although egg salad sandwiches are probably my second best favourite! I interrupt Jack and Sam’s squeeling and shouting and ask them what sandwiches they want. They tell me that they “really need peanut butter and jam, or else they will die!”. I laugh. Even I know that nobody needs peanut butter and jam that much, and that it is a bit of a luxury item. But as they are both only 5 I suppose it’s important to them. I make Cas an egg and salad sandwich as I know that he prefers them.

I look up at Wendy who is still really busy bartering with people and ask her “What kind of sandwiches would you like?”

I notice Cas walking towards our stall. I think that he’s timed his appearance perfectly for picking up his sandwiches.

In the distance behind Cas, I notice a crowd of people gathering. “Looks like something’s happening over there?” I give her my peanut butter and Jam sandwiches knowing I can always make myself another sandwich in a bit.




Abbi mentions the crowd forming…and before taking a bite of the PB&J I ask her “should we check it out?” Cas approaches the stall just in time to receive his lunch. He smiles at me just as I’m taking a bite and I turn beet red, suddenly choking a little on my sandwich. I have the biggest crush on him at this point, and I think he likes me too, but I’m such a chicken, I barely can get a word out any time he is around. I’m being ridiculous I think to myself for the millionth time. I try to cover up my graceless moment with a smile, but I’ve got a mouth full of sticky peanut butter, and I’m sure I look as stupid as I feel.

Luckily Cas has enough manners to ignore my akward behavior, and bites into his own sandwich happily.

oh someone save me from myself! I plead with the universe…not knowing what to say or do next.




The girl the commotion was about doesn’t seem to really take to anyone but the other guy in the group not Dev. She seems more alright than Sabrina who looks really shook. I put a hand on Sabrina’s shoulder, “You okay?”

Before she can answer though, I sense something wrong with the other girl. Her voice fades and she doesn’t look good. “I think she might faint!” I call out so the closest person to her can catch her.



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