A Beginning - Roleplay


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I’m just gonna assume Vern knows most people now lol At least by name and sight.


I’ve stayed living at home, though having offered to help out wherever necessary. There’s a lot of farms and buildings around needing practical physical work done, and that’s about all I have to offer. The hard work helps me sleep at night to, which is always a plus. I’m less comfortable about having to deal with people all the time, but in all honesty…it’s kinda nice to. I’ll get used to it, hopefully.

Today though, I have some time off and decide to head to the market. I don’t have a lot to trade, and I get the food I need from the farmers I’m helping out anyway. But sitting inside and staring at the wall doesn’t work for me. I don’t really like crowds, but it’s not too bad at the market, everything seems calm and people are generally in a good mood. No one is doing that thing where they’re whispering about me either, or looking at me with pity or staring. The upside to the virus (if there is one) is old tragedies don’t seem to matter much anymore, everyone has a tragedy to deal with now. It’s gonna take a little getting used to.

Just as I have the thought that things seem peaceful, I hear someone shouting. Ahead of me I catch sight of Sabrina with the baby, staring in shock at something. I hurry over to her. “What’s going o-” I stop myself, hearing a girl telling someone to leave her alone. I quickly recognise Eve, struggling with a guy holding on to her arm. I quickly move towards them, the guy noticing me and I can tell he’s instantly trying to decide whether he can take me or not.

“Eve!” I call out as I get closer. “Let her go!” I demand, trying to make myself look as big as possible in the hopes of intimidating him.

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Suddenly there is a voice, a familar voice… The guy also turns arround to look who is behind him and so i took my chance. I stand up and turn my arm arround in his grap to get free. As far as i am done i run towards the girl and the baby. Beside her i look at the other guy. Vern! I can feel my heart doing a big jump

" you will regret that" the guy looks at me, before he starts to run away


I took the melon from the boy and hand him the seeds he wanted. As i make my way towards the edge of the market i spot Sabrina… and one boy i have seen a few times on the market… Ved? Vern? mh… and also some other persons i don’t know. I wrinkle my forehead and walk faster. " Hey, any problems?" i shout out as i see the unkown guy running away




I hear someone say something behind me but my brain can’t wrap around the words. All of a sudden I see Vern fling past me after the boy who has now just released his grasp on the girl.

I look around to see Devon also coming towards me but I can’t grasp on his words either. My mind is foggy and I feel disgusted in myself. I slowly back away from the situation and proceed to exit the marketplace.

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it’s been a long time since I had a moment to myself…and so today, while everyone else is going to the new market, I am taking the chance to do absolutely nothing important.

I’m sitting on the banks of the creek that runs outside of town, with a fishing pole in the water and a book in my hand. I take in a deep breath, enjoying the sunshine and the solitude.

I reach up to swat at a mosquito that’s somewhere around my ear…a minor annoyance in my otherwise perfect day.