A Beginning - Roleplay



I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder but before I could say anything or look around to see who it is I hear the person shout “I think she might faint!”

I snap around to look and in front of me I see the girl that was attacked only moments ago now falling to the ground. Instantly I run towards her. Unsure scared full of regret of what happened.

” Please does anyone have anything soft they can put under her head”

I look around frantically for someone to reply.

I want to help. I want to put her in the recovery position but with Fenella in my arms there’s nothing I can do.

” Does anyone know the recovery position?!”

The words just keep escaping my mouth not caring how frantic I sounded. I just wanted her to be alright.




Eve looks at me funny, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the shock. Genesis asks Sabrina if she’s ok, and I turn towards them, frowning a bit. As Genesis calls out I glance around, my instant reaction being that the guy is back before her words register.

I barely manage to catch hold of Eve’s arm to keep her from smacking her head to the ground, Sabrina is quickly by her side as well, a bit frantically asking if anyone knows the recovery position.

“Yeah, I’ve got it,” I say simply, trying not to show I’m not too confident about what I’m doing. But I carefully get Eve on her side, before taking off my jacket to put under her head, like Sabrina said, before looking up at her a bit questioningly, not sure if I’m doing this right.

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I feel a strong grip on my arm and then somehting soft under my head. i start to blink at the guys in front of me, " Sorry" i whisper


The girl starts to sway a bit, but before i can catch her the other guys is by her side to help her lie down. I walk arround to look in her face as she blink at us. " Hey, you’re alright?" i knee down at her and notice her cracked lips. " When was the last time you have eaten something?"


I turn my a head a bit as i hear another voice, asking about my last dinner. " yesterday… breakfast…" i whisper back


I stare at her for a moment, even when we know that still some kids don’t get enough food, i am always shocked to hear it. I look up at the girls " she needs to eat and drink something. " i say to them and stand up. " and maybe a bed, any suggestions?




Quick to react, though just barely, the boy whose name escapes me, catches Eve before she hits the ground and we all hover over her with worry. It’s Devon who works out of her that she’s a bit ill from not eating. It saddens me, knowing someone is starving in our town with so many resources, as this market shows.

I hesitate when said she needs a olace to lie down. I knew of a place, I wasn’t ready to share it, I had big dreams for it, but the good of my heart wins out. “The grocery store,” I take a look back at the building surrounded by the Market on each side. It had been boarded up after its owner died from the virus and broken into and made a mess of. In my spare time since beginning to organize this event, I’d been cleaning it up in hopes the Market could be a regular thing on a smaller scale and the general store be reborn. “There’s a cot in the attic. She can have my sandwich and canteen.” I take the slouch bag off my back, taking both out and handing them to Eve. “I hope you like tuna.”




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DATE OF BIRTH: 06/12/2001
AGE: 16
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Twin (Male) Liam
PLAY-BY (your username here) Zan
PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Chilling with ‘the girls’, reading, watching movies
TALENTS: Singing, Dancing and baking
HABITS: Bites lower lip
SECRET(S): Wouldn’t be a secret if you knew
DISLIKES: Rude people
FEARS: Small confirmed spaces
STRENGTHS: Fantastic with children, very positive
WEAKNESSES: Speaks before thinking
PERSONALITY: Lily is friendly, confident and very positive. She is an awful liar so it’s easy to tell if she’s telling the truth about something. She tries to see the best in people but won’t be walked over


Lily and Liam were raised by their aunt, their parents had abandoned them as babies as both were drug addicts, as children they both wanted their parents more then anything else in the world. However after their parents crashed their 9th birthday party the dreams of having a ‘mum and dad’ quickly disappeared.

Lily was one of the popular girls at school, it wasn’t one of those ‘mean girl’ situations, she was just one of those girls where everyone wanted to be your friend. She was in all the school musicals and dance shows.

When the virus hit she and Liam were in the city as she had an audition, they tried getting home to their aunt but got lost along the way. Now all they want is somewhere safe.


DATE OF BIRTH: 06/12/2001
AGE: 16
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Twin (Female) Lily
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Had a girlfriend but unlikely he will see her again given recent events
PLAY-BY (your username here) Zan

TALENTS: Smooth talker
HABITS: He went through a smoking phase, would happily have one if he could get his hands on one
SECRET(S): He went to find his parents as kid which is why they came to their party as kids.
DISLIKES: Clingy girls
FEARS: Getting a girl pregnant
STRENGTHS: Physically strong, went to the gym a lot
WEAKNESSES: He never thinks things through, he is an ‘ask questions later’ type of person
PERSONALITY: He is flirty and a risk taker, he doesn’t intentionally get into trouble however trouble always seems to have a way of finding him. He can be quite cocky and probably over confident.


Basically the same as Lily except he was one of the ‘bad boys’ at school and hung over with the wrong crowd.


We had been walking for a few hours, we passed through a city but there was too much ciaos to even considering staying there, Liam was pissed at me because I told him we should keep going “Ok I promise, the next place we get to we’ll see if we can find somewhere to stay a few days. But that city wasn’t safe and I’m not like you… You right in with those type of people” I said as I rolled my eyes at him as we continued to walk. I really hoped that we found a small barn or something somewhere even if it was just to sit down.

Though it wasn’t along before we came across what looked like a small town “Liam look! See I told you we would find somewhere better” I smiled triumphantly. I started speeding up my walking pace “Oh wow! It looks like a market” I tell him excitedly.


I am still in a huff as we walk, I could of been sat in a bar or something by now, having a drink and a good flirt with some girl… But Princess Lily didn’t want to hang out with the ‘riff raff’ I should of just left her to go off on her own… Or so I kept telling her while realistically there wasn’t a chance I’d let her wander off by herself.

But I still trail behind her “Yeah yeah unless the next place doesn’t look nice enough to you” I mutter under my breath however I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hear me and choose to ignore me. I was about to make a comment about that fact we’re not going to find a fancy castle or something when she started talking about a town with a market "Oh shit… " I said as I caught up to her, this place actually looks normal.


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I look up at the girl in front of me as she offers me a sandwich. " I link from her to the food and back. Unsure. unsure if i really should take it and unsure if i can… i lift myself up a bit and with the help of the boys i am able to sit. I look up at the girl again, her smile look honest and suddenly i remember her. I have seen her at the meeting,… a bit relief i take the sandwich. As she asks me if i like tuna i stare for a moment. Of course i don’t want to be unthankful, but tuna?
" Thank you" i answer her and take a bit. the taste isn’t that bad and so i take another one.


“oK, here we are” i whisper as we helped Eve to sit. I look thankfully at Genesis as she hands the girl a sandwich. Suddenly i feel sorry for her, we have finally managed it get enough food for everyone and still some people don’t have something.
I notice the girl hesitation before she grabs the sandwich and i don’t mind. Tuna isn’t everyons cup of tea. " Hey, can you bring her to the store? Will will look out for some more food for her" I look at the boy beside her before i walk back to the markt. To the stand where i have done some trades before. I nod at the guy and start to explain what i need and why. " I will give some extra stuff tomorrow then, ok?" i look at him and he nods.
The guy starts to pack everything and so look arround. My look stops at a pair right behind the stand. They seems new here… of course i don’t now everyone in the city, but the look of these is not like they are used to the citx. They watch arround like they see it for the first time.
" Hey, need any help?"



I look at the guy who speaks to me and Lily “Hey. Yeah.” I start and rub the back of my neck “Basically when the virus hit we were really far from home so we are trying to find somewhere to live” I give a small shrug “Do you know of any empty paces around here?” I get to the point, it’s not like there is a local advert where you can look for houses anymore so asking is the only way I can think of.




" When you need a new start, you have found the best place. We have started to sort the whole city and are building up are markt to bring food to everyone. " i start to explain.
The guy asks me about a house and i start to think, but i am not 100% sure which house is inhabited and which not. " I am not sure, but Corin know. he has a plan from the city. " i answer can look arround. Normally he must be somewhere




I caught some fish, took a nap, and now I’m starved. I decide to head into town and check out the market. Maybe Wendy packed me a lunch…

As I reach the edge of the market square, I can see there was some kind of crowd gathered. Not knowing what it’s all about, I make my way around the outside edge of the group…trying to make my way to the final booth, where Wendy is bartering our apples.

I see Devon headed in my direction, so I change direction and walk towards him instead, holding my line of fish hanging in the air between us.

“Check it out! Trout!” I show off my catch to Devon, but he looks like there is something he has to say to me, so I ask “what’s up?”




I turn arround as i spot Corin coming, what a perfect timing. " Wow they looks good" i nod at his catch before i piont at the new pair. " These two wanted to join us and live here, you know better then me which house is free and habitable. Can you help them?" i ask him and catch my bag with Eves food. If Corin is looking after the new ones i could bring it to her



I stand back leaving Liam to do the talking, the guy who had come over to us tells us he isn’t sure of any free places but knows someone who does. Thank god for that and it was just perfect timing I think that the guy he needed heading towards us anywhere. He tells the one who just joined us why we were here though I thought I should add “We’re not any trouble, we just need somewhere to live. Even if we could find our way home it would be pointless as there would be no one there” I say “And we will help anyway we can as it seems like you guys are more of a community”




I look at the new kids that Devon indicates. Friendly enough faces, but the boy looks wary.
We dont know anything about the pair, and I’m immediately a little suspicious. But we are trying to build something here, and there is strength in numbers.
I quickly run through the options in my head…
there are a couple of homes in town that are completely abandoned…but there is also my house, which could easily handle a few more.
First, I want to get to know them.
The girl seems to sense my hesitation. She starts to assure me of their good intentions.
I look sidelong at Devon before suggesting to the new kids…
“We should get you both some lunch first, and me too. I’m starving!” I say with a grin. I run the fingers of my free hand through my hair.
“Let’s go to the booth at the end, get something to eat, and we can talk about where you two can stay. By the way, I’m Corin. And you are???”
I reach out a hand towards the new guy, ready to shake. A good introduction can help break the ice, I reason to myself.




I watch Corin talking suddenly i feel ashamed. " oh sorry, i am Devon" i add on as Corin stops talking. " I guess, i have lost my manners for a moment"




“Liam and that’s Lily, our aunt decided not only did we dress similar as children we needed similar names as well” I said with a small roll of my eyes “Though the names are a lot better then we were given when we were born” I give him a firm handshake… Man thing I suppose, my friends preferred more of a ‘punch in the arm’ kinda introduction, though this place seems exactly what Lily had been looking for and knowing my luck she was going to be pretty smug about it.


“Being able to sit down and eat sounds amazing” I say after watching Liam shake hands “It’s nice to meet you both, you wouldn’t believe some of the people we have come across on our journey however this place is probably doing so well because its a small community, so they wouldn’t be much point of any kind of power grab” I say as I look around.
This looks like the kind of place where everyone knows almost everyone “Have you both lived here all your lives?” I query, I know I am being nosey however how else are we going to get to know these people unless we ask questions.