A Beginning - Roleplay



The girl, Lily, seems keen on getting to know us as well, which i think is a good sign. Friendly, but Wary…that’s these two.
However, I’m suddenly not ready to tell them too much, too soon. That comment about power-grabs kind of put me on edge…
What if they’re scouts? I hear the little inner voice asking…what of they’re just here to find out what we have, before their group comes in and takes it? my brain is swirling with the possibilities…I run a nervous hand through my hair again, shifting my weight.
I can tell them, what’s the harm in knowing we’re mostly all from here? I reason with myself…

“My family has been here for ages. Helped build this town, even.”

Devon is looking at me like he has to be somewhere, so I say to him “I
Can take it from here, if you need to get going?”




I look thankfully at Corin as he asks me if i need to go " Yeah, i really need to, i need to bring this bag of food to someone who need it" i answer and urn arround to Lily and Liam. " Sorry, but i am sure, we will meet again in the next days" i say goodbye and with a nod i walk towards my friends. " here, sorry it took me a moment" i apologize myself and hand the bag to Eve. " This will be good for you "



I nod as he says his family have been here ages and helped build the city “Ah that makes sense why… Devon? Said you would know if there was anywhere free” I replied, he seemed very nervous for someone I think was in charge “We do have some food with us, not loads but we’re happy to share what we have” I say ignoring the look I was getting from Liam “I’m assuming its kinda everyone puts in and stuff gets shared so no one goes hungry or goes without basic necessities which makes sense in a place this size… Sorry I tend to talk too much, especially when I am excited and finding this place has blown my mind, everywhere else is just chaos” I said blabbering on.

I rolled my eyes “She really is. Just tell her to shut up, I do” I said and shrugged “Now about food, I am starving, shes not wanted to stop walking to its been nuts and bloody berries the past few hours” I wasn’t being rude, I was just a lot more to the point then a lot of people “Any hot chicks here?” I added with a cheeky grin which result in an elbow from Lily.




The girl, while gracious doesn’t seem all too keen on my sandwich and neither does Devon. He skirts off to find her something else and leaves us to get her settled. Nobody’s really gone anywhere by time he returns. I’m not even sure if Eve wants to have a lie down or if that was just something said in the moment over concern.

“You’re welcome.” I tell Eve. “With a little food and water in you, you’ll start to feel better. If you want, the offer for the cot still stands.”




I take the last bite from the sandwich while the girl is still speaking. " I feel better now, thanks" i answer her in relief.
" Sounds good, but would i be there alone?" i ask her. I am not sure what i prefer… normally i would like to be alone, but wiht no food… or maybe this idiot coming back? Maybe it would be better to be in a Group

The boy comes back from the market and handed me a big bag. I stare at the bag as i take it and look inside. Fruits!! i can’t remember the last time i had some. " omg thank you" i smile at him.


" You*re welcome" i look at the girl as she smiles all over your face. " There is even more. As far as you are feeling better, you can come to help and get some more food for it" i suggets her.

Í look at the boy with suspect. Working for food, could it really be that easy now? in these times? " Ok" i answer him and look back at the girl in front of me




Wendy asks me if we should check out the commotion but before either of us has a chance to decide what to do, Cas has approached the stall and I give him his sandwich. Him and Wendy are just silently smiling at each other? What was up with the two of them? Have they fallen out with each other or something? It looks as if they were having trouble finding something to talk about…which is odd as they have know each other for ages! I decide to interrupt their silence and ask Cas if he’s had a good morning and by the time he’s finished answering me - which doesn’t take long, the crowd further along is dispersing. I quickly crawl under the table and give Jack and Sam their sandwiches and still being curious as to what’s happened, I quickly make up a egg sandwich and tell Wendy that I’m going to run over to the creek and take Corin a sandwich and an apple. “Shouldn’t take me long if I run there and back really fast” I tell her. I set off with the intention of following the group of people who are helping a girl to see where they are heading and find out what has happened but don’t end up running far as I see Corin at the far end of the market talking to one of the older boys who was in the crowd and two other people, a girl and a boy who I presume have only just arrived in town. I notice that Corin has caught a load of fish - oh yummy! it looks like we will be having fish with our potatoes for tea tonight! - the older boy finishes talking with Corin and walk away towards the old boarded up grocery store - the one I’ve seen a girl going in and out of for a few weeks while I’ve been climbing the trees close by. She’s obviously doing something secretly in there because before she goes in she always checks up and down the road to make sure there’s no-one about, but she never thinks about looking up into the trees! Anyway I follow behind him and see a few people not far away but out of sight of the main market - one of them is the girl who has been going in and out of the store. They don’t take any notice of me as I get close enough to listen to the conversation by pretending I’m playing at invisible hopscotch. I had originally intended to offer someone the egg sandwich and an apple as a way of introducing myself to the group, but can see that the girl who looks really ill is just finishing a sandwich and the boy I was following has brought her some fruit so instead I just stay around long enough to gather what’s been happening and then hop and jump all the way back to Wendy at the stall. By the time I get back, Corin and the new girl and boy are talking to Wendy, he’s saying how hungry he is and that he’s invited the new couple over for a sandwich and some fruit. I’m dying to tell both Wendy and Corin what’s been going on along the street, but I’ve learned that I should keep my mouth shut around complete strangers. I don’t know this couple yet or whether they can be trusted. “Hi Corin” I say. “I ran over to the creek to bring you a sandwich” I hold the egg sandwich out to him. “We must have crossed each other on the different paths.” “Hi” I say to the new couple. “I’m Abbi” can I make you both a sandwich?"



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“Good,” I smile at the girl, glad she’s feeling better. She seems even better seeing Dev has brought her fruit. She wonders if I’d be leaving her alone in the old grocery store and I am at a loss to answer.

I’ve helped arrange the Market and feel a sense of duty to watch over it, but I understand not wanting to be alone, especially in an old abandoned building. “I could sit with you while I have lunch. And perhaps Sabrina can sit awhile to give the baby a break…” I suggest.

“Of course you don’t have to have a lie down at all. You could help out with the Market.” I follow Devon’s train of thought. “Working for trade is the way of the world now.”




Once we reach our Apple Stand, Abbi offers me some lunch saying she just missed me on the way here.

I locate the cooler, hoping to put the fish inside, but it’s too full. I snap the lid closed again and continue standing g there, holding up the line of fish. I’m sure I look silly. I dont want to stand holding them, so I find a protruding nail on the counter of our stall. I make a loop and hang the line of fish there. I know I need to get them into cold water or at least gut them soon, but right now I have to deal with this new situation.

Abbi offers to make some food for the newcomers. “Thanks, Abbi, This is great. Everyone, can I introduce Lily and Liam? They just arrived. And these are some of our Tribe…Wendy, Cas, Jack & Sam, and Abbi, who is making sandwiches” I say, pointing to each of them in turn.
Sam & Jack scuttle quickly out of sight around the other side of the market stall. They’re pretty wary of newcomers. Wendy waves, saying “Hi” but she lets me do the talking this time.
I finish by saying “There are others who live at our house, but they stayed home today.”

I turn around, after introductions are made and announce that “Lily and Liam want to stay here, in town, and I was just going to tell them their options…but first, I think we should all have some food.” I turn to the twins and say “I tend to think better with a full belly.”

Wendy eyes the pair suspiciously, but hands them each a large apple and smiles. I know that smile, there is a lot of questions she’s keeping inside by clapping her teeth together in a grin.




We follow Corin, looking around as we walk though stop again at a stand and a young girl comes running over I smile at Abi “Thats lovely, thank you” I say to the young girl, I cant imagine going through all this being her age, its hard enough for me and Liam and we’re a lot older then her. I look at the others “Nice to meet you all” I say though watch as some disappear and others look at us with suspicious in their eyes… Well this is a warm welcome. I cant really blame them but at the same time I am tired and miss my friends, I give Wendy a small smile as I take the apple, rolling it in my hand.


“I agree, food is a great place to start. Lily can cook so feel free to put her to use” I say grinning in her direction and ignore her eye roll at me, I can tell shes grumpy “I would offer my services however you would all quickly kick me out of the kitchen and lock the door so I couldn’t go back in that’s how bad I am” As the girl passes me an apple I give her a small nod “Thanks” before taking a bite out of it.



I try to keep a straight face as Corin introduces me to the new kids. I’m wary of strangers…well, honestly I’m wary of everyone. But putting that aside is important, I suppose, if we really want to build this town up again. It’s becoming more and more obvious that we won’t be isolated out here forever. The best thing to do is take the good ones and bump up our numbers…but how to figure out “the good ones” is a serious challenge.

just trust your guts, I tell myself. After passing out the apples, I nod at Cas, who has a very good poker face on. He sees my gesture and comes to stand beside me at the stall counter. I feel instantly better.

Everyone is munching on their lunches.
I start to clean up the stall area, realizing that we may be headed home early today, with two house guests in tow. potential tribe members I think, trying to be positive.

I make up my mind and say to the group at large “let’s all head home after this. Lily and Liam can have a look at our place and decide whether or not they want to be stuck all the way out at Graythorn or not.
Being city kids…they might decide to live closer to the town, but we will be happy to show you our place. We only have the loft in the barn available at the moment, but if it works out and you stay on at Graythorn, we can make up a room For you that’s more livable.”

I guess my facial expression doesn’t match my speech, because I’m getting a lot of confused looks.


I wasn’t expecting Wendy to invite them to our house so soon…I mean yeah sure, that’s the goal…get more people in our Tribe, but I’m a bit surprised to hear her offer the twins a place just like that.
On the other hand…maybe she is onto something…better to welcome them with open arms than to create enemies of them.

I smile, trying to cover my reaction. I run my fingers through my hair, and then add “yeah, what she said. By the way, Wendy is basically the person in charge of the house…so whatever she says goes.”

I grin, just in time to dodge a punch to the shoulder from my cousin.


“that’s right! What I say goes. And dont you forget!” I laugh as Corin dodges my attack.
Good…the mood is lightening up.
I start to gather my belongings into my pack, preparing to close the stall for the day.




I shake my head lightly, maybe she could sense my frustration so I take a breath and smile “If you saw what it was like in the City you wouldn’t leave this place, its complete chaos everywhere… We’ve traveled a bit of a distance and I can honestly say this is the safest place we have found, until you have seen what its like out there you cant understand our reason for being so relived to find this place” I say before taking a moment “We would be grateful of anywhere to sleep”

I think back to some of the sites we saw, kids beating each other up a backpack, buildings being smashed up, fires everywhere… Then I look at this place and its such an amazing find though I wondered how long it would be safe from those in the City.


Once the stall is closed down for the day, I divvy up the tasks at hand.
“Abbi, will you please rangle the boys, so we can head home? They are around here somewhere.”
I nod at her, once again, I feel glad to have the kid around for help. She’s probably going to have a lot to say about these two new kids, but shes smart enough to speak privately.

“Wendy, here you go.” I pass the line of fish off the hook and over to her. She makes a face, but accepts them.

“Cas, here is the cooler, and I will lug back these potatoes.” I smile at everyone. I dont want to ask the newcomers for a hand carrying…but if they offer, I wont refuse the help. This bag of potatoes is large and akwardly shaped.

As we all pick up our gear, I notice Genesis has been coming in and out of the old grocery. I give her a nod of my head and a smile as I catch her eye across the way.
It took me a while, but today I decided while I was fishing that I might have been going about it all wrong with her. wrong bait I figure.
She hasn’t gone for the lure, because there hasn’t been any…just an idiot fisherman casting a dry line

I smile at to myself again at the metaphor. I really like it, but I doubt that I will get any praise for the thought, so I keep it to myself.

I look around, realizing we are just waiting now. The boys, Sam and Jack, still haven’t been located, and the others are making last moment preparations, like tying loose shoelaces and pulling on hats.



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I nod at the girl in front of me still a bit unsure but why not. I couldn’t any worse… " Ok, then let get to the storeage" i say to the group. There i might be a bit better then just sitting on the street where everyone can watch you. I grap the package a bit harder and try i come back on my feed. As far as i am standing i feel a bit dizzi again and my knees starts shaking, before i can do a step forward.

" No, wait" i hear from behind and suddelny i don’t feel the ground anymore. Am i flying? I feel some shaking and as i look up i see Verns face . He is carrying me… I see his grin, but all i can do is just staring at him. " t-t-thanks" i mumble and place on arm over his shoulder as we have reached the storeage. He stops and look back at the girl, which suggested the it. " Could you?" he as he and look at the door



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I suppose the thought of sitting at one of our stalls during the remainder of the Market didn’t exactly appeal to our new friend, she decides on going into the store.

I’m half paying attention, my senses making me turn slightly, a certain wave of excitement filling me as I catch Corin’s eye. I berate myself silently, a fleeting thought of Sterling arising. But he’s gone…

So he hasn’t completely abandoned the Market? I think, remembering I hadn’t seen Corin all day. Though apparently they seem to be shutting down their stall for the day, so maybe he has. I smile back at his nod, giving him a short wave before giving my attention back to the group I’m with.

“Right,” I nod at the guy. I open the door only slightly saddened that my sacred place is now being shared. The world ending, sure is changing me, I silently shake my head as we walk through the dim, dusty store to the stairway that leads to the hot and musty attic. There’s an old fan I turn on as the girl is laid down.

“Alright then, you just rest.”



Vern follows the girl and lays Eve down. " Thanks" i say again, guess thats all i can tell him at the moment. Then i turn to girl " and thank you for letting me stay here"
I can see that she isn’t that happy to have me here. " Oh and… i am Eve"



I welcome the slightly cooler breeze the fan provides in the stuffy space. “Yeah, no problem, Eve.” I smile as she gives her name. I’m not sure she knows who I am though most everyone does now. “I’m Genesis.”


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